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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2012:

Online name Feedback
Aaron Ritchie from New Zealand Very good site
Anonymous Very organized
Adrian from Australia Great
Aggeo from Italy I don't know english well
Anonymous from USA Very educational!
Alejandro Dominguez from Mexico Great site.
Aleksander from Poland It's clear in design and has very interesting content. I haven't checked all of it yet though.
Allan from Denmark I like the strong commitment and its very informative
Andras from New Zealand Great website!
Anonymous from USA Nice functional design and fun to view.
Andrew Hodge from Canada I have find your website to be the most informative didj site around
Andrew O'connor from Australia Love it and love the range of didges you have
Andriy Verpahovskiy from Ukraine Design is in line with native Aboriginal theme. Navigation is intuitive enough.
Angel Martinez from USA The photos of the didjes are always pleasing to see.
Anonymous from USA Excellent job keep up the good work and didgeridoo making
Anton from Austria Great website....
Anonymous Very useful information for those who know nothing about didgeridoo.
Anonymous from Netherlands No nonsense practical fast
Bill White from USA Yes but one more answer needed~ yes but I am not a friend YET
Brad from USA I really enjoy the information about Aboriginal rights and struggles.
Anonymous from USA I found the website useful in understanding how to look for the right quality in a didgeridoo.
Anonymous It's wonderful and easy to find hand crafted didgeridoos.
Anonymous Good website and interesting things for didj players
Anonymous Good information. Good didges.
Anonymous Looks ok
Capi from USA I have not been there lately but will check it out now to see what new Didjes are available.
Anonymous Is a comprehensive website about the world of the didgeridoo and Australian Aborigines
Anonymous Informative
Carole from France I haven't seen it yet
Anonymous from USA Your website is very informative and interesting.
Charleen from USA I am interested in learning more
Charles Eaton from USA Excellent informative -- particularly regarding aboriginal issues
Anonymous Looks very interesting
Anonymous from USA It is very well made and easy to navigate it also has great tips facts and other great information on the site
Anonymous I just want to buy a didgeridoo for sleep apnea
Anonymous from USA Good site. well laid out and easy to use.
Anonymous Have not seen it.
Dale from USA A wealth of information about the world of the Didj. Very informative about the instrument and the people who make them and their culture.
Daniel Dos Santos Caixao from Brazil Nice!:)
Daran Wallman from USA Inspirational Informative Perfect
Anonymous from South Africa Loads of useful and interesting information
Dave from Canada It's great to. Ome here to keep up on things happening at Didjshop. Love it.
Anonymous from USA I really want to learn to play so I hope this website gives me the chance
David from USA Very well put together. I am looking forward to ordering a new Didge.
Anonymous Lovely instruments and info.
Anonymous from USA Too soon to tell
Denny Simpson from USA Great site and newsletter.
Anonymous Very Informational.
Donovan Russell from USA Very well setup love the colors
Anonymous It's good....I'm not a didj player yet but if I win one I'll learn!
Anonymous Nice simple site easy to find what I'm looking for.
Anonymous from USA Very well laid out and simple to navigate. The information posted in regards to crafting and playing didjes was quite helpful when I was first learning to play.
Earl Tharp from USA I spend a lot of time reading it. Fascinating! Keeps me off the streets and out of bars. I have learned a great deal from this web site. It's the best web site I've ever visited.
Ed from USA I find some very interesting facts
Anonymous from Poland Good source of info about Aboriginal didgeridoos art and culture and about everyday life and problems of Aboriginals when they face with white-man culture and civilisation money oriented and money-depend. Aboriginal culture is fair and free of these problems.
Anonymous It is very nice. a lot of thought and work was put into it.
Anonymous Most informative didgeridoo site.
Anonymous No comment
Anonymous I think it is very well put together informative and correct
Anonymous Looks good
Forest Weston from USA Well organized and easy to use! Very helpful reference information.
G Hobart from USA Informative and easy to use
Gabriel from Canada I have had issues with logging into my account to view the forums and haven't been able to contact anyone regards to said issue [OUR COMMENT: all of your three emails were answered within 72 hours, so you might have to check your spam folder...]
Gary from USA Your Website is the best out there.
Geovanni from Costa Rica Very organize
Granville Wallwork from United Kingdom Very interesting I love to visit here!
Greg from Canada This was my first visit but I look forward to spending some time here as it seems like a very dynamic site with good info. It is very positive that you also incorporate an activist effort into the site. I will check it out further.
Greg Thorn from United Kingdom Easy navigation and informative on every page
Gregory James from USA So far very impressive. I've bookmarked it!
Heath from USA Lots of very detailed information.
Anonymous from Germany Nice and cool website
Hubert from Panama Lots of good info. Feels like a community.
Hugh from Australia Thoughtful -- if political. Good quality of presentation and function.
Hunter from USA Useful information on where the didgeridoos come from and who makes it and the people who have been using it for years and years and their culture. Learning about other cultures has always personally fascinated me. Also everything is right there for you and the site is very well organized.
Iain from United Kingdom I find it interesting and informative - a great source of useful information on aboriginal culture
Ilias from France Fast loading and easy to find what you're looking for!
James Connelly from USA Excellent I believe I get the truth.
James from USA Just found it. like!
Jan from USA Very informative so far like the send free greeting card fun
Anonymous I haven't really had a chance to look at it yet this is my first stop but I find it interesting that you are interested in other's thoughts.
Anonymous I think the website is really user friendly and also very informative. It seems like anytime I need to look something up about didges I can find it on your site. Nice work!!
Jeannie from USA It's really easy to navigate and I LOVE it that it's not just about selling but also about education. Thank you for doing such a great job with all of that.
Anonymous Top and side nav bars is a bit confusing.
Jeff Harris from USA I loved it from the first time I visited. I love all the info and I really love looking at and listening to all the Didjes. I hope to buy some more
Jeff from USA Great.!!
Anonymous It is really great site.
Jeffrey Vastine from USA I just learned about your website via this promotion. It looks very interesting and like it will be rather helpful with my youth outreach. I have created an outreach for youth to bring them together peacefully and st aside all of the differences that certain factions use to keep us divided so they can learn that living in cooperation and helping one another far exceeds the life of competition and struggle. I do this through music where we mirror the music industry from instrument building song writing music production and recording to airplay and live performances. I get their interest in learning about different cultures by making various world instruments. Many start learning about their roots but soon expand to learn about others. This website will be a great help in this area.
Jenni from Australia Great. I have just got to decide on which didj to buy. such a choice....
Anonymous Fairly easy to navigate.
Jennifer from USA Seems very easy to read and to navigate.
Jesse from USA I enjoy your website.
Jessie from Canada Very interesting
Jim from Japan Glad it's in Japanese too as I live in Japan
Anonymous Nice
Jim from USA I enjoy looking around
Joao Morte from South Africa Very user friendly and informative.
John from USA Good Website.
John Capurso from USA Best ongoing snapshot of didj happenings on the web
John Carroll from USA One of if not the best site on the web.
John from USA The site is well put together and makes it easy to find the didj I want.
Anonymous I love this place. I wish I had spare money!
Anonymous from USA I like being able to listen to the different digs.
Anonymous Your website has the most reliable culturally sensitive and culturally accurate information that I have found to date. The fact that you carry fair-trade didgeridoos makes your shop *almost* one-of-a-kind... and as far as the quality of the Didjes your shop *is* one-of-a-kind.
Jostein from Norway It has its purpose and its a good one
Anonymous Seems informative.
Anonymous Cool site
Katherine Jackson from USA I like the retro style!
Kathy from USA Very informative. More than just a retail shop. More like belonging to a club.
Anonymous from USA A very informative site. Its great how much detail you go into on didjes and that's awesome that you have a didj forum. I'll definitely be checking that out.
Anonymous As to my last answer... I'm not interested in the facebook page only because I dislike facebook. love your website! I refer others to you for didge info etc.
Anonymous I think it is the most reliable and comprehensive for genuine aboriginal didjes.
Anonymous Great site
Kevin Lawlor from United Kingdom Good!
Ki from USA Great website my grandma in hawaii makes them
Kim from USA I enjoy your web site.
Koen from Netherlands Great lay-out!
Larry from USA Very interesting....plz keep it up and add photos of native people plying their craft for historical purposes.
Anonymous Nice website
Lee Stevens from USA Lot to learn about Didjes this seems a good place to start
Anonymous Cool and strange
Anonymous Haven't checked it out in awhile. Can I let you know sometime down the line?
Anonymous I love your website. It is full of helpful as well as interesting information. Its also easy to navigate and I'm always finding interesting facts that sidetrack me. And I thought I was just going to browse the photos---you hooked me!
Anonymous It's very orange.
Louis from USA I always look forward to reading your news letter.
Anonymous Very good under all the points of view!
Luis from Portugal It completely satisfies my needs as a didj player while keeping me interested in the subject and the aboriginal culture
Maciej from Ireland I like it.its very well
Mack from Canada RIght on!
Anonymous Good
Mark from USA Very nice site. Even though I do not own a didj I love the sounds it makes and the beauty of it.
Martin from Argentina It helps one feel a connection with a different culture good info a different look on what's going on in Australia...
Martin from USA I find it interesting and useful.
Anonymous Super.
Martin from Australia Very informative great site I love the greeting cards
Matt from USA Needs a facelift still looks the same as it did in 2002
Matt from USA Haven't seen much yet -- I'll let you know
Melanie from USA Very informative and well designed so it is very easy to use and navigate.
Michael from United Kingdom Very informative particularly like the fact you can listen to the didge before purchase.
Anonymous from Australia It's great to check out updates & this usually gets me motivated to try the didj again
Anonymous Don't know a lot about it
Anonymous Very Intriguing
Mike Bonner from USA I enjoy it and look forward to getting it
Mike from USA It will be where I order my first real didgeridoo...Thanks for all the info on how to pick one out..!!
Anonymous Not bad!
Nicholas from USA Very informative and up to date which I find a breath of fresh air
Nick from USA It is very informative and I love it. It is the first place I go when I wanna learn more about the didge and aboriginal culture.
Nicolas Morgan from France Nice and clear
Nikita Cidilo from Canada I thoroughly enjoy your website. Cannot wait for the day when I can afford one of your beautiful Didjs. PVC will have to do for now. I also believe there is an error in the Didj portion of the questionnaire. 'In your belief how strongly do the following factors effect (i believe that it should be AFFECT rather than EFFECT) the overall sound quality of a termite hollowed didj?' Have a wonderful day!
Anonymous I found it a very useful resource for all kinds of players both beginners and more expert players -- your forum in particular can be an exciting source of inspiration and knowledge!
Anonymous GOOD
Paul Gould from United Kingdom Excellent site very good info for players and people who are interested in Aboriginal culture. I've learned a lot from it.
Paul Lamb from Australia Excellent though each time I tried to return to the previous page I received the message that I had been timed out. Be good if you could fix that.
Pawlu Debono from Malta Keep the updates coming please.
Peg from USA Good job
Anonymous Good web
Peter Lauwerijssen from Netherlands Just joined you on facebook
Peter Trott from USA It is very nice. I find the things there very informative.
Petri from Finland Website is the best there is about didgeridoos
Anonymous Nice web Site
Portia from USA Love the great info!!
Anonymous from USA Very nicely done.
Richie from USA Look and arrangement of the site is very calming
Anonymous Very good
Rodger from USA Good site.
Ron Ballard from USA Always enjoyed
Ross Courville from USA This site is the only place to get any information you need about Didjes! from shopping to techniques it is the holy grail of didj shops!
Anonymous A lot of neat info for person new to the Didge
Rual from USA Good
Rudolf from Austria I like it.
Anonymous Good and seems unbiased
Safaa from USA Didjshop has no competition! Hands down you have the most helpful interesting and comprehensive website.
Anonymous Very informative
Sam from USA I appreciate the conversation about the 1st nation people in Australia. We need to learn more about them and respecting their ways. Also it would be helpful to learn if they think we can help in any way
Anonymous Have never been before
Sean from USA I have been playing the didjeridoo for a number of years now up until recently have used it strictly for personal mediation and have no real contact with the outside didjeridoo community. I have finally decided to make the investment and purchase a high quality authentic aboriginal made didjeridoo. This website has been an invaluable resource. Not only can I browse an amazing selection but I also have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the aboriginals. Since I have discovered this site a few weeks ago I have been on everyday reading and researching ass much as I can. Even if I do not win the didjeridoo I will continue to browse and research until I find the perfect one.
Anonymous from Estonia Its a first tim ei visit your website.
Anonymous Works.
Anonymous Good layout easy to navigate
Anonymous Very informative but could be a bit more eye catching in terms of design
Stacy Kaulback from Canada Intriguing
Anonymous Very informative- thank you again for keeping your lives as you see fit and do not allow commercialism to ever stain your bone
Anonymous I like it you seem to be genuine and kind people
Anonymous I love this website. Very informative about both didges and aboriginal issues. I like looking at the didges for sale even tho I can't currently buy any more.
Steve from New Zealand Excellent
Steve from United Kingdom Very useful for all sorts of information about Didgeridoo's.
Steve from USA Great site! Well done!
Anonymous from United Kingdom Excellent navigation and detailed info/sound samples
Steven from USA For me it is the best site on this topic.
Stewart from USA It is a good website but your devotion to the newsletter is what does it for me.
Susan from USA A lot of great information for everyone.
Tammy from USA Great
Tero from Finland Simply the best source on any info on didjes that is out there
Terry from Australia Very easy to use and very informative.
Thom Van Dusen from USA Awesome site!
Timothy Gatehouse from USA Quick-loading and effective! Sometimes web-designers become distracted by all sorts of flashy-goofy graphics which is nice but occasionally irritating. I'd like to see a few 'closer' close-ups of the didjes themselves but I realize that takes up space and time -a LOT of space and time haha!
Tony Cisar from USA The website keeps my mind focused at returning to the shop in The Rocks and getting my next Didj.
Trevor from USA Well organized easy to use site.
Trevor Uruski from Canada The first time I landed on it frankly I found it confusing. I wanted to browse the didgeridoos you had available but I could find the damn button. I was looking for a button that said 'Didgeridoos' or 'Browse Our Didgeridoos' but couldn't find it. So I left. The next time I arrived I seemed to be in a better state of mind. So I was able to make the connection that 'Search' meant 'search didgeridoos' not 'Search the website for a word or phrase.' I never clicked on it the first time but I sure did the second time! Glad I did too! I love the search tool!!! Made it so easy to browse the performance quality healing Didjes I've been looking for! Although I still don't know how to browse didgeridoos without using the search tool. Is there even a way?
Anonymous Not good looking but very informative and complete.
Anonymous Very informative
Werner from Belgium The website has lots of good information
William Gehrig from USA I like the site. I have always been interested in traditional instruments and this site should help me learn about the one I am most interested in.
Anonymous I find the information useful I specially like the possibility to hear the sound of the various didges
Yuri Zhdanau from Belarus I like the Uluru so much.
Zachary Heidemann from USA Your didj's rule!

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