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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2006:

Online name


Adrian Hanks from Australia

Great to see a site like this!

Anonymous from Singapore

This site is very informative user friendly. Links to other interesting didge site are also available good job guys

Alex from Canada

Of all the web sites I've seen and looked at this one has been most helpful in my growth as a didgeridoo player.

Alexandre from Portugal

Even though it's a shop since it has a great community on the forum it should have a section for beginners (or even advanced players) to learn how to play and techniques. It could even be made with the help of the forum community. It would attract more players to the shop/forum

Andrea from Italy

It is a very nice site with all you need well described and clear. Real compliments

Andy Ramey from USA

Very good and well organized

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

Its a beautiful site lots of information

Arno Chrispeels from USA

But I will try them out now!!! Looks like a great site. I value your commitment to quality aborigine made didges

Bernard from USA

A great website. Perhaps video could improve the site but would also eat bandwidth.

Bianca from Australia

Great website. easy to use. Would like to maybe see an updated logo.

Blair from USA

I like your site. Its easy to navigate and offers a lot of information

Bob from USA

Excellent clear layout and I love the mp3 capacity for previewing didjes


It seems very self explanatory and easy to navigate.

Brandon Yarbrough from USA

It looks great and is easy to navigate. I don't think there is anything I would change.

Brett Hallett from USA

Yabba dabba didjeridu


I like listening and looking at the different didjes


Good well organised site with easy navigation

Bruce from Australia

Excellent especially the sound files of actual didges! Some how to improve playing tips would be welcome - I am still exploring the site and might find them in the forum.

Cameron from USA

I like the layout and I will be visiting fairly frequently.

Candace from USA

It is a very informative site. I look forward to participating in worldwide sound healing meditation.

Charles from USA

Best Online Didj Shop Ever

Chris from USA

Lots of good information.

Christophe Pellot from France

Well done

Christopher from USA

Very comprehensive and informative! You don't just put up a picture and say "here it is." You give all the options and information in order for the customer to make an educated decision. Onya!


It explains about didjes very well

Claus from Germany

Very good web site with al lot of information

Clayton from United Kingdom

I have enjoyed looking around and am just fascinated by this instrument. I hope it will stay with me for ever


An interesting site which was unknown to me. It is good to see that real objects of traditional art are available.

Constanza Cabrera Oyarce from Chile

I don't know what do u mean with feedback sorry but I speak spanish

Ct from USA

You have an excellent site very well laid out and very easy to navigate. It is also very visually appealing as well.

Curtis from USA

Good site layout nice. Found items to reference Very informative.

Curtis Thompson from USA

It seems very easy to get around in. You have nice pictures and it seems like a nice selection to choose from.

Damien from France

Great web site Aboriginal respectful and full of details! U learned me so much!

Dana from USA

Thanks for the most AWESOME contest ever!!!!

Darlene from USA

Fantastic... I love reading it!


It seems to be a well run site with valuable info.

David Broadbent from Australia

Excellent resource. Shall not be going anywhere else. Into the Bookmarks already!

David from USA

I don't really have anything bad to say about the site! I really enjoy going through all the threads and finding out what other people have to say learning from other people and its nice to actually be a part of a board that enjoy helping one another.

David from USA

Good looking site


It's a fantastic site.....because it’s possible to learn more information on aborigine culture and on the use of this fascinating instrument

Deanna from USA

Thanks for having the link for newbies -the site was a bit overwhelming until I saw that.

Dimitri from Belgium

Good site with a lot of info. Clear classification in the online shop. Keep up the good work!


I never knew you had greeting cards! I enjoy your website it's informative and fun!


Es un muy buensitio muy completo

Edward Lucas from USA

A great deal of useful information as I am a first time Didgeridoo buyer and player found the site helpful and encouraging.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Interesting site with lots of information and backgrounds relating to the didgeridoo and the aborigines

Eugene from New Zealand

Was excited to find it seems easy to navigate

Evan Shaw from USA

It is easy to navigate and gives the impression that this is a very reliable place to purchase a didge from.


Very nicely put together

Frank Segui from Canada

Beautiful.... nice job..respect and creativity

Frayluis from Spain

¿¿¿¿No entiendo!!!!

Anonymous from France

Dommage que le site ne possede pas plus de pages en français.. sinon tres bon site et grande qualité d'informations (notament pour choisir le didg les fichiers sons sont tres importants)

Gary from USA

Hope the instructional DVD I bought will be helpful. The site is laid out very good. Had no idea there were so many different types and styles of didgeridoos.

Gary from USA

This is one of the better sites available. One thing that might help would be the name of the person constructing the didgeridoo and the tribe that they are from. Did the tribe all blow on the didgeridoo?

Georg from Germany

This is a very nice site I was on the search for aboriginal Artists and their artwork. I have also seen some good and useful information and will come here more often.

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

You guys are great

Gil Yaron from Israel

Amazing!!! I spent a couple of hours at your site the first time I visited.

Anonymous from Belgium

The look and overall feel could be improved with more graphical elements. Integrating Aborigine art into the background would be a good start.

Gregory from France

For me didge is synonym of relaxation peace spirit and share that the reason why the didge represent more than an instrument and each didge has to tell its own story and after you will share an other story with this didge. every didge is unique Moreover It comes from the Earth (tree) and the Earth doesn't belong to Human but Human belong to the Earth

Ian Ryan from United Kingdom

Its a great site covering just about everything of interest to a didj owner. I especially liked being able to hear the didj I bought from you over the internet. Once I'd heard it I had to have it!

Isaac Firesmith from USA

Pretty good but it could use some more artwork on the sides.

Jacob from USA

Very informative about the culture of the people. How the didj are made the healing process and etc.

James from USA

Looks good. I haven't checked out the whole site yet.

James Word from Australia

I am very impressed. I opened about 5 links after my search. This is the first one I looked at. I feel that I have all the information I need to buy the right didj for me.

Jay from USA

Thanks for the honest low down on the selections and history of the didgeridoo and the giving back to the Aboriginal People

Jay from USA

Looks intriguing!

Jeff from USA

Love the newsletter and really enjoy going thru all the didj pages. great website.

Jeremy from USA

I think it's great how much you value the native people and their work and culture.

Anonymous from USA

This web site is excellent in term of crossing within different criterion for looking for different kind of didges. In addition the choice is incomparable with any other online shop I had visited before.

Anonymous from France

Very very very good site unavoidable

Anonymous from USA

Great site


Its my first time here. You guys have been highly recommended by two didj players. Its great to know there's a place like this.

John from USA

Good website


User friendly Comprehensive content I like it!

Jon from United Kingdom

Excellent website clearly laid out excellent products and information.

Jose from Australia

Very informative. I'm very happy that its not just about selling Didjes.. I can learn and be inspired. I'm travelling and not many people I meet are into didj so learning is basically up to me.. to have even little ideas from sites like this is happiness inducing.


Excellent in presentation excellent information made it easier to help me find a didjeridoo

Juan Maria Colombo from Argentina

Great site. Very well done with every answer you could need right in front of you.

Anonymous from USA

Great site.

Kees from Netherlands

Its simple and everything about the didj is there. What else do u need..


Looks cool:D

Kenneth Soberg from Norway

Great site! My first time here and it looks great and resourceful! I'll be sure to drop by here often!

Kiko Monsalves from Chile

El sitio esta rebueno entiendo que este en ingles ya que llega a un mercado mas global pero creo que seria mucho más visitado si existieran más paginas traducidas. Los archivos de sonido están de lujo y los link =.

Kris Stewart from United Kingdom

I came here trying to find out more imformation about the didj when visiting I was overwhelmed there has so much to do and see I was rather taken back by it all and I havn't even looked through it all!!! Thank you very much for making this website!! Kris Stewat

Kyle Baicker-McKee from USA

Its a great and helpful website but I wish there were more musical examples outside of the didj samples [OUR COMMENT: there are many in the forum]

Larry Davis from USA

An extensive research on all things didge.

Lee from USA

This site is by far the best site relating to the didgeridoo.

Linda from USA

Very informative.

Luís Pereira from Portugal

I like it very much but it's a huge site and every time I visit it I pass most of the time discovering new stuff and sometimes I'm lost inside the site and already passed 1 to 2 hours!! The mailing list it's also very use useful to inform me about new stuff like films and specially new sounds made by the didj. Thank you

Manuel from Italy

I'm just starting my interests on this historic instrument so I'm very happy on seeing there's a good web site for this!!!

Marcus McCoo from USA

You have a great website. I'm glad that I found it. Hopefully I can visit your shop during my visit to Cairns in a couple weeks


A lot of information s not just a didj shop I appreciate.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

So much information about the instrument and the native people that pioneered it. Great site!

Mark from USA

A lot of information and a little bit daunting. The sound quality of the instruments was not understood well. The audio clips were very good (helpful).

Mark Webster from USA

From what I have seen I am Impressed... and will definitely be by often.

Massimo Gambirasio from Spain

The most professional didj website I ever seen for that reason I keep on coming here.well done in every part and with something new everytime. I like the details u r use 2 have with your guests and buyers. really thank u..


An excellent resource for information about didjeridoos. Beautiful artwork too!

Michael from USA

Really good site. I love the ability to play mp3's of the didj's.


I am a beginner Didge player and use a simple didgeridoo I made from a piece of PVC pipe and can play it fairly well. I hope to use the didgeridoo with the electronic music I create with synthesizers. I am truly motivated about this goal and hope to accomplish it around spring / summer of 2007 when I play live for the first time.

Michal from Czech Republic

Good site I can trust. Surely very good instruments


Looks great

Mike Ungerbuhler from USA

Great website; very informative and welcoming

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting and informative.

Anonymous from France

I was very happy to know your shop it's a good quality website...

Nolan Derose from USA

I love how many different types of things you have in the shop besides didjeridoos. The information about aborigines and things about their culture is interesting and a good touch for someone who doesn't know much about them or about didjeridoos. Being able to hear the didjeridoos before you buy is great. Most things you buy on the internet is a complete mystery as to what it sounds like. I have not looked at it enough to see anything I didn't like at all.

Otto Stockhaus from Sweden

It's a good site though I prefer to be able to test the instruments before I buy them which of course isn't possible over the net. But its good that you can listen to the sound of the didj and that you have quality scale to compare with.


Een erg goede site en jullie weten bljjkbaar erg goed waar jullie mee bezig zijn.

Phil from Australia

It's a great site easy to navigate around. I love the sound capability.

Pierre from France

Great sites and it's sounds like great Didjes!!!

Ralf from Germany

Sounds like you guys got it all didjeridooded up.

Rick from USA

Good stuff but so many choices it can be intimidating!

Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands

Very good! looks clear and reliable. purchased didj was exactly as the site said it would be. I definitely felt most confident buying from this online shop.

Rob from USA

This site was highly recommended for high quality authentic didgeridoos. I am very pleased with what I have seen on my first visit here and will more than likely purchase my next didge here.

Robb from USA

The menus on the left side...I like how when you roll over them they have a sub menu that pops out to the right however the sub menus don't disappear when you drag your cursor back to the main body of the website.

Robbie from USA

Easy to navigate educational. I've spent several hours researching didjeridoos online and learned far more from your site than other. No one else even attempted to educate me. Wonderful site.

Robby Mann from USA

Very thorough. with words sights sound.

Robert from United Kingdom

First time but will come again

Anonymous from USA

Comprehensive. Easy to use. Easy to navigate


I am very impressed. There is real information here. I hope to work out how to download some of the sound files. I liked seeing the photos of the players. I will bookmark and come back again and also have already recommended to members of discussion group Frex so expect some more visitors! (heal-me.com) Your website has the potential to be a world class source of information. All the best.

Sandra from USA

User friendly lots of information

Anonymous from USA

Very informative and great products. Authentic.

Serge from France

Very complete

Solomon Barki from Greece

It is one of the most interesting sites of the web and it is always a pleasure to visit it especially for those who are interested in didjeridoo and aboriginal culture but for other people also. It is one of the sites that help minds to open. Congratulations!

Teri from USA

I came here for sleep apnea now I want it for meditation. Great site!!!


Easy to follow.

Terry from USA

Very well done. I look forward to visiting often.

Thomas Van Iersel from Netherlands

It's really big there's a lot of information which is really useful most of the time these web sites just give you a hinch of what you need to know but you're really thorough in all this. The buying system is really pro too you can sort m all out on different types and price classes great job!

Anonymous from Canada

The colours are not to my liking but the content superb.

Travis Ripley from USA

I really enjoyed my first visit to Didjshop.com... I have learned more than I ever have thought I would about Didjeridoos.

Vincent from USA

Well done

Walter F. Herz from Germany

It's great. For a German guy like me it's very interesting to get the latest news about didges Australia and Aborigines. I'm always waiting for next letter.

Wesley from USA

I like the site. It is well put together and easy to navigate. I will hopefully be buying one from you soon.

William Edenfield from USA

Very informative and entertaining just fun to browse

Willy Bachmaier from Germany

Very Good site in many languages I like that.

Yishai from Israel

I have learned much from this website and have found it to be easy to use and understand. I hope to be using the forum to get in contact with other like-minded people and give and get tips and hints.

Zarik from Australia

Great site Love the healing and cultural information

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