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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2005:

Online name


Albert Swart from South Africa

Very easy to use clear and filled with info. Looks fantastic. I like the fact that the culture who's instruments these are are benefiting from the sale of them. The whole idea of everything being done by and directly benefiting the Aboriginal people.

Alen from Slovenia

I can only say GREAT WORK! This is my first didj that I bought and I really wanted to have something genuine authentic and made from people that know what they are doing!

Anonymous from USA

I really like your site. Hope to buy a didge someday from you. Thanks for hosting the forum.

Amanda from USA

This is my favourite shop out of all the ones I've visited because of the selection and the ability to hear every one.

Arpad Toth from United Kingdom

The best .I bought two didjes from this site and recommend it to anyone who I meet and like didjeridoos. I got just what I'd been expecting.. no .. more


Wonderful presentation with thoughtful advice and the first didj site that gives links. A ten in my book!

Benjamin di Bona from France

Its a very good site but I don't speak english very well so I haven't got words to say how great it is

Bob Frew from USA

Well constructed and easy to follow. On my first visit I learned more than all my previous explorations. I will be back often.

Anonymous from Australia

Best I have ever seen so many products and detailed information it is excellent


Very cool.

Carol Marcinkus from Australia

Great site - especially for international people who will gain a better understanding of the first Australians.

Dave from Netherlands

I think that you have a beautiful site its big its clear in my opinion you can listen to some didjes and look a lot of them.But what I like especially is that you treat nature nice by a self-supporting system and using sun energy for power also I like that the aboriginals are treated right. I love nature and lots of others do to I love to became the solution instead of being the problem I have children too everybody keep on going the good work with my best regards Dave van der Ven Holland Didge crazy


Well done. very informative best didj site on the net.


It is great site and well designed I like to read forums about didges I miss didge making tutorials

Dianne from Australia

Great concept to network an important way to communicate something genuinely australian

Dory from USA

It's a great web site very informative. I'm buying this Didj for a friend's birthday and hadn't researched them that much. Your site provided all the info I needed...I didn't have to look further. Thanks...

Ed Bazely from United Kingdom

Qantas lost the didj I bought in Cairns so I was searching for a supplier. You web site is far better than most of the retailers in Oz. It's exactly the informative site I hoped to find congratulations!

Elaine Doucette from Canada

Even though this is the first time to your site or any didj site actually I am impressed with the education I am getting. I feel like you guys are the expert site and I am lucky to have clicked here first... spoken by a true novice.

Flinn Donovan from Australia

I own run and perform in my own didgeridoo business and am in the process of starting my own web page. I am a Ganbang man with Ganbangeri lingo from Nambucca Heads this site has open my eyes to what power this traditional Aboriginal instrument has. Please keep letting the world know of the full respect that is needed for my peoples skills and heritage as musicians dancers and story tellers plus the way we have in the past in will for the future always live hand in hand with our mother earth. When my site is on line in december 2005 I will be happy to have your truly inspiring web site as a link from mine. Breath the breath of music spirit & life force always for me you and all that respect and wish to learn the true power and heritage of my peoples true ways.

Frank Schiavo from USA

Great site--looks like the folks who do this love didjeridus a whole lot.

George Efstratiou from United Kingdom

IT is an all around didj site where not only do you see lots of didjes but you can also hear most of them been played. the other thing I like about didjshop.com is that there is always write ups about australian aborigines, rainforests people want to destroy to make a quick buck, great players that have passed on and the animals of Australia. I like this site because it really passes the word and the sound of the didjeridu around the world. Great work of you guys. three cheers for you.

Gerik from Switzerland

Great site with good quality pictures and sounds from the didj's

Guy from Israel

Didjshop.com has a lot of information I was looking for and found little to no reference in other didj related sites (especially the physics part which was more then I could handle :O) but also on healing and meditation) I was also happy to find a living forum about didj related subjects (I love using forums to learn skills... you can ask endless questions and people help!) but I have to say I didn't really like the layout though that might just be a personal taste thing...

Gwendolyn from Netherlands

Very informative.

Harm from Netherlands

For me is the site complete. Information is easy the get en to read in difference languages. it's perfect to me

Jason Konopinski from USA

A wonderful site with some of the most unique and memorable didjes I have ever seen. The attention paid to sound quality and durability/longevity of the instrument is testament to your dedication to this instrument.

Jim from USA

One of the best sights on the web!

João from Portugal

I think that it's an excellent page that offers us very information about the great world of didj and also allows us to practically enter in this world... with this page I could learn more about didj and other things of aboriginal culture... you made a great work and please: don't stop it... thank's



Katrin from Germany

Very good structured site made in good-mood earth colors always fun to look your side and listen to your fantastic didgeridoos:-)

Krista from Canada

I love the forum and the great advice that I can find around the site. It's very organized. I'd love to be able to find professional sound clips on the web site

Lothar from Germany

Great site! let me stay with you for a while -- like the next 50 years ;-) take care!

M. Rick from USA

Love the detailed description and MP3 data on each didj. I will be buying my next didj from ya'll.

Maggie from Australia

Very interesting! I have referred your site to friends overseas.

Manas Chowdhary from India

Very nicely done complete web site is this .I'm fm india and web is my only link to didgeridoo...thanks a lot ..

Anonymous from Italy

Surely the most complete with a huge didj choice..as far as I've seen...really a lot of stuff to read and hear but going through this site it's already like a long didj playing by itself

Mario Alleyne from Canada

Fantastic site keep up the amazing work!!

Mark Thatcher from United Kingdom

Fantastic that's why I keep coming back and if I get that bonus next year I'll be buying!!!

Marvin from USA

One of the best I've seen.

Mary Leahy from USA

I am shopping for my husband my daughter and I found this site and it has been very helpful. Thank You so much for all the information you put out here in such a easy to access fashion. I learned a lot in a short time which is great for someone shopping for a present!!!!!

Matt from United Kingdom

I think the idea of you helping people like my self who do not really know what to look for in buying a proper didge is fantastic. You even have a guide where you type in how much you would like to spend and what I want the instrument for etc then you email back and let me know what you have in that price range. You offer videos and tutorials for beginners too. The whole site is just fantastic .

Matt from Australia

I have found the Web site to be the most comprehensive. Excellent Work

Michal from Czech Republic

A think its a pretty good site because there is a big choice of didges and everyone can choose his own dreamed didge

Mike from USA

Great site easy to navigate and the newsletter really gives some great insight!

Mj from USA

Welcoming. Real. Simple for navigation. Excellent features (in my opinion). Especially appreciable: the commitment to ethical practices (healthy) the mp3 sound files (tangible) the clear explanation regarding didgshop.com's quality assessment (accessible). Hey your site is so cool. Perhaps you will like insight into who (as in me) is offering these comments: MJ travelling for 17 years (more than 40 countries) twice in Australia once at Uluru/Kata Tjuta but could not take the pre-arranged tour for respect to the Anangu request that I not climb. I'm not so well in touch w/my human (psychic) abilities but was privileged to telepathic communication w/the (female) aboriginal tour guide...so I sat it well out. I'm not trying to be needy hey and nonetheless open for any positive connection. Heartfelt cheers for didgshop.com. Thx for the good-natured work. Looking forward to something new with much appreciation for You who have helped to make it possible. Sincerely MJ


Glad I found it!!!

Nathan from Mexico

Well the page is very well done and you have very good ways to teach people how to play it and it's very well structured.

Nicholas Arens from USA

This web site is amazing. The stories have touched me and the didjes always excite me if I had the funds I would buy as many as I could. You guys are doing an amazing job beyond just selling didjeridoos. Keep doing what you're doing cause I can't stay away!

Nicolas from Chile

Great didgeridoo site and the only one that has this wonderful idea of giving away incredible didges as a prize. theres good info (not all of it but enough) very complete very very complete.. a number one in didge sites

Norman Quednau from Germany

Great Site... There are not only commercial purposes there is also a contribution to spirituality and increase of awareness.

Olaf from Netherlands

Great site with lots of info about didgeridoo and its backgrounds. Maybe I give your Learning Circular Breathing a try!

Anonymous from Argentina

This is a great place. I find a lot of information here like circular breathe etc.

Patrick from France

Great site with a lot of interesting information to choice a didj. So I think I will buy one on your site !

Paul from Australia

It's an awesome web site The best one yet. I am always learning something new from from the web site There's more information than any other. I need to buy a decent didgeridoo for my performances but am only at school and trying to save up as much as I can to buy one. After much research the Didjshop is the place where I will buy unless of course I miraculously win this awesome Didj. It would be a dream come true.

Russell Chappell from USA

It's very good and I will be back!

Saskia from Germany

Very well made and extremely professional.. so that I don't even have a second thought about providing you with personal data...

Steele from Canada

Great site. Its the most authentic of all the didj sites I've been on with the most real information on the history and production of the didj as well as outstanding gift ideas.

Stephen from Australia

I support your views on authenticity and totally believe people should know if they purchase a didge which is not 'fully aboriginal made'.

Sterling Green from USA

Some of the sweetest didj's I've ever seen and heard!

Anonymous from Japan

There are not so many types of didj in Japan. so I always look your HP feel fan. Thanks very much.

Thadeus Frazier-reed from USA

I like the fact that you are so concerned with how the didjes are harvested and with employing/supporting Aboriginal peoples traditions and arts. This is just as important as the quality of the didjes that you sell.

Thiago Bolivar from Brazil

I love it! Specially the way you HELP people to learn more about general aboriginal culture and even making their own didges. There is a lot more than just buying/selling on didjshop.com : it's a world of knowledge to which I am very thankful!

Anonymous from Portugal

One of the best in the web. Lots of didgeridoos and information about it. I never bought a didgeridoo in the web but I come here often because some day I will and here is were I find the most interesting things.

Tom from USA

Still one of the most in-depth and informative didge sites on this planet.

Tomi Salamon from Slovenia

Nice and very functional. Maybe lacks a little modern formatting instead of classic "word alike" straight lines and borders. Otherwise I like it a lot.

Wade from Australia

This site it great! I'm going to go and make my own pvc didgeridoo tomorrow the physics stuff was really helpful and the length/key information was too.

Yaron from Israel

The web site is good it has helped me for tips playing and repairing. its good to have a place were u know people could help you and answer you politely. (and in the other question I can play but not circular breath)

Yvonne Flood from Australia

As a student I have had to do a lot of research on Aboriginal people and cultures and have used your site for research. It has been very helpful and enlightening.

Alan from United Kingdom

Very impressed informative helpful and boasts a cool selection. Wish I could visit and feel it first hand

Anonymous from USA

I would like to buy a stand for my didj but can't seem to find one on your web site!!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A great site...good advice on didj buying

Amy from USA

Very customer friendly

Amy from USA

Neat site

Andre Broussouloux from France

All pages are not translated in french translations are not in current French (I can do it for you if you want free because you've got my sympathy but the way used to show products is ok

Anonymous from Australia

Excellent site! I enjoy searching for a didj great range you have!

Angel from USA

The dates still say 2004 in your "Win a Didj Questionnaire" and when you ask how many didj web sites you have to select a number instead of "none".... Just some slight problems.... Will you enter me again in your sweepstakes? Thanks....

Ann from USA

Very informative and interesting. I'm impressed that I can listen to the individual didgeridoos. Also impressed that you give instructions for making my own from pvc pipe. I may just try that so I can see if I can learn the circular breathing.

Anthony from USA

I liked it. Need more pictures of your instruments from all angles

Anton from USA

Excellent site very informative and user friendly

Aubrey Hamilton from USA

It's groovy real groovy.

Bart from USA

Very extensive and informative. Changed my opinion about the capabilities of the didjeridu

Ben from Canada

I love the setup of your site and that you have mp3s of the didjes to listen to.

Ben from USA

I think this is a very good web site I would love to purchase a didj and this site is perfect in helping me decide what qualities to look for!

Anonymous from Australia

Just started browsing don't know yet...


Very easy to navigate nice colours

Brent from USA

It is an very good & informative site. You can learn a lot about Didjeridoos and listen to the sound clips.

Charlene from Canada

Pickkkkkkkkk me!!!!!!

Charlie from USA

I must admit that I have gone to this drawing prior to searching your site. I will do so after filling out this doc. I am going to Sydney over X Mas break and am looking for info on the country. thanks G'Day.


I think that your web site is well organized and easy to surf. The photos are good and the sound bites are a good idea.

Christine Messer from USA

I like it.

Anonymous from Switzerland

Nice and instructing looking.

Cory from Canada

This is by far the best site I've been on its informative for both experienced and inexperienced didj fans. I have introduced the didj to many others along with this site and have yet to find any that did not like either.one of whom was inspired enough by my introduction to make a solo trip to Aussie he had a blast and brought a c note which was pleasure to play for myself being the first time I had played a real one all of mine to date have been home-made so it was a treat to play one that had such a rich sound tks Mark! Mark has recently joined the Canadian military and will be shipping over seas late next year 06 good luck buddy! I hope I win this didj so when he gets back in one piece we can sit down have few beers and honk on the didj together LATER!!!!!!!!


It is very helpful. especially with the contests

Dan from USA

Very informative site. If possible it made me become MORE interested in a didj!

Anonymous from Sweden

A very good web site for the beginner to the advance player


Very good web site promoting a refreshing instrument and beautiful culture

David from Australia

Good to see a serious users site.

David from USA

I found it very informative has a good layout good MP3 samples and selection.

Davig from USA

Great site

Din from Malaysia

Nothing much here but it will be good if you guys can get a links from others country didj lovers


Seems nicely organized.


Really like it; it is great that these amazing instruments are made accessible all over the world :) By the way my second Didj is from Kuranda :)

Eric from USA

I like the way it is set up very easy to get around.

Anonymous from USA

Very good presentation with picture and sound clips - nice !!

Gene Dinkey from USA

When I purchase another didge it will probably be from here...

Grant Wilkinson from USA

I have found this web site interesting and educational. My children are always curious about different music and histories.

Hamish from Australia

I think its a really cool shop and I want to visit it again.

Helene Boucher from Canada

I think it is a great site for someone like me who doesn't know much about Didgeridoos and would like to know more. It is very easy to scroll to and decipher the information. Thank you. I intent to buy a didgeridoo and it will probably be from your place.

Jake from USA

This web site is very well laid out and easy to navigate through. One suggestion I have would be to minimize the need to scroll and have multiple pages instead.

James from USA

Best for information on the didgeridoo.

Janette from USA

I think this is such a fascinating instrument..id sooooo enjoy learning how to play this and teaching the grandchildren about it too! ty & happy holidays to you !

Jason from USA

Very informative. I'd buy a Didj from here.

Jeanette Malan from USA

Good site I am not really sure what I think about anything yet. I will let you know when I do



Jesse from Japan

I think its great. I understand the display/sale concept however it is a little disappointing to see what you have missed out on. It is quite effective however as it encourages people to get hold of one of these unique pieces of work before they lose their chance. A pleasurable site to use. [OUR COMMENT: we show ordered didjes because they might become available again, once sold they are no longer shown in for sale sections]


Great site I will be ordering a bag from you. I like the instructional parts of the site.

John from Australia

It is interesting and I have learnt new information about them.

John from Australia

I am just in the process of surfing this site. It is very interesting and has renewed my efforts in learning to play the didge.


The explanations and sound files indicating how the instruments are classified is an excellent idea.

Anonymous from Australia

It's got some great info on it

Jonas from France

It's a very good site of didjeridoo. More download

Jonathan from France

I don't know this question.


Great site!!

Julie Effertz from USA

Great web site My elementary school is doing an in-depth study on the continent of Australia and this is a great resource!

Julien from South Africa

Cool and easy to use nice.


It is very informative

Anonymous from Australia

The didjshop.com is a great web site it has helped me find some information and given me some tips about how to play the didgeridoo better.

Larni Drew from Australia

I found the site to be very informative. Also reminded me of things I learned at school and when I visited the museum.

Leah Morgan from Canada

I think it's an awesome site. Today while filling out this entry form the first two questions under About Didjshop.com were not showing. Only little pieces of the letters but I couldn't read them so I guessed what they said by the answers. Thank You for offering such an awesome contest. Have a wonderful day! Leah

Anonymous from Australia

I loved it very informative.

Lindsay from USA

I think that its a really cool design web site but I would do some more colors besides the reds.

Luis Carlos Escobar from France

The didjshop is a site very interesting because is a good way for to knowing a musical engine really fantastic

Lynn Darr from USA

Works fine

Lynn from Australia

Fab site very user friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

Marc Herring from USA

Having just found the site I haven't had a chance to really delve but since I asked (the Universe) to help me find information regarding the mystical nature of the Didj and having been directed here I'm hooked and will delve the mysteries that are before me.


Nice site good layout. a catalogue would be nice. if there is one I couldn't find it.


Good layout though a bit confusing sometimes...it should be easier to get to products

Anonymous from Argentina

I like this web page is very complete


Wow its really ultimate experience for me cause I never think that I will get a place like this .this is the only web site by whom I can do lot of improvement in my didj & I am really knowing a complete world of didjeridoo

Meghan from USA

I love it. It is good for all ages. The archive is amazing full of interesting facts.

Michael from Australia

I plan to check back here. The didgeridoo buying advice seems useful.

Anonymous from USA

I'm just exploring it for the first time. Easy to navigate good information.

Michelle from United Kingdom

Easy to use and most of all very informative about dijis


Good site

Michelle from USA

I like the sound samples. Would be great if some of the less expensive items also had sound samples. I also like when the description gives the key(s) that the didj is tuned to.

Murray from USA

Like it I'll be here more.

Nathaniel from USA

It's pretty good if you ignore the spelling mistakes...lol...One thing that might be good on your "how to play section" is a list of the traditional animal calls used on the didge. [OUR COMMENT: if you point out the spelling mistakes to us, you can get extra entries to the didj competition :-) ]

Nick from USA

This web site is informative and professional but not detached from the music and culture.

Nick from Canada

It is a well laid out site with lots of info. Contests are always a bonus too.

Nick from New Zealand

Great info and sound bites are are real good idea! great guys!!


Very informative a great site to learn more


Well made easy to navigate good information on didges sound files could be better in quality


VEry informative


It's a very cool site. It has some interesting info on it and it looks like a fun site.

Paolo from Italy

Good job very interesting

Paul Jose from USA

I love your site... it's great for people like me who know almost nothing about the instrument and its practices...

Paul from USA

Extremely complete site with tons of helpful information. If you find what you need here you're just a tourist.

Anonymous from Australia

Seems very clear and professional - so far good

Paul from United Kingdom

If your a new or experienced player the didjshop can be a great help

Anonymous from Portugal

Very complete about didjes!

Peter Pollinger from Austria

Ok - easy to use & navigate pretty clear provides good background information on product & company; I purchased the didj as a present for my 15 year old son - he would have liked to see the designs of the didj bags in more detail but otherwise is ok.


Really nice and easy to use web site and also that you have the didge buying advice for us newbies . nice of you also to offer this interesting instrument for the rest of the world(world wide shipment)

Anonymous from USA

Very informative

Rebecca Edwards from USA

I like the set up of the site. It is easy to navigate and has a lot of good information on it.


Its ok

Rick from USA

If I ever learn to play the one I have well enough I'd love to buy another from you!

Robin from USA

It is a very good site though some images don't show up for me and have to down load the sound files to listen to them for some reason. (Running Firefox on a Linux system)

Rodney Welsch from USA

I wish I could here more of the didge on line


I like the site especially being able to hear the sounds and the write-ups on various facts about the Didge

Sam from USA

Honestly you guys have one of the sweetest sites on the net...for didjes anyway. The only thing that could make it better is if you had one of those media players and you played didj music on it.

Santiago from USA


Sarah from Australia

What a beautiful site I loved looking around!

Sean Gill from United Kingdom

Excellent site which does great work to promote the world revival of the didgeridoo. Keep up the good work.

Sean from USA

Sweet site one of many I frequent to admire instruments and dream of greater ability.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent site with a lot of information. I would like to see a page about techniques. I trying to figure out how to do the horn sound but have had no luck finding a place online that describes it.

Anonymous from Ireland

First time a checked this site out I wasn't too interested in it as I was searching for didgeridoo sounds. but another site linked me here a second time and I said that I might as well have a look around. its a nice well laid out site. I do graphic design in college and part of what we are taught is that everything should be user friendly easily navigable.

Sharon from Australia

Haven't wandered thru site much as yet but it is different and interesting.

Anonymous from Canada

Cool site!

Sjuul from Netherlands

It's a good site with very much information about the didgeridoo his players and other thinks

Stuart Fairbairns from United Kingdom

Like it a lot - I love didjes!!!!

Stuart from United Kingdom

I found the web site to be amazingly helpful interesting and easy to use.

Anonymous from Canada


Thomas from USA

I love the grading of the quality on your sight. And the ability to hear the MP3's is great. When I get enough money for a good one I will definitely be coming here.

Tom from USA

A very nice web site but a bit busy. Very informative...especially about the healing benefits.


Lovely site


It's good and interesting and very good for people who wants to play a didge

Walter Small from USA

I think its great its not just a sales place I got a little education here too.

Washington from Brazil

Este site é rico em conteudo e musica de qualidade...

William from USA

A great site with lots of good information about didjeridoos. A great way of searching through didjeridoos for sale with different ordering options. Great to be able to hear the sound before buying.

Anonymous from USA

It looks very interesting.

Zac from USA

This is a great site. Very informative for a newcomer like me.

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