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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2011:

Online name Feedback
Andy from United Kingdom Very easy to navigate around.
Antoni from Spain I like to see different things here.
Anonymous from USA Very clear and simple to use
Bill from USA Great and informative
Bob from USA I am new
Charles Dean from USA Amazing website with very helpful sections.
Anonymous Good site
Anonymous from Australia Very well put together site all the links tat I've used work and it seems to be kept up to date well. I like the look and feel and easy to navigate!
David from Australia Cool - you guys should promote it more.:) [OUR COMMENT: we rely entirely on word of mouth, so pease tell your friends]
David from USA Very informative and easy to navigate.
Don from USA Easy to navigate and very intuitive
Anonymous Great site. Very organized and full of information
Anonymous Fantastic website and has informed me more than any other. I feel I can trust your website and that's why I've purchased from you:)
Franck from France Fantastic! I find every thing ye looking for.
Frank from USA Easy to navigate lots to see and hear.
Gabriel Solis from Costa Rica Can find all about australian aboriginal culture
Anonymous Very well done.
Anonymous Extremely inclusive and helpful. would be most trusting in the site when I go to buy my next didge.
Jared from USA Very well made. wide variety of good looking didjes. helped me learn how to play the didj and understand fundamental concepts of didj playing.
Anonymous Very well but my english is a shame and it will be great to have more translation (French)
John from USA Very excellent selection of all types of Didgeridoos.
Anonymous I can
Anonymous Looks to be very informative and well constructive! Easy to navigate without being overly stimulated.
Anonymous Including many contents. I will check more.
Kevin from USA So far it has held my attention.
Kristyn from Canada Great site full of information about the instruments as well as the heritage of the Aboriginals.
Anonymous Seems very comprehensive looking forward to spending time
Marlo from Ireland I feel the info is somewhat clustered it took me around 2 mins to find the selection of Didj you guys have on sale on the left hand side to see your pricing. otherwise it is great for any info on Didj
Maximiliano from Argentina Didjshop is a paradise for me. Remember that I live in Argentina.
Anonymous This website has been great I have learned a lot about playing techniques the history and physics of didges.
Michael Baca from USA I love that you complete the site with cultural information and the truth about what is really going on. The didj's are well displayed and detailed.
Anonymous Looks good will look into it further
Mikael from Denmark It's pretty cool I'm sitting here wishing that I had a Didj too train and play on right know:)
Nathan from Brazil That's a great website to easy find any relevant information without having to spend hours long on hundreds other sites
Paul from USA Love it! cant wait to get one...
Peter Hatt from USA Very informative and easy to navigate.
Anonymous from Canada The Webmaster has done and is doing a great job.
Richard Macias from USA I have seen many sites and I find that yours is very very informative I love it very much.. Should I win I will start and open a web site.. with information about the true meaning and the culture and contributing my learning experience to your web site
Robert from USA Want to learn to play and have purchased my firs didj....very informative...sure it saved me a lot of frustration...would have prob. purchased an inferior product
Anonymous from USA Haven't visited except for this contest entry.
Anonymous Very informative!
Anonymous It's a very good website with a lot of things.
Sonya from Canada Very helpful
Anonymous Lots of information.. lots of love.. nice.. love it:)

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