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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2006:

Online name


Anonymous from Finland

The best site to buy didges from internet. Thanks!

Aaron from USA

The best didgeridoo resource available! Easy to use and informative! Quality and consciousness on all levels.

Adam from Canada

I am very impressed at the selection on this web site and of the artists.

Alfonso from Chile

Really good site... Congratulations!

Andrea from Australia

Love all your art works well presented esp. I liked that I learnt about artists and how they work. I can put a face to the artist I just bought a picture from.

Andrew Smith from Canada

Extremely informative clean and easy to navigate. Top quality site

Ann from USA

Haven't had much time to search it out. It looks like the perfect shop I have been looking for. My daughter will be in Australia in 3 weeks and thought she might have one mailed to me. but I may have you send one to me instead.

Audrey from USA

I find your site fun and something I look forward to receiving. The articles are informative. The products well described and good quality supplied by a reliable shop that I would trust.

Bart from USA

The site is well developed and informative. I navigated easily to the information I wanted and the Site Map is clear and concise.

Ben Nixon from Canada

Great resources and a very welcoming atmosphere

Bill from Ireland

Very helpful & great info articles

Carey from Canada

The site is well set up and you have an awesome selection of didges.

Carlos Cabrera from Sweden

Great site!!! I'll certainly buy the video and a didj from you (I'm currently travelling...) I Love the extensive information in this site!

Catee from USA

I love the newsletter links and worldwide didge meditation and forums.

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

It is a very nice site.

Char from Australia

Easy to navigate very informative and interactive.

Charles from USA

Best site I've seen yet. I like the idea that if I order one that I have seen AND heard the actual one that I am buying.

Chris Anderson from USA

I feel I've found a valuable resource a well crafted site and a place I will come to more often

Chris from Australia

This site is deadly.

Christopher Lynch from USA

Great web site It's informative not just about didjes but about political social environmental and dare I say spiritual issues. It's not just about selling didges. You folks are the best! Your integrity and sincerity come through the pages of your site.

Dale from USA

Thanks for this great resource and for helping to preserve Aboriginal culture. Too much of indigenous life is disappearing around the world. I fear that as indigenous wisdom goes so does our hope of survival for the human species.

Daniel from USA

Great job. I rely heavily on the.wav files to hear the didge before I buy. That aspect is very important to me. I also like the search/sort functions. Great newsletter.

David Conboy from Uzbekistan

First visit to this site and its nice to find a site that is genuinely interested in the true value of a didgeridoo and not just making money from souvenirs. will definitely be using the didjshop from now on.

David from USA

Well done the best I've seen by far.


This is my first visit and I am quite intrigued


I thought your web site was very well laid out and informative. The recordings showed the differences in sound and sound quality and discussed the techniques involved in playing a didjeridoo in enough detail to give me a clear idea of what is involved.

Gabe Churray from USA

Excellent service and outstanding product and craftsmanship. I've never had a problem with any of the didges I've purchased from you. There have never been any surprises when I receive them. The grading of sound and sound clips really give the buyer a detailed idea of how this instrument will sound. Exceptional!

Hazel from United Kingdom

I love the fact that your site is unflashy and loads quickly!

Ian from United Kingdom

What more could you want to know. A brilliant site very informative. Now on my favourites

Ilian Ninov from Bulgaria

All I can say that its great. I've even saw that you could bring didjes in bulgaria if I buy one. I'm a boy from bulgaria and I'm starting to collect money to buy one::)

Jack Mishler from USA

I find your site to be one of the best that I have visited. I has wonderful information and it is very easy to navigate.

Jackie Yost from USA

Wonderful site with so much information on all products. This is the best site that I have come across for didjes and other items such as Bullroarers etc.

Jan from Netherlands

Its a good site many features and links a lot of information about didgeridoo.

Jay from USA

Great site - I'll be back!

Jeff Richardson from Vietnam

Nice site. Thanks for getting the didj out there. This amazing instrument should be more publicly accessible and more commonly heard. It is a great instrument with an equally great heritage one that promotes the healing of the world! Keep on Didjing!

Jeff from USA

The DidjShop forum is excellent! Many of the questions I have are asked by others and the responses are extremely helpful! It's great to feel connected to a didj community because there are hardly any didj players in Atlanta!

Jeremy from Australia

A very comprehensive site that I look forward to exploring further especially as my playing advances.

Anonymous from USA

Love it

João Matos from Brazil

Its a great site for information about this culture and music

Joe McMackins from USA

Colors are easy on the eyes and the wealth of information is phenomenal.

Joe Pino from USA

This remains one of the finest online shops of any type and certainly the best didj site. I'm quite fond of the boomerangs and other items as well. Shipping is as easy as if it came from across the state. Items are always well packed and the communication at each step of the process is outstanding. Truly the service and quality you expect from "the neighborhood shop" - it just happens to be at the other end of the Earth. Thank you for doing this and caring so much about doing it well.

John Mason from Canada

Awesome site very informative and helpful well laid out and the sound samples are a great help because you can actually hear what the didj sounds like. the best didj site on the internet


Out of the many sites I have visited...this site seems to be the most comprehensive well thought out and user-friendly. This site has a certain "honor" toward the Didgeridoo and seems more genuine than most. Great job!

Karel from Belgium

It's the most complete didge site on the whole net.

Lee Kenny from USA

I have looked on the web for many didjeridoo shops and your web site is by far the best. Your products are the best and so are your prices. I love the didjeridoo I bought from you. Thank you very much.

Anonymous from Israel

The most professional didge site I have ever seen. a lot of info comfortably arranged.

Luis Figueira from Portugal

Keep on going. I think it is the most complete site about this art and music instrument. Very complete also about the spiritual touch of the didge which is very rare in other web sites.

Marco from Germany

Perfect much important information and very goood didges

Marty from USA

It's a great we site! I love the fact that you can hear the actual didges that are for sale. I also like that every one of your didges is an authentic made in Australia termite hollowed didge.

Max from United Kingdom

It is great to visit. Simple to navigate for a newcomer and has an enormous choice to suit professionals and ameteurs.The quality is superb and I never imagined that I would be able to buy a genuine didge made in the original manner. fantastic.

Michael Mitchell from Australia

I'm very pleased this information is available to all beings colours are beautiful and earthy thank you for caring about our earth and keeping spirit alive for all well done love and light to you.

Michael Prior from United Kingdom

Very cool! I like all the info about ethical sourcing of instruments the proper construction techniques and aboriginal artists.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Well it's one of the best didgeridoo e-shops I've ever seen

Misty from USA

Love your web site I really love the fact that you can 'test' the didj before you buy it. Also that you care about the reliability of your web site and broken links. Your newsletters are great can't praise enough!

Nancy from USA

I was entranced as it is my first time

Nic Guy from Australia

A very special shop to many didgeridoo players. It produces proper hollowed out didgeridoo's which are painted by the aboriginal people which are the high quality sounding didgeridoo's and the the store is renown worldwide.

Numa Lallemand from Belgium

Easy and joyful to visit

Pat Litke from USA

The Didjshop web site is a fantastic resource for didj players of all ages and experience levels. With a wealth of information for those just starting out and a great directory of names for people to play with the Didjshop is the place to come to. Their didj's are all handcrafted playable masterpieces made by native Aboriginal people.

Pavel Krivanek from Czech Republic

Simply great

Phil from United Kingdom

If you live outside Australia and want an authentic quality didgeridoo from a reliable and ethical supplier Didjshop takes some beating. The site is user-friendly and very comprehensive.

Philippe Angelidis from Luxembourg

I really appreciated all the information given on aborigine culture and history than can be found on this web site which is in my opinion much more than a simple online store. I was as well really pleased with quality of the didgeridoo I bought and the delivery time plus all the information given on each instrument and would give this web site as reference to every friend of mine who like to buy a didge.

Ralph Ray from USA

As a computer professional I must compliment you on your web site It is very well done. The links work well - screen navigation is well thought out and nicely done. The colors and font size/type are very pleasing to the eye.


Ya know destiny connect me with you my friends when I saw the didj I knew it would be my partner for what I have to do. thank you for being the channel of this new key thanks to ironbark.

Richard Curtis from South Africa

Appreciate the emphasis on substance over style! Quick to load easy to navigate. Sound files and pictures make choosing easy. Multi-faceted contents make for interesting perusing.


Lots of information. Everything you need to know about purchasing a didj

Shay Lev from Israel

I loved the idea of giving a sound sample for each didgeridoo so that I can buy one that I really love

Steven Hardman from Italy

Love the greeting cards-please keep those. The news is good and the personal touch from Svargo. Fantastic web site recommended for anyone interested in the didgeridoo.


Oh is gooddddd...


Your idea of sound attributes is great and very fair. never seen that on other site in internet. thumbs up. this makes you very reliable shop.

Zered from USA

Great site. I just got my didj and am looking forward to playing it well and often.

Adam Brill from United Kingdom

It's a good site and easy to navigate and really informed

Alan from United Kingdom

Great site very informative

Allen Ivie from USA


Andre from USA

Good web-site maybe more information for beginners.

Andrew Ross from USA

A great resource for the novice and expert pipe blower.

Ans from Netherlands

I like it very much but it was very difficult to do the competition not in Dutch language

Becky from USA

Very nice

Anonymous from Canada

I like it good work. possibly but canadian dollar prices with the Australian and U.S. prices

Biagio from Italy


Anonymous from USA

Never knew this was here. My daughter sent me a greeting telling me she wanted one as a hint to her birthday coming up in about a week lol

Brenda from USA

Very informative and plan to visit often during my learning project for school

Brian Greed from United Kingdom

It tells me everything I need to know about Didjes

Anonymous from USA

Pretty cool. The menus could be made popup when you scroll over and leave rather than having to click to make the popup disappear.


Gracias por tener la iniativa de que gente pobre como yo tenga la ilucion de tener un diji australiano

Chris Euans from USA

A great site in understanding about the musical instrument of Native Australia.

Chrissy from USA

Lots of great information.


Nice site user friendly and is obviously a great source of information and instruments.

Claudio from Chile

Bueno gracias por tener tanto info y material sobre didgeridos es bueno tener donde informarse y buscar referentes. gracias

Anonymous from USA

Excellent I like that fact you can hear the didj online...great selection

Daniel from Brazil

Awesome website.But never shopped here.

Daniel from Australia

Great web site full of info about didj's and the aboriginal culture in general its great too see.. Keep up the always great work

Anonymous from USA

It is very good

David from Australia

Very impressed. Everything I've been looking for is on here. Thank You.

David from USA

I love the site and feel it is very informative. It has helped me get a better understanding of the didj how to play it and what to look for when looking for a quality didj. I hope to be placing an order soon.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative easy to understand Great insight as to the history of the didgeridoo.

Davide from Italy

The web site is very beautiful and easy to use. I can find a lot of interesting information about didgeridoo


Found you via Google Search for "Australian didgeridoo"


Good site your search page is lost when you select a didge so you can't go back with out running the search again.


Never bought anything.


Good informative site

Anonymous from New Zealand

Very informative and well laid out



Anonymous from United Kingdom

I enjoy looking at the different artwork and styles of didgeridoo s u have on site and always look at the new ones first


I've seen for the first time.So far so good.

Anonymous from Australia

Well set out and seems to have good material.

Anonymous from USA

Great site!

Jeffrey Longeddy from USA

Easy to navigate and informative to someone like me who has just begun to learn about them


Tons of information. Well laid out. Lots of sound samples.

Jim Herren from USA

Could you have an option for high speed. Research your market what % is now high speed?

Anonymous from USA

Very Interesting from what I've seen so far.


Nice site lots of info I will be back

Jordi Jou Jimenez from Spain

More traduction

Anonymous from USA

It is set up comprehensively. I would like to see a larger variety of DVD/CD selection.

Juanjose Herrada from Chile

I am very happy to find this web site its complete and easy to navigate it has a lot of useful information and pictures as well as the download of mp3 to compare the quality of the didgeridoos

Judy from USA

Great site. I am looking forward to spending more time browsing around and learning.

Juha from Finland

It is good

Jussi Keränen from Finland

Nice that you have octaves and You can hear the didge sound and the picture. And who makes them Bye Bye From other side of the world!!!!! (Finland)


Very unique

Karl Kalbaugh from USA

Very nice. Interesting

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Bloody fantastic: informative concise easy to use and educational!

Larry from USA


Lasse from Denmark

It's a wonderful site lots of information beautiful didjes.

Anonymous from USA

Has lots of information for the newcomer especially one who's not even heard a didj before

Linda Gates from USA

I find it a fascinating site every time I visit.

Maciej Kulesza from Poland

I hope your web site help me to develop my playing technique and to find good instrument for beginner.

Manuel from Spain

Is a great web!!! I love it

Margy from Australia

I like the design

Mario from USA

Very comprehensive and informative site.

Anonymous from USA

I just got here -- haven't explored much yet


I love the digs. the art work is beautiful.


Great site! Very informative. First impression- these guys know there stuff.

Anonymous from USA

Interesting site a lot of info for us thanks

Melissa from USA

I love it. I hope to be owning one soon. and playing as well.

Michael Bascou from USA

Excellent - the sound bites are the best!!

Michael Kelley from USA

I haven't looked much but it seems cool so far


You have a lot of information and it is a bit overwhelming but I now know where to go if I have any questions.

Anonymous from USA

It is informative easy to use. Beyond my dreams.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very nice and informative throughout. Might want to check on your variations of the spelling didgeridoo/didjeridoo etc:)

Mikko Immonen from Finland

These web sites are quite well made:They give a lot of useful information and have nice pictures but appearance could be better.

Nelson from USA

There is lots of info I really appreciate that very helpful for someone new to didgeridoo

Nelson Moreno from USA

This is my first time on any Didj site and I'm fascinated by the sounds and the amount of people who play it

Anonymous from USA

I think you have a wonderful site. I'm looking forward to buying one from you soon. I enjoyed the audio feature you have. its very helpful in looking for the right didgeridoo. thank you

Nigel Clair from USA

I like the format and ease of use. It seems friendly and helpful.

Pam from Jersey

Very user friendly well laid out and informative.

Pascal from France


Philip from USA

I have enjoyed it thus far. It would be great if I could listen to more Didgeridoo music without having to by some at first. [OUR COMMENT: there are hours of didj music on our site in hundreds of sound clips]

Anonymous from France

Great web site lots of information.


I found this site to be very informative with an excellent selection of fine didges with helpful hints on choosing the correct one.


Great resource for people interested in Didjeridoos

Robert Van Buuren from Netherlands

Rather difficult to find the shop-part

Roger from USA

Very informative and easy to navigate. My original search was for a buyers guide since I only know little about the instrument.

Russell from Australia

A very comprehensive site

Sam from Canada

The didj shop web site is very good. It insures me that the didj I order will be authentic and of very good quality.

Samuel from USA

Unbelievable selection! Could benefit from each didj having a text description of its sound to go along with the charts.

Scott Estrich from Australia

A well designed informative and user-friendly site.

Scott from USA

Great shop. I am glad there is this resource out there. Lots of great information and the sound bites are important.

Steph Besnier from France

A little difficult to use but it s a good site

Stephanie Wyatt from United Kingdom

I love it! It's so helpful being able to hear as well as see them! THAT'S amazing......I'm intending to save up and get a good didge....!

Anonymous from USA

Great site I look forward to coming back. Thank you.

Tara from USA

It looks great and seems very accessible. Thank you for having a contest to win such a beautiful Didge!

Tim from USA

Excellent site with a really nice new look

Tom from USA

Very attractive and easy to navigate. Also very informative.

Tony from Canada



You've got some very interesting content and its easy to get around here.

Trine Bonde from Denmark

Well first time here. There is a lot of information which is positive. I am going to read more about what to look for when buying a didj. I miss some information or links to "didjeridoo organisations in my country/Denmark. [OUR COMMENT: check out Didjnet in the Community section:-)]

Anonymous from Australia

Very interesting and informative


Wow simply the more rich and complete site about Didj world I'll never succeed in digging everywhere:-). I'd probably like to see more entries in the CD/DVD sections.

Troy Van Zandt from USA

Great site!

Anonymous from Slovakia

Tatranská 30 Kezmarok 06001 Slovakia

Zain from United Kingdom

Very good site easy to navigate

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