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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2010:

Online name


Anonymous from USA Very informative
Bobby from USA I enjoy it. very thorough. very very nice selection of didj's.
Anonymous One of the most informative. Most didjs for sale have mp3s which is a big help - 2nd only to playing it yourself.
Chris from USA Only once but I have been browsing it for three days now.
Anonymous The best didgeridoo shop ever
Chuck Thorne from USA It was for me very informative and I will tell others about it
Anonymous from China (pr) It seems quite easy to use
Daniel from Switzerland Just came here still browsing through for the first time but I really like the ways you list the didges many useable options nice effective navigation well done.
Daniel from USA Nice
David Lucena from Brazil The best didj site!
David from USA It's got a lot of great information. I loved the reading on the site. It was a little difficult to find the actual store though. It might be a turn off for people who visit the site for the first time.
Elsbeth Procter from USA Everything I was hoping to find and more
Fábio Augusto from Brazil Don't have 1
Frank from Netherlands Looks very professional and I gave me a good feeling of thrust. What I mean to tell you is that I love your website
Gary from USA You have a lot of great information on your web sight. I use it as a learning tool about the people who make the didgeridoos. There is truly a wealth of information to be had
Anonymous from USA Very informative and extremely helpful with my purchase.
George from USA I like it - informative easy to get around
Anonymous Great only just found it
Jake from USA I think your site is very informative and has some great quality didjes.
Jake from USA Great site - I enjoy the content
Jesse from USA Your website is very genuine and well put together also very informative. I give it 5 out of 5
Anonymous I find your site very informative and attractive demonstrating a consistency of great respect pride and enthusiasm on each page. I look forward to exploring all the links!
John from USA I Like it easy to use.
Josef from New Zealand An excellent web page. It will be the place I will buy my next didj.
Kate from USA From what I've seen so far it's really great.
Anonymous Haven't looked around yet
Keith from USA Educating
Ken Hrycyk from Canada Covers all questions I had about didgin.
Ken Rath from Denmark Its nice and easy to use
Leslie from USA Nice
Luca from Italy Wicked
Anonymous Great site informative and affords these instruments the respect they deserve
Matt Meers from USA The Didjshop is THE didj shop. I will never buy a didj from anywhere else for both quality and ethics are found there.
Neil from United Kingdom It's my first time here but I'm coveting the didjs already!
Nick Mikrikov from USA Great. Its informative giving in info. honest earthy friendly neat..
Anonymous from USA Seems very simple straightforward linear. It could benefit from some design changes and you could definitely change the mix on your recordings. You need to record in a better space and provide some personal feedback from the player on the didj. an mp3 hardly conveys the feel.
Richard Crow from United Kingdom The website has given me a better appreciation of the authentic manufacture of the Didgeridoo and how important it is to support indigenous people all over the world
Anonymous from France First visit
Anonymous You guys RAWK!!!!!
Russell Sherman from USA I'm liking it already
Anonymous from France Je le trouve très complet mais je dois avoir une mauvaise traduction car je n'ai pas reussit à trouver le magasin tout de suite..........et je n'ai que très peu d'extrait pour entendre vos didges en vente
Anonymous The information on this website is astounding though the navigation can be confusing. Can recommend a good web designer if you need!
Sergio Gonzalez from Mexico Hey good afternoon my friends of didjshop I'm happy to stay in the contest to win the didj greetings!
Anonymous from Chile Its a great site for all didj players. And its a great shop too.
Steve from USA Very informative. great specs on all the didges.
Anonymous I would like to learn.
Thomas Gibson from USA Strange but cool
Anonymous C'est le meilleur site de didj! ils sont plus beau les un que les autres. leurs son et magnifique. j'aime l'étique de votre site.
Anonymous from USA It is very easy to navigate and great to browse all the different didjs.
Willard Shaw from USA Very good
Anonymous Amazing choice of didj but we can't listen it the mostly

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