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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2012:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous from United Kingdom The best didj resource on the internet.
Al from Australia Live it love the didges and is the only email newsletter I receive that I actually read!
Alvaro Oliveira from Brazil It's the best website on didjes in my opinion.
Andy Maloney from New Zealand I enjoy the website- useful information.
Anonymous The information posted has been very helpful in learning about Didjes
Antoine Criniere from Colombia Very clean design excellent products
Anonymous Its very good
Audrey from USA After visiting Australia a few years ago I became interested in the Aboriginal people and have greatly enjoyed your informative web site. I find your site very well done and have missed receiving the newsletter for some time now so was pleased to receive this. Thank you for good information.
Austin from USA Nicely done maybe it would be easier if we could see the replies to the threads instead of clicking on them.
Bill Hollingworth from Australia I find it very interesting and I love the sound of the didge.
Anonymous Very easy to use and informational
Anonymous from USA Its been so helpful in my hunts for didges. its awesome.
Anonymous Great
Chris Bobb from USA You guys are great!
Anonymous from USA Good like being able to hear the didj's played in inventory
Colin from USA I enjoy didjshop. It's comprehensive informative authentic and obviously cares about the history craft and playing of this incredible instrument. There is great community here.
Daniel from Switzerland It is the best didj resource on the web!
Dean Humphreys from United Kingdom A very good informative easy to navigate easy to use very nice easy site to use
Anonymous Great easy to use
Anonymous Great informative website!
Anonymous from USA I like the selection and that there are sound clips from each didj
Dylan Cunningham from USA The best most authentic didj website out there...you know you're going to get something authentic and lovingly crafted by a skilled craftsmen.
Ed Valinski from USA Go to it often
Eduardo from Ecuador The provided information is very interesting to introduce people in didgeridoos and aboriginal culture
Gary Marsh from United Kingdom Always look forward to reading what is going on on the other side of the world!
Geoff from Australia Very informative and entertaining
Anonymous Fun to take a look and reflect
Gordon from USA It seems pretty well constructive and definitely very informative.
Greg Allan from Australia Good idea
Anonymous I just stumbled across it and I am very interested in reading it regularly.
Anonymous It's well organized and has a nice selection. My only complain is the colour scheme. It's a bit too...blended in but maybe that's just me.
Anonymous Is very informative and well organized!
Harold from USA Great............Nuff said
Anonymous Great Website for beginners and pros alike makes me want to learn more about aboriginal culture and owning my own didj someday which I wish I could afford.
James from USA Love it.
Jared from USA Very informative
Anonymous from Australia I find it a bit hard to use. But the information is fantastic just tuff to navigate at times
Anonymous Scientifically material and density and thickness of tube have no effect on tamber. you should mention that and explain that any perceived difference is because of fluctuation in the bore. [OUR COMMENT: if you mean 'timbre', we would not agree with you. While we always say that the inside shaping of a didj is the strongest single factor when it comes to sound quality, we would not agree that say a glass didj, wooden didj and a steel didj all made to exactly the same dimensions should have the same timbre, which is what you imply]
Jerry from USA I find it very inclusive informative and admire the way you advocate for the aboriginal people.
John from USA Nice
John from USA Great layout easy to navigate. The best aspect is how each Didj has multiple sound files attached to it's item page allowing the shopper to hear what they are buying and make a more educated purchase.
John from Australia I have only just found it and working my way around. I googled for 'circular breathing'
John Skillcorn from United Kingdom Great website with loads of information and not just about didjes as such. I would like to know a lot more about the artists themselves their specialisms and how they go about doing their work.
Jon from USA I think it's laid out beautifully. It represents the nostalgic feel of the didgeridoo and australian culture. It's simple and easy to navigate.
Jonathan from USA Love he site! Very educational!
Jonathan from USA This is pretty cool so far...I haven't checked it out much.
Josie Conner from USA Your website is awesome it cool and truly I will probably visit this website again late on in the day and continue to visit many days after that.
Juan Carlos from Chile Very interesting!
Anonymous Interesting!
Julie from USA Wow I learned a lot. Thanks for all the info. I work with children and I want to teach them about the didgeridoo and I want to be culturally correct when doing so
Justin Higgins from USA Its nice
Anonymous from USA It is very interesting. I have visited it several times for information.
Anonymous My first visit
Anonymous I find it informative a good resource for players.
Ken Hrycyk from Canada Great selections
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Very informative
Lu The website is fine sometimes I get a little lost around it but generally I find it very useful and most of the times its easy to find the information I want.
Anonymous from Australia Easy to use and informative
Anonymous from Canada Amazing all things didj thanks. Just getting into it.
Anonymous from Finland I haven't looked at it yet
Mark Jans from Belgium Very nice!!
Matt Harmison from USA I like it. smooth
Mauro from Italy Very interesting
Anonymous Good
Merton from USA Very interesting
Michael from USA Excellent and provide didge info not available elsewhere!
Mike Spring from USA A great fun website.
Anonymous Clean easy to find info
Anonymous from Australia Could be made a bit more user-friendly. Took me a while to actually find the didjes for sale. Like how you have narrowed it into specific categories.
Anonymous So far I like what I'm seeing I haven't really explored it much yet though!
Anonymous Discovered today...
Anonymous from Australia Wealth of information honest business! It is clear Didjshop wants to give their customers want they need rather than selling the most expensive didj.
Neil Reed from USA I like that it is more comprehensive than just a commercial website I could find somewhere else. From what I can tell Didgshop.com is committed to preservation of Aboriginal. Where other shops are devoid of purpose it has soul. anonymous
Olivier from France Très ludique et très bien fournis en informations diverses.
Anonymous Too many [expletive deleted] questions
Anonymous Great stuff very informative.
Anonymous from USA Very nice!
Paul Osborn from United Kingdom Been visiting your site for years and have always shied away from making a purchase now life's starting to be in order a little more I'm hoping I'll be able to afford a genuine didge from yourselves soon
Peter from Australia First time here but loOking forward to checking it out.
Peter from USA Very comprehensive
Richard Lesko from USA I've found your web site interesting and informative
Anonymous It is very interesting
Anonymous from USA Friendly easy to navigate pleasant theme and colors. low impact - loads quickly and stays away from band-width hogging methods like flash etc.
Robert from USA I believe this field is incorrectly marked as required [OUR COMMENT: no it is not, we really do want your feedback]
Anonymous I like the website and the questionnaire was interesting to help me assess myself
Anonymous from USA I found the website very helpful. I am very glad this resource is available!
Roy from Canada Have not viewed very much so far. First time on the sight. Received the Didgeridoo as a gift from a family member who lives in Australia.
Rui from Portugal I found very useful and with lots of very interesting information that can keep us reading and listening for a long time. Hope you keep that way. Thanks
Anonymous from USA Its put together well and I feel safe ordering from it.
Sam from Australia Awesome!!!!
Anonymous On many pages there is too much text at once. Not pleasant to start reading it all. More white space and separated sections can make it more attractive.
Anonymous Great selection very informative love the sociopolitical edge
Anonymous from Australia Its great its where I got my didj from thanks guys...
Singingluz Osorio from Italy Excellent
Stephen from USA I like to have a chance to win and the website works.
Steven from USA It's warm and friendly and I should come by more often.
Anonymous N/A
Anonymous Great website love the competition particularly
Taylor White from USA I've found your website to be one of the best in my opinion very helpful forums section for the questions I've had a lot of information for anyone looking to dive into the world of Didgeridoos or for those wanting to enhance their current ability.
Teresa from USA Very user friendly and informative
Thomas from Germany Is very good
Timberhawk from USA No other didj website like it. You sell authentic Didjes plus a ton of information.
Anonymous from USA Awesome
Todd from USA The most informative didj site I know of
Anonymous from Serbia Very good with lot's of information about aboriginal and about original aboriginal didge.
Tony from Canada Good
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very Good
Anonymous Great
William from USA Very useful information and easy to follow.
William Talbot from United Kingdom In total honesty I have never been on this site before and can't come up with a useful comment. It's your bog standard website nothing flashy but it gets the job done and has a very useful forum section.

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