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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2012:

Online name Feedback
Adam from USA Searching this website has made me want a didgeridoo even more.
Anonymous from Denmark A very useful place!!!
Anonymous I will make sure to friend u
Anonymous It's pretty well constructed considering. I had to look up what a didgeridoo was to remind myself what it was. Though I had a pretty good idea what it was.
Anonymous Very interesting and I will visit it more often
Anonymous I like it a lot. Think a few more sound recordings for other didjes would be good.
Anonymous from USA Very informative and helpful also user friendly. Thank you for the help as I am new to this instrument.
Anonymous Cool
Brad from USA I think it's awesome
Chris from USA Amazing information especially about the health things and history of both the didge and aborigine.
Anonymous from USA Thanks for such an informational site. I have learned a number of things from reading your web pages.
Cyprian Baruffi from USA I don't know much about Didjes but I like the sound they make.
Anonymous Nicely set up
Daniel Wiberg from USA It was suggested by a friend.
Anonymous from USA Yep
Darwin Ortuya from Chile It's totally functional and updated... very useful and nice!
Anonymous Very impressed
Denise from USA I am very glad I found it and intend to visited it often
Anonymous I love it. Better then most I've seen and very authentic. You have definitely caught my eye and I will be a new customer for a long time I foresee.
Doug from USA I enjoy it!
Anonymous Basic but user friendly
Anonymous No comment
Fulvio Ivo from Italy Really interesting (there a are a lot of fake Didjes all around the web...)
Graham from Australia I find this website full of useful information. I have only recently found out that I am of aboriginal descent as my parents hid the truth from me to save me from being taken by the authorities when I was young.
Grant from Australia Interesting find
Anonymous First time I've ever seen it. I've always wanted a didj so I'm entering to win on cause I cant afford one.
Anonymous Very interesting
Anonymous Very nice and simple easy to use
Anonymous Kickass
Anonymous Very interesting site.
Jeremy Richey from USA Great and simple
Anonymous Awesome informative
Anonymous Very very informative. A wealth of information for a beginner
Anonymous from USA I'm just now getting into the website. So far it's been really informative.
Anonymous from USA Good site; hadn't seen it before but I'll be back now
Joshua from USA Excellent source of information regarding aboriginal peoples of Australia and Didj's.
Anonymous from USA Awesome
Kieran from South Africa Love the website and all the great didge's
Anonymous Seems nice
Lachlan from Australia Quite a fascinating site never knew it existed. Hope I am able to purchase a didj soon if I don't win this one that is!
Anonymous from USA Very nice and informative
Luke Dickson from Australia Only really check your site for didges. Did my research a few years back when first looking for a didge; you guys seemed to have the best range and helped support the local makers - that was good enough for me.
Lynn Graham from Australia Very interesting I will research it further
Anonymous None
Mathieu from Reunion Island Very good site
Matthew from USA Very useful information very complete. but somewhat hard to navigate.
Matthew from Australia Seems to be well put together love the information on it and am looking forward to browsing and shopping a bit more in depth
Anonymous I like the Giveaway:)
Anonymous It's pretty sick
Anonymous from USA Great
Michele from USA I love the knowledge I have gained. Even though I have always had interest in this instrument I feel excited to know more each time I come back to the website. The creators seem kind and friendly and you can tell how dedicated they are.
Anonymous It's great everything I'd want from a website and more.
Anonymous Cool!!
Anonymous from USA Very complete
Anonymous from USA Nice
Richard Martin from USA Very informative website.
Robert from USA Seems fine. I love how you have sound clips for each didge!!
Ronald from USA I like it.
Anonymous from USA This website is great
Sammy Ominsky from USA Cool stuff. thanks!
Sara from USA I liked it & will look into it more
Sheryl from USA Nice!
Stacey from USA Its very nice
Anonymous Excellent
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous Very interesting a informative
Thomas from Canada Rocks!
Anonymous from Australia Lots of info!
Anonymous from USA Really enjoyed the site and learned quit a bit.
Val from Australia Will definitely check it out
Anonymous Thank you very good work good info and representation of the products. Keep the good job and all the best to the masters.
Valerie from USA I haven't a chance to browse the entire website.

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