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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2002:

Name and Country Visitors Comments about
Name withheld by request I think this is a great site. It's very easy to navigate through and retreive the information your looking for. It also offers high quality products with great customer service
alex wolf from Germany its a really fat and good looking website. I like it and its easy to handle. good work!
Name withheld by request To me; the didjeridu is an extremely important instrument; from the point of view of music and tradition. The didjshop have managed to maintain Aboriginal traditions in the conservation of trees and only allowing Aborigines to cut the didjs. Your webpage itself is very well laid out in an orderly and interesting fashion. Your instruments are clearly catagorised and are all some of the best quality on the web. WELL DONE DIDJSHOP!
Anders Winlund from Norway It seem to be the most serious didgesite on the web; I instantly feel I can trust whats been written. And it is very good to orientate in; easy to get by. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Hargreaves from Scotland Such a mine of information on everything around the art and way of Didjeridoo... Way ahead of anything else I have seen on the subject and the sound files are so good to hear! Gives great confidence in this site!
Andy Pardoe from England the best didj shop I've seen anywhere! I love the sound file set up.
Name withheld by request I was impressed that you rated the different didjeridus by their sound quality. Other places focus exclusively on how their instruments are decorated. If I decide to buy one; it will be based on how it sounds; not how it looks.
Name withheld by request excellent! I bought a didgeridoo for a friend on your sight; and I chose one of yours because of the excellent info about each didgeridoo; the pictures; and the descriptions of what each feature was.
Björn Borgström from Sweden Incredibly good! outstanding info and quality yidakis!!!
Bo Bjerregaard from Denmark I think its cool that there is a website on which you can buy original didjes... so you don't have to go to australia! :)
Brad Barker from USA My uncle taught me about the didj; and he told me that this site really helped. It does! I even used the information that you gave me on a report in school once; and; needless to say; it was an A.
Brenda Brown from USA Your website is pleasing to the eye. All topics are easy to find without having to wade thru useless clutter. Keep up the good work...Love your news letter..Brenda
Brian James from England excellant site well laid out easy to navigate
Byron Tsang from USA honestly; this is the best designed and maintained didj site I've seen; and trust me; I have looked far and wide. the Didjshop simply puts everything up front - no gimicks; no frills; just honest business.
Cameron Henderson from USA The website is excellent! The sellers here are just as excited about the instruments and culture as the buyers are. Nice layout and good selection of features.
Casey Hamill from USA Wow; I've learned alot here; I would like to thank you. I now have a better understanding of the instrument and love the Mp3s.
Chapman Shae from Canada beautiful artwork; great varity of didges and explanations on each. nice to see a contest as great as this one.
charles suzineau from France j espere ke vous comprendrer ke mon anglais est limite mais jespere mettre fait comprendre et le didge estr anvant tout un plaisir pour moi
chris murphy from Australia overall the best and most extensive site I've found on didj's
christophe spiette from Belgium nice work I can realise that someone would be surfing your site for 12 hours a day there is so much to see and hear ;I think I am going to stay coming here . greetings from belgium
Name withheld by request Extremely informative about the products; have already learnt things I never knew but thought I did. A site that a lot of Australians should really have a look at as I'm sure most of them would be surprised at the information.
Chumi Goldstein from Canada was very good to deal with you. promt helpful advice and service. will be dealing with you in the future.
dan house from USA one of the cooler websites out there for didges
Daniel Cohen from USA One of the best company websites I have visited and shopped at for product. This website is better than most U.S.A. sites. The reason for the high praise is the nice organization and the detail information provided. The abundance of information provided is also not cluttered thus providing an enjoyable experience.
Danielle Molnar from Australia looks GREAT.... a lot easier to get around... I've even sent the site to family overseas
Darren Batchelor from England I've found it to be very good with a large selection fo products. In addition the prices appear to be very reasonable compraed to other similar sites!
Name withheld by request It is a very professional website and since using it to order a didj and a didj bag I have been well impressed with the service!
David Smith from Wales These guys are very helpfull and I am wating for my didj now.
David Dunley from USA It's my favorite didj shop on the net.
Diane Taylor from USA Ilove your shop. Very informative and the First time area is very helpful to those of us who have no idea what we're doing. Thanks for having it around.
Drew Tuzson from USA I love the format of this website. its easy to use and the currency convert is a big plus. I also realy enjoy the MP3.
Name withheld by request I think it's wonderful to have a remarcable shop like this so near my home.And I admire the quality of your work.thanks for all the help you all(in your shop) provide to me.
Duncan Hepworth from Spain great; informative; easy to use; it's got what you need!
Name withheld by request Excellent. Educational and colorful. I can trust buying sight unseen (voice unheard) 'cuz you really know your stuff!
Edward Gardner from USA I like the site very much first of all because I am a didj player and I like the cool stuff the didjshop always have prices and information as well; Oh I enjoy the news letter very much.
Elizabeth Feistamel from USA I feel this site is very thourough. Very helpful and reliable. Quite visually accomidating as well. Well put together.
erik hurst from Sweden quantity PLUS quality. I like a company that besides provides good didges also have thought and feelings behind it; which you seeme to have
Fernando Johnson from USA it's has a great selection of didjs & other things & plenty of pics. it rules!!!
frederic dujardin from France very nice ; perfect in my opinion . I bought a digeriddo from you almost one year ago . It's much more better than any one I can find here in france .
Gareth Rowan from England It is an Aladin's cave of a shop! Beauty and quality are everywhere; and the responsible and sensitive attitude to the Aboriginal craftspeople and artists is exemplary.
georges perin from Belgium Didjshop.com is now THE site of the didj.
Gill Mollard from England Loved it. Pleased I have found you at last . Well presented and easy to navegate
Name withheld by request It is the best ! C'est le meilleur que je conaisse ! Merci.
Gordon White from USA I really like the fact that I can hear the voice of the didj before I select. The dimensions listed are very important; as is the key. The quality of visual reproduction is good. Having a guarantee is unique.
Hugh de Pentheny O'Kelly from USA It is Awesome; top notch and has to be experienced to be believed!
jack nisan from Israel/Palestine didjshop is the most comprehensive didge site on the net ;truly one of akind
Jaime Parker from USA I think you guys have set your site up very nicely. I especially like the fact that I can see and listen to each didj individually. That is very important when you can't actually play it yourself. I was also very pleased with the prompt; personal service I received from your staff when selecting my first didj. It was nice to have a professional reccomendation.
Jeanell Jordan from USA great web site. I've recentlly seen a didj that came from you and it was beautiful.
Jeff Marmaro from USA The best website for didgeridoos I have yet found.
Joachim Hentschke from Germany outstanding website ... great MP3s ... superb background information;(e.g. How to make a mouthpiece) comprehensive; not merely focused on selling ... I completely support the ideas behind the concept of the Didjshop; therefore; I've volunteered to work on the German translation of the website
Joe Gentile from USA I bought two from you and I am very pleased
Johanna Polyak from Hungary This is a very good quality website; and a very interesting one. Just go on!
John Baumann from USA The best online didj shopping site!
John Oberdiek from USA User-friendly; interesting and informative. Provided all the information I needed ... I stopped looking at other sites after finding this one.
John Mason from Canada Awesome site and the staff is quite kind and helpful
Jon Thompson from USA you have your act together! this site is at once entertaining and instructional; as well as a platform for native/human rights. I love it and support your beliefs.
Justin Thompson from England Great site. So easy to find what you want - right down to how the didges are made!
Karl Sangree from USA I love it! The best on the net. Easy to navigate. I like the fact that you can both see each didj as well as hear it. I also like the way that you can search for didjes based on your own criteria such as 'good players.'
Kay Reimer from Germany Perfect!
lee mitchinson from England I have now bought 4 didjs from the didj shop as the quality of their didjs would be hard or impossible to beat and their service has been exceptional.
Louise Muldoon from Ireland very informative; very easy to navigate
Marcelo Brovarone from Argentina The best didjeridu and Australian aboriginal instruments shop.
Name withheld by request I really enjoy your site and visit on a regular basis. its easy to navigate and includes a wealth of information. I have recently purchased a didj from you and I am truly satisfied with the entire experience. everything was done as said; and I was honestly amazed at sound and beauty of my didj.the mp3's really are of an influence. it be able to hear and see before you is an excellent component of this site.
Martin Roscoe from England Excellent; informative and very well laid out site.
Mike Heinzer from USA Like I have said before; this is a very professional site; nice and organized. I wouldn't be afraid to buy something from here even from the USA
Mitch Herbold from USA My friend recommended the sight to me as well as a couple other friends; so it has to be cool!
Nick Burman from England I've been on plenty of different didg sites around the globe and I must say yours is one of the best that I've seen .Very informotive great pics and lots of advise.I will tell all my friends about this amazing site.
Ofer Zvi from Israel/Palestine I really love the site. I've bought two didjes and clapsticks here; and I enjoy them very much. the service is excellent and I just enjoy coming back again and again.
Pat Toovey from Australia Great site; I'm glad my friend told me about it
Patrick Nielander from USA When I can finally afford a top of the line didj;I will purchase it from you. I like your web site and you have the most informed web site I have found. You must be reputable to go to the extent of product information and education your web site offers. Also; I like being able to see and hear the instruments the way you present them
Paul Robinson from USA Why would anyone need to go to any other site when the Didjshop has EVERYTHING!
paul sherman from USA EXCELLENT selection; wide variety of instruments; sound quality comments verfy helpful
Paul Corcoran from USA I think that your web page is great and its user friendly. I have talked to people and they say your web page ia great. The only think I would do is add more sound clips but as for that its great.
Pavel Proksch from Czech Republic you are the best shop on the web. I like u. :8)
phil scott from Canada Your website was the best one I've seen.
Name withheld by request One of the finest didjeridu sites I've found on the web.
Rahua Wawa from Eritrea I really like this web site. The most appealing attribute is the fact that I can also get some history on this unique 'wooden' instrument. :)
Reetta Pöyry from Finland I can spend hours in this website..wish I had more money so I could by more diffirent didjs and learn to play them too!
Rich Hobson from USA The site contains lots of diverse information yet is easy to navigate. I bought a didj several month ago and am very happy with the overall quality. I can learn about the aboriginal culture; listen to a particular didjeridu and get playing tips all on the same site.
Rich Kreiling from USA I own one of your didj's and a bull roarer and they are both magnificent pieces. Quick delivery and wonderful service all around. Thanks.
Richard Stead from England Excellent site. Good customer support. Love to hear the didg's
Ronald ellis from USA excellent information and content
Ryan Moore from Australia Excellent. (That one word is enough; people only need to visit your site to see just how excellent it is!)
Ryan Buikema from USA I found the didgi's to be very afordable compared to other wedsites.
sean bester from New Zealand very easy to find what you want and to navagate through the website
Sean Castor from USA I think the didjshop is the best site for didjs I've seen so far. I like the way you have it set up to view and hear all the didjs for sale. The only thing I would like to see is more views of the didjs to get a better idea of what each one looks like.
Shannon Husband from USA The only really good site I've found on the internet about didjeridoos. Lots of useful information. Prices are fair for quality didj.
Stephen Sump from USA You have an excellent website. I love to visit and browse through all the information you have posted here. Please don't change a thing. The selection of instruments you have listed is phenomenal; and it is laid out in a user-friendly way. Thanks again Didjshop!
susan vizzoni from USA First and formost what kept me reading your website the first time I stumbled onto it was your ethics about the Aboriginal people and your environmental awareness. When I do get ready to purchase a new didge it will be from you because of your concerns in these two area as well as the professionalism with which you run your business. Guarantees; quality ratings (especially when buying over the net) service and concern for customers is vital to me when deciding on where to make a purchase.
Sven Detemple from Germany I like your webpage and I think it the best page in the net; but first I was a kind of surprised because it started in german and then all the sudden the rest was in english ! I almost stopped reading your page; because your page page is like a 'overkill'. ;-) What I also love are your soundfiles and your mail-support.
Terri Murphy from USA I think it is wonderful! You have an awesome selection and there is so much information.
Thomas Manfredi from USA the best site I've found on the web for didj's. Awesome amount of info and useful pointers. The most competitive prices I've seen on the web or in stores. I haven't received the didj I ordered yet(just ordered it today!); but if the quaility is anything like what I've read from other customers; I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Tim Garlinge from England Excellent site.Svargo and the gang really helped me in choosing a didj which I love and play daily.I had it shipped into the UK with no problems and once you buy from them the after service and friendship from the team is first class.I will be buying an F# euc from them in the near future and I dont mind paying the shipping as the didjes are well worth it.
Tim Musselman from USA Excellent source of really nice didj's while supporting the local aboriginal population. These guy are great to work with and I've had nothing but great experiences. If your interested in buying a didj let these folks help you out
Timon Lankester from Holland I found that my learning on how to play the didj realy improved by reading your site
Name withheld by request Great site but there is too much choice! (Just kidding)Definatly the best and most interesting didgeridoo site there is.
wim waltman from Holland Proffesional and with care
Zdenek Dohnalek from Czech Republic It is realy good and nice website.I have never seen better site about didjeridoo and things about it so far.Here is everything;what people like me (didje;music and etno 'fan':) adore...

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