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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2004:

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Anonymous from France

I couldn't imagine myself buying a didj on line but it's interesting to see the pictures and hear the mp3's.

Alyza Gossat from Australia

Great, very informative!




Its good, but I would like to find more music links, and music parts to hear while searching the site


I'm still visiting Didjshop.com...

Brian Lawrence from USA

Well, I'm kind of new to the site. Ever since I heard to Didj for the first time, I was fascinated. I enjoy your site and I can only hope you can keep up the good work!


Very organized and well put together. Detailed and full of information.


I find the didj shop web site a great cultural and learning experience. its great

Canice Paliotta from USA

I haven't traveled through it completely, but so far I do appreciate the photos and hearing each didj. Thank you.


Great web site. It's nice to be able to hear the individual didjeridoos.


Its weird


Very attractive ad well presented.


It's quite good.

Anonymous from USA

Great Site. I really appreciate all the MP3s in addition to the great selection.

Denis Richard from France

A dream world on internet like the sound of didj your web site travel all around the world


Best site I have found

Anonymous from Turkey

The ordering procedure is a little bit difficult and you should help us understand the difference between a real and artificial didj


Its a good site, easy to find what you are looking for

Anonymous from Netherlands

Very nice site. First time I see the wonderful didges. Never thought there were so many and differences between the didges.

Franco Amigoni from Italy

A very good site.

Anonymous from Italy

It's very well done and it contains all the information you may need

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A very informative site, friendly to didj-virgins.

Anonymous from Australia

Nice, clean and easy to navigate.

Anonymous from Spain

It's great but many of them are sold.

Anonymous from Belgium

It's simple, not flashy... which is a good thing. The didj sound samples are nice, but would sound better at 128kbps. (though the files will get to big, always something ;) Overall... good web site.

Hugo Aguiar from Portugal

I liked it very much!

James Karl from USA

Very interesting and enjoyable for a very interesting and enjoyable instrument.

Jeff Parker from USA

So far, so good, rushed right to this page when I saw the possibility of winning an authentic Didji.


Very nice

John Watson from USA

Nice web site., its a little bit disorganized though, but all the content is fresh, alive, and present!


Still learning to circular breath, but it's still fun to play. It's weird - can't really play, but I keep coming back to look for another one. Am I nuts?

Justin Linn from USA

Great web site. only one I have found that offers full detail and sounds from the Didj. each Didj is so unique, painted and unpainted alike

Keegan Schelling from USA

Its good stuff, There aren't enough good didjeridoo web sites out there, Rock On!

Kelly Osborn from USA

Very nice site. Very informative

Anonymous from Australia


Kristina Hunter from USA

Seems like great didjes. I am a student and don't have a lot of money. I am currently playing in homemade PVC pipe didje which sounds pretty good but looks like crap. But I absolutely love playing it in jam sessions and by myself on the beach and it is my plan in a year and a half after I graduate to go to Australia to study the didjeridoo. I love it because I am the only woman I know that plays where I live and it is very empowering for me to contribute to music with an instrument that most people aren't that familiar with and are impressed by. Someday after all my student loans are paid off I will buy a nice didjeridoo from you guys.

Anonymous from Finland

Good as a whole, easy to get info

Leandro Mussini from Argentina

Es el mejor web site sobre didjeridoos que hay en la red. En mi primer visite pense que se trataba de algo unicamente comercial, pero navegando por el site note que hay mucha informacion, y tambien concientizacion sobre los aborigenes y la cultura australiana. Es un site por demas de amigable y grato de visitar. Como decimos en Argentina, un lugar con "buena onda".

Maj-britt Simble from Sweden

It's very good site

Manuel Verducci from Italy

Completed web site, didj makes every things magic!

Anonymous from Lithuania

Needs to be more interactive.


Still making my way through the web site., but so far it looks good and is easy to navigate

Marv Houck from USA

Looks like a good resource to me.

Anonymous from USA

I think your web site. is good. I like that you give information about the origin of the instrument.

Matthew Lev from USA

Really neat resource. But I'm still searching for what I want...We bought a didj a few years ago, and we want to display it prominently in our living room....trying to find the perfect way to have it mounted on our wall, but still have it accessible to play. Something like a gun-rack? But I don't see anything like that.

Meriam Underwood from Australia

Excellent work need more sites......congraduations

Mike Gibbs from USA

I am open to all forms of spirit healing I am looking to learn more

Millie McClave from USA

Definitely a winner!

Morris Hadden from USA

A lot of good info. My first time in. I will return.

Nate Fuller from USA

Spectacular. Not only are these instruments beautiful and natural, but I can hear what they sound like before I buy. such a plus.

Anonymous from USA

Doing great, informative and easy to navigate


Very nice, unfortunate about shipping to US... [OUR COMMENT: we typically ship to the US in 4-5 days]

Pedro Castillo from Chile

Very good. I like the possibility of spanish version, because I don't handle very much the english


A great site for comparing, seeing, pricing & hearing a large selection of didgeridoos.


Good looking web site.


Very well constructed and visually pleasing

Rick Willems from USA

Good site.


Great that you have sound files of the individual didges. I wouldn't buy one without hearing it first.


Difficult to say, I've moved on to this survey before looking around the site much. Looks good though and empathetic colour scheme if nothing else.


I liked to know this site, it is the first time that I see information from didj. I would love to play a didj some day besides only hear the wonderful sound. Thanks !!!

Sam Boys from USA

I really enjoy your descriptions of the didjes...especially the sound samples and description of musical key & tone.

Shane Pettit from Australia

I probably can't offer you much feedback at the moment as I've only been able to have a quick look while I'm at work, but it certainly looks like an incredibly comprehensive site, and I look forward to having the time to explore further.


Seems like a very good web site and to win a Didgeridoo every month is fantastic [OUR COMMENT: we draw a A$50.- shopping voucher each month and the fabulous didj once a year]

Tammy Vaughn from USA

Liked it!

Anonymous from Australia

Great site! very informative

Tracy Eichelberger from USA

So far it looks like an interesting and informative site with lots to offer.

Vikki Belling from Canada


Willy Keller from USA

I enjoy looking at different kinds of Didjeridus, and hope to someday own my own.

Adam Wisby from Australia

I think that this is a great web page I was quite excited to look at some of the didges displayed and thought that they were well priced will hopefully get one in the future

Ali Rifat Aykan from Turkey

It's one of the best web-sites I've ever seen. It's very informative, dependable and user-friendly.

Anonymous from Canada

Awesome site and good job!

Anna Boydell from Australia

It seems to be the only genuine "supporting aboriginals" shopping web site. so many other shopping web site. seem to be in it totally for the money and not care at all about the land or supporting aboriginals.

Ayeshah Munshi from United Kingdom

The web site. really does have something for everyone. The didjes are fantastic, and the site is easy to access and navigate.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great site with interesting information and great instruments. Good listening

Bob Yellin from USA

Very professional looking, informative, and thorough. Clearly instills a level of trust.

Carl Skeris from USA

You have a great selection, and your FAQ's are very helpful.


Nice site. Fair prices. Great info.


It is a most marvelous sight!

Cyril Paquier from France

It is a wonderful site !!! really , I spent hours to listen to didg' sounds, and tenth of others to dream about dig :) I'm so satisfied to have found a site like yours, my first didgeridoo was a present of an Aboriginal friend, a learning didg', and I bought my second in Australia, a big bell high concert class, and now I'm looking for a another one to enlarge the family. The idea you've had to put some audio records is brilliant, and the photos as well, My point of view about your site is 10/10 !!! Thanx Heaps Mates ;)

D Nolan from USA

I have purchased 2 of Brad Gosam's didjeridu's and have found them to be the best in my collection. The sound quality and artwork are exceptional. The descriptions are very helpful.

Dan Stoner from USA

Your site is the best out there on didgeridoos.



Eric Jaramillo from USA

Very impressed. I come here to get my dose of didj fix when I need it. I also e-mailed a question about a didj I am looking at, you guys answered quickly and I was very happy with the response. Thank you

Anonymous from Ireland

I think your web site. if very good and full of useful information , especially considering the first time I'll get to hold the didj will be when it arrives , so knowing what I'm paying for helps. I already have a didj , but I could never get a sound out of it at all - I emailed your site some time ago telling of my problems. Your support guy gave me the bad news , that rather than me being of no talent , it was in fact a "fake" didj (not sure if that the correct word!) which a friend of mine purchased for my when he visited Sydney about 2 and half years ago.

Francisco Labrador from Spain

It's really amazing and educative... I'm planning to purchase a good new Didj and for sure that will be here!!!

George Macaulay from United Kingdom

I was astonished at the detail of information for each individual didje, in particular the sound ratings which are very specific and really helpful. this is important to a player looking for a particular sound. I also liked the artwork closeup images and stories (more stories please I think it's important to know the story behind the art on your didje)I just found your site today but I've spent hours looking through the didjes. this is the way to shop for a musical instrument online.

Graham Fortuin from South Africa

I discovered it today.It is the best didj site I've been on. I made my own didj from bamboo and would love to buy one from your shop very soon. Thanks for making this possible because I've been searching for a long time.

Harrison Martin from USA

Wonderful pictures and details! Absolutely complete and positively one of the most interesting. Love the Didge physics page.

Anonymous from France

I appreciate the way you honestly describe your activity and your obvious dedication.

Anonymous from Mauritius


Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland

It's possible to compare Didj sites. You're the best one!! Respect for your way and thanks for the marvelous Didj that you propose!!


Super cool

Jit Gill from USA

Your site is very informative and I love your email news letters

Joe Espin from United Kingdom

Didjshop web site is one of the best didj sites on the web nicely set out and extremely helpful, very professional

Joel Howard from USA

Keep up the good work

Anonymous from USA

I first noticed the color scheme and for whatever reason, I felt that it went very well with the instrument. I guess it's because I picture Australia's earth being this color. But in any case, I would very much consider purchasing a didgeridoo from this site if I had the extra cash at the moment. And in the future, I hope to purchase one. I've always wanted to learn how to play. It's such a peaceful and mellow instrument and it just hits a certain spot when you listen to it.

Kevin Daniel from USA

Great web site. There's a lot of useful links, info, etc., and the overall organization is very good.

Laura Ward from USA

I am having fun so far!

Anonymous from France

Well done,clear,fast and easy to use.your idea to have the sound of the didj's you're selling on the net is excellent waiting for your suggestion for the new one I want to buy

Marcus Oeberg from Sweden

The best web site that you can find on the web! The information on the web site is a "full scale one"! :) . You can get information about everything you want to know about a particular didj, or about didjs generally. The service is also great which I experienced when I bought a didj at Didjshop.com last year.

Mario Luongo Jr. from Brazil

It's a good place to acquire information about the didgeridoo. I live in Brazil and this site allow me to contact the culture about this wonder instrument. Congratulations!

Mark Lau from United Kingdom

The web site is informative, educational and good to browse through. I have visited it several times now and shall continue to do so.

Matthew Smith from USA

Excellent. Great links and sound bits, and it's great to see a socially conscious message about the treatment of aboriginal peoples.

Melvyn Molder from USA

It is the best

Michael Thiesen from Germany

Definitively one of the -really! not kidding!- GREATEST Didge Web Sites I've visited. Predicate: the BEST Internet Didge Shop! Me personally, I'd like to have some more information on aboriginal culture, dreamings, stories, social features etc.

Michele Kanfer from South Africa

I have visited many many didje web sites and I honestly feel that your's is the best one I have been to. Your web site. is helpful, your staff are helpful it is an overall brilliant site. I would recommend it to anyone. Its quick and easy to view your site and the buying of products is simple and easy to follow. I think that your site is honestly the best and I will never ever shop any where else. Thank you very much

Mike Holzer from USA

It's a great site. I think you should add more about the practical playing of the didg, ie how to change the mouthpiece, didg size to person height ratios, etc. Other than that, your site has been the most useful I've seen! [OUR COMMENT: see for mouth piece changing; there is no ideal didg size for a persons height, anyone can play any size]

Anonymous from USA

It's great, informative, and fascinating to know that people all over the world are loving the didj.

Patrick Lammers from Belgium

I bought a didj at Kuranda in august. I tried several sides for cd's and answers on questions about playing the didj. I found much more on your side. And everything on an personal way.


It's pretty freaking cool man

Scott Turner from USA

Love it. definitely dig the the feel and vibe of this site, and it is bookmarked for frequent visit.

Anonymous from France

It's very great to have a site like Didjshop because there's some good information and many other about didgeridoo. Long life to Didjshop

Shane Randhawa from Malaysia

It seems like there is an excellent range of didjeridoos along with some very interesting information , I will definitely recommend it to friends .

Anonymous from Australia

I found the site to be awesome, it was easy to find my way around & is most helpful in a number of different avenues associated with the didj & Aboriginal culture. The honesty and fact that you guys don't talk up crappy products is most respected and sadly becoming a rare find these days.... keep up the brilliant work.

Stefan Jung from Germany

Your web site is very interesting. you have a very good navigation. I like to choose my mother language. your offer of didges is fantastic. I like to listen to the sound. You have very good clearing up about your culture and how to make a didge and what is authentic. the currency calculator is perfect. over all congratulations to the design. that will be not the last time to visit your page, there is still a lot to explore. best whishes Stefan Jung (Germany) :-))


I enjoy it greatly, and use it often when people ask me what a didg is (in this small town that I live in, it is not a well known instrument: people keep thinking it is a rainstick). Your site not only displays the didges well, but also allows people to listen to what they sound like! There's nothing like hearing it before buying it. I *will* be buying my next didg from you. I just don't know when.


Your awesome!


I want you to continue making HIGHT quality IDAKI with your LOVE.

Tim Ramey from USA

I love this place it is full of everything I was looking for

Tim Warner from Australia

I think it is a good web site. it has a lot of good sounding didjs and in a lot of reasonable price ranges

Tony Kiser from USA

Oh if I only had the money. You guys have an awesome selection. I really like having access to the great information that goes along with each didj.

Anonymous from Australia

Awesome site, trying to save up so I can buy a didj...... might take while lol

Trijnie Zuidlaren from Netherlands

I particular like the Dutch sections ;-) and reading the Didjshop Forum.

Tyler Billewicz from Germany

I think the site is great. I especially like that their is so much information for each didj and that they all have sample clips.

Anonymous from France

I find that is a cool and good site .Great job.


I find the sound of a didjeridoo very unique and I really like the looks of what you have on your web site. Really awesome!

Wayne Krause from Australia

I like I the didjshop is great for the web not just for me for others out there that might see it here there's no any other didjshops around as this one

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