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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2002:

Name and Country  Visitors Comments about
Adam Humphrey from USA very nice design; I especially like getting to listen to all the didges to hear their sound quality!
Name withheld by request I enjoy your website very much.
Ebba Kemery from USA Compared to the other didj websites I've visited; DIDJSHOP.COM is the easiest to navigate and has a wonderful selection of different products! I will definitely shop this site again!
Name withheld by request Great site. The amount of information on this site is fantastic. Everything about this site speaks quality. It really makes me want to do business with you.
Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands I like the Dutch. Very good job Fokko! Well done! Even after almost two year knowing the didjshop It gives me good feelings when we have contact. I was pleased to do some translation work for the didjshop and did it for free. But last x-mas the didjshop supprized me with a beutifull nicely painted concert didj for my translationwork! GREAT! to work now and then for these mates!
Jenifer Jaecks from USA I came here at the advice of a friend who bought a beautiful didg from this site. I haven't been to much else on the site; I saw the 'WIN!' and headed straight for it! But my friend saya that this is the end all and be all of didg-info
Jesse Phelan from USA I have bought product from your company before and was very pleased with your curteous follow ups; quality product; quick response time and how informative your website is.
Judy Dye from England I've learned more on this site about didjis than I did face to face in a supposed specialised shop in Australia
Julie Smale from New Zealand Fair suck of the sav mate - it is brill!
Martin Sainio from Finland That's my very first time when I found a place where people really knows what they talking about. Exellent site !
Matthew Brewster from England Fantastic;really easy to navigate and understand;great photos and sound too. The currency convertor is also a useful tool. Sorry if spelling is not right please correct for me if you do quote my comments. Thanks!!
Natalia Nazarewicz from USA It's great; informative; and the buying process was unparalleled (so I even signed the guestbook with my photo!)
Nathan Malcomb from USA The didjshop.com website is easy to browse. I appericate the didjshop williness to perserve the native culture of the aborigines while selling high quality didgeridoos that are produced in an enviromentally sound manner.
Patricia GALARNEAU-TRITHART from Canada Awesome; wonderful; drool-causing; covetous thoughts; oh my ... I really want one!
robert clifford from Australia the very best on the net
Name withheld by request Your site is very good and...'pure'. hmmm...yes pure is a word that would also describe the didj itself. Very informative and professional. Thanks
sandy lawson from England I deliberately sought out a site such as this; I am an affiliate and I absolutely LOVE everything that Didjshop.com stands for...It is my way of trying to put back something into the culture from which my primary musical instrument comes; I hope Didjshop and its affiliates will continue to support and sustain this beautiful ;culture.
Name withheld by request nice job on the updates to the site !
Steve Cunliffe from USA I love your site. I especially found useful the page on how to make a mouthpiece and it was very well made. I've always wanted a fine tuned didj but have never had the money to pay for one. I often visit your site just to listen to the varieties of didjs that you have. the one thing that I have to suggest is that I had a difficult time finding the page on making the mouthpiece a second time. maybe a link on the main page would help.
Stuart Dunlop from England I've spent hrs looking at different sites but yours appears to be the most comprehensive giving info on all aspects of this magical instrument. The pics you provide along with the info & sound on each individual didj is so helpful to someone like myself looking to make his first purchase. The advice offered from Davini is also a huge asset to your business.
Adrian miller from England cool site learnt lots
Name withheld by request really nice site; well set out... like the backgrounds
Name withheld by request Very interesting and fun
Andrea Weston from New Zealand Interesting
Andrew Owens from Australia It's got to be one of the best sites for looking at different styles of sticks. The ability to hear the didge is a great idea; although I'd much prefer to hear it live.
Andrew Andy from USA its nice
Angel P. from New Zealand It's great - nice pics; and I LOVE it that you warned me about the slow load; cos we DO have a dodgy connection speed.
Anjum Sarwar from England It's the best web site I have been. So far
Anthony Davies from Wales This is the first Digi site I've found on the Internet.
antoine swiderski from France it s really amazing how many didj you got !! now I am on holidays in tasmania (I m french) and I try to find some aboriginal art along the country; but it s really difficult; hopefully you re here!! I was looking after a bullroarer and now I know where I can find one !!
Name withheld by request Easy to navigate with all the different categories. Addictive!
Name withheld by request informative
boris boote from England very good: easy; well organised and effective; the music and pictures are brilliant for helping to choose a didje
Name withheld by request Its great
Carlos Camelo from Portugal It's very nice. Explains all the aboriginal artwork =)sorry for my english; but I'm Portuguese.
Name withheld by request very user friendly. Great pictures. I love the sound bits.
Name withheld by request Its very informative and looks like the products are of genuine nature
Name withheld by request It seems like a good site. I haven't looked around too much yet; but it looks very informative
Name withheld by request This is the best website I have seen for information on;and selling of didjeridus
Christian Peyer from Austria nicely done. sometimes a little slow but easy to navigate
Christopher McDowell from USA Your site appears to be a very comprehensive site. The only problem I have is the inability to access the MP3 files.
Christopher Woods from USA this is a beautiful thing have here; keep it going
Colin Simenski from England Great! Well laid out.
Name withheld by request very nice site...I loved the sound clips of the didgeradoos. You gave a lot more information than other retail/online sites.
daniel cooke from England it is a shame you don't have instructions on how to play the didj; if you have I appologise but I didn'y find them. other than that it is a class site with loads of useful information and the mp3 sounds are shere class; keep it up guys
Name withheld by request Good to see something of the australian culture on here.
David Kaufman from USA good site; my preferred browser is Opera and it's not completely compatible but that's ok. had to use IE to place order. I find the site very complete and informative.
Name withheld by request lots of choice. almost overwhelming.
Edward Feather from USA Cool website. I am glad that there is all of this information. I am interested in getting a Didj to play. Not ready to buy yet; but may sometime this year.
Eric Gold from USA Good site; plenty of information; nice to be able to hear the sounds.
erika hallett from Australia first time visitor;found the site very interesting and informative.
Frances Ryan from Australia One of the easiest to read sites I've visited
Name withheld by request There are some types of didjs; some of them are very courious but are very expensive for me
Name withheld by request It's a great site who has everything I want to know about a didjeredu
Gabe none from USA Awesome ..plan to buy very soon!
Name withheld by request One of the best online didje shops I've seen.
goran miljevic from Croatia very good site vith lots of intersting things to read/hear

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