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Visitors Comments made during the month of Apr 2008:

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Alan from United Kingdom

Very informative with a very good range from beginner to advanced. I have recommended to friends who also gave me good feedback on what they have seen.

Anonymous from Canada

Just found it. Loved will recommend it

Anonymous from USA

Excellent!!! Better than all other sites. Love the info on the didjes. Also have learned a bunch

Anonymous from USA

I love you website. It is easy to navigate and you offer a wonderfully large selection. You also have quite a bit of valuable information.


Easy to navigate. Your passion for didj's is obvious


I like the website a lot. I like how the company stresses the importance of supporting the Aboriginal people. I like being able to hear the didges. I like how the site inspires community. Once I have the money I will not look anywhere else to buy my didge. I wish I had bought my aboriginal didge from you.

Cristian Neely from Chile

I like it very much. Is the best and most complete website of didgeridoos.

David from USA

I find it fascinating and very educational. I enjoy visiting and always learn something.

David Klein from USA

The community tab is very useful I learned more about breathing exercises than I have in my Music Theory courses at University. I have never learned so much so quickly about any instrument I've played a list of seven.

Dean from Australia

This site has been so helpful compared to others easy to navigate and search for what I'm looking for..

Elliott Deighton from Canada

Your website is a great resource and the best Didj website on the net. Not only do you have great information the largest collection of Didjes for sale but you also inform the general public about Aboriginal problems and the need to practice "fair trade" when buying a Didj.

Emily from USA

It's a beautiful place to visit.

Eric from USA


Gerard from Sweden

It is a wealth of information. A good source of information on not only the instrument itself but on the background of it as well.

Hans-jürgen from Germany

Many didges. At the first time I looked only to the prices and new didges. But there are many more information. I noticed them now. Very different.

Isaac Firesmith from USA

When I compare your website to others I have visited I find your's move welcoming and friendly. I really like the fact that you can listen to almost all of your didgeridoo's.

Javier Rembado from Spain

Excellent website

Julio Peña from Paraguay

I like the responsibility you have bringing to us your visitors or clients a complete and checking information.

Kari from USA

Very well planned out and decorated. Out of all the didj sites I've visited I would be most inclined to buy from here.

Kei Tomono from Japan

Very Nice Good Service

Kelsey from USA

I love the teaching section

Ken Betteley from Australia

I'm enjoying what I have seen so far and I like the idea of your survey

Kris from Canada

Amazing I learned a ton about didges and I guarantee I will be buying a didge from this site very very soon.

Laszlo from Switzerland

It is a first time. I have the link from a Didgeridoo friend. But I will use this in the future.

Anonymous from Italy

I like very much the global meditation project. I know from other players that this is a good reference point for purchasing but I have never thought of buying an instrument on-line. I need to try the instrument first

Mac from USA

It's great and the shipping time is excellent. you can be assured with the quality of you didj after purchase and you will be satisfied with your choice.

Mary Lindhart from USA

Love you site - filled with lots of great info and easy to search through

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

I always look forward to your news letter as it is so varied the web site shows a wonderful range of didges teaching page is excellent and I also enjoy the general news. I remember when I first found the site a number of years ago I found it hard to find my way around. it is now 100% improved and user friendly

Pablo Sebastian Meza from Argentina

You are very generous you give for all the world the ticket to the didjeridu land you are the bridge to the other side information. Thanks

Ricardo from Portugal

Its he best site ever.... every thing we need is here... 5 STARS *****

Anonymous from Israel

A very cool website indeed. lots of information and most important - lots of didjeridus of all kind for sale.

Rowena from Australia

The best didge site of all. love the lay out very informative best selection of didges by far authentic made

Sean from USA

It is very informative and a pleasant site to visit.

Shae from Australia

Very good. I found this one of the best didgeridoo sites that I entered. beautiful didgeridoos and I totally trust the authenticity.

Tim from USA

This is by far the best didj website I've seen both in terms of information and didjes available.

William Bode from USA

GREAT WORK! I love this site and your news letter! Easy to browse fun to listen.


It looks great!!

Anatoliy from Ukraine

Web-site is ok.

Anette Solgaard from Denmark

It's nice.

Angela from USA

I accidentally deleted your newsletter and came to the site trying to find out about the sale but don't see the same information. please resend the latest newsletter thanks!

Anthony Dias from Portugal

Really like the design...and the questions you've just proposed to me really surprised me.

Bob from Canada

Good site all around I like the fact that you present article other than just selling didges

Bruce from USA

I like the mp3 files. Love the sound.


Good choice of didges but not all have mp3 samples

Carlos from Portugal

For starter I just love the fact that I can choose my own language (Portuguese)! That is really rare and for that I thank you very much! I tried to send the message you give to my friends but my mail address wont fit in the gap! I sent them via my own hotmail. I think it is a great website 'cause it gives us info and the possibility of hearing to sound clips witch is very important because helps us and somehow trains our hears to the different sounds of the Didgeridoo. I will keep on visiting it so that I can read things I probably missed xD

Chris from USA

Good.. easy to use


I really appreciate the information I can get about the rating sound quality and the cultural background

Chris Thorn from United Kingdom

Has blown me away! Amazing! Very helpful and relevant to where I am in the setting up of the centre.

Christian Robert from France

I have not visited it very much yet but what I have seen looks very impressive. I like the professional way it is done and since I am an outsider to your culture I am very interested in getting as much information as I can. As a traditional musician I know that it takes a very long time to learn music and that we all have to remain very humble.

Colin Hawkins from USA

Very informative and easy to navigate. the best one I've found so far.

Damien Broens from Belgium

Original decoration clear and detailed but sometimes difficult to understand for a non-English Involvement full. a very good website about didge and Aboriginal people.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative.

Daniel from Spain

I like a lot and it is very interesting on a subject that is difficult to find information

David from USA

I enjoy it

Anonymous from USA


Ed from USA

Easy to use. I love the recorded playing.

Emile Gluck-thaler from Canada

Very useful in providing me with some basic Didgeridoo facts and information.

Florent from France

It's very good website Many photos characteristics sounds... But I think it's really difficult to buy a Didj without testing it before.

Frank Wagner from USA

Informative. At first too much info. However as I become more interested I read more.

Gerrit from Netherlands

No comment. Just keep up the good work!!

Greg Thorn from United Kingdom

Very easy to move around site without getting lost even friends said its 1st time friendly.


Nice instruments.

Jared from USA

I can't stop once I get on can't get enough didgen

Joe from USA

Nice site. Easy to navigate

John Tasch from USA

Love it. I wish I could afford to buy more of your beautiful didges.

Juan Boulter from Australia

Easy to navigate

Kathryn from Australia

I love it have sent your site address to all my family and a few good friends and hope they enjoy it as much as I have.

Ken from USA

I love your site I wish I could afford some of the fancier instruments.:-)

Kirk from USA

I've not yet completely explored it but so far so good.

Kristoffer Stewart from United Kingdom

Its a really good place to go just when I want to look at some didges without having to search the internet and it informative as well it gives me information I would like to know.

Kylie from Australia

Its great - colourful and informative. I think that your on a winner by providing different types of information about didj's.

Larry from USA

Interesting facts and wonderful stories.

Luciano Aguiar from Brazil

Ótimo site vou divulgar onde for no brasil!!!

Marco Paoletti from Italy


Mark from USA

None quite like it I think.

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

Your website is not only attractive but also packed with information concerning the community equipment etc. It is easy to navigate.

Palle Kjær Laursen from Denmark

Old school


Easy to navigate and Very Informative.

Anonymous from Spain

This is quite good website in all languages that is really important.


Good was hoping for an actual shop that I could go to look at buying a didge. Like to play them before purchasing.

Pieter Hamming from Netherlands

Very nice website with a lot of useful information. Looks very professional. Attractive to buy things at didjshop.com

Richard Craven from USA

I love the layout. Everything is easy to find and navigate through.


Good so far.

Rodney from USA

Very nice instruments. The site is very easy to navigate.

Sean Jackson from USA

I like how much information you make available in one place


Very interesting. love looking at all different styles will certainly let my friends know

Stephen from Canada

I love your website and can't wait to buy one of your didj's as soon as I can afford one.

Steve from United Kingdom

Great information simple format on a user friendly site

Susan from USA

It is fun. I sent a card to my daughter who studied at the University of Wollingong for a semester around 1995. She brought home a didj.

Tamara Suey from Australia

I think it is great that you are sharing traditionally made didj's with the world-enough of these imitations-maybe we should copyright them????

Teresa from USA

Love the website very informative--enjoy the pics of the different Didjes and sound clips.


Interesting website...will continue to learn more

Terry Lull from USA

It is very good. I don't have much web experience but I like your site better than most others I have visited.

Tony from USA

Easy to use and full of very useful information

Tony from Canada

I like it a lot very interesting articles

Tyler from USA

Very well laid out and easy to understand.


A lot of good information!

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