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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2006:

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Aaron Petersen from Australia

In the last few days I have spent hours exploring the web site and I realise now the exploring will now be ongoing. This is Great! The range of information on this site is amazing already I have encountered so many things I never knew before. And there's so much more to learn....

Adam Fisk from USA

I am very pleased with the way your business is set up and I strongly believe in the ethics that this shop and the aboriginal people believe in. thank you and spread the good sound and vibrations.

Adele from United Kingdom

Looks brilliant.nice to see the didj world expanding:-)

Annette from Australia

I love this site its awesome and I will be back

Ariel from Argentina

Very well organized. Intuitive. Y estoy muy contento que lo hagan en varios idiomas.

Arturo from Italy


Bastian Krol from Germany

Nice Site. I liked the advice on building a didge from a PVC-pipe on building a wax-mouthpiece and on circular breathing!

Ben Schiettecatte from Belgium

It's genuine and honest!

Billie-jean Child from United Kingdom

Great site thanks for all your wonderful information and good vibrations!

Birgit from Canada

I spend a good deal of time on this web site and bookmarked it! Its very informative and has helped me in making some Didgeridoo buying decisions Also liked the forum!

Brian Ford from Japan

Looks like the place to go if you want a GOOD didge!

Cara Hartley from USA

I will put a link on my web site so other people will check you out. The site is mostly humorous but I am very serious when it comes to letting people know about abuses of people's rights. I did not realize how the Australian aboriginals were being taken advantage of this way and would like others to know about this.

Cathy from Canada

I know of a friend who really wants to buy one so I did a web search and found your page. I really had no idea how important these instruments are!

Chris Cook from USA

On my first visit I have spent an hour and a half reading and learning. Everything from Boomerangs to termites. This is not only a Digie Shop but a complete source for everything aboriginal. The products are remarkable the information is outstanding and the authenticity is wonderful.

Christian Montrigaud from Brazil

Congratulations! I found the Didjshop.com searching about aboriginal music and I'm very surprised with the attention to the clients. Thanks a lot!

Cyrille from France

First time I visit it complete regardless and quiet interesting with technical information and stories

David from USA


Djana from Bosnia And Herzegovina

I was looking for the didj to buy and checked all the sites. finally I found this one the most useful best organised and understandable even for the beginners in didj art.

Enrique Arreola from Mexico

Very interesting fulfil my expectations

Felipe Aguilera from Chile

It's a great page I find a great idea can listen the sound of your didjes before to buy it. I send you a hug from Chile

Anonymous from USA

I think its a great place to shop for didjes It also has great prices!

Anonymous from Norway

Seems like a very good source of information for didj fans like me. I was looking for a forum for a chance to enhance my playing abilities - think I have found it.

Gerhard Seidel from Germany

Great site good information

Igor from Slovenia

Best I like is a lot of info. Some other sites are more or less just selling here you can really find practical information about didge. I have never bought a didge thru Internet but if I will I will definitely buy it from you. You have a good choice of different styles and sound good quality and overall original quality. Keep up the good work.

James from USA

I'm very impressed with how helpful your buying guide and forum is. You also have an impressive selection of very beautiful sounding and looking didgeridoos in your shop.

Jason from USA

I really have not been here in awhile. I have recently had the time to get more involved with self growth. This is why I'm here


Its very helpful and interesting! My love has grown for the Didj!

Joey from USA

I really enjoy coming to this site and no other site has been as helpful to me an amateur didj player.

Kerry from USA

Wonderfully created and so informative! I will use your abundance and pass on the web site to all my students.

Kody Knox from USA

Excellent site If only the rest of the world took their biz as serious as you! I don't have a lot of $$$ but your didj's are well worth it.

Anonymous from Canada

I love how you put full effort and consideration when making selling and maintaining didj's. It is hard to find people who are passionate enough about didj's to supply the world with their beauty; and it is that the didge shop has done.

Lee from United Kingdom

Excellent web site very informative. Learnt a lot.

Loe from Netherlands

A very good one. I am a beginner and it gives me imported information about playing a didj. Thanks very much.

Lorgay Monaghan from Australia

I think it offers a great range of different aboriginal properties. Good to see our Indigenous instruments being used for a relaxation tool.

Luca from Italy

Very very good...I found really many information and it has been an important guide for a person as me that knows didgeridoo's world since few time. I think that it's a so good site that I'll buy very soon a didgeridoo from you...if I don't win one before:-)

Anonymous from Spain

Is the best web about the didgeridoos that I have find

Mark from United Kingdom

Very user-friendly. Great facilities. Trustworthy.

Mark from USA

I stopped visiting for awhile but the latest newsletter inspired me again. I have always found the site entertaining and informative and inspiring - time to think about adding to my small (but loved) collection.

Martin Ludvik from Czech Republic

Nice site I'm glad that have visited it

Michal Rychlik from Poland

Well frankly it's my first visit and since I've been lured to fill this form I haven't quite had the chance to check the site:)However as a huge didj fan I must say that the simple fact of existence of such a site and people who promote this beautiful instrument is great. Keep on the good work:)

Anonymous from Malaysia

Well...as a new player..your site is well organize..easy to surf and user friendly. I personally don't have any trouble while browsing it.

P.J. Belic from USA

I consider the Didjshop com web site the standard by which all other didj sites and any other web sites for that matter are judged.

Anonymous from USA

Awesome site! Never been here before but plan to come back often during my Didj learning experience. Love the sound bytes! Great work!

Pat Janes from Australia

Hey... great site... and a good intro in what to look out for when buying a didge!! Your didgeridoos are beautiful... I'm hoping when I finally manage to purchase one that they sound as good as they look...

Pete from United Kingdom

Great site really in depth articles you could learn all you want to know about Didjes and more from the site

Richard Parsons from United Kingdom

Best source of didge info I've found so far on the web.

Robni Kampschoer from Netherlands

Great site (just bought a bull roarer) and I will definitely return here:)

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

The best didgeridoo web I've ever visited

Sandra Fernandes from Portugal

It's great. I like it. Thanks for having portuguese language.

Anonymous from Australia

This web site is great! so much info it has now been added to my favorites!

Steven Gruchawka from USA

Great web site! I particularly like the sound quality categorizations and the sound files with the didges - it is a good way to purchase a didj at a distance - so you are not buying deaf.

Susan from USA

I think this is a great web site There is lots of info about didges how to play what to listen for. The sound files are great and especially the distinction among the different quality didges. Your web site means I can own an authentic Aborigine didge without having to wait until I can manage the time to travel to Australia to buy one.

Tiago Guimarães from Portugal

The web site is great there is lots of clear information easy to navigate. I like the fact you honour the Aboriginals and also teaching us how to make our own cheap didj shows you have open mind and that can only bring good fortune.

Vivien from Italy

Very well made site - professional and this made me trust it from the start. Very good job...keep the didjeridoo tradition alive!

Waqas Khan from Pakistan

It is great

Alberto from Spain

This web site is excellent. It doesn't need any feedback

Alison from USA

Informative and easy to navigate.

Amber from USA

I have found your web site to be easy to manoeuvre through and it is very inclusive and comprehensive. I appreciate the information that I have found and can share with my class. The one thing that I have had difficulty finding in general is a video clip of the making of a didgeridoo and I can't seem to find a video of Aboriginal first nations demonstrating traditional music. If you have any suggestions or have links that I have missed I would very much appreciate the lead...

Andrea from Germany

Quite good but I have to look further. More german translated parts of the web site would be better.


I think it's pretty good because shows a different culture (from mine at least)

Andrew Newman from USA

Very informative. I hope to use some of the links and info as a reference for my students!

Anonymous from USA

I love the cultural and historical background.

Barrie from USA

The site is great. Lots of information lots of help available. It is also well laid out and easy to navigate. I build web sites for myself and others so I appreciate a good site.

Ben from United Kingdom

I've found charly-didgeridoo very interesting and help full site. I must say its the best didgeridoo site I have found

Ben from United Kingdom

Excellent range and presentation of didges

Anonymous from USA

Great I am going to check out the mp3 stuff

Camon from USA

Has very much information not only about the awesome didjeridu but about other australian instruments and history. I also like the sound examples of the famous didjeridu players.

Anonymous from USA

I love it. It is very easy to navigate and and contains all the essential ingredients needed to find what ever one may be searching for


I would like easier connections to hear the music.

Anonymous from Canada

This web site seems to be very informative and genuine. Good stuff! I still have a lot of looking around to do.

Chelo from Spain

Me parece muy claro informativo y honesto. felicitaciones

Chris from USA

Great site!

Dan Freeman from United Kingdom

Brilliant need I say any more all of your didj's sound and look professional and what a selection. I hopefully 1 day will come to australia in person as I'm from the UK just to visit your shop.

Anonymous from Spain

I like your web. In general I feel comfortable. Maybe more photographs per didgeridoo would improve the web.

Dave from Australia

Easy to navigate around well put together

Anonymous from USA

Pretty complete site

Dênis from Brazil

Gostaria por gentileza que me respondessem em português pois moro no Brasil e não domino o idioma inglês.

Denise from USA

Interesting site especially on the treatment of Aborigines

Anonymous from Germany

I like it: valuable information instead of the typical touristy stuff:)

Felix from South Africa

It is fantastic!

Frank from USA

Excellent site.Love the MP3 bits.

Gavin Bamber from Canada

Is quite unique and fun to look through.

Anonymous from Australia

Very good site for info about didges

Gideon Forder from United Kingdom

I found the web site very easy to browse when I was looking for a didgeridoo. the only problem I had was that I didn't look into the sound class and I've got myself a 2nd class didgeridoo and you recommend not playing it all the time for circular breathing reasons but I'm going to persist and I will learn to play it.:)




I like your site....

Harald from Netherlands

Looks ok but I'm her just first time. need a bit more till I can say what's good or wrong.

Howard George from USA

Very informative and interesting.

Anonymous from Belgium

You can buy about every australian old instruments and gadgets. You can learn how to make your own beeswax mouthpiece (which I have tried and I can tel you that it works quite well) My daddy loves the sound:). The web logs are also very interesting and educational. The Didgeridoo mp3's in the shop are also very entertaining. I hope I will win the didgeridoo because I can't pay my one exclusive didgeridoo.

J.R. Holbrook from USA

Very informative. It is obvious that you care about the quality of your products.

Jake Candy from Australia

I want to buy some beeswax

James Thomson from USA

Very interesting web site. I plan to spend hours here reading and learning. Thank you for such a valuable resource

Janis Sevens from Belgium

It has everything you need to find about didge and a great support in choosing your didge. Also there is big stock in didgeridoos. It's easy in use. great job

Anonymous from USA

It's the best didj site around.

Jonah from USA

Lots of info on didj. Helped me write a paper.

Jonathan Barnett from United Kingdom

An excellent site. Very clear and easy to navigate around.

Jose from Belgium

It is my first time on it but seems quite complete in references and explains well for a debutante like me

Josh from Australia

It's just fine.

Julie from USA

Great place! I plan on having my students visit it!

Anonymous from Australia

Very well planned out.I'm glad that there is a Aussie yidaki site that is planned out well keep up the good work...Cheers!

Kelley Smith from USA

It was very informative and I am looking at buying a dig sometime soon to learn on. it was good to learn about the grading and what to look for in a dig

Kelly from USA

Great site easy to follow very impressed

Kyle from Australia

Its a great site it has helped me out so much with my playing.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It's easy to use it's informative good links seems well maintained (no broken links etc)


This web site is much interesting


It seems to be a very reliable web site that I will visit every now and then. Definitely a place I might purchase a didge from in the future.

Mark from USA

Very good web site. It would be nice to have a short video (2-3 minutes) showing someone playing a didj and some of the techniques they use when playing.

Max from Australia

Great site and I will be in contact possibly to purchase a didj

Michael from USA

Great site. Very helpful and informative.

Michelle from USA

It's easy to get around and gives lots of excellent information.

Mikah from France

Very well tended site I like all the different categories of didgeridoos available as well as the sound records (very important to get the didge spirit) A bit of a shame though there is not much didges crafted by Mark Atkins! Please let me know when it is the case!!! [OUR COMMENT: as soon as he sends us some again:-) ]

Mike Evans from United Kingdom

My first introduction to a didge. My son is travelling in Australia and purchased one for himself. He shipped it home. I have 4 months to use it before he gets home.He He!

Morgan from USA

Great setup!!

Morgann Dupre from France

Complete site about didgeridoo and great to listen their sounds. But nothing about aborigines and their culture. [OUR COMMENT: please see our newsletters and our Aboriginal News section and Artists ad Ethics etc:-) ]

Natalie from USA

It's a nice site.

Nicola De Domini from Italy

Very nice because it has many links

Anonymous from Norway

I think you have a great homepage!

Patrick from USA

Very informative and easy to navigate for what I was looking for.

Paul from USA

Excellent site. I'm new to the subject and I was provided with all the info I needed to better understand the art of playing the didjeridoo.


Very informative a great web site for someone who is interested in learning about this amazing instrument.

Rafael from Brazil

Po não entendi essa pergunta tbm me desc manda esse digeriddo para mim rsrsrsrsrs



Ragnar from Germany

I love this site even if this is my first time here.


Very informative not only about Didjes but about the region and it's people.

Romu from France

It's great but as a french I'm It's a little difficult to understand all... I try to:)

Anonymous from USA

Like it. It seems complete with any and everything a didj interested person would want

Anonymous from USA

A great place to learn about my new interest in didgeridoo's.


Very good but usability can be improved.

Scott from USA

Cool site. Lot's of info and care about didges.

Sean Crowley from Jersey

Wow what an introduction to the world of didge's a real eye-opener lots of useful advice and great for the beginner and improver

Trent from USA

Its a very good web site that explains the didj and the history. I also like it because you can buy them which is very useful.

Vern from USA

Excellent site sorry I didn't visit it sooner.


Great informational resource.

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