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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2005:

Online name


Anonymous from Canada

Great articles especially aboriginal content

Allan from Brazil

You still need of feedback!!! You are great. Made me know didjs best to play and the better made me known about worldwide dije meditation. So ...I was saying...you don't need it.You are simply very good.

Alvaro from Chile

This is a best didg web site that exist in the web

Benjy Wood from USA

I appreciate the actual information on the site. You are educating not just selling.

Bob from Netherlands

A plain and finally correct site. A lot of sites don't give the true or only half background of the didge. I think its very important that aboriginals get there share. They do have a hard live. I made my own didge visiting a aboriginal community. A great site this is!

Anonymous from USA

I appreciate feedback from other didgeridoo players on how to shop for didgeridoos. Thank you for holding a drawing for an awesome looking didgeridoo. I teach at a university and I love to surprise my students with the surprising fact that I play didj and teach technology. Great resources here.

Carolyne Williams from USA

Your site is magical! I love hearing all of the comments from didg players.

Chad Baloy from USA

The didjshop.com is the most thorough and comprehensive didj site there is!! It is loaded with useful information enjoyable to navigate and most of all you get the best selection of quality didj's!!!!!

Chris Murphy from USA

Didjshop is the best there is. They are very honorable to the instrument's founding culture and unlike a lot of sites you'd find on the net the folks at the Didjshop actually care about the spiritual aspects of the instrument. Aside from the instruments themselves the most impressive thing to me about this site is that the people at the Didjshop continue to work hard to create of a more global community of didj players. Keep up the good work and thanx again for my kick-ass didjes! Murph

Chris from USA

I have been on your site for about six to seven hours and I have not seen the didges yet! Not that I have not found them but there are tons of good stuff to read!!

Chris from USA

I have visited several sites and the Didjshop has so far been the best. One that has so many different aspects from browsing cultural learning and participation in the various activities that you are involved in a great history and geography lesson. By the way I have to admire you for correcting a mistake you made and apologized for your errors. Not too many folks do so today. I am in a service organization and I get few complements and many angry complaints from customers and all they want to do is make someone wrong and will not offer up a simple I made a mistake. Thanks for your Integrity and Honesty

Cory from Canada

I love your forum! Before finding it I felt very isolated from other didj players but now its the next best thing to having someone right next to you. My playing has improved exponentially.

Dale Elliott from Australia

I think its THE TOP SHOP!

Daniel from USA

Your "Why buy from us ..." points pretty well summed up what I was looking for after attending a recent didj workshop" . Genuine termite-hollowed Australian didj . Harvested by Australian Aboriginal people . Artwork by Australian Aboriginal artists . Can see and hear didjes . Over ten years experience . Objective and accurate sound grading . Warranty . Prices are low . Didjes individually engraved . Private secure data w/ good disclosure

Douglas Michon from USA

It is the best.

Francisco from Portugal

Great site! Very clear and with lots of details. It sparked me!

Frank from USA

Great site!! Very informative and better than the other didj sites I've visited. Good layout and easy to use.

Gareth Knight from United Kingdom

Well put together and this questionnaire has some good questions. Usually questionnaires ask dumb questions and don't give you the answers to tick that you would give. BUT this one is spot on ! well done!

Gerard from USA

I have looked at many didj web sites and this is THE only one I can trust. All of your information is so honest. If anyone really wants to know about the didj this is the place to look.


Excellent initiative friends. Great info along with demandable thoughts to carry us through the didgeridoo travelling.

Iain from United Kingdom

Love the site - like the fact that as well as having a great selection of didges to drool over you can also listen to sound samples; and - lots of other information available too on aboriginal issues other peoples didge experiences etc and the fact that there is a regular newsletter too - the whole 'feel' is a personal and friendly one!

Isaac from USA

I'm very impressed with the amount of information that you have about each didgeridoo on the site.

Jackie from USA

Awesome--the best.

Jeff from USA

An excellent site with education and information that far exceeds any other didj site.

Jim Davis from Canada

Excellent site I love coming here to see what's new and what I would like to purchase in the near future


Love it it seams to be a grate place to find out what's new and fun in the didj world

John Mason from Canada

Awesome site. The most complete and informative didgeridoo site on the net.

Jon Samuelsson from Sweden

You people scare me... in a good way!

Jouni from Finland

Great (the Best)!


Interesting site. if I buy a real didj I would buy from your site in order to ensure that I support indigenous artists.

Kim from Finland

Very good service and good advice for beginners

Klemens from Germany

Great site. No navigational problems. Never been lost. Excellence in concept design layout rich content and easy navigation.

Kristin from USA

It is very informative. I love the aboriginal stories. I have never been on a didj site that offered the variety that one can find on this site. WELL DONE!

Liana from USA

It is the best

Lloyd Goldstein from USA

Really nice site gives me the feeling you really know and care about quality with genuine concern for the instruments and players.

Anonymous from USA

The best ever thanxs for all your artistic creativity.

Mark Cotterill from Australia

It is the best web site on didj's by far I love getting my newsletter and reading all the info..


This is an awesome site.

Matthew Smith from USA

This site is a helpful and progressive blend of commerce and social awareness. You rightly point out western capitalism's appropriation of aboriginal art and instruments which removes these artifacts' beauty and utility from the folklore and traditional culture that produced them. This tendency amounts to cultural theft and it is too common in post-colonial and westernized countries around the world. Didjshop.com sets an excellent example for responsible dealing in indigenous artifacts and I have told many of my friends to visit.

Max from USA

I like I'll be back!

Michael from USA

I really love the site. Great email updates too :)

Nick from United Kingdom

It is brilliant very helpful and without the problems. keep it up.

Anonymous from Canada

I really enjoy the web site. It is very well put together and I have a lot of fun looking through the different didjes and other items and listening to the sound bites. I would probably visit more often if I had the time. I think the news letter is great too it's the only mass e-mail I bother to read and I get anxious the months it's a bit late.

Oguz Anil from Turkey

I have been searching many other sites but always ended up here esp when I wrote my name on search engine google I found a comment of mine in ur site!

Paul O'Keefe from Canada

Very unique unlike any other store on the internet. Quality instruments. I like the sincerity. Paul O'Keefe

Peggylynn Terrien from USA

I think it is the best site I have been to you give people a lot of info. about everything it is great to learn histories and stories about everything didj related

Philip from USA

This web site sets the standard for practicability and organization when it comes to finding out about and purchasing didgeridoos and aboriginal products. Not only could I found what I was looking for but I learned about every aspect surrounding what I was in search of. Thank you for making my shopping experience easy and informative.

Anonymous from Australia

Its a fantastic site with valuable information

Rafal Janczak from Poland

It's really fun and informative. The worldwide didgeridoo meditation hits the cosmic spot and we (the Polish aborigines) will be taking part.

Ron from USA

In my opinion yours is the best of the sites involving not just the didjeridu but in combining and presenting the arts crafts lifestyle music and politics of the culture.

Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands

Its perfect for us euro people to buy good Yidakis online. Yomanimak Ron

Anonymous from Ireland

It's good I hope to buy another didgeridoo later when I feel I am an able player.

Ryan from USA

I love the didj. your web site seems to take care to ensure that the didjs that you sell are authentic. and they sound beautiful

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A great site loads of useful information and a noticeable passion for the didj from the staff.

Sascha from Luxembourg

It's very informative good presented and helps a lot in research. Your offer of didjs is great and also their classification.


Wonderful web site I purchased a didj. from another web site that was ok but I have to admit that I'm sorry I did not come across yours first.

Scott from USA

Love it! and I love how personally invested/engaged you are in the aboriginal culture heritage and current issues! Great work! Keep it up!


Loved the cards I got from the site.

Shaun from Canada

I find your web site very interesting and enjoy receiving the monthly emails.

Shawn Battmer from USA

Your tips on circular breathing sound great I'm going to try it now. I like the sight it's really informative and you also have a lot of didj's and such to buy too it's a one stop site.

Anonymous from Australia

Great site. Love to read other peoples opinions and experiences. I find that in my early stages of didj playing I am always looking for more information and opinions to learn from and this site has been an eye opener.

Stacy from USA

Wonderful web site! Will be sharing it during our group home schooling music class. :)



Tero from Finland

Probably the best site about didjes on the net.

Theodore from USA

Friendly informative and offering the finest products of its kind - Positively a top-notch web site

Thomas from USA

Its very personal and very friendly I am quite pleased.

Thomas Webster from USA

Absolutely amazing one of the best didje resources I've seen.

Timmy Church from Australia

Its a deadly site gives out good information.


Excellent; very informative

Alistair from United Kingdom

Full of information once you have learned to navigate around the site

Andi Branston from United Kingdom

Its my first time here its the most comprehensive site I've found and its good to know your shop works with the indigenous communities rather than off them.

Andres Díaz López from Spain

Se encuentra en esta página de todo lo necesario para alcanzar un nivel avanzado en el uso del didjeridoo

Andy Doyle from United Kingdom

Cool resource for didges and info

Angela from USA

I like the site...Didjes are an awesome and unique instrument and I can't believe that I actually found them on the internet. I got a brochure in the mail that had an article about them.

Anthony from USA

MAN I think this web site it's kewl I like all the didjes you got here and some good pics of them I like the quality of the didjes and the other items.

Anonymous from South Africa

Great to read and hear so much about the didgeridoo. Wow!

Antonio from Italy

A complete italian translation would be perfect!

Anonymous from Israel

Its very good and interesting web site and I enjoy the fact that it change often

Benjamin from France

Very good web site but not in french...or I didn't find where I can change the language

Bernard from Netherlands

Great site

Brian from USA

Great site to learn about the Didj

Anonymous from Canada

Very helpful and informative web site

Bryan Schuller from USA

I really like the content of the page it was a little confusing to navigate when I first got here though

Caitlin Dabolt from USA

I think it is the best site I have found I love that you can see and hear the didjeridu before you buy it. I also think the information on the qualities of the individual didjeridus is very helpful.

Anonymous from USA

This is a great web site that expands my understanding of the power a didj can have.

Anonymous from USA

Very good but I need a real didg. for healing instead of my home built one no currency though

Cherie Fullarton from Australia

Its cool I like it very natural looking for a web site if you know what I mean

Christian from USA

Great info on this site. Keep up the great work.

Claudio from Chile


Craig Freeman from Australia

Very professional and a great help

Debbie from Canada

Very informative and interesting. It offers a new perspective on an instrument that I originally thought was only played in Australia.

Diane Starner from USA

I was looking for a way to make a didj out of PVC since I have a chance to go to a workshop in a couple of weeks. Your site came out on top at Google.

Dorothy Blue from USA

I find the Didjshop.com web site to be interesting and very informative

Ed from USA

Very well-organized.


Keep the love going

Ellis from USA


Eric from France



Es muy buena pagina IS GOOD PAGE

Francisco Muñoz from Chile

Excellent Site. A Complete web page for didge fans amateurs and pro. Excellent Info.

Frank Segui Franck from Canada

Nice place ...merci beaucoup pour votre creation...

Fred from Netherlands

Its a good one. Very easy to handle A complete assortment A lot off choices many didges to hear

Fredo from USA

I have to say the shop is awesome as soon as I have enough money I'm going to order some new didjeridoos and maybe a boomerang.

Gary from USA

New to site

Gary from Australia

It's great to navigate and easy to read. Could be a little more comprehensive in the way of making didges and history of them. Include more photo's and heaps of didge download MP3's. We want more!

Anonymous from USA

Great site

Geoff from USA

Great - keep up the good work.

Gilles Pizzinato from Switzerland

Didj sound is like a dream but your Web site is real...keep going...

Glen from USA

Very nice site easy to move around and extremely informative. I am in love the country of Australia and don't really think I will ever get the chance to go. They seem to have a wonderful Culture. For my 40th birthday all I asked for is a Didgeridoo and it is what I am getting. The hardest part now is picking out the correct one.


Would like more mp3 files of the cheaper didges !!

Greg from Switzerland

Very good layout. very nice.

Gregorio from Netherlands

Great site! A al lot of choice and enough information for learning to play!


I like very much


Good site very good selection of didges

Ian from United Kingdom

It is great answered all my queries just wish I had more money to buy from you saving at this moment but disabled money so low it will take some time but keep up the good work


It seems to be a great web site except some of the sound files don't appear to be working.

Anonymous from Luxembourg

I like it very much. Very professional lots of explanations wide choice. I will visit it again and will tell my friends about it.

Jan from Slovakia

I like the way how it is now.


Its a nice site. Lots of info


This is a great site for people who do not really know a lot about didj's. I hope to win so that I can become a great player.


Just got here can't comment yet but will be sure to if/when I order.


Great site.....well done!


Good site


It's great

Anonymous from France

Didjshop is a good site

John Capurso from USA

Very informative and friendly


Sometimes slow when using the drop down selection feature.


Very informative not just about didgs but the aboriginal people and their community

Anonymous from Spain

I find it a fantastic site to start knowing something about didjeridoos and they offered lots of things interessants

Jose Luis from Spain

Nothing I think it's OK

Julie Cowart from USA

Nice... lots of things to choose from good variety and very informative

Justin from Australia

I am looking to learn how to play the didjeridu I found this web site extremely informative. On what to look for when buying a didji and/or the various sounds and qualities available

Justin Mayfield from USA

This web site is completely inspiring. It makes me want to give a louder voice to the didj in the United States. It seems like such an elusive instrument but I want it to have a spotlight on it. Didjshop makes that happen already to some extent.



Katy from USA

Your web site is unique and I would love to own a Didjeridu!

Kennth Brown from USA

Topic and drop downs are well laid out and logical. Really appreciate the sound class ratings music key sound files and aboriginal cultural info. I know it must be quite a job to provide Sound Attribute ratings but they SOLD me on your site.


Very user friendly and easy to get around

Konstantinos Papadimitriou from Greece

Very informative site and nice e-shop. keep up the good work.

Lance Moss from USA

Thanks for the site. Who would have ever thought that one could be able to check out in detail a seemingly obscure instrument.

Larry from Australia

I appreciate the information you make available to educate on buying a didgeridoo

Anonymous from USA

What a cool instrument

Linda from USA

Great site


Its good to hear all the different didje sounds. And to understand the different qualities of the didjes being played. But the prices are a pipe dream for buying them if you are a student.

Madelaine from Australia


Margaret from USA

Nice web site Thank you


I found the site very interesting especially the ability to listen to the different didjs and see the work of the various artists.

Mark from United Kingdom

Very useful informative and interesting.

Anonymous from USA

I think this is an excellent and informative site. I fell in love with this instrument during a recent trip to Australia although members of my family have been travelling there since 1979. This web site provides excellent information about the instruments the music and related fields

Mathew Walker from Australia

I think its great u guys are listing all the appropriate aboriginal artifacts for the future generations


Very good

Anonymous from Spain

Very very informative. Wish I could be there and touch and feel each and every didge!



Michael Rampling from United Kingdom

Excellent the sound clips are fab although I think my weedy speakers need a bit of beefing up to do them justice!


Very clear and helpful.

Anonymous from France

It's well made. There are wonderful didjs with a high quality


Very informative


Great site organized perfectly

Nicolas from France

Je trouve votre site très interessant sur le didjrodoo je n'en avais jamais vu de si travaillé et d'autant de sonorités différentes. Merci

Niki from USA

New to site

Patches Horsley from USA

It's great ! sound clips and clear pics-what more could I want! site layout is easy to navigate too!

Patty from Canada

Very interesting site - well done and very very informative.

Paulo David Silveira from Brazil

I couldn't find upfront at Didjshop.com the material (type/kind) of Australian tree Didjs are made of. Thanks Paulo David

Phil from USA

It's great and I love the fact that you have so many audio file. So didges I've run across look great but aren't playable at all. Keep up the good work!

Pierandrea from Italy

Nice and genuine looking. Maybe you could publish some more audio and video clips about the making of didjes their makers aboriginal tales etc


Good web site

Robert from USA

Good site. Glad to hear the individual didges.

Robert Smith from USA

I am looking forward to continued exploration

Roy from Canada

Excellent site its the best that I have experienced for information in a very friendly manner in my work I use a lot of search engines for various information and data and yours is the most informative and user friendly that I have used considering that I only had a didge shipped home this week on my return from holidays and have never played one before so your web site has given me great help and confidence and I would like to continue to learn to play for pleasure and not just to hang it on the wall behind the bar as a memento of a very enjoyable and memorable visit to Australia. Do you have the tutor on cd ? Again great web site many thanks

Rudolf Gander from Austria

Mp3's are very helpful it's a real good shop


It is a good thing because in our country there is no original didj shop

Scott Michael from USA

Love the site lots of info and fun to kick back and browse through

Scott from USA

As always I really enjoy this site - I just wish I could win one of your fantastic prizes because I'd love to have one of your great didj's.

Sean Bearly from USA

A little awkward design. Must scroll down on right side in order to get access to some of the navigation on left side. You might want to consolidate some of the left side navigation into menued groups.

Sean from USA

Very extensive well laid out and user friendly

Sebastian Zak from Poland

! @ !


Looks great to me


Love it

Anonymous from Austria

First time I have visited but definitely not the last. Brilliant having so much info on one site and being able to hear the didjes as well !

Steve from United Kingdom

Good site easy to navigate with good information

Steven from USA

It's groovy.




Very informative User friendly.

Sven from Germany

It is very informative and have a good style. with really nice didgeridoos.

Anonymous from France

It is good for beginners for understanding and thank too you I know a lot more


Excellent...maybe needs more images?

Tomer from Israel

Thank u!!! I like this site!

Anonymous from France

A real good shop. I have already heard by my friends about the serious of your shop. I am really interested in buying one....but have to decide me.

Wojciech from Poland

Great site! Lots of information very helpful

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