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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2007:

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Anonymous from Italy

Probably this site is the best because of the mixing of cultural information lot of good Aboriginal didges good community and forum.

Andrew from Australia

Awesome site with lots of interesting info Love the sound files and artists info. "Dreaming for one of your didges"

Anthony Gataveckas from Canada

Great site with lots of information and am looking forward to buying another didge from your store.

Arnee Macdowell from Australia

Excellent site very informative and great products.

Arno from Netherlands

Very complete and informative....covering ALL aspects on 1 site

Bert from Netherlands

Nice clear and informative

Bill from USA


Brice from USA

Your site is the only place I would purchase a didj from. I lust after your Didjes but am not able to afford a good one.

Danny from USA

I like yours the best because it is very thorough and easy to work with. you guys know your stuff

Dave from United Kingdom

One of the best.

David Carmichael from USA

Excellent site. I am particularly impressed by your concern for aboriginal culture and the political battles related to the treatment of aborigines and the land in your country. I use some of the info in my anthropology classes

Dominic from Italy

It's the best...enough said.

Eric Boucher from Canada

Your website is still the best I have ever came across and because of your ethics now I only come to your site as The Reference!

Anonymous from USA

It is by far the most professional. A lot of the other websites I've been to are not very well put together. There is also a wealth of information on didjshop.com which is not found on any other sites that I have recently visited. That in itself is a great thing.

Jim from USA

I enjoy it very much and plan to buy my next didj from you...I especially like the sound samples rather than descriptions.

Joe Kiefer from Germany

Very good excellent with much information authentic

John Smith from United Kingdom

It is excellent - the best I have found

Jon Thompson from USA

Unbelievable. You have tremendous concern for the native culture which I wholly believe in. Thank you.

Jussi from Finland

Your website is very interesting well made and gives the best information about the world of genuine didgeridoos with sound samples etc.

Keith from Australia

Very good and helpful - despite some of the feelings that may exist I believe that the world moves on - I passionately recognise and respect that Australia is part of the Aboriginal culture and the Aboriginal culture is a vital and important part of Australia evolved over thousands of years - something I would like to see and learn more about and be part of and preserve - I love the didgeridoo because it so much has the feel and soul of Australia and we all need to work to keep that soul intact.

Kenneth from USA

Love the site and the things you have on it

Kern from United Kingdom

It puts all the others in the shade. It's both ecologically and environmentally aware and is the only site I've seen that makes a total effort to show it's support for the aboriginal culture that brought us this wonderful instrument rather that "hey aren't our didges just wonderful" as some others do.

Ligia from Puerto Rico

All I know about Didjes I learned on this web site so I think you should keep the good work.

Linda Birk from USA

I like yours the best. It gives plenty of credit to the Aboriginal people. Also this website has a wide selection of products. Didjshop.com is a very easy website to work with and I love coming to it.


I think it is awesome. The reason I visited the website is because my little brother wants one for x-mas. We are native people of the USA...Apache to be exact. Rock on Native Peeps 'round the world.

Anonymous from Israel

Keep doing what you're doing (:

Marc Larivière from Canada

This is the better that I've seen so easy to find something. The sounds to the didgeridoo are very clean. I very like it. You couldn't do better

Marco Zambelli from Italy

Very easy to visit and very clear. you can find everything you need about didj and other interesting aboriginal stuff...in a large variety of languages....ITALIAN TOO!!! very good

Michael from Canada

Looks like an excellent site. I really enjoy being able to hear the Didj's with your MP3 samples!! Also beautiful selection for sale.


It is great. The information is vast the descriptions on the didges is far better than what I've seen on other sites and it is fairly well-organized. I think full descriptions should be placed on some of the learners didges though. I might soon purchase a didge from this site once I get more specific information regarding certain didges I have on my mind which I might request at a later time. [OUR COMMENT: we give less information on 1st and 2nd sound quality didjes to keep their prices down]

Anonymous from USA

I was referred here by a friend because I wanted to buy an authentic didj as a present and was very pleasantly surprised. Although the design leaves a bit to be desired the site more than makes up for it with content. I especially enjoyed reading and learning more about the instrument and appreciated being enlightened as to what is going on with respect to aboriginal didj artisans not getting the credit they deserve and consumers being deceived. Also really liked being able to listen to individual instruments and found the search function and Q&A helpful for a novice buyer. Overall very informative website and I feel good knowing that I'm buying from compassionate people with true respect for the merchandise they are selling and where it comes from.

Nigel from United Kingdom

I have enjoyed your website for many years. I


It's exquisite. I've not seen such care attention to detail and information on any one site ever.

Paula from USA

Beautiful very informative and a joy to just "browse" through.

Reuben from New Zealand

Very Helpful in looking at buying a didge


This is the first time I have been to your web site I found it while doing a Google search on didgeridoos. I must say there is a lot of good reading here and interesting facts plenty of good links etc.

Ron from USA

Very nice site. Yours was the second site I ran across and haven't looked at another since. I like the fact that you are very concerned for the Aboriginal People and their rights and welfare. More people should be as concerned. We have the same problems here in the United States with the way the Native Americans have been treated.

Sam from Australia

It's fantastic the sound bites are awesome it's great to have an authority warning buyers against fake Didjes.

Sarah from Canada

I am pleased that there is so much clear information and openness about discussing Aboriginal culture and didges on this site. I have learned a lot about the music techniques and cultural issues from this website. I would be interested in more information about permission/taboos for female players.

Scott Kellsey from Canada

I love this website and I am an active member in the forum (although I was away for quite some time...) all in all an amazing site with a fabulous forum

Steve Shydo from USA

By filling out this form I have been made aware of certain injustices and deceptions.

Anonymous from Canada

Authentic and straight forward

Tom from USA

I love the sound clips. I haven't had the money to buy but when I do I will have to take days and days to listen to all the samples. It's great. I also like the classification system and all of the detail work you have put in. Buying an unique instrument over the internet is difficult enough but you have tried your hardest to make it a fair and easy deal.

Toni Maria from USA

Very educational and appreciate this questionnaire.

Vince Malone from Australia

Very well constructed site with very helpful information for somebody just starting out with the didj such as myself.

Ana Prego from Spain

Fantastic that you try to show people this situation and give de possibility to learn more about aboriginal culture

Angie from USA

Very nice. Items have a picture/price clearly displayed. Information is good.

Angie from Australia

I think it is a great learning portal very easy to navigate and very useful information.Keep up the good work!

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from Switzerland

Very diverse and good articles on technical as well as cultural topics


Very nice informative easy to navigate

Candace from USA

This site gives a lot of valuable information not only about didj's but about the people who make them.



Chris Glover from United Kingdom

Always full of interesting items

Claire from United Kingdom

It looks like a well informed trustworthy site.

Cliff from USA

Very informative most useful information out of all the other sites I've looked at

Clinton from Malta

Very organised web. keep it up

Conor from Ireland

Very nice and well put together

David from USA

Very nice. Clearly a one stop place.

Deby from Canada

I love your website. I feel it is respectful of a great art form and culture. I truly wish I could afford to own a didjeridu. Their music touches my soul and I have the greatest respect for the culture and people who create them.

Don Morris from USA

It's good but I never could find a didge with a recording of the sound it makes. None of those links showed it was enabled. [OUR COMMENT: try on a different computer, hundreds of people listen to them every day, so they certainly work]

Eric Tomberg from USA

Very Nice


Good sound examples and quality rating. A pleasure to stroll through the pages.

Gail from Canada


Anonymous from Finland

It seems to me that Didjshop might be the best place to buy a quality didgeridoo. Right now I'm just learning so my $15 bamboo didgeridoo is just good for me. Actually I started this hobby only a week or two ago.

Hans from USA

I think it is really cool

Imanol Arnoso from Spain

I like it much I think is very important to respect de aboriginal people rights

Jamian Mateja from USA




Jason Devries from USA

Very Original. I just found you here tonight.

Joachim Kiefer from Germany

The best you can get in the web

Anonymous from USA

It is really nice and I like the fact that it is aboriginal information.

Anonymous from USA

Very Good Helps a lot Good Facts. All Around Great Site


I think that it's a great resource for anyone looking for anything didji related.

Keith from United Kingdom

V good. Informative. Easy to navigate even for me!

Anonymous from South Africa

It looks great and is a pleasure to navigate lots of interesting facts love the fact that I can listen to the didjes

Ladron de Guevara from Mexico

No pues está muy chica carnal dejaré la escuela para tocar didjeridu jajaj

Lars Clark from USA

I appreciate the information you have shared.


Love the set up. Easy to operate.

Luciano Dibacco from Canada

It is very interesting and unique to me.

Marcel Pielert from Germany

Oh I like your site quite a lot cause I have a Didjshop as well in berlin. please don't stop fighting for the aboriginal people

Martin from Canada

Very informative but it took me a while to find where to actually look at the didges

Anonymous from USA

It's really nice. I'm not real computer savvy so I have a bit of trouble navigating.

Mat Lacombe from Canada

Still browsing but quite satisfied so far...

Matt from USA

It seems succinct and well-organized.

Matteo from Italy

A very beautiful site but few italian language


Very informative

Michael from USA

It's awesome! So much information. I never knew there was this much pertaining to the didj.

Mike from Netherlands

Ease of use. Not to much annoying screen gadgets that hurt the eye. I like it

Anonymous from Australia

It has been fairly good however it could probably have profiles of the Didgeridoos it can offer and some more images of festivals etc.


I really goes overboard about your site and didgeridoos. but in case of mouthpiece almost mouthpieces seem to be made of beeswax. isn't there another mouthpieces? made of wood? [OUR COMMENT: we always add a beeswax mouthpiece for more comfort when playing, but you can just remove it]

Nicholas from USA

Extremely informative I love the MP3 downloads available and the pictures of all the didgeridoos are just simply fantastic

Anonymous from Italy


Patrick from Netherlands

Good site. Nice photos and sounds.

Anonymous from USA

I like it. Advanced search feature is very nice.

Phillip from USA

Great info

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I think it is a very good site full of usefully info and will definitely be back!

Richard Wade from USA

I am impressed. The mpg is a great idea. I need to decide on the key...but concert quality it the way to go.

Anonymous from USA

Your website is very informative and covers a wide variety of interests as it pertains to the didgeridoo and the Aboriginal cultures. It is well laid out and easy to navigate. The sound clips are of great help as well.

Roger Pressnell from USA

Very well put together

Samantha from Australia

It's very informative

Sergio A. from Colombia

Very cool feature those MP3s

Sheila from Brazil

It' s a very nice website. It helps to spread the australian aboriginal culture. I'd love to buy Didgeridoos but the shipping to my country is so expensive.

Anonymous from Italy

Very good made and interesting


It's a very nice site but all of the sudden I'm being questioned in English while I started out in Dutch. This could be improved

Anonymous from USA


Yacine from France

It's a really cool website there's everything we need.

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