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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2008:

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Alan Bush from USA

It's the best as soon as I have the money I would ONLY buy from this website because I really like what your doing here and I trust you people!

Andrew Hodge from Canada

I like it! I like to be able to hear the instruments. I appreciate the depth of knowledge of Aboriginal, culture it should be expressed highly on all sites.


Love it nice to see there is a community out there for everyone

Ann from Canada

One of the many things I love about your website is the PASSION that radiates from it. It is a masterful blend of fact fun and professionalism. If anyone is serious about the wonderful world of digjing your site is where they should turn! Thank-you!

Anonymous from USA

I love the honest grading system!

Barbara from USA


Bill Woodward from Canada


Anonymous from USA

Very good website the best I think. Pics sounds notes and very knowledgeable.

Brian from Canada

I've been getting the newsletter for quite a while. I like info about music earth healing and the political climate.

Bruce from Australia

Excellent especially audio component.

Anonymous from Australia

Radical. All the stuff that comes with it is great. I really only read the newsletter sporadically but I like it.

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

Its always great to see how many others there are around the world so passionate regarding the didj

Cliff from USA

I love the website

Dan from USA

Very informative well laid out. Overall enjoyable site to spend time visiting. I have learned many facts concerning the history and crafting of didges that I do not believe I would have found anywhere else.


It is a very informative site. I think it's great That the aboriginal people have a place for there side of the story to be told. the didjes shown are also the best I have ever seen.

Dave from United Kingdom

One of the best


I visit it almost every day

Dave from Canada

I come here for the facts and the culture. I enjoy lurking in the forum. I true wealth of knowledge.

David from Australia

Excellent. a lot of info I can use next time I teach in China.

Drew from USA

You guys are awesome. Finally a site and group of people that are passionate about the culture quality true meaning and fellowship of the Didj and the Didj player. I can tell you guys take pride in the heritage and craftsmanship of these beautiful and amazing instruments. Your website is full of very helpful and insightful info. Thank you for actually caring about your customers and their Didj needs and not just trying to sell a hollow stick to make a buck. DIDJSHOP I commend and thank you. Drew Hansen Tennessee USA

Ed Obermeyer from USA

You have one of the best if not the very best site out there on this subject. Easy to navigate and educational.

Elias from Spain

Very good web site prices are good very handful easy to find what you are looking for...

Eric from USA

I came across your website while trying to learn more about the didgeridoo. I have since built my own plastic Didgeridoo and am currently using it to practice and am also trying to learn how to circular breathe. This website has the best information of any website I have found. Before visiting I knew very little about how this fantastic instrument is made or the people who created it. I can not wait to share my new found knowledge with my friends. Thanks for the great site!!

Francis from France

Excellent modern-style playing didjes on sale. Nice Aboriginal craft on sale too. Cool forum learn a lot of things. Many information around the didj and Aboriginal world.

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Your service and and dedication to excellency are a pure marvel. You have my greatest respect for the level of integrity and authenticity that you apply to all that you say and do.

Graeme from United Kingdom

Good; I like the Advanced Playing forum

Ian from Netherlands

A very good and you can find what you want and need in no time. I like the Newsletter and read it back and forth every time.

Jake from USA

I have visited several sites devoted to the didj. since I found yours I stuck with it. it's the most informative and accessible site so far.

Jeannie from USA

I love getting the newsletters which reminds me to take a look at the site.

Jeff from USA

I'm always interested in the didges you are currently selling but I also use the sound samples to teach myself what the didge should sound like. I also like the aboriginal news. I find it very interesting.

Jeffrey from USA

It is very well designed and easy to navigate.

Jeremy Erb from USA

I really love this site I plan to purchase another didj soon I know exactly what I'm buying and the craftsmanship of your products is amazing the layout of the site is great too it is very easy to get around

Jessica Wilson from Canada

Its beautiful. I look forward to exploring the sight more. Thank you for your advise on getting didj from fabric shops.

Jim Cote from USA

I like the fact that all your didges are authentic... and the descriptions you give are beyond helpful... I hope to purchase one from you some day... when I can afford a concert class

John from USA

I enjoy your website. It makes me feel like a little child walking through a toy store at Christmas time. I love looking at your didj's

Jon from USA

Very well done probably the best I've seen so far. But don't let it go to your head there's always room for perfection just like playing a didj haha.

Anonymous from Malta

I love it. it has everything you need and I really learned a lot from your website. and you have some of the best didjes I have ever seen.

Jordan from USA

Very thorough and nice and extensive and fun.

Jose Luis from Spain

It is since almost a decade THE site for getting the best didjes and also a lot of information and cultural background about them

Julian from United Kingdom

Always use it as point of reference for didj love the variety of didjes

Kerry Hufford from USA

The best there is on the Internet!

Kev English from United Kingdom

Cool! A calming informative experience.

Kyle Phillips from USA

When life gets me down I grab my didge and everything goes away. Thank you. I love you guys:)

Leah from United Kingdom

Full of useful info and the shop is fantastic. I have yet to buy anything as I am still learning the basics. but once I have circular breathing sorted I will definitely buy a new didge from here.

Luis Figueira from Portugal

It's the most complete website and with outstanding Didjes. The important stuff is that there are real concerns about aboriginal culture and their people nowadays. Also concerns about the mother-earth. That's just unique and beautiful.

Marie-theres from Switzerland

I like especially the idea of worldwide music meditation going around with sunset bringing a spirit of peace around the world (positive globalisation)

Anonymous from Canada

Love it!

Mark from USA

A very useful and honest website--much more so than any other didj site I've visited.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Love it!

Marshall Sykes from USA

The website is very professional and contains a wealth of very helpful and easy to understand (for a beginning player like myself). The fact that all of your products are handmade by Aboriginal people is quite remarkable.

Michael from Isle Of Man

The best didge site I've come across with in depth instructions. I couldn't have made a tuned PVC pipe without your info. Thank you: )

Moreno from Italy

Very rich and professional

Nigel from United Kingdom

Simply the best most authoritative website for all things didj and aboriginal

Olivier Labrevoir from France

Didjshop has a very nice web site with a great choice of didge in the respect of the aboriginal culture and respect of environment. the didge are very well handmade with really great sounds I enjoy every day to use mine.

Peggy Adams from USA

I love looking at didjes and appreciate how much time and effort goes into denoting the quality and note sound of each didj

Penny Jones from USA

This web-site is for sure by far the very best. Just wished I could have found it sooner!!!

Phoenix from USA

The best didj site I've found so far. I really like the sound quality ratings which helps make selection much easier. I'm a musician and sound quality it important. well written and very informative site. I like that you're supporting the originators of the didjeridu the native peoples of australia.

Quinn from USA

This seems like a nice site with high quality Didgeridoos.

Ralph Ray from USA

Your website is excellent. I test websites professionally and I have never found a problem with your website. The content is accurate and informative and the navigation is intuitive and logical. I usually let webmasters know when I have a problem with their website and I have never had a problem with yours.

Randy from USA

Love it - very informative and easy to use. A tip of the hat to those contributing the content as well as your webmaster. This is the only site I recommend when people ask me where to find info on didj's

Ray Higgins from Australia

An excellent site for new players and experienced alike with new didges on a regular basis.it is always up dated and very interesting and informative it keeps abreast of the didge scene


Very thorough (but I'm a newbie to the didj but your website has provided me with much information about selecting an appropriate didj)

Robbie from USA

Well put together with a wealth of information very useful

Robin Dewan from Finland

It's well done and shares a lot of information about the didj beyond just being a commercial site.

Rui from Portugal

The best Didjes nicely made easy to browse.

Ryan from USA

I think it's wonderful that the site is so genuine and authentic and gives back to the Aboriginal people. I appreciate sellers with integrity!

Sergio from Colombia

Its the only website that seems to be serious enough about aborigines and their culture... and about the origin of their didjes...

Stephen from USA


Anonymous from Australia

Love it great site the best I have been too

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

Didjshop is the only place where you can be guaranteed to get an authentic termite hollowed Aboriginal made didj. I wouldn't consider buying anywhere else. In fact while I was in Australia I was dismayed to see all the places selling imitations or inferior didjes. Your ethics and concern for the Aboriginal people along with the excellent grading system of your didjes keeps me coming back again and again to your website.

Timur from Germany

It's a nice page with lots of information around the didjeridu. One of the best internet sites about didjes.

Tyler from USA

I'm so happy to find a community of didge enthusiasts online. This is a great thing you are doing.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Very nice I like it.

William from USA

Enjoy it very much. every time I visit I find a didge I would to purchase but the budget will not allow. YET!!

Wolfgang Gaspar from Germany

It is the most informative site I know my congratulations!

Adrian from Australia

Great really enjoy it

Alex from Portugal

It's very cool but can be better if I win the didj... I'm joking! I think it's very interesting and inspiring... continue the good job and that jah gives you everything that you want

Amanda Hall from Australia

Very interesting and informative

Andrew Murray from Australia

I think it's very informative and very useful. I love learning more about the didj and Aboriginal culture. I have Aboriginal blood in me but cannot find out how much as relatives who know have passed away.

Anonymous from USA

I was caught by this contest but after the questionnaire I'm going to explore the site a bit more.

Angelique from Netherlands

Its very interesting and lots of information


I like this site.

Bart Devos from Belgium

There is not much to say about it. Just continue this way.

Anonymous from Belgium

Very good site and the instruments look very great (I haven't got the opportunity to buy one there) I wouldn't know where to start.


Sehr breit angelegte Seite. manchmal etwas schwierig das richtige zu finden. aber nach etwas üben findet man sich wieder zu recht.




User-friendly and comprehensive

Chavis Three-sticks from USA

I love the site and will share it with friends!


Probably the most informative didj site I have found. Thanks.


Its great


Good enough. Thanks!!!

Damien from Belgium

Great overview if I am looking for a new didge I know where I must look. It is also great that I can hear the sound what you see (hear)is what you get



David Clark from USA

Love your website and all of it's informative content.

Anonymous from USA

Its Very easy to navigate and very user friendly


As far as I have seen it has all information concerning to didj. I think this web has a sincere compromise with Australia's aboriginal culture. Really good idea that you can choose language!

Davide from Italy

Really interesting


It's friendly and has lots of didges to choose from.

Donald Dawson from Canada

Very cool- I wish I had more money


Nice website! Very informative


From what I have seen I like it very much. I quite like how the didges are separated by categories so if you are looking for something particular you can find it easier. It is very helpful to have sound clips of the didges.

Gary Biron from USA

Nice web set with a lot of information.

Gary Price from Australia

Very Good


I love this site.


Very informative loads of useful info.

Greg Seward from USA

I truly look forward to each installment that comes. I spent a short time in Canberra last year and your web site and emails helped a great deal in preparing myself for the visit. Having viewed numerous examples on your web site I was able to distinguish between the different based on the design elements of each didj I looked at while in Australia.

Ian from Canada

Very interesting - I enjoy the display of instruments and the other information provided.

Anonymous from Hong Kong

It's functional and useful but could possible be a bit more 'dynamic' in look and feel.

J. Kaufman from USA

I am still visiting this site.

Jamie from United Kingdom

I like it and you didges look awesome.

Janawirri Yiparrka from Australia


Jeff Nelson from USA

Love the site. wish I could afford to purchase everything I see.

Jenna Luksetich from USA

Very well laid out and a perfect source of information when buying a didge.

Jesse from USA


Jessica Tenorio from Mexico

Ohhhhh the response is I like so much well I'm writing here no??? so original and handy the mp3 sounds the photo gallery the different language I think that this store "is the first world" like big part of australia of course really I had a mark for this page is just power

Jim from USA


John from USA

Very well written and easy to navigate

John from USA

Great site when I'm looking for didge related items and references

John from United Kingdom

Quite good and open the way a site should be


Sweet! Just wish I had more money for another didj.

Julien from Canada

I like the information you have about the didges available. Would like to have other ways of searching through the didges listed.

Kathy from USA

Very informative

Kent from USA

Very nice site

Klaus Burger from Germany



Me and my son love to play the didge he is 4 years old and he has been playing with and on them since he was born for a 4 year old he plays very good I am amazed I am looking for his own didge

Malcolm from Australia

I enjoy reading the information etc. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy the layout and enormous amount of information that can be found here.

Matt Benson-parry from Australia

I like the variety of Didjes on show but I found the layout of site confusing and difficult to navigate

Matt from USA

Very good. I just wish they weren't so expensive

Michael from USA

Extensive colorful and informative. I wish your lower-priced didges received the same testing/commentary as your more expensive didges receive. [OUR COMMENT: they would not be so low priced any more]

Anonymous from Germany

Sie ist sehr gelungen besonders eure Auswahl ist sehr fein!! Very great!!


Very informative and interactive

Michael Reid from USA

Very smooth searches and good info.

Mike Walker from USA

I love the website. the Didjes make me drool and dream every time I get on there. but sometimes I can't find the actual adds which can be frustrating

Owen from Australia



Very interesting so many to choose from

Paula Van Rijn from Netherlands

Very nice site lot of information

Peter from USA

Nice and informative and you can tell you care about the art and history. That is important to me... thanks for being here!

Anonymous from USA

I like the layout and the detail of info on the didjes

Reid Ostlund from USA

Its slightly hectic but its still a well made site

Rene from Netherlands

Good site with lots of information not only for buying a didgeridoo

Robert Heller from USA

This website is very informative and I love the fact that you can listen to the didj before you decide on it.


Very interesting and enthusiastic - committed.

Anonymous from USA

I love the fact that you have bits of everything on this site...even weapons...this site rocks.

Ryan from USA

This website is great I'm in the market for a new didj and was looking at [URL deleted] which appears to be a great site as well but if I can find a better didj on this site I will most definitely purchase here its awesome that this site as well as the one I was looking at previously have mp3 clips of the didj's that helps my decision greatly so I can find the perfect didj! I'm looking to spend a good amount of money for the next didj so I want to be 100% sure its the best one for me:)

Selcuk from Canada

The website looks sturdy though I must admit it looks just a tad unkempt. It would do better with a face lift and a cleaner more intuitive design. For example it took me a long time to find the instruments to buy. Something like that should be very easy and simple a simple link saying "Didgeridoos on Sale!" with a nice list of what's available with their mp3s to go with them.


Very informative! When I call to place an order the I am very pleased with the service!

Steven Williams from USA

Like the website have used the forum although not recently. I have not purchased a didj from this site.


I like it a lot

Symon Browne from Australia

Cool best yet. for sure.

Anonymous from Hungary

I like it

Thomas from Norway

Really nice and easy to find out things. Think I will by a didge when I don't win one ( oops not sure if this statement helps me to win one:-) [OUR COMMENT: sorry, the content of your comments will not help, the draw is totally random and is done in our database, but thanks anyway]

Tiago Oliveira from Portugal

It should have more sounds and videos

Tom Lange from USA

Wonderful to see the real instruments get history inspiration new instruments sound clips - keep up the great work

Tomas from USA

Very good layout and the best are the sounds of the Didges.


Great site!

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