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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2011:

Online name Feedback
Amy from USA Right on - this is a very cool insightful and original-type website - THANK YOU
Bill from USA Very easy to navigate and great selection of product
Anonymous I love all the info in the forum
Caesar from USA I think you've got the most complete and informative site around. I first found it years ago when I bought one of your didges (as a gift for a relative). The sound samples and description are top notch.
Carson Keys from USA There is a lot of information here for someone who is curious about didgeridoos and other instruments I've learned a lot just from browsing around.
Clancy Mueller from USA Virgin...seems fine
Dain from United Kingdom Great website - very informative and interesting.
Daniel from USA I don't come often but I should!
Deborah from USA Full of great information I've only just begun to explore looking for a gift for a friend
Felipe Gallo from Colombia I like it because it has a lot of information not only about didges but also about the Australian aborigines culture.
Hayley from Australia Very informative! keep up the good work!
Anonymous Very good I like it
Anonymous from USA Very helpful. learned some from reading peoples thoughts/tips there
John from USA Very informative
Anonymous from Netherlands Nice and resourceful
Karl from Australia Just brought some beautiful art works. can't wait to get them
Anonymous Seems pretty honest... still interested in how to buy a didge if you only hear someone else playing on it and have to listen to it true mp3's
Anonymous A lot of questions
Anonymous from Australia I absolutely LOVE this site. I can not express enough how much I have learned from reading articles on here. I have been enthralled in this site since I found it when researching for my Unix assignment and I am certain that most of my references for my essay will be from here. I would really love to hear more information from you in the future. Thank you:-)
Anonymous It is very easy to navigate
Anonymous from USA Just an overall fun site to look around
Matthew from USA Nothing currently I have not used it.
Mauricio Maldonado from Mexico Simply the best site out there when it comes to didgin'! Most of the thing I know about didgeridoo I learnt 'em here!
Michael O'Neal from USA Seems to be good so far. but will have to spend a few days looking over it.
Mimi from USA It's great; I just found it! Shared with Facebook friends. So much want to come to Australia.
Anonymous No comment
Neil from USA I like the information available and the layout available.
Anonymous from USA I found the site to be very interesting. there is tons of information.
Paul Sprague from USA Just found it today bloody brilliant so far
Anonymous I love that there is so much information...VERY educational (I haven't gotten to read a whole lot yet but I absolutely will)
Rick from USA After all these years I have known about your website but finally had enough money saved up to buy one of your didjes! I have always thought your website was hands-down the best on the internet. I first found your website back in 2000 when I first started to learn to play. I would spend hours looking at all your didjes and artwork and listening to all the wonderful sounds that came from particular didjes. Your website is awesome!
Anonymous Excellent resource and great variety of aboriginal craftsmanship. The website was a little confusing to navigate at first.
Ryan from Canada Very nicely made. It has nice and strong cultural feel. Products look great!
Seth Thompson from USA Great website.:)
Anonymous from South Africa Only found the site through Google haven't had a look yet.
Teemu from Finland Nice web site. Interesting
Anonymous Lots of info not only about the didgeridoo but aboriginal culture
Anonymous Like it and think I might have met Svargo years ago in Cairns when I was doing some Aura-Soma things with Amalin and bought my first and only didge from him. This is now AWOL as I have lost contact with the friends whose care I placed it in. Have contemplated starting to learn again as I wrote a song and I wanted didge on it could only use a loop as I wasn't able to access one at the studio. I had to speed up the tempo of the song to fit in with the didge loop retrieved from the internet.
Wayne from USA I like it very much.

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