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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2005:

Online name


Alex from Australia

'A breath of fresh air through a tube' (hey if you use this line for your site please attribute it to me!!)

Alex from Norway

It is my first visit but it looks very good! I'm looking for some tips to help me learn my instrument better...

Anonymous from Spain

Nice site. Better with more mp3 files to download. [OUR COMMENT: there are lots of sound files in our forum]

Alysia from Canada

By far this is the most informative site I have found to purchase didjeridoos over the internet. I feel confident that as I progress in my skills in the future I would trust making a purchase made through this site. As well I am impressed at the initiative taken to expand into levels of group consciousness that I feel could really make wonderful changes in the world. I appreciate that someone has realized that didj sound healing can and should be done for the benefit of earth and all beings. This is a really lovely way to connect players around the world.


I receive your newsletter every month and look forward to it.

Anders Winlund from Norway

The web site contains almost everything I want to/need to know about didjes. I like the didjshop.com because it seems trustable and honest.

Athena Brough from USA

A fantastic hub for Didj info and advice--and shopping!

Benoît from France

I think this web site is very great. (the only problem I have met is that I am French and my english is not fabulous). It is very hard in France to find didgeridoo shop (there are some but in big town and there is no good didgeridoo) and I am very happy to find a web site like this. I think I am going to buy one here but I have to find some money before ;). Continue like this.


Great web site!! Very friendly and easy to manoeuvre. I also love my Didj! It was the best Christmas present ever!!

Brett from Australia

As I'm learning to be a youth detention worker I'm currently wanting to learn aboriginal culture for better relation purposes and well I must say thank you it's a great site I'm hoping one of the boy's will teach me how to play

Buzz from USA

Great selection and price range. The layout is easy to surf

Carolina from USA

Will be heading to australia next month and was dreading trying to lug a didj back w/ me... now I don't have to!! thank you

Chloë from Belgium

It's a great web site Here I could find all the information I needed.

Christiana from Australia

Very informative and easy to navigate like the idea of greeting cards forum and events calendar

Claudio from Italy

Very powerful site

Danny Brown from Japan

Your web site has really helped me to understand what a didgeridoo is or can be. I love being able to hear the different sounds of the instruments because it gives me new ideas of what to expect from my didgeridoo.

Darby from USA

Good site fair prices

Anonymous from Australia

Excellent. Very easy and informative. As good as speaking to an expert in person.

David from USA

Easy to look at didj's. Love being able to listen to them. My most recent purchase was even better in person than the pictures (Brad Gosam didj)...they did not due the didj proper justice. It's simply awesome both in sound and in beauty!!!

David from USA

It is a great web site and I want an authentic aboriginal termite hollowed didj that's is why I want to buy from you.

David Stringfellow from United Kingdom

The first time I found the Didjshop I was amazed especially the ability to listen to the actual Didjes you are about to buy the only trouble is you spend several hours going through all the Didjes. I'm now saving up madly and I'll be back.

Diane Taylor from USA

I love the layout! It's perfect and easily readable. When I first surfed into the site many months ago it was easy to read and the menu was comprehensible. The best part was the selections you guys have for sale. I love seeing pictures of the products instead of just reading the words. Thanks bunches for being around like that.

Donald Marcopulos from USA

When one decides to do something one should strive to be complete and the best at it. You are my friends the most complete and best at what you do. Thank you.

Dror from Israel

An eye opener and an excellent source to learn about this magnificent instrument. this site is just what I needed in order to turn my fascination with the didj into action.

Anonymous from USA

I like that you work hard to keep dead links from becoming a problem


What an amazing collection Didjeridoos! They look beautiful. When my wife raises my allowance I'll buy one!

Francesco Aiello from Italy

It's very well done very informative clear and I think a good job has been done to create it. thank you

Frank Van Baal from Netherlands

Nice site with much information I'll be back

Gareth from United Kingdom

The best site I have seen dedicated to the didgeridoo

Giulio from Italy

The best didgeridoo shop site... the only one in which you know what you buy

Harald from Austria

Good structured site with interesting features - especially the sound comparison

Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland

Ethic experience spirit sound and even... didgeridoo: I've found everything I was looking for!! Thanx to the Didjshop Team for the good job...

Holly from USA

I found the web site because I was searching for information on the physics of the sound produced by didj's. I am studying counseling and thanatology (death and dying and grief studies) and I am curious about the healing and meditative aspects of didj music. Harp music is used in death vigils and I am curious about using didj's for the same purpose - to ease the transition of crossing the threshold from this life to the next.

Jeanell from USA

Love the site. Great information on what's happening with the aboriginal people. I enjoy being able to hear the sounds of many of the didj knowing when the world meditations are....

Jeff from USA

One of the best sites I've been to. Yours has much more information than any other. Thanks Jeff

John from USA

The site is very informative and interesting and taught me a great deal about the origins of didj playing. I love music and have played over a dozen instruments in performing groups but this site showed me how the didj is much more than just another instrument.

John Jackson from USA

The site is the best one I have ever found and I would highly recommend it to any one that plays or is interested in playing the Didj

Julie from USA

This web site was very informative and found the information to be helpful with my needs in selecting the didge for my own personal needs and level as a beginner.


Love stopping in and seeing what's new

Kern from United Kingdom

Superb! a few other sites I've visited if the site works at all seemed like "cheap supermarket" stores. Didjshop seems to truly care about what it does and how it does it. The beginners advice is great and is the exact opposite of so many personal sales pages that state; "this didge is suitable for everyone from beginner to Pro" for every item didge to drainpipe they sell. Well done. what a pleasure visiting your site. kindest regards Kern

Anonymous from South Africa

Very interesting to find genuine didj's available on the web love the listen before buying option

Kieran Barry from United Kingdom

It is a nice site informative and helpful and the reason why I bought my first didge from you.

Kohei Oba from USA

A friend of mine just purchased a beautiful didgeridoo from Didjshop and we're both waiting for its arrival. Keep up the good work and thank you. -K. O

Lars Henriksen from United Kingdom

It is the best site I have found on the net regarding Didjes. I like the aspect of the newsletter and its info about what's going on for the aboriginal community.

Laurie from Australia

I love the information on the site which offers a lot more than others I have visited. I would recommend this site to anyone wanting to expand their personal cultural knowledge.

Leah from USA

You have a terrific layout and products are easy to locate. The diversity of choice is sweet. Thank you.

Leanne from Australia

Thanks for a great web site that is easily navigated and simple to understand. Will definitely be referring my friends to come have a look !!

Anonymous from USA

Excellent web site. Very well laid out and easy to navigate. I also appreciate your social consciousness. I read an article on the healing effect playing a Didjeridoo has on sleep apnea over time.

Anonymous from Portugal

Didjshop.com web site it's the most complete site that I know about Didjes. this site have lots of information useful like "how a didj is made"

Marco from Italy

Wow...these are the most amazing didjes I have ever seen! And the web site has lots of information photos mp3...phenomenal!!

Maria Lambrinos from Australia

I have been to a few didjeridu sites but none have been so thoughtfully cared out and comprehensive as Didjshop Good work!

Michael Henderson from Canada

I am so happy to get your newsletters. Life gets so busy that it distracts me from my spiritual practice. ( I consider the didj to play a role in that.) Your newsletter hauls me back to the path. I like a lot of what you say about Aboriginal (First Nations ) issues. It gives me lots to think about.

Michael from USA

I think this is a great web site for any didj enthusiast. There are not that many online and when you find a good one it helps so much as a resource and info page along with the ability to purchase quality didgeridoos. Your site is awesome.

Michael from USA

I think it's one of the more professional looking and informative sites.

Ngadthe King from Australia

Comprehensive web site Well done indeed. It has everything culturally significant covered. Makes me proud to be Australian.

Nick Buckley from USA

Extremely informative web site that really gives me a sense of trust and security in buying from you. You give a large amount of detailed and useful info on what you are selling which gives me more confidence that what I buy will be what I want and of the quality you promise.

Nicola Noemi from Venezuela

I like this page its cool I learned a lot of things of didj.

Olivier from Canada

Great man. I didj it.

Oyvind Bliksvaer from Norway

It looks great!! Will come back and buy a didj when I can afford it!

Pam Cass from USA

Love the e-cards being able to hear all the different sounds reading about the history different types and many uses (ultimate plan is to use this in therapy with kids) technical info on playing one info re: who may be playing one in my state; constructive/objective info on selection prior to purchase

Anonymous from France

It's a very good site. The best to buy a true didjeridoo!!!!

Pippa from Australia

Very helpful and great service

Reb from United Kingdom

Looks good - am excited to find a community of so many other didj fans!


Seriously good web site Has everything I was looking for including advice on which didj was best for my personal needs. I really want to find out more about the healing effects of the didj.

Richard Cozens from United Kingdom

This is by far the best online store I've found for any instrument!

Robin Öberg from Sweden

This site has the best information that any seller of didgeridoos can have audio visual and everything. The classes of different didgeridoos are also very informative although I could never afford a concert type didgeridoo myself. Thanks for a job well done! :)

Rogier from Netherlands

A very well built and informative web site ..Compliments!.. Greetings Rogier Watertor

Ron from Canada

Very effective layout and functionality. The Search engines for Didj shopping are very helpful. The sound files pictures and specs for each Didj are accurate and very useful in making choices. Lots of information good forums.


I find the web site easy to use. It answered all of my questions on the didj. It has given me the incentive to learn more about it and to certainly play.

Sara from USA

The Didjshop web site is a great information source on just about anything you could ever want to know about the didgeridoo with the utmost respect to the Aboriginals and their culture.

Scott Leclair from USA

I liked the pictures to help making a mouthpiece. The pictures along with the written instructions was very helpful.

Sergio from Mexico

I like a lot the information is very interesting and helpful to me

Anonymous from Belgium

Nice site can't be better

Susan from Australia

I like the idea of using/selling only traditional Aboriginal craft works.

Tom Sullivan from USA

Unbelievably educational and helpful and not just for your own profit. Refreshing!

Udo Stimpfl from Germany

I think the Didjshop.com side is the best in web!!

Victor Murillo from Mexico

I have been looking for the instrument's name that makes that great musical sound and I never going to forget it. Looking in the web I found this site that is really awesome and complete you have all the info about didgeridoos I don't know how to play it and I even don't know of anyone here who does but I want to learn and I'm really going to make my own of pvc with your useful information. It would be great to introduce this instrument to my community but I would love to play an authentic aboriginal didgeridoo.

Wei Jiang from China (pr)

It is good to have the web to know the relevant knowledge about the unique heritage culture.

William from Germany

I really enjoy all the information. It is a pity that the learning guide is not on DVD. I don't own a video. I bought my first didge from the Didjshop.de in Germany and received very good service.

Yerko from Chile

It's a great site and it gives good reference of the meaning of didj playing and history

Adam from United Kingdom

Very informative easy to navigate does the job!

Anonymous from Australia

Good site dedicated to an unusual activity

Adrian from Australia

This is my first visit and I found it very interesting. Like the didjeridoo this site is unique and naturally has the claim of being proudly Australian.

Amanda from USA

Keep doing what your doing! I love your web site!


I enjoy visiting this site

Ameet from United Kingdom

Great source of information and keeps me up to date with what's what about Didjes Australia

Amy from USA

This is an interesting site and I will share it with my students when we get back in school.

Anonymous from USA

It's lovely.

Andrea Mignano from Australia

It's perfect

Ann from USA

It's interesting to have the SOLD instruments listed first. Not sure how it is as a sales tool but it makes me think about them. Wish I could afford one!




Awesome goods

April from USA

I would truly like to learn more about this instrument.

Anonymous from USA

I really like it.

Ava Giglio from USA

Very Informative and most of all enlightening..Makes me want to purchase one but I'll wait and see if I win..

Barry Long from USA

Very good - well organized - very user friendly - incredible selection


Great web site!

Ben Bogaert from Netherlands

Excellent because of the photographs. Also the sound files are good !


It's great!

Bep from Netherlands

Very interesting I'll be back for sure

Bethany from USA

I never knew there was a web site devoted to the Didjeridoo


Love the site

Bill Elander from USA

A fascinating site. Well done!

Billy from USA

I love this site and will be coming back quite often.

Blaine Bittman from Canada

Very informative easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

I like it attractive and easy to use lots of information sensitive to native culture

Bonnie Barker from USA

Nothing to add at this time


The pictures are fantastic

Brad from USA

One of the best maintained and informative web sites that I have found about the instrument and the aboriginal culture.


A great site - well done and keep up the great work!

Bryan from USA

I love how the site is well organized and also the sound files.


Really nice site user friendly great rating system love the didgeridoo samples.

Carey Campbell from USA

I'll need to look around some more. At first glance it looks pretty good -- informative with high-quality products.


I like the contest




Awesome and very interesting web site thanks!

Cary from USA

This is a great web site with a lot of information. I plan to come back and visit often!


It's easy to navigate and gives a lot of info.

Cecile from Belgium

It is a very nice site


It is very interesting I like it

Cheryl from USA

A well-designed and informative site. I always learn something new. And the sound clips of the didjes are great!

Chris from USA

Good site with lots of sound clips that help me learn to play

Chris King from USA

Have you ever thought about giving a bit of the background on Aboriginal lore and meta physics

Chris from USA

My 1st visit to the site.

Christine from USA


Christopher Shields from USA

As far as web sites go your overall format is great with your Didj display a premium example of how merchandizing can and should be done. The extensive internal links are very convenient. Being able to hear the didj being played is a major benefit for the surfer.

Colin from Australia

Cool looking forward to browsing the store and site

Colin from USA

Looks great


Looks cool first time here

Connie from USA

It is very interesting.

Connie from USA

Very fun site

Craig Barker from USA

Nothing to add at this time


Great web site

Cynthia from USA

Great web site It is well designed and easy to use. Your questionnaire has too many required fields.

Dale from USA

Nice site


Very good

Daniel from USA

Most comprehensive didj site I ran into. Maybe you could add some video clips on how the didj is played so that beginners who may be hesitant about spending money will get an idea of what they're getting into.

Anonymous from Chile

I think it is a great site with a lot of information. I specially appreciate all the scientific research regarding the healing properties of the didgeridoo sounds. In my personal case I understand english (because I work as a bilingual journalist besides my healing sessions). But it would be great to have the information available in Spanish since that is the main language spoken in all the southern cone that South america conforms (except for Brasil). I think that in that way you would have much more people visiting your web site...almost a whole continent...believe me there are many spiritual traditions here and lots of people that play instruments and that have didgeridoos ...amongst many others... Blessings!!!


Pretty cool. I like it and will be back.

Daryl from USA

Great site tons of info and quality goods

Dave from United Kingdom

Very good so far. not seen all as yet.

Dave Day from USA

You might already have this but a built in currency converter might be a good idea. I would also like to see multiple images of the nicer didgeridoos. It is hard to spend a lot of money on something you only have one low resolution picture to view.

Dave from Australia

Seems to be a lot of information I have only scratched the surface.

Dave Rahbari from USA




Anonymous from Spain

Good thing


It is a very clean site with lots of valuable information. I like the site.


Just to cool for words!

David from USA

I really like the site and it is giving me the info I have been searching for. Hope to soon make a purchase.


Cool site



Deanne from USA

Awesome web site I plan to send the link to your site to my family and friends.

Delaney from USA

I think that this web site is pretty cool. Because since I am fairly new to playing the Didjeridoo I want to see all the different kinds and read up on everything they can do!

Diogo from Portugal

I think it's a very nice web site where people can learn more about aboriginal culture. also love the didgeridoo part!

Dion from Australia

This is my first time browsing didjshop.com and I think it's great! I will be sure to visit here often. I am also very impressed with the broad range of content. Well done :D

Anonymous from France

Very comprehensive site. Many didj related topics.

Anonymous from USA

I like the site.

Donna from Australia

It is easy to negotiate and the questions (or fields) are clearly worded.

Doreen Gayer from USA

Love it . informative interesting entertaining

Dorothy Butler from USA

Very thorough web site

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I've just found your site but love it will be coming back. There is lots of varied content very informative.


I'm lost for words.


A very informative site. When I get some money I will probably buy a didj from you guys!!

Edward Smith from USA

I'll let ya know when I finish checking youse out!

Fernando from USA

I have not spent a lot of time at this site but plan on getting to know it better.


Very good site

Gary Smith from USA

The Didjshop web site is comprehensive informative and passionate. I came into more personal contact with didgeridoos very recently. A new friend made one for me. Now I am learning about traditional didges the music and aboriginal culture. My own passion for didges is growing by leaps and bounds like a kangaroo. I enjoy to share this new aliveness via the Eternal Quality Awards web site for art and music. Thank you for a magnificent resource.


It is very thorough..interesting


Thank you

Greg Blanford from USA

I am really a fan of the site. I hope that I can win a didj because it would be awesome to own a genuine termite hollowed didj. The site has helped me to make a didj of my own. Great help thanks a lot. Cheers guys!

Greg from USA

I can really appreciate the time and effort you have put into making a great web site Particularly the sound files you have included for all your didjeridoos. Wonderful job.

Gregory Villanueva from Spain

Mi ingles es pésimo así que que creo que la pregunta es sobre la felicidad. Pues mi felicidad es sentarme en el fuego del consejo aborigen y escuchar el sonido del DIDJERIDU


It is well organized and the only site I have found that offers healing didj's and instruction . Thank you

Héctor Hugo Esteller from Argentina

Los felicito pues tienen una muy completa y variada página donde muestran con lujo de detalles vuestros productos.



Heather from New Zealand

It's very informative and it's great that you can hear the sounds of the different didjeridoo

Anonymous from USA

Great web site Very informative on a variety of subjects relating to the didgeridoo.

Helen from USA

Interesting informative.


Needs more color

Anonymous from France

A good site with beautiful didgeridoos I don't know that much about this site in fact.

Iain from United Kingdom

Well presented site with all the information I needed


Very nice site with a lot of info. I loved the history displayed about didgeridoos and the do it yourself section. I actually plan to make one myself and learn to play.

Anonymous from Australia

I like it

James Hattaway from USA

Cool site - sorta hard to find the actual merchandise.

James from USA


James from USA

What a fantastic site! I will be visiting a lot more often.


Thank you very much for the chance to win!

James from USA

You need to make the active area around the navigation buttons larger. I kept pressing the button and nothing happened. I'm old! I'm near-sighted! I need bigger buttons!

James Wareham from USA

I like it all you need and more I'm getting all of my friends into it I plan on making everyone a didj for christmas out of pcv pipe

Jamie from USA

Very easy to use. Very helpful information.


Very interesting

Janine from USA

Great site!



Jay Klein from USA

I think this is a great sight. I go hear to learn things about the didgeridoo. But I do not have enough money to buy one. I greatly enjoy the articles about the history and making of the didgeridoo.

Jay from USA

Great web site. Came here looking for circular breathing and ended up spending over an hour going through everything.

Jayne from USA

I love your web site and will be visiting often!

Jeanette from Australia

Its amazing - I will be back


Luv the sound bites and good pics of the didges.


Interesting but I need a lot more time to investigate and enjoy the site.


It's great what I have seen so far.

Anonymous from USA

Very nice web site! can't wait to get a real euc didj... thanks!

Jeremy from USA

Its a very good web site it gives you everything you need to know about the didgeridoo and its purposes.



Anonymous from USA

Nice sounds

Jim Fletcher from USA

Nothing to add at this time

Joe from USA

You got a cool thing going on its different

Joe Staniford from United Kingdom

It is a great web site with a vast amount of information for learners such as my self to read. Very easy to navigate.


Very easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

Nice look & feel.


Interesting site.

John Kernan from Australia

As I am so excited about Didj's I searched the net and came across your site which I find very interesting and informative. Will be visiting often and will soon hopefully buy my own Didj and begin practicing.


Looks good

Jon from USA


Joni from USA

Looks interesting

Josette from USA

I would love to learn more about this wonderful art-form

Juan Boulter from Australia

Great Aussie site blokes. Good to see Aussie stuff being sold on the Internet. Especially Australian musical instruments.

Judy Fletcher from USA

Nothing to add at this time

Justin Valdez from USA

I think there is a lot of great information and products on this site and I like the site on a whole but I believe there could be a better easier to use layout.

Anonymous from Australia

Interesting web site with great products


Beautiful web site Nicely laid out. Thanks!

Anonymous from USA

Great site


Very interesting the information is very precise and informative.

Katie from Australia

I think this is a great web site!!

Keith Carpenter from USA

I think you have a wonderful site that I will be using extensively in my quest to learn more about this remarkable instrument and one day hopefully be able to buy one and learn to play it.


Very interesting

Ken from USA

Very helpful and informative as I research these instruments with the hope that I will soon purchase one.

Ken from Jersey

Superb site. Apart from fantastic didges on offer plenty of information on the cultural problems which makes for very interesting reading.

Kevin from USA

Nice site

Kim from USA

It's very interesting and informative.

Kimberly from USA

I just found this site and I love it..

Anonymous from USA

I think that your site is great. It is easily navigated and gives great information.

Kurt Barker from USA

Nothing to add at this time


Great site! Thanks for the sound comparison files.




Great site

Anonymous from Australia

It is very easy to navigate and a great idea to get this form of music out to others



Linda from USA

I enjoyed listening to the instrument. I never knew you were around I will be using this in my classroom to let students not only see but hear the sounds.

Anonymous from USA




Lisa from Australia

Looks great

Lisa from Australia

This is a great web site it gives you heaps of information on all aspects of the Didj.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative and interesting!

Lynn from USA


Malcolm from Australia

I love the visuals of the didges and the MP 3's as well as the information regarding sound qualities of the didge

Marc from Netherlands

Very good site...

Marcel from Netherlands

Very interesting very informative it made me curious en wanting to try to play. When it works good for me I want to use the didgeridoo for relaxation and meditation.

Margie from USA

I love it


Easy access

Marjorie from USA

Very interesting web site - will definitely visit again. Want to learn more about the use as a healing technique.

Marree from New Zealand

It very nice it show/tells people who/news one and it got a lot of back ground info about them and what/how there made it is a very helpful site ty


Glad I found it

Mat from USA

Rad web site wish you captured the colors a little better on the didjes

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Nice site

Max from Peru

Mmm actually I don't know exactly what feedback is but if it's some like a recommendation then I suggest to explain how to get new sounds and maybe make this page a little less confuse I think is hard to fins all the options it has. Actually I don't know if there's an explanation of how to get sounds!

Maxwell Kilian from USA

I love your site the fact that you can hear the didj before you buy is awesome. For me getting a new didj is like a marriage. she's got to sing.

Melanie from USA

It is a very insightful web site first introduction to the didjeridoo which was at a holistic store. It has now gone out of business so I am happy for your web site


Great questionnaire! Thanks for hosting the contest and best of luck with the web site/store!

Merryl from Australia

Incredible! Have emailed the site to a friend in Netherlands.

Michał from Poland

You have a lot of beautiful Didjes on your web site I would have termite-hollowed didjes.. but still I'm happy that I have this one that I play at home:)

Michael Averill from Canada

Well for being on it for the first time I would say it's a well put together web site I haven't had the chance to search on it so much yet.


Very interesting lots of selections fun to go to


Very good


Nice Site but there is a problem. When I tried to print out the directions page on making your own plastic didj for my dad it took two legal size sheets of paper because the menu in the left column and its submenu took all of one page and half of the second page as if you were using frames.

Michael from USA

I definitely like the artwork on the home page. However to be honest I would make the homepage a little cleaner and move some of the boxes (poll mailing list etc.) either to one side have links going to them or format them in some way without the boxes. That said the site is still very easy to navigate.


Great site. Well done nice look and my boyfriend showed it to me.

Anonymous from USA

It's very cool


Interesting site

Mike from Australia

Very informative

Mj Beckert from USA

Looks great


Love the layout. l Love the close ups of the Didjes. The artwork is amazing.

Pablo Bertone from Argentina

Totalmente necesario para conectar con otras tribus del mundo!! Very goooood!!

Pam from USA

I love this site and look forward to being able to purchase a didj



Patrice from France

Very pleasant

Patrick from USA


Paul from USA

Nice and interesting


Glad you are here - I'm looking to buy a good didgeridoo to learn circular breathing with - need the back pressure!

Paul Music from USA

I'm amazed! First time here and its nice


It's a great site.

Paula from USA

Great site. I grew up in Australia and when I went back (now live in US) with my husband we had bought a didgeridoo whilst in Cairns. Sadly it never made it to the States. Not sure what happened to it..... You have a great variety

Peggy from USA

Very thorough; easy to navigate.

Phil from USA

Good site easy to navigate.

Phillip from USA

Its good. good pics good sounds over all good.

Pierrick from France

I'm french so forgive my poor english!!! I've been offer a didgeridoo 6 month ago and I I think begin to be quite good... About didjshop it seems to be a good web site for the moment I've found every things I was looking for ( culture prices importance of the didges world...) so keep going it's good!!! Pierrick


I think it cool

Rachelle from Australia

It's a great layout and easy to go to all the sections.

Anonymous from USA

Neat web site

Anonymous from USA

Very easy to use.

Rebecca Mcgee from Australia

Fabulous web site with gorgeous photographs!

Rebekah from USA

I was looking for didgeridoo sound files through a search engine. I use software that plays a sound file upon completion of a task and I want to use Didgeridoo sound files. I didn't think about getting one for myself till I saw this site...nice new goal. I have not been able to explore the whole site yet but so far it seems wonderfully comprehensive and informative. Also constructed well.


It is not only a unique and beautiful site-it is useful as well



Richard Schneider from Canada

It is a very interesting web site Enjoyed all the information. Ihad heard of a bullroarer before but didn't know what it was.

Richard Westerbeke from USA

It is an excellent site


I run a computer lab at a elementary school and web design is part of the curriculum. I personally feel that at first site your home page is overwhelming. There is just so much information. GOOD INFORMATION but so much of it. As far as this sweepstakes goes... maybe you could have put the contest rules in a link so there wouldn't have been so much written information immediately upon me. I did try to open up the "Win a Concert Class Didj" link and it failed to open. (Now this could be because of my mac... or it could be a failed link. I honestly am not too sure which one. Therefore I will not fill out the form for you. I have been finding that some links on other web pages will not open up from my mac but will from my Windows based computers....hmmm.) I do believe in the healing power of the Didj. While taking yoga in college my professor would play a cassette (Yes I just aged myself.) of the music. The sound would drift through me... as if it were reaching my soul allowing me to relax that much more. Didj is very wonderful and powerful. I can see where maybe you are trying to get the "relaxing" state of the Didj through to the readers with the relaxing colors of your site...maybe with some clean-up this site can be as relaxed as the Didj beautiful music makes people feel.


Me gusta mucho su pagina me parece muy informativa

Roland Tso from USA

You sound like good honest people with good values- ethics and concern for the environment. I'm wanting to incorporate the didj with my double contra flute in a musical composition.

Anonymous from Chile

I think its nice but perhaps you could change the format for a while because its pretty much the same for some years ago. Perhaps some flash or pictures or different colors.

Rose Mary Velasquez from USA

Very much enjoying it!


Great web site and spectacular didges.

Ruth from USA

It's all new to me....interesting.

Sandra Christine from USA

Fantastic and beautiful web site!

Sandra from Australia

Well constructed and visually appealing

Anonymous from USA

This is so great. I love it...




Easy to read

Sarah from Australia

Very interesting and educational for our children

Anonymous from USA

Good site

Scot from Australia

Very well laid out

Scott from USA

This is great!

Sean from USA

This site is great everything I could ask for.


Good information about didges...


I enjoy your web site It is totally awesome!


Love the fact that one is able to hear the individual didges


Nice site

Anonymous from USA

I'd love to hear more about it. The site made me want to look more closely. Thank you!


It's interesting

Silvia from Netherlands

Its great keep on going.


It was good

Sparky from United Kingdom

I've just received my first didj and will be coming back to the web site as I try to master the instrument. The site looks like a great resource and I'm sure it will be a great help to me.


Interesting site for musikfans

Anonymous from Canada

Excellent site hopefully able to purchase the real thing once I learn to play.

Steven from USA

Very interesting



Steven from USA


Stu from Australia

Looks great!

Suanne from USA

I am always fascinated by the products offered. They are so different from the selections I am used to seeing.

Susan from USA

Great site! First site of this type I have visited.

Susan from Australia

Lovely well set up and user friendly...will be back!

Anonymous from USA

Very nice


Neat site really cool Didjshop



Teresa from USA

Great site

Terry from USA

No comment at the present.

Thomas from France

It's good to see a real web site to compare the different instruments (photos sound quality ) just one thing maybe: the type of wood?


Very informative


Very good


As a first time visitor I find the web site very interesting & informative on all subjects.

Anonymous from USA

Great web site!


Excellent web site with helpful information for first time Didjeridu seekers.

Anonymous from USA

I will explore it more

Wesley from USA

This is one of the best didj web sites I have been able to find

Zachary from USA

It's a very interesting web site I've learned a lot from visiting

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