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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2011:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous from USA A great compendium of didj data that is very interesting and great way to promote this unusual instrument and the aboriginal culture.
Anonymous Nice for those familiarity with it
Anonymous I haven't checked it out for awhile.
Anonymous First time here so no comment.
Al from Australia Love the sound bites and pics of the Didjes make dreaming about future purchases so much better
Alan Lowe from United Kingdom Great web site very informative and spreading the word throughout cyberspace
Anonymous The website seems to be outdated should maybe reformat the site to bring in a bigger audience to capture the didj culture.
Anonymous from USA Very informative and detailed.
Amy from USA Will explore more when I'm done here....cool quiz!
Amy Ellis from United Kingdom Good
Amy from USA I love your website
Anonymous Good site with good devices;)
Anonymous I have not yet explored.
Angie from USA This past year I was saddened to see that the type of wood specifically was not listed on the info for each didge such as it was in the past [OUR COMMENT: we still list the wood type for all unpainted didjes and we have never listed for painted ones. Its either the wood type or the artist which is listed and it always was that way (because often with painted didjes it is not possible to tell the timber anymore)]
Anonymous from USA Nice to see the Didge promoted. I think I will need one!! I would like to learn how to paint one!
Anthony Kubiak from USA I like it overall
Anonymous from USA It is very informative.
Ashley from USA This is my first time really checking out a website directly related to the information on the didgeridoo. I have always loved the sound that was produced but only recently have I become interested in the purchase of one. I feel your website is in fact helpful and highly informative.
Anonymous from USA N/A
Anonymous Overall it's nice yet a little disorienting.
Anonymous Excellent
Beat from Switzerland It's up to date good documentation different views and opinions
Beth from USA Very informative. I plan to come back when I have more time just for the reading.
Beverly from USA Haven't used it in a while but found it helpful when I used it in the past.
Brandi from USA I find it easy to navigate and I enjoy the hand crafted work sold here.
Brandon Barnard from USA It is very informative
Brandon from USA I found it interesting and positive.
Anonymous Looks good and has improved.
Anonymous Looks cool will read more thanks!
Anonymous from USA Its a great site.
Anonymous Very nice!
Carol from USA I appreciate your fair business practices and your outreach efforts
Anonymous It's great and I hope to win the Didge!
Anonymous from Germany I like your homepage it is good to handle the pictures and information are presented good
Cathy from Australia The website is very informative easy to navigate and feel good about the quality of the Didgeridoo listening to the notes etc. I like the cards you can email to friends also.
Anonymous Like it
Charles Steward from USA N/A
Anonymous Great job
Charlie from USA It has a lot of information about the Aboriginal People. The Instruments they play and what is going on in their lives good and bad. It is a great read and the instruments are beautiful It is where I got mine.
Anonymous from USA Background color and font size and selection are difficult on older eyes.
Chris from USA Love the website
Christopher from United Kingdom Well put together and informative
Corry from USA I find it to be very interesting
Anonymous Love it!!
Anonymous N/A
Dan from USA Great cross section of info and sales
Anonymous Looks cool
Dana from Canada Awesome.
Anonymous from Canada It is a good website. My brother got me a didj from here several years ago and I haven't been here for several years. But it is well organized and I can usually find what I am looking for.
David from USA Awesome website as I've spent quite a bit of time browsing and listening.
Anonymous from USA Great that you can hear the didjes
David from USA Very interesting
David Vanderpoole from USA Credible informative and well worth the time to browse read or even study in pursuit of one's ideal didgeridoo.
Dean Archer from United Kingdom I love it
Devonne from USA I am just now exploring it. I would love this instrument.
Anonymous Very friendly and informative
Donat from Belgium Nice
Doug from USA I looking forward to receiving the newsletter!! I read at least some parts of the [archived] newsletters though I do not yet receive them...
Anonymous from USA Seems like a great site for didj playing!
Ed from USA I find it informative and have enjoyed reading it for many years now
Edward Skipper from USA Very cool mate......: ) I'm sure very informative
Anonymous from USA I'm going to explore and figure some things out very cool
Anonymous from Israel It looks very nice.
Emily Bouldrey from USA Their are great blogs with tips for beginner like me and also providing positive feedback and information about health benefits of playing. (something i'll remind my neighbors of wink wink) But it is also amazing to see the artistry and beautiful work that goes into the pieces you guys make! I'm super jealous and hope I get graced enough to win one! That would make my entire year I'm a bartender and struggling musician and I could never afford to own something as beautiful as what you guys make.
Emma from USA I've found all of the community section especially helpful as well as the information provided in the shopping section.
Eric from USA Very intuitive and I like the fact you are not hard selling" your products and provide a much wider range of topics other than your instruments"
Eric Russell from USA I love this website. My son has found an identity with his didge and I will be visiting this site often.
Erik from USA I am not a fan of buying from the Internet and that is why I came to you home in person in 2007... That being said your rating system makes sense and is functional.
Anonymous A useful source of information
Evan from USA I love that you can hear the sound quality of most didj's. I wish you would put up the rest of them for the ones I can't listen to yet. A few that are in my price range I would really like to hear before I bought
Anonymous I think that it's not enough clear it's sometimes hard to find some information. Sound grading is very useful...and I love the spirit of the site!!
Anonymous Very user friendly chock-full of info for those new to this.
Anonymous from USA Love the style photos colors and diverse information available.
Gary from USA It's a good deal of fun but I haven't been back in a while. Thanks for the newsletter to remind me.
Anonymous from USA This is a wonderful rich interesting website.
Graeme from USA I really like it
Graeme White from United Kingdom Full of useful information
Greg from Australia The site has a lot of useful information and is easy to navigate
Gypsy Mama from Canada Couldn't reach this survey page earlier thankfully you fixed it. See no need to upgrade the site though if you do please keep it simple. I would like to search for a didj by key and weight which I thought was possible before.
Howard Williamson from USA I love exploring it and always find interesting things. It makes me want to own a better quality didj.
Anonymous I like it and your emails.
Ian from USA Everything is printed clearly and is understandable when read.
Ilias from France Basic no publicity so this is d*mn good!!!!! Permits quick charging and no stress because of all those ads. Keep it that way!!!
Jaime-lynn from USA Very well put together.
James from USA Love it
James from USA It looks awesome
Anonymous from USA Haven't used it much other than to look at didges for sale
Jan from Australia Very good! Not many good didj websites around.
Janene from Australia Easy to read and informative
Jeff from USA Very easy to use with lots of good info.
Anonymous from USA It's a good resource
Jeffrey from USA I think it is very good for what it needs to be.
Jeffrey from USA I love this survey. really makes me think.
Jenni Abbott from Australia I think the training videos and description of product are great.
Jennifer from USA Seems very informative
Anonymous My first visit. interesting even to a person who has never played - YET!
Jessica from USA Very informative
Anonymous from USA Very informative and helpful in choosing the right Didgeridoo for myself. I especially like the feature of being able to listen to each Didgeridoo.
Joan from USA Very helpful:)
Joanne from Australia This is the first time I have visited.
Joe from USA Simple and slick easy to use. I like it doesn't make me want to hurry up and get my business done so I could navigate away. There is a little something for everyone here it's not just about didjeridoo's.
Anonymous Informative
Joey Terhljan from Canada This is a GREAT site - lots of history information and helpful writings.
Johan Thaens from Belgium The place to be to share experiences with common minds
John (no Kidding!) from Canada Great! Easy to use well organized and certainly lots to look at! Both in the store and in general.
Anonymous It's interesting.
Jonathan from Australia It's a great website; easy navigation and very informative. The way in which the didgeridoo's are displayed and graded is excellent. Better quality recordings would greatly help you.
Joni from Finland Good job. It's starting to look a bit old but it does the job and that's what matters.:)
Jonny Monument from United Kingdom I love your site. I wish I had more cash so I could buy all the didges I want! It must take a lot of maintenance just to keep it all going but believe me: it's worth it.
Anonymous from USA It's great in terms of content but looks a bit haggard given the current website design technology. It just seems kind of out of date and in this day and age that often is tied to skepticism about the legitimacy of the site. Once you go through everything offered on the site though it seems very legitimate and is super helpful!
June from USA I'm happy to have found this site.
Justin Castillo from USA Pretty good
Kai Lehrke from Canada Awesome when ever I go there I feel like you guys are family it looks so fun. I like the events you are putting on. When I started out choosing a didge and learned how to play I visited you web page almost every day.
Karolina from USA A very engrossing and intriguing site! Set fire to my didj wonderment.
Anonymous Good site
Keith from United Kingdom Excellent resource
Anonymous Very informative!
Ken from USA Best Didj Website
Kenny Elvin from USA I really like the feel of the letters. The instruments are amazing and I like to browse and imagine the possibilities. I make and throw boomerangs and hunting sticks. Like to see more of that
Anonymous from USA Haven't checked yet
Anonymous I find it fun to browse through looking at didjes and learning about aboriginal culture. I found it most useful when I made my own didgeridoo using only hand tools. it was birchwood and didn't quite come out pretty but plays pretty well for a first attempt. I actually just went wood hunting for the next one today in the ramapo valley of new jersey.
Kim from USA Informative
Anonymous It's information is very useful! It has helped me expand my playing ability.
Anonymous from Australia Great info! a little hard to find the shop/pictures when new to the site
Anonymous Different
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very good and traditional
Lee Chang from Japan Nice easy to follow good attitude.
Anonymous Nice site. good structure
Liela Ross from USA The newsletter reminded me about it. I love it.
Anonymous Please OPT-OUT on sending me emails or NO giving my name to others [OUR COMMENT: you can opt-out easily, just go to "Newsletter Subscriptions" in the 'Community' Section. Also we will not give your name to others, see our "Privacy Policy" in the 'About Us' Section]
Luca from Italy It is my primary way to read an know about didgeridoo it seems to me very complete
Luz from Italy For me it's one of the most serious interesting and clear websites of Didgeridoo culture around the web
Maeve from Ireland Information is brilliant! Layout is a bit hard to navigate but once you get past that it is incredibly useful.
Marc from Canada Excellent
Margaret from USA I like that you have a contest that may broaden my horizons
Mark from USA Will look at now
Martin Donnelly from Thailand Ok
Anonymous from United Kingdom It is the best in the world. really.
Anonymous Haven't checked it out yet
Anonymous Love it! Keep up the good work.:)
Michael Lipson from USA It's most inviting but you could use better images.
Michael from Ireland I am very glad to be connected to a global community and reminded of the world wide meditation each equinox by your website. I think this is a excellent idea and respect ye for keeping it up.
Anonymous from USA I love it! Nicely laid out and home-like" in a sense."
Mike Clayton from United Kingdom Well laid out and easy to navigate full of interesting and useful information on contemporary issues.
Miroslav Miskovic from Serbia Excellent website lots of useful information and great selection of didges
Anonymous Good
Anonymous Not as many Didjes as you used to have. [OUR COMMENT: see our December 2011 newsletter as to why this was the case]
Anonymous Seems easy to navigate
Nicole from USA I love the color scheme and more importantly how seriously you take the instrument and it's history.
Nigel Mason from United Kingdom Reading others views reading cultural issues is very helpful and interesting
Anonymous Very nice and informative. Easy to navigate. Very nice contact with your help desk. Very helpful advice and very quick reply. Thanks!
Anonymous from USA Just entered looking forward to news letter. I plan to purchase a didge with natural bark on the bell in the future
Anonymous I think your website is OK.
Pamela from USA Love it very informative
Pamela from USA Nice set up
Patrice Mahoney from Australia I like it easy to get around and find what you're looking for..
Patrick from USA Best on the web if not the world.
Paul De Bono from Malta Website is very easy to navigate and is very informative. I often use it to show my friends what authentic Aboriginal didjes look like. I also love to browse through the information on didj playing and Aboriginal culture.
Anonymous No comment
Paul from United Kingdom It could do with an update. content has always been good but presentation is a bit dated now. not that it is really a problem....you can still find what you want.
Paul from USA I just found this very interesting and educational website. I have not had opportunity to spend much time here but certainly hope to soon.
Anonymous I like your website. I think it is interesting and informative.
Peter from United Kingdom I found it very useful and informative when I started playing but tend to only visit when reminded by news letters
Peter from USA It appears to be very nice but laid out with an older web design program. It could be updated with a newer program to make it more modern.
Ralph from USA Good I like the information.
Randy from USA I've found it easy to navigate but more importantly I find it very informative.
Raymond Wouters from Belgium Zeer goed
Richard from USA VERY informative especially the part about the physics. I have not been all over it yet but plan to soon.
Richard from USA Awesome!
Richard from USA Better
Riley from USA It has not only widened my scope of how the instrument affects people and increased my knowledge of technique and meditation but it has brought a sense of community to the didj players around the globe.
Rita from USA Nice! and thoughtful questions
Rob from USA Excellent website- the best I have found on didges. Very informative about playing instruments and Aboriginal issues.
Anonymous This is my first visit but it is very comprehensive
Robert from USA No comment
Robert Remington from USA Ready for an Up-Date but very informative.
Anonymous Very informative. I enjoy seeing the different items
Anonymous from USA Nice
Ron from Canada Top notch if you love this instrument this IS THE one stop shop for all things droning:)
Ron Lankford from USA It's busy with a lot of info but it is easy to navigate and find things. It reminds me of an old-time general store where you can find what you're looking for but also find surprises and treasures you didn't know existed. Your site exhibits orderly randomness" 8-)."
Anonymous from Australia Useful to the point the selections is amazing. The emphasis on Aboriginal culture is inspiring.
Rual from USA Put together very well
Anonymous from Austria Open for all people interested in didge. Excellent didgeridoos
Anonymous from USA Very cool
Scott from USA Very well laid out but most good didges are sold out should be paced when submitting new ones for the month
Anonymous from USA I like that you give attention to the culture and important issues.
Serah from Canada Awesome simply the best resource out there... plus I like how much effort you do to promote aboriginal culture.
Shannon from USA Great site.
Anonymous from USA I like the layout
Anonymous from New Zealand Great website with heaps of good information.
Steffen from Germany Very nice website!
Stephanie from USA Not many people even know what a Didgeridoo is! I am happy to see there are more peeps out there like me who love this instrument:)
Stephen Barton from New Zealand Great been following it for many years now keep up the good work. Once your email arrives in my in box most things go out the window as to say!
Stephen from USA I used to play my roommate's didgeridoo but I moved away and haven't played in years. This website rekindled my interest.
Anonymous Very informative and love the fact that you are starting the Worldwide Meditative didge event (WELL DONE!)
Susan from USA Very informative
Anonymous Insightful. I had not realized that there is a whole realm that surrounds the didge.
Tanya Devine from Canada It's an important piece of information being put out there and available to all to read and stay up on issues...
Taylor from USA I really enjoy your website. I've spent a fair amount of time on it reading about didges and window shopping. I've window shopped on your site for about a year now but I haven't bought a new didge because I don't really have the funds for one - I've wanted an original aboriginal didge for years now! I appreciate your rating system it makes it easier to understand what I might be getting myself into if I were to buy a didge from you.
Tero from Finland Still after all these years (I did mention I've been reading your newsletter for 10 years now did I?) there's no one that comes close. You were the first one I stumbled onto when I first did a search on didjes online and there's been no one who did it better ever since.
Terry from Australia Very informative well set out easy to navigate.
Thomas from USA I love how much information you have it's such a good resource for someone interested in the instrument and someone looking to buy one.
Tiago from Portugal Not bad at all just a bit old fashioned - which is not a bad thing at all:) Navigation could be a bit easier sometimes. Other than that well done!
Tim from Japan Bit traditional in look and sometimes difficult to navigate but lots of excellent info.
Tim White from Canada This was a great little survey...I had a great time filling it out...thanks!!!
Tina Johnston from Australia Well set up and informative
Anonymous from USA I just found it and it appears interesting
Tom from USA I have enjoyed your web site for opening up the world of the didj playing and the help it has given me. I hope some day to contribute to your web site.
Anonymous from USA Like the random newsletter would like to receive more this year.
Tom from USA Very good.
Tom from USA Love the website. Easy to navigate. Wealth of information.
Anonymous Excellent!!!
Tony from USA I like it very much I love being able to chose from a number of different subjects.
Tony from Canada Great
Anonymous So far it look great
Troy from USA It's very orange. Didjshop.com is more than a place to buy a didj... it's a place to learn to become part of the aboriginal culture.
Anonymous from USA Always like to receive the info.
Anonymous No
Anonymous Cool
Anonymous from USA Great
Anonymous The web site is easy to use
Willem from Netherlands Your website is very complete and I use it a lot for my studies on sound. The information on your website is very useful for the research I do on sound from ancient sites.
William from USA None
Anonymous from USA Seems good enough for it's purpose I would recommend an update in not to long because the scripts you've used are a little outdated.
Wouter from Netherlands In first I tries to find the shop because I wanted to order but I don't think it's very clear to see at first sight where the didges are for sale. I really had to search... Further it's very inspiring and I get a very good trust in the quality of the didges ready all the info.
Anonymous from Israel Very informative

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