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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2007:

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Adam from Israel

Nicely done and I am a site developer. love the forum.

Aisling from United Kingdom

It is really good in the way that it deals with serious issues and provides people with a service that is second to none.

Alban Hall from Brazil

Love the didge wave and the global concern.this pinky background relaxing.not looked at the rest but think that the didge is a strong way to bring people closer to the source. I said no below but I will this friday play c didge. well relax harmony and love.be in peace why not

Andy from New Zealand


Anonymous from USA

A very good site love your doos

Asheen Muhammad from USA

Very comprehensive. As a healer practitioner I would recommend this website to my colleagues for reference and information on vibrational healing as it pertains to the Didgeridoo as well as obtaining one for healing purposes.


It's incredible it's very complete you have a lot of information very the best website I see about didgeridoo

Cheryl from Australia

It is great I think this survey is also very good and hopefully this will help more people to understand more about culture

Chris from Australia

Interesting site...bring on the Aboriginal uprising

Claudio Villegas from Chile

I love your website yours didgeridoos are really beautiful.

Daniel Barringer from USA

I've got nothing bad to say about it. I love everything the site offers whether products or information and I'm VERY happy with the product that I own.

Daniel Johnson from Australia

Really well laid out compared to other didge sites! Quick and easy to find exactly what your after!

Daved Dekiesby from Australia

The best so far

Dima Shevelev from Israel

I love it ty for the info its the best didj site that I've seen ill keep on exploring it!

Duane Allen from USA


Eric from Canada

I enjoy this website some good information and lots of respect. I don't believe that you have to be aboriginal to have the same respect for the world and for the music. but please do not rape the planet from its wonder and beauty.

Erika from USA

Awesome! when I saw your information on the culture I knew you were the foremost experts

Eskii from Australia

Very informative and I especially like your tuning and grading system.

Fabiana from Italy


Flemming Jans from Denmark

Well when I found didishop.com I didn't have to look further. Just great

Flemming from Denmark

This is a great site. Good information easy to use.

Helen Niles from USA

Your site gives more info like making the beeswax mouth piece.easy to navigate. I like the fact of your information on people selling didges not made by native aboriginals.

Ian from United Kingdom

Its great gives insight to a way of life I only dream about and to think that way of life has be going on for thousands of years and shows how much work is being done to preserve the way of life heritage

Ivan Matamoros Jeronimo from Spain

As I can't buy...I use to look round when I have a chance. I really think is a really good website. I love the opportunity to hear different didges..and a learned a lot in this website.

James Townsend from USA

From what I have seen so far the site is very interesting. I have bookmarked the site and plan to let a few people know about it. I was told by a friend at work that playing the didj could help her with sleep apnea. I plan to inform her about the site. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Reasoner from USA

I think this site is great very well crafted didj's original idea with the giveaway

Jesse from Australia

Excellent resource. I particularly found the page on shaping the mouthpiece useful. I also found the page on didj quality with sample sounds very interesting.


Love it.

Anonymous from USA

It's well laid out and easy to navigate. It's informative and one of the better not only didj sites but web sites I've seen. That's mostly due to the lack of advertising and ease of navigation. (Not to mention the fact that most sites are run by barely literates.)

Joe from USA

I like your site. you have a lot of information on how to compare didj's and I like the attempts you make to rate the sound quality in each didj.

Kelly Sandy from USA

It is very informative and impressive with its vast knowledge and information about didgeridoos the history behind the instrument and most anything relating to the Aboriginal people's unique instrument.

Kevin Wiggins from USA

It is by far the most authentic as all the others don't help the aboriginal people nd their Didjes are usual mass produced

Kirk from USA

Very nice


Best looking instruments I have ever seen biggest stock too.

Leelen from USA

I would like to thank you for having such an educational website.

Leigh Carson from Ireland

One of the best websites I have ever seen.

Lindi from Australia

Wonderful....this survey in it's self addresses my concerns about

Lisa Hallam from Canada

Very well set up and formatted. It is also very informative and clearly supports Aboriginal artist and the Aboriginal community. I like how it is meant to preserve the Aboriginal culture for the Aboriginal people.

Lubos from Czech Republic

Very good



Maja from Czech Republic

It is really nice page with lot of pictures suggestions tips and great shop.

Anonymous from Belgium

Nice -good-attractive-lovely

Martin from Austria

The best I have seen! Comprehensive informative not missing anything. Really trustworthy.

Matt from Australia

As always... very organised and trustworthy. keep it up.

Anonymous from Australia

It is one of the better I have visited set out well and generally a joy to browse.

Michael Spring from USA

Absolutely first rate

Anonymous from Switzerland

I really like your website because it supports the Aboriginal people in spirit and in money

Mike from USA

I like the site. I don't visit as much as I'd like but I do like the forums and I enjoy the newsletters.

Mike from Canada

Its full of all the information I wanted. About history how they're made and how to play and most importantly a large selection of didj's.

Mitch Minor from USA

I think you have the best site.

Anonymous from USA

I think it is thorough and has a lot of great information. I enjoyed the structure of it the sound clips and the user-friendly links that help beginners such as myself. Thank you!

Pamela from USA

It is beautiful and well designed. I was looking for an easy explanation of how to circular breathe and found it. So now I'm going to try!

Paulo Gomes from Portugal

Your website is very very very good. I love it.


Very informative site. I'm going to explore getting a didj here.



Philip from United Kingdom

I visited two other sites but I can't remember them because as soon as I saw yours I loved it 3 of my friends have bought a didgeridoo from you. I wish I had the money to buy more that's why I enter these competitions.

Rebekah from USA

It's excellent


This website is much clearer in the details of the site facts and the products that it sells. There are other websites that have a lot of junk and misleading information about there products.

Trond from Norway

Very nice design and layout. Other didj sites typically have a more messy design and it's hard to find important information about the quality of the didjes.

Uwe Naeger from Australia

I'm impressed - there is a lot of info that I did not know -until now. I would and will recommend this site to anybody that may be in the market for a Didj or other items that you may offer. Well done and at the same time you may have just saved me several thousand Dollars on almost purchasing perhaps a non aboriginal. Thanks again and keep up the support for the aboriginal people.

Virginia from USA

The best. the best I've seen especially regarding the respect that should be given to the aboriginal people and it's rich culture. the layout is extremely impressive-navigating around the site is easy and enjoyable-really the best I've ever seen.

William from USA

I feel this website was best I've found so far for ingenuity in design and the best on information so far. I love how I can listen to the keys of the instruments before purchasing. that really helped me decide on which way I wanted to go in purchasing a didjeridu.

Alan from United Kingdom

Very good and informative a big help in learning the culture and history of your land.


Very helpful solid info and products good vibes

Attila Kovacs from United Kingdom

Pretty cool.

Brad from Australia

I found it by accident while looking up the web for Aboriginal Ceremonies. I am very impressed.

Bret from USA

It has been very informative for me


I look forward to exploring the information available here.

Anonymous from Australia

Very good with the resources and effort that has gone into it

Carl Fortune from USA

I like it I have been thinking about getting one but am not sure if I can master the circular breathing I sure love the sound very cool instrument

Anonymous from Australia

Finding a clear link to what you want is a little hard. There are so many links it is difficult to navigate. Interesting info on all the pages I went to inadvertently though.

Anonymous from USA

Very good and informative...


I feel bad I do not wont to win this

Courtney from USA

Looking forward to exploring more of it!

Craig from Australia

Good so far and looking forward to exploring further

Damian Liphardt from Poland

Is fully of information

Dan Buske from USA


Daniel Karlsson from USA

Well put together.



Dave from United Kingdom

Love this site only wish I could play as well as some of you guys but hey you need a gen didj to do that. regards.

David from Australia

Good feel the questions a little negative. By the look of your feedback your products are excellent and will stand up for themselves well in the market. rather than try to only allow aboriginals to make them why not concentrate on increasing the awareness of such a wonderful instrument so more people can use it as away of understanding aboriginal culture better. [OUR COMMENT: we have no problem with non-indigenous didj makers as long as they clearly inform their customers about their non-indigenous heritage and pay some royalties to Aboriginal people]

Anonymous from USA

I haven't found many other website on Didj's and as far as I see this seems very authentic and I dig the site and want to learn more.

Earl Tharp from USA

I love it. Lots of good information.

Anonymous from Canada

It's alright.. although you need a place to view all Didjes as art without so much emphasis on sale

Anonymous from USA

I support what you are doing and I think that it's wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Gabriel Levesque from Canada

1 thing WOW It's a really nice one. A lot of work I see that

Gabriel Solis Carmona from Costa Rica

Is the best didgeridoo site I have ever seen before. I have problems with my english let me explain it in my language. Didjshop es solo bueno. Pura vida. Gracias a este sito aprendí a tocar digerido, con solo ver las obras de arte q tienen.

Gerry from USA

Wudda you wanna know? this questionaire things gettin' a git long in the tooth aye. You all seem like real fine folks aye. I wanna send sum money to you for that didg playing tape & a t shirt soon. I'll hafta save up for a tube aye.

Hailey from USA


Horst Christian Pã¶tzinger from Germany

A synoptic side with a lot of really good information.

Jake Lundberg from USA

Very informative straightforward and useful.

James from Australia

Really good with didgeridoos

James from USA

Commercial - found this for the authenticity.

James from United Kingdom

Its very informative and the sounds make it really useful for an amateur didge player like myself. I love it.

Anonymous from Spain

It's a wonderful site I'll visit it again


I like this site and will recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Jeffrey from Australia

It is informative and easy to get around. I like it so far still have a lot to look at!


Nice site


Very clean and easy to use quick and to the point.

John Coheley from USA

It was the second or third one I went to and the first to allow me to play a demo of the music without downloading special software.


Very nice looking best feature is listening to didj

Anonymous from USA

Very nice

Johnny from USA

So far it is good

Judith from Belgium

Very good and nice


Very nice


I love your website. I especially like the option to listen to the didj before purchasing.

Koen from Belgium

Is een overzichtelijke website


Very nice site and user friendly.

Leslie from USA

It is a nice-looking site.


It's a very good comprehensive and informative website. The didges are beautiful too.

Anonymous from Australia

Its nice

Lindy from USA

Its aesthetically pleasing and educational

Louis Fournier from Canada


Anonymous from Argentina

Great web... a great idea to spread the didjes culture...


I've been looking for some instructions origins how to play... and learning a little bit about the culture aborigine.

Luis from Portugal

It struck me as very complete and interesting...I have to say I've learned a lot and you really have captured the urgency of not allowing corporate interests destroy the purity of didgeridoo. if I am allowed a suggestion maybe you should offer the change (through video) to watch as a didgeridoo is used in a band a real live band...my thanks and congrats to you for this site

Markus from France

Very Cool!!!

Marlon Fuller from USA

It's great.


Easy to use


I like your website and will probably buy my next didge from here


Well laid out

Anonymous from United Kingdom

First impressions -Good site

Neil Nelson from South Africa

It's really awesome and has taught me a lot about playing and circular breathing and I'm sure its going to help me even further as I have not found a better site yet and I'm pretty sure I wont as I have searched everywhere!!!

Pat Terson from United Kingdom

Easiest to use

Anonymous from USA

I like your emphasis on and concern for the well-being of Aboriginal people.

Anonymous from Spain

The information showed about aboriginal people clarify my ideas about this instrument

Anonymous from Switzerland

This is by far the most professional website I have encountered

Anonymous from Canada

I like to be able to see and hear a wide variety of didj.

Rod from USA

Very well organized

Ron from USA

Interesting. I'll check in on it again to learn more about the Aboriginal people and their music and traditions and history.

Rui from Portugal

The site was very useful to me because I feel interested by didj and that's were I learned some useful ideas and other thinks about aboriginal culture.

Ryan Alderfer from USA

It is a pretty good website. Very informative and resourceful taught me a lot about didjeridoos since I am just getting into them.


Very good fantastic information and guidance. Maybe need a bit of a page on how to circular breath. I will definitely consider buying a didj from you [OUR COMMENT: there is a page on how to learn circular breathing in the Info section]

Seppe from Belgium

He is very easy with many beautiful didge

Stephan from Germany

A good composition.


From what I've seen it seems like a finely crafted website.

Anonymous from USA

I love it. it is so culturally rich and I cherish the ecologically sensitive message!

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