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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2010:

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Adam from Australia Great site with some amazing didgeridoos
Anonymous The didj do look like a cool exotic instrument
Andrew Kaufman from USA A very well presented site with a lot of well represented info.
Andy from United Kingdom It has a lot of useful information for beginners thru to advanced players has good illustrations
Andy Locky from Canada The website is informative and easy to use.
Angel from USA I am pleased that there is a place selling didjeridoos that are made by original people. (This is not a misprint; I do mean to say "original people").
Anonymous from Finland It's better than last time I answered to thing like this.
Aphia from USA Authentic and focused
Ava Perry from USA I enjoy all the info your website provides.
Anonymous from Netherlands Good website. It's not hard to find stuff.
Anonymous Pretty good looking intuitive very informative
Anonymous I find it very interesting!!
Bob from Canada Great site lots os good info...like the info on tuning and building mouthpieces
Bob from USA No complaints! Really like the sound clips of the different didges.
Byron Mcallister from USA Attractive. I haven't bought one of your didjes yet however but then I'd be a hard sell: without acquiring circular breathing I can't justify expanding beyond my small collection of "fakey" didjes.
Charles Smith from USA Nice with lots of informative info
Chris Bittner from USA Wonderful!
Chris Horvath from USA I appreciate your ethics. Your cause is true and noble. I can tell that didgshop.com is a true friend of the Aborigines.
Chris Humphrey from USA This is the first place I go when I'm looking for information about didjes.
Christian Robert from France It's nice to go and browse through the site. It's like visiting old friends and see what 's new in their lives.
Chuck from USA Nice. I found it yesterday looking for a new Didgeridoo.
Cindi Clinton from USA I'm a beginner so I've found lots of helpful info here as well as many didj's I'd love to own someday. I'm jazzed also by the other instruments for sale and might try flute next!
Claudia from Romania The website is very friendly and I found every information trustworthy. I think it is the best website for Didgeridoo lovers keeping in mind the customer's best interest
Collin Malleck from USA I truly love this website. It provides me with all the information I need about Didgeridoos and Aboriginal culture.
Dale from USA Great resource
Daniel from USA Its excellent! I have seen several didj sales sites but yours is by far the most comprehensive and educational.
Dave Estes from USA Thanks for the effort
Dave Snyder from USA GREAT website!!! Can't wait till I can afford one of your upper-level instruments!!
David from USA I enjoy the website although I do not utilize it very much.
David from USA Love the shop and information
David Mackinnon from USA This is a website with great info! You are guaranteed that all products bought on this site are not only made in Australia but made by Aborigines. They give you something that other didj shops don't tell you about; ask those other shops where their products are made and by whom also ask about how they seal up cracks in their wooden didgeridoos. Just outrageously brilliant! Great site!
David from Canada I haven't really looked at it much. Mostly just read the newsletter
Anonymous Only here to enter contest
Douglas from USA It's so wonderful. It's now the new hope I can believe in.
Drew from Australia It's great! I wish I had more money to buy more great instruments!
Anonymous from USA The didges that you offer looks to be some of the best that I have browsed so far and I've looked at plenty. I love the art work as well.
Eleanor Hjemmet from USA Thank you for the depth of information you provide in this beautifully designed website. I am proud that you consider informing us of the Aboriginal Culture and your efforts to have a positive impact on native peoples whose culture has gifted us with this tool. I am also very appreciative of the beautiful quality instruments you market as well as the sound files which make purchasing one such an enjoyable experience.
Elizabeth from USA Love it!!! The website is very user-friendly and the picture quality and the mp3 clips are fantastic!!
Enrique Martinez Balarezo from Peru Muy bueno asi nosotros conocemos oarte de esta cultura madre
Forest from USA Very well laid out with functional links. Information is presented in a professional yet enthusiastic manner.
Francis from USA I find it easy to navigate instructional and of course my best didj was purchased from the Didjshop.
Gabe from Canada It's great all around but I tried to make an account and I have not received an email for the confirmation code.
Geoffrey from Australia I think the site is functional but certainly it is stylistically dated a little...
Anonymous It has a lot of useful information but the format is a little dated.
Giuseppe from Italy It's well-done because it's full of information!
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very informative
Iain from United Kingdom Great website very informative regarding aboriginal issues especially and has created a community feel to it huge selection of didges too!
Anonymous from Hungary I'm fascinated about this huge amount of information you collected about aboriginal arts and didges.
Ivan from Canada Looks awesome so far. I haven't as yet fully explored it.
Jan from USA I found it to be very informative.
Jason Hilliard from USA Well organized and very upbeat.
Anonymous Very good - always like to have a look round it when I get the news letter
Jeannie from USA It's really user friendly and fun to look at.
Jeff from Australia Good large site with much information.
Anonymous Very user-friendly
Jeremy from USA I like it but being as I can't really afford any of your offerings at this time in my life I haven't been on your site in a long time.
Jeremy from USA Well put together. looking to buy one
Anonymous Excellent source of not only Didj sales but good commentary as well
Jimmy Mahuron from USA Beautiful website.
Anonymous Good easy to check it out.
John Armstrong from USA Interesting web site but I really don't visit it too often.
John Carroll from USA Truly is one of the best if not the best site related to the Didj and aboriginal issues on the web.
John Heusler from USA The Didjshop is THE best out there! Far and away the finest quality product as well as teaches us about aboriginal society.
Anonymous Very reliable and helpful. Able to gather bounties of information.
Johnena Kennedy from Canada I like very much
Jon Larue from USA Well laid out easy to navigate
Jonny Monument from United Kingdom I love it... there is SO much to see and do. Not only shopping but there's art history stories and everything. I spend FAR too long on there. My boss would not be happy if he know! Seriously though... web shops are often dominated by "buy now" stuff which annoys me. You have a shopping part of the site where I can buy if I want to. Everywhere else is just info pictures stuff to see etc etc. I really appreciate that.
José Diogo from Portugal It's a good website but I think it could be a little more organized by topics and it could have other languages versions.
Jose Luis from Spain As always the best place ever to buy didjes and get tons of info about them.
Anonymous Don t know
Anonymous I enjoy looking at the new and unusual shapes of didgeridoo craftsmanship. I am warmed in the heart to know that people are able to live because they practice this art.
Judy Echols from USA I love to window shop and listen to the mp3s
Julia Passamonti from USA LOVE it especially the didge cards: )
Anonymous I love it I just can't wait to get my first real didj I admire that you put so much importance on the native people and their way of life its good to know that there are moral businesses that care about others in this world
Kathy from USA Very good always spend quite a bit of time there mostly when I receive the newsletter
Kev English from United Kingdom I used to also have the sign in 'shaddalack' when I used to visit on a regular basis. Your site is very informative and helpful.
Kim from USA It is very good.
Larry from USA GOOD
Leslie Thurston from Canada IT'S MY FIRST TIME HERE
Anonymous Very nice and informative!
Anonymous from France Good job easy to navigate and a lot of information about aboriginal culture especially didjes!
Marcus Comét from Sweden I like it the colours and of course to look (with some awe I might add) at the different art-pieces that didgeridoos are.
Anonymous It is a bit difficult to find my way around
Mark from USA This is unique
Anonymous Very good
Anonymous Good information political
Martin from USA What a great wealth of information and help. Thank you!
Mary from Australia I love the stories that different people bring to the Didjshop.
Matt from USA Hard to navigate to many links for the same thing. Sometime links don't work. Audio could be better. Colors could be easier on the eyes. Newer layout. Better trigger colors.
Michael Griffith from USA Very informative about the didj aboriginal culture and life.
Michael Spring from USA A little text heavy- but I'm a reader
Anonymous from Us Minor Outlying Islands The most information website about didgeridoos I have ever seen. Went on to find the key of my didj and learned much more than I had thought I could about my favourite instrument.
Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom I love the amount of information and the friendly tone.
Ossi from Finland Great resource of information on the instrument and Aboriginal culture in general. Although I'm yet to become an actual customer of Didjshop I frequently visit the site to educate myself.
Patty from Canada Outstanding and educational.
Peg from USA Enjoy looking
Peggylynn from USA It is a total website it immerses you in all things didj the articles the products offered everything is there to help you with the best knowledge to make your best purchase and help in knowing the world can be a better place
Pep from Spain This is quite good with structured web for an easy access.
Anonymous from New Zealand Excellent website.
Randall from USA Very well organized and I love how you can hear the didgeridoos before purchasing them
Rian Mcgonigal from USA Great site..best I've come accross..2just found it today (Feb.28/2010)...am filling out this form first before investigating site thoroughly..will pass it on to all. I have taught probably a thousand people to play since 1994 when Michael Brosnan turned me on to it in Sydney and gifted me with my first didge.
Anonymous Its cool
Anonymous Very impressive
Rob Carter from Canada Like the vibrant colors
Robbin from USA No comment
Robert from USA Spectacular. I have spent hours exploring reading viewing and listening to all the info you have.
Anonymous Love the fact that you can hear a didj before you buy it- and really wouldn't buy one if I couldn't hear it first.
Roland from Canada Never looked at it
Ross from Australia This is a great site I find it to be one of the most comprehensive sites for beginners and I am sure experts to find information and new products. I love that you are able to hear clips of most of the didj's offered. Well done!
Roxann from USA I love your website and when I've had questions I've always gotten great help.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Its fantastic what can I say. I'm just gutted I can't afford to by more Didjes at the moment otherwise I'd have dozens of them...
Russell Chappell from USA I think it is done very well and it's very informative
Russell Toohey from Australia Good easily navigable site
Anonymous It has a very good information about didge
Anonymous from USA GREAT
Anonymous Easy to navigate; great didgeridoos
Anonymous from Canada Like the sound samples and the pictures as well as the educational links
Anonymous from USA Just found it today but will definitely be back especially since you have a forum where I can read what other more experienced players have to say
Stacey Mcgaughey from New Zealand Great resource. much more than a 'shop'.
Steav W from USA Great - I recommend it to many friends. Good information beautiful graphics
Steve Bolton from USA Excellent site very responsible
Anonymous from United Kingdom Excellent full of valuable information.
Suzanne from Canada Never visited
Terry Freeman from USA I love your site - there are a lot of good didgeridoo sites but yours has the most comprehensive information on all related topics - buying making tuning care and feeding as well as the forums.
Anonymous from Canada Inviting
Tiago from Portugal It's mostly a good site I just don't like how the left menus change according to the page I'm viewing. It's a good idea but for me it's not as clear as it could be.
Anonymous Its good
Anonymous Love the website very informative
Anonymous I like it... I will tell others I just found it.
Anonymous I think this is the best website ever it is the only website I would trust buying a didj from.
Anonymous Very good web - good orientation very good notes.
Anonymous from USA Nice design
William from USA It rocks socks.
Anonymous Very well done clear and easy to use and the help is very..helpful!
Willibrord Arts from Netherlands I will do it asap

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