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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2009:

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Adam from USA I am impressed with the knowledge this site offers
Alan from Australia Very very good will always come back.
Anonymous Well structured and good monthly news.
Anonymous from Australia Great - so far my first choice
Anonymous from Canada Nice website easy to go from one place to another
Anonymous This website has the best Didjes I've seen on the net. I can't wait till I can afford one or win one haha
Bob from USA The web site is put together very good with the ratings pictures and sound files. I also like the information provided about Aboriginal issues.
Cary from USA Awesome website very thorough descriptions and pictures as well as providing educational information like history what to look for when purchasing details of the artist and Aboriginal people etc!
David from USA I am in love with it! I want to learn more. this is my first time hear. I will be sure to be back!
Anonymous I have enjoyed it immensely and will use it to introduce my students to this art form as we will try to make our own didgeridoos as we study the Australian and Aborigine culture geography and history.
Dillon Whitaker from USA This is the only site I've found that rates their own didgeridoos and admits that not all your didgeridoos are "the best to be had"
Douglas Hannay from New Zealand Best so far & I'm still writing in this comment section!
Anonymous from USA I enjoy the information and community provided by the website
Anonymous from Italy Very much for the sincerity with which it is done and the number of languages in which you have translated the site
Graeme Hudson from USA I love your website. So comprehensive and superbly done - Today's my first time on it so will need a bit more time with it - Thanks - Graeme
Jared from Australia Its excellent. I am sure I will be purchasing some products from you soon.
Joey from USA This is a great website. I have learned a lot from here.
John Brady from United Kingdom GREAT! I love the way you focus on all things Aboriginal and not just the commercial aspect of your business. I read it for the articles alone as the next didge I buy will be GOOD one and I can't afford it yet!!!
Anonymous from Australia Good layout Would be nice to know where to get lessons. [OUR COMMENT: check out Didjnet in our community section]
Kathee from USA Love it. Tons of resources.
Anonymous Your website has been the best learning experience for me so far. I have always loved earthy aboriginal didgeridoo music. Recently tried a pvc didj and the vibrations made my spirit expand. In searching for more info your site has given me a better understanding of the instrument itself its sound origin culture different uses(I love the healing use) and suggestions on knowing how to purchase one right for me. Thank you for all your work in pulling together all this valuable information on to one site. Okay I'm getting a bit lengthy here but I was going to ask a friend to bring me a didgeridoo from her travels but have change my mind. If I decide to get one I want to be able to pick it out myself using the tools you have given on your site suggestion.
Anonymous It is very informative and has a great selection. I look forward to purchasing my first didj from you in the near future.
Lukas from Switzerland Very good information!!
Matt from USA Perfect!
Matthew Brewster from Guernsey So easy to navigate great pictures fantastic helpful staff and super prices
Michael Ivester from USA This site is BY FAR the best. Very original pieces in all different keys
Anonymous from USA Both referenced to me and from the looks appears to be the best on the web but its getting harder to tell these days...
Anonymous from Australia I think the level of information is fantastic. It is nice to know that purchasing a didge from you is of direct benefit to the Aboriginal community. The Didgeridoo's you have a truly stunning.
Anonymous from Brazil Nice.
Rune from Norway Very very informative and I have managed to track one of your clients in Norway so I know it is honest.
Ryan Anderson from Australia The best didj site on the web not just a store but a real community. Easy to navigate great newsletter and the forum is well moderated and full of great content. Love it!
Anonymous Its awesome. really home grown. it gives me a feeling of honesty as well. good for community as well.
Shishir Agrawal from India Its very very useful website. I have saved it as my bookmark and I m mailing the URL to my friends
Anonymous from Canada You guys have an excellent website filled with not only beautiful artwork and didjes but awesome insight into history and culture.
Tanya from Canada I think your site is amazing keep up the good work!!
Anonymous from USA Nice informative and obviously run by people who are committed to quality.
Vance from USA I get the feeling that this is the best Didgeridoo website because this site provides Didgeridoo history as well as sound quality grades buying advice and it guarantees that all of the didjes bought from this site are actually termite hollowed and crafted by Aborigines.
Anonymous Thanks for this great site!!!
Wayne from Australia Awesome web site and enjoy looking reading and browsing I am very into this music and I love it's origins and traditional values and believe you capture this via your website magnificently.
Anonymous Laid out very well
Anonymous It is nice and flows easily. I appreciate the info and the graphics. I am bummed however that the didj fest was moved far from LA.
Andre from USA Since you ask: I'm not quite sure what to make of the didges I see here. By and large they strike me as similar to those that have been mass-produced in tourist workshops perhaps by aboriginals but not as didgeridoos that would be acceptable for play by aboriginals in their own communities. To me a didgeridoo is no less a work of art than is a painting yet there is little to no artist information. If I'm going to pay $5000-$10 000 for a piece of art for example I expect much more than a mere mention of the artist's name. I expect a biography and history of their work and why it's important.
Anonymous It's a nice color scheme but it is a bit confusing to navigate through.
Bryan from USA Seems well organized and informational
Anonymous from USA I think it's very well designed and informative. hopefully I'll have money to buy a didj from here soon.....
Charles from USA Very detailed and you get to hear it before you buy it and see it
Cheryl from USA Very friendly very welcoming seeking answers to know more for improvement and knowing customers fitting instruments to customers
Anonymous from USA Its nice
Dagan Falk from USA Great layout easy to browse though and packed with information.
Anonymous I am very happy to have come across this site.
Dana Doliber from USA Good website good content easy to navigate. Well done.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Its very nice
Dennis from USA Very informative
Erik from USA I like it a lot. Seems Aboriginal to me.
Greg from USA Please consider me
Anonymous It is very informational
Igor from Croatia/Hrvatska It's a little boring and I'd use some other font...no offense
James from USA Has very good info
Jeff from USA It's a great site. Always find lots of information and I love that I can hear a clip of the didj I am considering for purchase.
Jeffrey Williams from USA Great!
Jerome from France Complete and very useful to select the didj corresponding to my need. a lot of information about didj and tradition about it. very interesting to try understanding aboriginal culture
Anonymous I like it
Josh from USA Its pretty nice
Karl from USA Well it's nice of you to offer this musical instrument. I haven't yet looked at your website
Katja Neumann from Germany I speak english but for your side it is sometimes not good enough
Anonymous from USA Very culturalistic and knowledgeable. Easy to navigate around.
Anonymous from USA I am happy with the sound clips and descriptions.
Anonymous Very exacting
Anonymous from USA Nice. I think I've been hear before? It looked familiar
Anonymous It seems very professional
Marianna from USA Really appreciate the mp3 s of the didj's.
Mario Restrepo from Canada Complete information
Anonymous from USA Nice style wish there was more advanced training/practice techs.
Anonymous Great!
Matthew from USA I like that you guys/gals have different advices for newcomers (like me)
Nicolas from Chile Comprehensive page of information on didgeridoo but I feel that no further contact with the Australian aborigines and of how to contact them exposing videos stories legends etc.
Anonymous from USA It has a contest
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very well laid out easy to navigate and informative. Instruments are shown recorded and categorised to help an internet buyer make a decision.
Randy Mccormick from Canada Very Interesting
Ricky Simpson from Us Minor Outlying Islands Cool
Anonymous Very nice and very knowledgeable. I feel I can trust it.
Shane from USA I was just looking for the history of the instrument. the sites were informative
Simon from Australia Its great offers a lot of information in a user friendly way.
Tim from Canada Layout is slightly awkward at first but other than that I love it! Staff is quick to reply didj pages are detailed and to-the-point.
Trevor Briggs from USA Very nice site keep up the good work.
Anonymous from Australia Insightful and helpful to all things didgeridoo.

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