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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2013:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous Looks great lot of useful information
Aidan from Germany Your website? Hm maybe make the left side bar a bit more organized. But anyway to me it's not so important I don't mind reading a bit.
Alasdair Hamilton from United Kingdom Inspirational
Anonymous from Australia I do not have any web site.
Andrea from Italy Simple poor graphic but a lot of information!
Anonymous from Hong Kong Very user friendly
Anonymous Very helpful - really appreciate the advice given in selecting a didj
Brandon from USA I love it. Very easy to navigate. User friendly. Great offers and Give-aways. Makes me want to return again!
Brenda from USA Very user-friendly
Anonymous It is very well organized!
Anonymous from Turkey Really really good opportunity to buy and learn lots of stuff about didge
Caroline from Australia I was sent here for this give-away but I will be back:)
Carolyn Goldman from USA It is very thorough and the information is definitely helpful. I will focus on a miracle that I am able to win the didj and would love to start playing it!
Anonymous from USA Great site!
Chris Wyatt from USA I love it.
Christopher from USA Land down under!!
Clyde from USA Good
Colin from USA I love you guys!! This website is fantastic!
Anonymous Great
Anonymous One stop shop for all your information
David Hydock from USA Well something has led me here on my path to truth so it must be a wise shop. Everything happens for a reason and the universe has brought me here for a reason:)
David from USA Nice front page layout
Delphi from Australia I am keen to check it out..
Deon Du Plessis from South Africa Useful for learning
Anonymous I like checking on what the Didjshop has. I feel like a kid going to candy store to see if his favourite brand of treat is in the store!
Duarte Gomes from Portugal It is well structured the easy access is amazing but I believe you could improve the visuals
Edward from USA The website is cleanly constructed the menus are well laid out and it's easy to find things. It's an uncomplicated website that keeps the focus on the music culture and instruments.
Elaine from Australia Great to know it exists. Not checked it out yet but will
George Carl from USA Great website!
George from USA Love it. Loads of info. Also I've been enlightened about quality and ethics. When I buy a eucalyptus didge it will be from you guys.
Ian Greenspan from South Africa I like it.
James from USA Awesome website very complete great text links.
Anonymous Useful bright and vibrant
Javier Axpe De La Maza from Spain Very interesting because it covers a lot of aspects (History Physics etc)
Anonymous It is very nice
Anonymous I love the selection of products that you guys offer.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great
Joseph from USA Very easy to use I didn't have any problems browsing. Thank you for having a very user friendly Web site.
Anonymous from Australia Great website. Pleasure to use.
Kevin Kelly from Australia Great website useful information
Anonymous It really cool
Anonymous Seems interesting
Luke Humphries from Australia I found website to be very useful to be stacked full of information on the didgeridoo it self the sounds each makes wood type etc very comprehensive. especially because it was not just about the didgeridoo but the culture behind it and sharing the culture which I am humbled to see:)
Anonymous I will when I go to it thank you
Mark from Australia I just found it and love that you guys have so many give-aways and seem very connected with your customers. Great job!
Matthew from USA I like the website a lot of information. Though there is a lot of information on the left hand side if there was maybe links to the didgeridoo on the top for quick access kinda have to dig in the small text to find them.
Michael from USA Cool to look at all the different didjes
Michael Mcleroy from USA The website is very well set up in my opinion
Anonymous People with the same interest are coming together so helpful for questions.
Anonymous It is really nice one... everything is put together in one place. NICE JOB
Peter Huber from Germany Most informative website to didge and aboriginal history and culture.
Peter from USA Nice.
Anonymous Sounds great
Raihan Alam from USA I love looking at the different didges and imagining owning new ones! The website is very easy to use and fun to navigate!
Remo from Switzerland Very informative!
Ricardo Tabares from USA Love it!!!
Richard from USA Glad I found it.
Roanne from USA Haven't looked through it yet.
Rob from Australia Read through all the information on selecting didgeridoos. I am an audiophile so this information is excellent!
Robert from USA Cool
Anonymous Me parece muy interesante y util
Anonymous Interesting site
Anonymous from Australia It provides a good level of detail without confusing the reader. Nice work.
Anonymous Awesome
Anonymous Nice
Teresa from Canada Very well laid out
Thomas from Canada Best in the web
Tim from Germany The website is okay. But maybe you can change the style and the looking a bit. But its matter of taste
Anonymous Real cool interesting and will learn from here. A start
Anonymous E um site muito bom!
Anonymous from USA Its neat!
Walter Parlow from USA Well done and very informative there is a lot to learn and you provide great information
Winston Cross from Australia Well actuated

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