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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2009:

Online name


Anonymous from Hungary Best I know
Adisa Lafayette from Canada Your selections are very good the information you send out to people like me is valuable and inspiring. thank you
Alan Tower from USA Excellent!
Anonymous from Belgium V nice easy complete n regularly updated
Andrew Castle from USA Your website seems the best laid out and most helpful/trustworthy.
Arpad Toth from Hungary I have been visiting sites of the kind for 15 years..but didjshop.com is just going with it forward like unbreakable ... I honestly think its the best site on this planet..
Babs Green from United Arab Emirates It is great informative and easy friendly
Barney from USA Its always easy to navigate. When I first started visiting it I was surprised at how large it is. Just kept finding one area after another of interesting things. Very impressive.
Anonymous It is simply all about what a website for didges and the aboriginal culture should be. That's all.
Carl Hirschfeld from USA Easily the best available on the web.
Clint Beedy from USA I love it. You have some amazing and unique didges that blow my mind.
Anonymous from USA Its fantastic
Courtney from USA It's the only one worth going to in my opinion.
Curtis from USA Its visually stunning extremely informative and what I expect from a company dealing with high quality didgeridoos. The customer service is superb and the employees are extremely helpful.
Dan Soreanu from Israel It is an amazing website in any standard
Daniel from United Kingdom It's the best! Your sincerity dedication vision and professionalism make you a pleasure to visit and buy from.
Anonymous Two words: great and pure
David Smith from USA Beautiful love the "vibe" so to speak. I am looking to "upgrade" from my PVC "wonder didj" and would like something genuine with great overtones. This looks like the place to be.
Deb Middaugh from Canada I love it and I appreciate receiving the email newsletters..awesome site..keep up the good work!!
Anonymous from USA Very nicely done; a good presentation and I like the fact that you have included the history of the didgeridoo
Doug from USA Easily the most informative didj site. Easy to search lots of great cultural context and the sound samples are a first rate idea as well as a great source of sounds to try.
Anonymous from Greece The best didgeridoo shop in the world
Eric from USA I admire the honesty and care put into the site.:) thank you.
Eric from USA I think you guys are the best I like that I can actually hear most didjes before I consider buying one. The didj I bought from you is my favorite one and I absolutely love it.
Etienne from France Lots of information which made me very comfortable with buying my didge. I could feel the professionalism and the trustworthiness of Didjshop. Knowing where you get your didges and understanding how you grad the sound quality was a huge plus. The Mp3 files were also very useful. My only regret was the small size of the pictures.
Anonymous from USA Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Don't change it just keep it up.
Fernandya from Chile Really nice web site so much information about didges:) about play really nice
Frans Essers from Netherlands The fact that you connect people through the didge and the play during season-change touches me the most. For the rest there is a lot of information. To much for one visit so.......you are fond to come back again and again.
Anonymous from Japan The website is easy to use and everything needed to research before purchase! The additional info on Aboriginal events/news/etc. is especially useful even as general updates.
Jacqueline Leibhardt from USA There is more to discover every time I look.So much information-I have learned a great deal from your website. I am new to the computer and fairly new to the didj so I look forward to the Didjshop Forum and Aboriginal news. I feel your shop is the Queen Mother of all didj stores and the next didj I buy will be from your store. I wish I had come here first.
Anonymous from USA This is the best website I have been to. A couple actually didn't have any
Jason from New Zealand Fantastic genuine & trustworthy.
Jesse from Canada Brilliant really. Not only great to view products but also informative and useful.
Joachim from Belgium Its the best I love it:)
John from United Kingdom Bloody brilliant
Jonathan Turton from USA It is plain and effective. It has the highest selection of authentic Didjes. And holds the most beautiful and authentic ones
Anonymous Lovely. A real treasure trove of things I can't afford! Tempting pictures and wonderful that you can hear the instruments. I don't visit just for the didjes though. I love to look at all the other stuff as well.
Julien from France The best in terms of presentation details about the instruments you sell comfort in listening to the didges large choice and good sorting into categories. Also delivery is efficient and reliable.
Anonymous from Ecuador I think its a great website because it has easy access to the essential aspects of what a didj is made like its history quality of sound it made me feel really interested in the instrument and I want one!
Julio Peña from Paraguay Didjshop provides as anyone other a lot of information and good and precise. Also it have its own didge "style" that is authentic aboriginal australian didge excellent crafted but with a touch of modernism. This mean to me that is based not on a unique strict traditional didge model but open to the own individual personality of each didge....¿Make sense?
Karl Craig from Australia I believe that it the most instructive creative and user friendly site on the net. It encourages you to come back again and again just to listen to the recordings of the Didgeridoos for sale even if you can't afford to purchase one at the time. I love it.
Kevin from France Very complete and instructive because of the links which are very interesting.
Anonymous from Australia EXCELLENT DEADLY
Anonymous from Sweden Interesting site that made me think about the aborigine culture.
Manuel Bayardo from USA Best website amazing information and great insight into aboriginal news.
Anonymous from Denmark It seems like a trustworthy site with a lot of good information on Aboriginal history and most important Didjes
Michael from USA Clear navigation peaceful colors lack of distracting sounds and graphics; your site has a "sophistication" which emulates the instrument in its peaceful approach and respect to those visiting.
Michael Spring from USA I always spend thirty minutes or so with every newsletter
Mick Langan from United Kingdom Easy to navigate and lots and lots of didgeridoo info.
Anonymous from USA I enjoy the fullness of your site. It is not only about selling the didgeridoo but also about educating people about it. Your obvious morals concerning the aboriginal peoples is heartwarming. More sites and shops need to take your example.
Nicholas from France Your website is part of the true believers in ethics giving pertinent information social engagement and original art.
Nolan from USA I like your website the most out of all the didgeridoo websites that I've seen because of your large selection of aboriginal crafted termite hollowed didges and the listening and grading features.
Peter from United Kingdom The first one I found and still probably the best.
Philip from USA Simply the best.
Raffaele Giampaolo from Australia I love this site I always look for it when I go to my gmail site and I would very much miss it if I didn't have it. Thank you at Didgshop.com
Randy from USA I have visited other sites to compare but have settled on your site for all around knowledge and current news regarding the Didge. Good Job!!
Rob from United Kingdom The website really does have the didge players interest at heart not just the commercial point of sale for its products. I always look forward to receiving the newsletters and read with particular interest the Aboriginal news section.
Anonymous from Brazil This is the most complete site about didj that I ever seen with the biggest amount of Didjes available and the information about sound classes. I saw one problem that is the lack of sound files for very interesting Didjes.
Sevan from Ireland Serious but to much stuff for the 1 st visit need lot of time to get info I did not explore it completely to be honest I listen to the samples and pictures while dreaming to afford a class concert but I think you are here on the business with the most respect best website and the oldest I know long life to you!
Shawn from USA The best! Why I keep coming back...
Simon from Germany I am really amazed by you website. The individual didjes with sound files parameters and pictures are simply awesome. It is also great to read about all the stuff on your website
Steven from Canada Very informative and educational lots of good stories and pics. easy to navigate.
Susan from USA I like your website and admire the beauty of your didj's and would like to buy one and learn to play
Thomas from France Simply the best
Anonymous from Australia I find this the most informing of aboriginal Didgeridoos
Tim from USA Really excellent info about didj and Aboriginal peoples
Anonymous from USA It is very informative and seemingly honest. It provides more information about buying a quality didge than actually selling their instruments.
Vladimir from Czech Republic Just got here. I liked the info about the care and the best as I am a complete beginner is the info on how to make different sounds - the tutorial session. I also checked the key section. Got myself A# in the store - played like 20 didj there and that one was absolutely the best for me. Plus I went there without even knowing they have didjes and without wanting to buy one but couldn't not resist - some strong intuition told me to spend the money - even though I barely could afford it. Great to find your web with so many infos.
Woody Henderson from USA Most websites out there that are selling a product no matter what it is are only interested in getting you to buy. Didjshop.com is one of the few product websites I've seen that has an extensive resource of information on it's product the didgeridoo and Aboriginal culture. To me it's more like it's an educational resource that sells didgeridoos on the side. Any company that respect's their customer's intelligence enough to give them a wealth of knowledge on their products is an excellent business in my opinion.
Yanna from Netherlands Great didges. Honest and genuine comments.
Anonymous Great site not only for products but also in keeping with the spirit and the didj and honouring it's roots which is very much still alive!
Aaron from USA Set up nice with lots of useful information not just a site selling didjes.
Anonymous Very nice!
Anonymous Nice
Alex from Canada Looks really good very easy to navigate
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very good website informative and easy to use with detailed specifications and pictures.
Anonymous Easy to order well organized. Clean layout.
Anonymous from USA I like the information presented on the Aboriginal artwork and materials used
Anonymous Very good
Beverly Byrum from USA Mostly user friendly but the didjnet listings could use either a search engine or alphabetical listing so it's easier to find someone in a particular location. [OUR COMMENT: you are right and this will be improved soon]
Brandi from USA I do enjoy the site I am awaiting an email back regarding my order.
Brandon Mccreight from USA I like it. it helped a lot
Brian from USA Very informative but I'm still looking for a description of the descriptions of sound quality. What is "low concert " for example? Link to such definitions should be easy to find. [OUR COMMENT: click "Our Didgeridoo Sound Grading" in the link panel of the 'Shopping' section]
Bridget from USA You have a wealth of information and have bestowed upon me a greater appreciation for didgeridoos. I am determined to save up enough money to buy one of your beautiful plain didges or maybe I'll win this contest!
Brooks from USA Love the web site and the sound bits
Bryce from USA Very good web page. It has all you could ever want to know about the didj
Cary Jackson from USA I found it very informative.
Chad from USA Great site. I like all the things that are said about Aboriginals and how this site is up holding their culture.
Anonymous from USA Very informative and friendly
Claudio from Italy Interesting and sufficiently informed about traditional roots
Colin from United Kingdom Informative. I did like the old way of checking out the didges when they were all together.
Anonymous from USA I find it a very informative and interesting
Cory Gleason from USA I love it its very nice and I like the earthy tones...2 thumbs up
Anonymous Always a wealth of info
Dan from USA Perfect
Dana from USA Well I really like your site and I need to drive over and visit your store.
Dani from Spain Great. I'm thankful for the spanish version!
David Jackson from USA Good..well organized easy to navigate
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very good
Dawson from USA The colors are a bit bland but I suppose eye catching.
Anonymous I think this site is great as you sell the genuine item and you can listen before you buy. also it is informative site.
Dodie from Canada User friendly would like to see instructions to make a didjeribone like the Didgeridoo instructions. (please:P)
Anonymous from USA It is very informational and complete. It is also well organized and easy to navigate! Thanks
Erik from USA Very informative.
Gavin Brown from United Kingdom I like the style
Anonymous Still looking but interesting information so far.
Anonymous from USA Haven't looked at it thoroughly yet but looks really good!
Anonymous from Germany The site is informative with much didjes. There are many didjes for all types of players. But if want to buy I want to try or to see a video of playing like the page of [URL deleted] with originals. OUR COMMENT: sorry no advertising of competitors allowed here - they are welcome to exchange links with us]
Anonymous from Germany You find a lot of information
Anonymous As it is the first time it is hard to say but so far so good.
Anonymous from USA Presenting the didges on a natural background enhances color. Sound byte really makes you want to get it. Nice store presentation.
Jason from Isle Of Man Excellent as just found it
Anonymous I like the sound clips and the aborigine awareness.
Jeremy from USA Yours is the best by far and although I make my own didgeridoos I hope to one day purchase one of yours. A nice quality one that I can really heal with which is also why I hope I win this drawing as I have been applying for like 6 years now and have yet to win and I certainly can't afford a quality didge like I would like.
Jerry from USA Well planned easy to navigate and visually acceptable. One has to be careful when scrolling off this form to not change the selected answer to the question.
Jesse Flores from USA It is good but I notice the web site focuses on over seas locations. a lot of the winners seem to be out of the usa. If I'm wrong I'm sorry.
Jessica from Brazil There's a lot of things here...I like it because you guys seel explain what it is and teach how to make one just for fun.
John Armstrong from USA Very nice AND informative.
John from USA Love the news and info
John Hucks from USA First time visiting here but have always enjoyed the sounds of a didj.
John from USA Very nice
Anonymous from USA It seems very well organized and easy to locate what you're trying to find.
Anonymous You are the only one I know -- so it's the best!
Joshua from USA I love it. In fact I think I already have a comment posted from several years ago when I first used your site.
Jusa Keränen from Finland The Place is so nice I mean the didgeridoos is good to hear and the information is very good
Keri-lynn from Canada I like it.
Kim from USA I think your people are great
Anonymous Very nice
Kristen from USA You do a great job of providing a great understanding of the didj for sale. It's awesome that you have actual sound clips you can listen to before you buy.
Anonymous Well made you can find a lot of information on this site and beautiful Didjes or other items
Mark from USA Very well done
Anonymous from Norway Nice site very large and a lot of information
Martina from USA Very informative and I love the mp3 and classifications so there is no waste of time in trying to buy what you want
Mathilde from France Very complete
Matthew from Italy Its easy to use there's lots of information the sounds files are spot-on and I like the pictures of all instruments.
Michael from USA It's pretty good. it seems legit.
Anonymous Great
Rebecca Adams from USA Great! And I like what you're doing. Why is it not yet illegal to sell 'knock offs' as native aboriginal pieces?
Anonymous from USA Well organized easy to navigate pages load quickly. No requirement for flash
Anonymous from USA It's very well organized. I find the sound quality information and the audio clips very helpful in comparing instruments. A great selection of Didjes!
Roberto Bazzano from Italy It is a complete and interesting site
Ron from USA A great source of information and Didjes. I just wish I could afford one that you sell. (retired...fixed income...and all that)
Ros from Australia Lots and lots of information which is great for learning more about our indigenous peoples.
Ross from USA Very interesting lots of info.
Russ from USA I love your site it is both easy to navigate and very informative...keep up the good work.
Russell Chappell from USA I think your website is great and informative.
Ryan from USA I love that you have sound clips for your didges. There is such a large difference between didges of the same length bore etc. The sound clips allow you to get acquainted with the personality of the didge you may be purchasing.
Anonymous from USA I love your web site and I appreciate especially the way you share some of the animal sounds and the abundance of information that is so helpful for a newer player.
Scott from USA Nice. Easy to navigate.
Sebastian from Germany Nice site to look the different types of didges its good to can hear each didge
Shaun Michaels from Australia I have only just entered the sight and are exploring it now
Anonymous It's clearly organized and well put together
Anonymous from USA It's a good site.
Storm from United Kingdom Excellent website still have much to explore! Found it when researching how to make a didj mouthpiece on google.
Summer from USA It is very nice and the didj's are nice as well.
Taro from USA It has lots of useful info and makes you want an authentic Didgeridoo
Tiago from Portugal It's a good site with lots of good information and lots of good didgeridoos! Having sound samples is very good too. I only feel it to be a bit on the commercial side... and the sound grading although good for beginners doesn't take into account the particular 'personality' of each unique instrument. Other than that five stars!
Tony Kiser from USA Nice!!!!!!
Anonymous Seems very comprehensive
Zach Lessley from USA Yours is my favorite site hands down... That is I'd prefer to buy from Djalu but your site is very good.

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