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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2005:

Online name


Craig from Australia

About time this unique Aussie instrument got it's own web site! What a fantastic prize to give away.

Craig from USA

Very informative and helpful

Dan Buske from USA

How about a sound bite [OUR COMMENT: there are hundreds of them already...]


Easy to use friendly great information

Dan from USA

Looks cool so far!

Dan from Switzerland

Really cool interested complete

Dan Vallely from Australia

Very informative and user friendly good fun.


Great site. Very informative.


Great site. It's great being able to hear a didj before you buy it.

Darlene from USA

It's wonderful. I especially love the midi files with the sounds on them. I have played them for my students at school grades Kindergarten thru second.


Good interesting site........ informative and the didges look amazing


I really think that you have a good setup for conveying how each individual didj performs.


This is an awesome site!

Deborah from USA

Very nice


Very cool

Anonymous from USA

Very informative

Dianne from New Zealand

Very easy to find you way around

Anonymous from USA

It's a very exciting site . The instruments are beautiful


Great site great opinions great didges

Diederick Neels from Belgium

It's a really good web site with a lot of information and wicked stuff



Don from USA

Very well done easy to get around. Loads of great info for everyone from novice to expert

Ed from USA

I am a first time visitor to the site and I'm finding it quite informative.

Eero from Finland

They are good.

Anonymous from USA

I'm going to Australia this summer and I'm planning on purchasing a didj for myself and have a few friends who are also on the list. This site was a huge help to me because I want to make sure that whatever aboriginal pieces I purchase are authentic and this site has helped me know what to look for. I am sure I will be coming back here before my trip to refresh myself on what to look for. Great site!


I hope this page last a lot and I want to know more about the aborigine community in australia and the problems that they have

Ewoud De Ruijter from Netherlands

It's a beautiful web site. A lot of information. Great offers and very nice products

Fernando from Italy

It sounds complete and professional site. The best I visited...

Anonymous from France

If I win :P


I have taken a new interest in the Didj and found the Didjshop web site very informative in learning both about the didj and it's role in culture

Frederic Legrand from France

Very good site who propose quality instruments but I have never receive my clapsticks that I've paid in october 2004!!! Will you do something to resolve this problem? Thank you... [OUR COMMENT: we have tried to contact you many times but never get a reply, so if you read this, please contact us from a valid email address. thanks]

Anonymous from USA

I think that it is a good resource for didgeridoos and ideas for beginners.

Gabriel Zamora from Sweden

I find didjshop a very good site many different didjes with top quality....niceeeee!!!

Gary from USA

Very nice site

Gaylon Thornton from USA

The Didjshop web site is easy to navigate and full of useful information. I was happy to see links to cultural information.

George from USA

Too many questions on here

George from USA

The site is very nicely organized and pages load quickly.


Easy to find information and simple explanation of the musical instruments. I got what I needed.


Keep up the good work I would like to learn more about sound healing. I 've heard that certain keys apply to certain organs and/or chakras what do you know about that? [OUR COMMENT: keep checking our site, we will publish some info on that sooner or later]


Nice site!

Glenn Taylor from USA

I like your site and someday when I can afford it will buy an authentic didge.

Gordon from United Kingdom

Very informative and friendly.

Graham from United Kingdom

Very informative



Greta from Belgium

Pleasant and real interesting site. I learned some more about didje:especially about the keys and classification of the sound.

Hannah from Sweden

I really like it because there are so many different didgeridoos. If you are a beginner you can buy a cheap one and see if you like it.

Harold Gaines from USA

Great site. Very informative and complete.

Anonymous from USA

The didjshop web site is very comprehensive. I really enjoy being able to listen to the didjes before making a purchase choice. The web site itself is very easy to use although the only thing it's missing is a search. That or I was unable to find one. [OUR COMMENT: click the 'SEARCH' button in the top navigation bar]


Good prize

Heidi from Australia

I love the site. Its a great place for people overseas to hear & learn about the didj & about our culture

Anonymous from Japan

Well organized providing much information about the didjes and other aboriginal cultural news and items.

Iain from Australia

I think the site is good and gives me the info that I need

Ian from United Kingdom

Very good for information and related good.


It's a wonderful site. Being able hear the instrument before it is bought is wonderful again. A bit more of a selection in CD's would be nice.


Excellent Vast choice of didges

Anonymous from USA

Very cool and informative

James Harding from USA

Thanks for being there and for holding this sweepstakes competition!

Jamie from USA

I play guitar...someone needs to make a didj/guitar battle song...hmmm


Wonderful site featuring very beautiful unique products.


Like it

Jason from USA

I like it. Lots of good information. I really like the sound samples. Will definitely be returning.

Jeff from USA

Very nice lots of didjes and good info on them. I very much like the sound files




Very interesting....learned a lot!


Very interesting the more I learn the more interested I get

Jerry from USA

Well done site!


Very informative although it took me some time to find a photo of one (needs more pictures they are beautiful!).

Jessie from Canada

I like looking at the new didjes and other items in the store

Jezz from United Kingdom

No need to search for another supplier of all things Didj...well put together easy to navigate. I'll let you know what I think of the payment/delivery when I've got enough cash to step up to the next Didj :o) Must go practice pip pip.


Great site!

Jim from USA

Very informative for those who know nothing about didjeridoos. Only other exposure had been at an Arts Festival. Site does not give impression of being solely a "commercial".

Joan from USA

I am very interested in the stories of aborigines and Australia and I like the idea of healing I am ready to read more! I still have a lot of your site to explore.

Joanne from Australia

I think these are excellent I would love to have one for our friend who plays

Joe from USA

This web site is very insightful and informative there should be more like it.

Joe from USA

The layout of the site is easy to follow. Pictures and sound clips of the didjes are great.


Most professional useful info deep respect for the instrument

John Best from USA

Nice design clean but informative

John Breust from Australia

Interesting unique

John from USA

Great site easy to navigate I enjoy reading the human interest and aboriginal articles.


Great devoted site

Johnna from USA

Nice site.

Jon Dorman from USA

Great Site. Navigation design is excellent.


I like it

Jon from USA

You've got some beautiful didjeridus here.

Jordi from Spain

I like a lot you web for me it's like the sky it's the paradise. You have many of the best didge I ever seen and listen. The prices of the didges are expensive but it's normal if a didge. it's cheap... All the didge shops have similar prices. The problem it's my pocket (money) no your prices. Congratulations. Maybe I should be better web if people can see all the Didge maker the face of all your workers and artist in the side of every didge.


Thank you so very much for the chance to win!

Judith from USA

This is a very interesting instrument. If I win I will definitely learn to play it.


Like your site first time here its interesting

Julian from Australia

It was very informative and I learnt a lot




Its great a bit big but I will cope

Karolina from Australia

Its fantastic I like to buy it all( but have not enough money)


Great web site! love the didjeridu sound clip!


Easy to use and browse


Good information nice to read about dideridus etc...


Nice site! I like the examples...


What a unique web site Very interesting.

Kim from USA

It's great!


I love the site and it keeps my interest peeked in someday owning a genuine didj


WOW. how unique!

Anonymous from Portugal

I think it's a great site full of very useful information especially the sound quality and the target player of each didj. The sound files attached to each didj are probably the most important as you get a feel of what you're buying (especially through the internet when you don't actually get to try it). Keep up the good work!

Koichiro from Japan

Thanks to a lot of information! Every time I visit this site I appreciate you. I am Japanese and not good at English so I wish you write contents in Japanese. Thank you!


Cool site

Lasse from Denmark

It's a very good site with a lot of nice instruments and much good information


Excellent site

Le Perkins from USA

Really like checking out the didj. for sale enjoy the Christmas special sales discount.


Very interesting and unique

Leo from Spain

Good to contact you from this part of the world when trying to find genuine didjeridoos


Great site very interesting


Good day

Lionel Clauser from Finland

Easy well done give the feeling that I want to come back the next day.

Anonymous from USA

Keep up the great site!!!

Lori from USA

Different and exciting

Luke Mazzeri from USA

I love it! It's quite an experience. VERY informative. Very genuine. I have six awesome children and they all loved the info...

Marcelino Andipatin from France

I really like your web site. Time is coming soon to get me a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice good authentic musical instrumental aboriginal didj. It will be a real change from my PVC ones !!!

Margaret Stephens from USA

I think it is different but that is good too many musical instruments are all alike. So different in this case is good.

Mark from USA

Feedback? Honk.... or something like that.

Martin from United Kingdom

Lovely site informative interesting well laid out.

Martin from Slovakia

Nothing to add... I found everything here! ;)


This site seems exotic and a little romantic.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent web site/ nothing to improve



Matan from Israel

Very organized and seems good


Very interesting and easy to surf. cool!

Merv from USA

Excellent site well constructed easy to navigate

Anonymous from USA

Your site is very informative about didjeridus and Australian Aboriginal art and I enjoy visiting it regularly.

Anonymous from Australia

It's awesome!! there is so much information on here and I love the multimedia section!!


Very cool


Its real nice

Michelle from USA



Nice site very informative.


I haven't explored the whole site yet but I like what I have seen. I only wish I could afford a real didgeridoo.

Mitch from USA

Great site. Great memories

Natalie from USA


Anonymous from Australia

Looks like a great site I am going to have a good look around on the site as its looks and sounds very interesting



Oliver from Germany

Nice site easy navigating will spend some more time here


I think is great because you can hear the sounds of the didjes

Pamela Hansen from USA

This is the best didj site on the net I am planning on visiting more in 2005 and purchasing music for my daughters upcoming visit to Australia

Pamela from Canada

I haven't had time to really explore the site yet but I will. I love everything about Australia and hope to get there someday. I'd love to hear the didj in it's own environment!

Patrick Anderson from Australia

Great so far!! so much info in one place. does the trick for me

Patrick from USA

I think it's great that you can listen to individual didges. It shows that you put a lot of time and effort into the web site I'm really impressed by that.

Patrick Nielander from USA

Excellent web site.

Patrick Sioda from France

It's a very complete web site but maybe it will be interesting to have more information about the craftsmen and their techniques...


Excellent! I am a Reiki master and will definitely do some more research into this!

Paul Bishop from USA

This a an extremely useful site for information on the didj or any other subject aboriginal. The support of aboriginal causes is great.


Seems thorough and impressive


Pretty neat

Paulo Ferreira from Portugal

I like the site very much. I's very well designed and contains a lot of useful information. I also liked the idea of contributing to the aboriginal people.

Pedro from Portugal

Well structured. In my sincere opinion design isn't even 10% as pretty as your surprise breathtaking didges. :P


This is my first visit but I find this site very interesting and I will be returning.

Peter De Jong from Netherlands

It's a great site a gift 2 all didge lovers

Peter from Netherlands

It's a good web site love it!

Philip from USA

Best didj site I've found! I love the sound samples and detailed descriptions.

Pierre from Germany

Very Good site! Peace

Ralph from USA

I have enjoyed seeing quality pictures.

Raphaël Godard from Belgium

I thing this is really the best site we can find about didj. no kidding I really like the way u think and all that u do for respect tradition and real work.and the site is well done except maybe the translation not always possible in french but it's a detail! I wanted to thank u for this site

Ray from United Kingdom

Good layout easy to follow and very informative

Richard Grossman from USA

Great site great didges. Hope to buy one someday soon.

Richard Jones from USA

Wonderful site easily surfed. Great job.

Richard Young from USA

A pleasurable healing experience.


The site is very well presented.

Ritthy from France

Great site many choice of didge if I had money.....


Very informative and I like the idea of a prize didj!!!

Robbert-Jan from Netherlands

It's a great site. It's nice to actually hear the didges. One day if I have enough money I hope to buy my dream didj here.


Very interesting


I really like the didjshop not only for it's amazing didgeridoos but also the sound files and in-depth descriptions of each didj. It is also a very navigable sight

Robert from USA

One of the best informative sites around always up to date with great didge info and sound files for didges.

Robert from USA

Very nice a lot of great Didj information.


Always wonderful and getting better

Roy from USA

Great as is

Anonymous from Portugal

I love did

Ryan from USA

Looks great and very navigable.

Ryan from Australia

I think its cool


This site is so informative--love it

Sam Boys from USA

Wonderful site...It would be good if you could have more MP3 sound clips of each didj...

Sandra Fernandes from Portugal

It's great! It's the first one I visit with such quality. And written in portuguese also!!


Glad I stopped by

Anonymous from USA

Love it


Your new webmaster has done an excellent job in increasing the usability of your site - very user friendly.

Sean from USA

Its a very nice site

Sean from USA

Really great site. Very thorough and informative for the serious and novice didj connoisseur


Well done very good site

Shannon Slate from USA

The reason I purchased from you was I could listen the the sounds of different didges and compare the quality and richness of the sound. This was Very important to me. I would not spend over $50 on a didge without being able to hear it first.

Anonymous from South Africa

Looks Good - Excellent section on sound qualities of the didge and fantastic advice for beginners buying didges.

Sheree Hennessy from Australia

The didge shop isn't just about australian art and music - it's about our indigenous people here in australia and the inroads they've made with their indigenous arts.

Shiloh from USA

You all have a great thing going on keep it up

Siobhan Mcelwee from USA

Very easy to navigate and pertinent content Also visually very easy on the head. I really like the fact that the didges are rated ranked and sampled.


It's ok.


The Didjshop.com web side is a side where everybody can find a Didge for himself. It's a great side with beautiful Didges.

Stephen from USA

I love it - I visit at least once or twice a month just to see the new didges

Sue from Australia

Good simple site.

Susan from USA

Very easy to manoeuvre.

Sylvain from France

I will say that after receive the didgeridoo. On the first time your web site is complete but you haven't got French language!

Anonymous from France

The site is very good but I regret the fact that the sound example are made with reverb and exploited not the didjeridus. [OUR COMMENT: our sound samples are NOT using reverb or any effects, we record the didjes straight]

Terry Holland from USA

The most "uncommon" place on the www!


I love the fact that you have audio


It has a lot of interesting information on things we don't learn much about here in the USA

Therese from Australia

Very interesting will be sure to look around I like the didgeridoos that I have found. My husband will like one he'll have to wait and see if I can win him one for free!

Anonymous from France

It's a very nice web site with a lot of didgeridoo (and with very different didge) . It's very interesting to show a "Sound Attributes" on each didge About the mp3 it's very interesting but I think there is to much reverb in recording I think it can be interesting to make to different record one directly from the bottom of the didge and one in the room where the didge is record to fell the atmosphere of the sound of each didge (sorry for my bad translation between france and english) [OUR COMMENT: our sound samples are NOT using reverb or any effects, we record the didjes straight]

Thomas Robinson from USA

Great sight! I'd recommend that you create a "personal gallery" which would let us place items we are thinking about buying.

Thomas Stelmaszyk from France

What can I say? nice layout nice references a pity that their are so few didjes lovers in France though :)

Timothy from USA

Its a good site. My friend visited Australia for a month and gave me a brochure with the address on it.

Tony from United Kingdom

Good clear informative site


It s cool


Great site. Thank you for the contest.

Anonymous from USA

Interesting site. They offer a class on this subject in Albany NY at the knowledge network

Vic Cherikoff from Australia

The pink background (on my monitor it's pink) and brown type is a bit 'how's your father'. Doesn't give the site the best feel possible. What about some Aboriginal designs even if it is made up of a heap of different digjs. You really need some graphics. Also the music should turn on straight up with an option to stop it as needed.

Victor from Australia

Great site. Large range of products available. Very informative.

Wayne Powers from USA

Very interesting

Wendy from Canada

I will be back. I am teaching an Australian unit for my Sunday School class and this is an important part of Australia

William from USA

Very informative and interesting site...

Yann from France

Friendly informative complete. Could work out the design.

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