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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2011:

Online name Feedback
Alessandro from Italy Nice work here it's a wonderful culture you're spreading:)
Anonymous from USA Haven't looked at it much yet just saw the drawing and did it first
Anonymous from Australia Very good with aboriginal culture
Anonymous Unbeatable!!
Austin from USA The website is great I like that is real and real players find what they need. I am a beginner so I am unfamiliar products but I am looking forward to mastering a new instrument and can't wait to take advantage of the meditation sessions.
Anonymous I like the site and will possibly be purchasing a new didgeridoo soon.
Anonymous from USA I feel that your website is informative and gives people an opportunity to open their eyes to different cultures and beliefs.
Anonymous from USA Lovely site which I am going to investigate further tomorrow after work - just found you and it is late and I get up early - but there is so much here can't wait to read an article I just saw
Brooks from USA I am very impressed. I love the selection of didges available along with the incredible amount of information about them and other related topics.
Caleb Schepart from USA Great website there is a lot of information to be accessed and for the vast amount you have to offer I found it to be easy to use.
Carol from USA Very unique
Anonymous from USA Very informative and helpful
Anonymous from Canada Your ethics concern and intention on your business" is.. admirable"
Anonymous This is my first visit but I am intrigued and expect to explore it more.
Anonymous I use this to find didge for my son who can play
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Thank you! Great site
Anonymous Its a cool site with many tips on playing and its an awesome thing that you sell original Aborigine didges.
Christopher Horn from Oman It's very credible - doesn't sound like you're selling Chinese stuff for instance - and it is clear that you love what you're doing.
Cindy from Canada I found the website very very good.. Everything and any thing I wanted to know it was there...VERY NICE
Craig from Malaysia Liked it a lot
Craig from USA Overall All I've enjoyed the site and look forward to reading more of it. I did find it difficult to get back to the check out page once I'd navigated away from it though.
Anonymous from USA Love the mp3 and info.
Darlene Demos Now Meredith from USA This web site is very informative from the best didj to purchase to the struggles of the Aborigine to the wonderful people who play and form groups of kindred spirits.
Darwin Ortuya from Chile It's a nice and useful place... thanks a lot for your work and for being concerned about aboriginal people... they need to claim loud the rights of the Spirit!!
Anonymous Very nicely set up
Anonymous Enjoying so far will continue to visit.. thank you
Donovan Russell from USA Very cool
Drew Smith from USA I really like your website a lot! I look at the didgeridoos and listen to the mp3's (I find that to be a very neat feature) I hope to own one of your didges someday.
Anonymous Very informative well designed easy to find information
Anonymous I am travelling and only have basic internet on my phone so have not yet explored but now that I have learnt your awareness on this instrument which I thought was just in my head I will be a regular visitor. I also want to mention on a previous question it asked How often I practiced and I answered to when I live back in canada where my didges are but I was not able to bring into australia so I have not played for the last month:( am on A tight budget cant invest in a new one till I find a job and a place to protect it. Just hot here on a working holiday visa
Federico from Italy Only just started to look around! The survey is actually interesting in itself; it asks questions I wasn't expecting
Gary from United Kingdom It is good site full of good info
George Brock from USA Shiralee extended the lay-by payment idea but the website does not recognize that function
Hue Stephens from Australia I lost touch with my shamanic path but feel the information found on this website has reconnected me with the spiritual scientific path
James Byron from United Kingdom The website is full of useful information not only about the Didgeridoo but of Aboriginal news and current affairs. Your forum is astonishing and if you need information then someone in the world is always willing to help.
Jason from Australia I like it its easy to find what you want and the music clips are a very clever idea.
Anonymous from Netherlands Funny thing is one always seems to end up here since there is a ton of info here.
Anonymous I think it is great
John from USA Very cool - happy to see things on the website about the celebration of a culture and its music instead of just a sales pitch. Great to see support of Aboriginal craftsman and integrity to their craft.
John from USA Only didj site I found
Lee from Australia Quit easy to navigate and find exactly what I'm looking for.
Lee from United Kingdom Have been using didjshop for over ten years and have looked at other websites but there is no comparison. excellent website
Les from USA I fond your site to be amongst a couple of sites I have visited. I bookmarked this site one of only two. Your site is very informative and it seems to be passionate about not only the instrument but the Aboriginal people themselves.
Anonymous Na
Anonymous from Australia Easy to read informative and honest!
Anonymous from Canada Love it! Lots of resources to look through and has answered many questions towards circular breathing and beginning to play the didj.
Anonymous from USA Very informative. I especially like the info on buying a didgeridoo. Once I save some money I hope to purchase one from your site
Matthew from USA Very cool like the boomerangs
Anonymous Good
Melissa from USA This great I found a new place on the web to hang out!
Anonymous Its perfect
Anonymous Very colourful and interesting
Anonymous This site is very nice. I can't wait to get my newsletter and learn more about the didgeridoo.
Nancy from USA Will check after I finish survey
Anonymous Interesting Hope to win.
Oliver Kask from Estonia I find it easy to use.
Anonymous from USA I found your Web site because I needed to form a new mouthpiece. I found it very useful. I have the site bookmarked and plan to visit once in a while for more information.
Patrick from USA I <3 didgeridoo websites.
Riley from USA I saw some fantastic didges that I am saving up for and really would like to buy and the quality looks incredible
Robert from USA Seems interesting have only just found it
Anonymous from Netherlands Well I can find anything I want really nice good lay-out
Shaun from Australia The most info about didj's I have seen yet
Anonymous Keep the font more clear and inline 1 size
Anonymous Very well put together - user friendly
Steven from USA This is the first time being here but will return
Teresa from USA Very informative and it feels authentic. You seem to come from a place of respect understanding and care for the Aboriginal people along with operating an ethical business.
Thomas from Australia Good info
Anonymous from USA Looks nice first time on it.
Tom from USA I haven't spent much time on it but it seems nice so far. I appreciate the emphasis on Aboriginal rights and sensitivities.
Troy Ball from USA Put together well. Haven't got the money together yet to purchase anything. Recently divorced and started spending more time with my didge and got my 9 year old daughter a cheap one to play along with me. She loves it. Quality time with dad!
Virginia Bleier from USA Very interesting
Ward Welch from USA Very informative indeed.
Anonymous This site is put together extremely well. Easy to find and great information.

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