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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2003:

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Al Papajau from BPM Digital Art

I love Didj!!!!

Alan Taren from USA

Colourful credible well organized and full of useful information. Like window-shopping in the Outback.

Anonymous from USA

An excellent site I just got a didj for my birthday and the site has been helpful already.

Amélie Carlot-Chichoux from France

Hi I am 8 years old and I just start playing didj'. This web-site is like some of others inter-linked a good structure for me. Thank you

Angela Meinhardt from USA

I find it very exciting and informative. Easily navigated as well.


This is my first time looking for a Didjeridoo and DIDJSHOP.COM has been wonderful.

Artur Pawlak from Poland

Very good site complete information about didj huge stock of instruments WELL DONE!!!!!

Ben Boren from USA

It's an excellent web site. I love the sound clips in addition to the broad selection. I am currently saving so that I can get my first real didj. I love the way the music touches a person. Mesmerizing to say the least.

Bill Dewey from USA

Love your site. What is the best for me is the information on both sound quality and soundscapes themselves. The one thing you do that is so unique is to have a combination of a "basic" player (Dennis) as well as the "advanced" player (Trevor). Often you only hear the best players and this gives me the opportunity to hear things that I can currently do as well as those which can come with more practice. With luck we will stop in and see you folks on our next trip to your wondrous land. Thanks

Brent Gifford from USA

My friend sent me here he wants to buy one I like that fact that you can hear the didj before you buy it

Brian Rooke from Canada

What a fantastic site!!

Anonymous from USA

It's more than a music shop. It's a life-style.


Wonderful! I'll be back again and will tell others about it.

Cheryl Free from United States

Thanks for sponsoring an ongoing giveaway each year!

Anonymous from United States

Very cool site - really enjoyed

Chris Cole from USA

Fantastic....ever since a trip to NSW/Queensland two years ago I've been fascinated by the didj sound; finally I'm getting around to purchasing one! It's hard to think about buying a musical instrument with such an implicit personal connection over the internet but DIDJSHOP.COM made it a lot more feasible than I would have ever thought possible!

Anonymous from USA

This is a very well designed web site. The pages load fast with no unnecessary animations or pop-ups. The colour scheme is appealing to the eye (attention getting without being loud flashy and obnoxious.) Information is easy to find and the pictures and MP3's are amazing. I wish more web page designers would build sites like didjshop.com.


Great site lots of useful information

Cory Eigenmann from USA

Best site for looking at didjes

Dave Tighe from England

Great site and always interesting to revisit I particularly like the competition and the newsletter.

Anonymous from Portugal

The best place to look for a didjeridoo...

Duncan Hepworth from Spain

Having been on the mailing list for sometime now I am really appreciating the news and info it makes me feel that there are many players out there although here in spain there don't seem to be too many!! plus I'm really impressed with the paintings when things are economically more stable I'll be buying!! keep up the good work

Francis Baeriswyl from Switzerland

Very excellent


You tend to associate didj's with aborigines. This site doesn't feel gimmicky because of the connection and respect made to aborigines. Well done and very interesting sites.


I think that it is a great internet site actually probably one of my favourites right know.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent site!

Greg Thorn from England

Very well laid out and good quality products with good prices

Hawk Henries from USA

As a native person (and flute maker) of this part of the world it is important for me that you represent not only the artist's but also the "People" in a respectable manner. your site is full of info that is very useful for those interested in didges I am impressed with the way the info is categorized making it extremely easy for anyone to gain knowledge and purchase a didge even without prior experience.

Jack Nisan from Israel

the amount of didges and relevant info on your site is unbelievable the didjshop is truly a winner absolutely the world's number one didge site

Jamie Turnbull from USA

I searched the internet for a place to buy a Didgeridoo and was delighted when I found your site. It is informative as well as easy to read.

Anonymous from New Zealand

From what I have seen in about 30min of browsing this site I'm very impressed. There are many reasons to be so- its very thorough there is an obvious passion for didj music didjshop is obviously very serious about quality being genuine and supporting genuine Aboriginal art and culture your work place is fully solar powered excellent!!


It is a wonderful site very informative.

Jeremy Johnson from USA

Excellent informative site. a great help to beginners and a breath of fresh air to the accomplished player. this is a great site for anyone even remotely interested in the didj or it's history.

John Fisher from USA

I enjoy your web site and email updates. Hopefully your trip to visit family in europe was great and will last for a few more years in between visits.

John McCarthy from Ireland

It is informative well laid out and the newsletters are interesting

John Yorkey from USA

I love the Didjshop web site. I bought my first didj here. Great information great pictures great sound bytes and great personnel. You guys rock! I felt very confident when I made my decision to purchase. Keep up the great work!

Jordi Macià from Spain

I was told by a friend that it was the most complete site in the net about didjeridus and I absolutely agree with him. It is great to hear and see the didges before you buy them!!!

José Sampaio from Portugal

This site is where I learned to play I think it is pretty good

Anonymous from USA

Really wish I had the money to buy one of your concert class didjes. an excellent combination of technical and spiritual/philosophical material organized in a very clear and coherent manner.

Joshua Rhoderick from USA

The DIDJSHOP is one of the few didj-related web-sites that appears truly dedicated to advancing not only the didgeridoo but its cultural heritage as well. I am impressed with the amount of honest and direct information that is made available. Those of us who are patrons of this web site. are not seem only as customers but as pupils... and for that I am truly thankful. Keep up the good work!


Muy bien organizado con varios idiomas lo cual es de agradecer.


I thought this was really neat. I had never heard of this until I was watching the travel channel one weekend. Then talking with a friend he told me out of the blue he had some. He played them for me and it was really neat.


It was easy to navigate. I found everything I was looking for.


Wow! So informative! Inspiring! Will definitely purchase my next (like you can only own one?) didj here :)

Marion Twibell from USA

Great easy to move within the web site and when I got a call about my order I was just a little shocked but very pleased with that kind of service orientation.



Marty Lynch from Canada

Great site everything I wanted to know and hear was at my fingertips

Anonymous from USA

Wow great site I wanna start playing the didgeridoo so I came here. It has got me started! Thanks so much!

Matt Miller from USA

Very cool

Matthieu Leroux from France

Your web site is perfect don't change anything!!!

Melanie Taylor from Australia

Really glad I stumbled across this one :))

Michael Ireland from USA

Excellent layout and variety of merchandise. I am strongly considering purchasing a didj from you!

Michael Patterson from USA

My experience with didjshop.com has been ... great quality didjes fast and friendly service and a sense of the mystery which binds us all together.

Michael Sands from USA

This is truly an interesting informative web site. I used the do-it-yourself guide to make 2 didges from pvc pipe. Both of them sound better and are much easier to play than the termite-hollowed didge that I bought at a local art fair.

Michael Taylor from USA

Very informative and professional. I am thrilled with your knowledge and enthusiasm of didjeridus. you are true didj masters.

Mike Dennis from USA

You're web site. is huge well organized and informative. However as a first time buyer (will soon buy one for daughters birthday) I would like additional info on the didj's I look at. Such as "back pressure ease of play and loudness. My daughter is a good musician and these things would help me choose. But overall your site is very pleasing to the eye and the historical info is great. I can spend a lot of time on this site. [our comment: that information is supplied for all of our concert class didjes, in fact it was us who defined those terms]

Noam Vander from Israel/Palestine

U have a great site it looks very professional fun to check out all the didgeridoos and very easy to navigate through it. keep it up!


The mp3 files are a bonus they are a good reference for the novice trying to find new sounds. the site makes me feel like a child in a toy shop...too good!

Paul Donaldson from England

A well presented site which gives a lot of valuable information.

Anonymous from USA

Being it known that this is my first visit to your site but it will definitely not be my last. You have presented yourselves very well and you will have a new loyal customer in the near future.

Piotr Kruk from England

It's really good site! :) thanx for the tips about the circular breathing. I'm beginner but your site is my favourite one.greetinigs to all didge players!

Anonymous from Canada

It was my first time you were gentle. :)


Excellent site much nice pictures and information

Anonymous from Sweden

It's a very good web site. I like the layout of the page and all the great links you provide. I think that almost everything that you need to know about the didgeridoo is available on your homepage. It's also good that you have other stuff like art and information about the aboriginal culture and not just didgeridoos.

Anonymous from USA

Neat site. Good luck to you all. I'll wager you do more good for humanity than bad and that ain't bad at all!

Anonymous from USA

The information on plastic pipe to learn on and the diameter and length are very useful information as I have been trying to figure it out on my own without too much success. I am ordering the video on learning how to play and will be ordering a healing didge one of these days

Shane Bush from USA

Very informative. Good design and easy to use...

Sherry Mason from UK

Your web site is superb! The content is educational informative and nicely laid out. I am a Canadian living in Scotland UK for the past 18 years and plan on going to Gympie Australia in September for 4 to 6 weeks. I've always found it amazing to listen to the australian natives playing the didgeridoos and I hope to possibly bring one back for my son who is also very interested in playing the didgeridoo he is very musically inclined and it would be a great gift for him before he starts university in August.

Sophie Gauvin from Canada

Just a treasure...it is allowing me to discover this art...and all it's healing powers..and origins....thank you..


Good one especially the harmonics are very interesting. A good range of didges to see!

Thomas Bischoff from Germany

Ich finde die Seite ist sehr gut und Informativ Gestalltet. Die Angebotene Didges im Shop sind sehr gut Präsentiert. Weiter so!


Excellent web site. Love the detailed information about each instrument. When I decide to pick up a didge - this will definitely be the place!

Todd Rose from USA

I love the monthly newsletter and I always spend a great deal of time looking at the various didgeridoos just browsing and looking that 1 that I can't like without. I also usually play several of the MP3's.


Ultra Cool! Healing in itself!

William Hoagland from Mexico

This is an awesome web site. Very well organized and top of the line products.

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