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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2009:

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Anonymous from USA Fantastic - I love it! Once I found yours I have only looked at other sites to see if they offer anything authentic and see what grading systems they are using (or attempt to) - I wouldn't order from anyone else at this point and I get any didj information from your site as well.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very informative for both Didjes and info regarding aboriginal news
Ahmed from United Kingdom You website is the most informative sells the best Didjes online and properly in the world and I feel I can trust buying from you.
Barry Adams from United Kingdom Your website is by far the best and is second to none with regard to the aboriginal way.
Bart from Netherlands Excellent site. Best out there including service.
Brad Lackey from USA Fantastic! I love looking at the wonderful products you offer. I also love the native news and updates of Aboriginal legal struggles and victories.
Brian from USA Didgeshop.com is the best didge website on the internet.
Anonymous from USA The best resource on didj playing and aboriginal affairs that I know.
Christopher from USA We use this website as a learning site for additional resources for our Docents who give music and dance tours in our Anthropology Museum at Utah State University.
Dan from USA This website is an excellent source of information on the didgeridoo as well as on the Aboriginal peoples who produce this instrument. I would recommend anyone interested in learning about the didgeridoo to start here first.
Daniel Niles from United Arab Emirates Great website. You have the most information best layout most engaging elements of all. I really enjoy it and always learn a lot. I hope I can see the results of this survey when it's done. I didn't do research like you said so I'm very curious about numbers and others comments.
Darren Searle from Australia Very easy to navigate around. Great products stunning didges..
David from USA Best site
Debra from USA Excellent website. The best one out there.
Dustin Chavez from USA Its prices are very good for the quality and it is very organized and helpful my opinion the best didge site around
Anonymous from USA Best of the lot.
Elena from Italy I like it a lot cause it's the first time I found in a 'shop' so much sharing about culture and tradition and spirit. (thanks)
Eric Boucher from Canada Didjshop.com is the most comprehensive and aboriginally sensitive and conscious site I've ever came across. The quality of all its products and information is incredible compared to what can be found else where on the Internet and keeps improving every year!
Fred Ashplant from USA As I have often said your site is far and away the best I have ever seen. not only is you selection of instruments and art work second to none but there is a wealth of information and historical data available.
Gabe from Canada It's very resourceful and it's forum has been useful
Gina from USA Your site is the best for shopping browsing selecting buying learning and sharing about didgeridoos. I like keeping up on the Aboriginal issues.
James Balducci from USA I've heard about it from a friend and it seems you guys have a very legitimate and reputable service going. It makes me feel good about buying from people who are for the earth and not for destroying it.
Jerome from France One of the best built. A lot of didges and a very good quality. The community part is quite uncommon and pleasant.
Jesus from USA Love it and always recommend it.
Anonymous from Canada AWESOME! I love reading your newsletter when it shows up in my inbox. Always informative.
Justin from USA Seems very active in helping original Aboriginal artist create and sell their didgeridoo's a very nice thing to be doing. Having courtesy and a helping hand is always the sign of the common mans hero.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It's a great site full of pride and wisdom
Koen from Netherlands By far the most extensive informative and pleasing didj site out there. no contest
Kris from Australia I find the website very easy to navigate and friendly - It seems like the company and people are extremely genuine which would encourage me to buy a didge from here rather than many other sites.
Anonymous from Australia Well laid out lots of interesting information and a great range of didj's. The operators passion for didj playing and the issues associated with the aboriginal community is plainly obvious.
Anonymous from USA Didjshop was recommended to me by the person who introduced me to playing - he bought his didj here - I love your website it's the best!:-)
Lr from USA Excellent; best out there
Marcin Zawiazalec from Poland Perfect
Marshall from USA I like this the best so far
Martin from USA Best I've seen and only Didj site I return to. Truly enjoy your newsletter and approach to promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of the instrument vice merely sales.
Martin Sørensen from Denmark Great site. One of the few sites that ship to denmark. I have bought both my didges here
Anonymous Very well set out easy to use competitive pricing gives masses of info about the products it sells.
Omar Khawaja from Pakistan I have been receiving news letters from your site for a few years now and I have definitely learnt a lot about Aboriginal people and their arts. Your site is a rich source for Aboriginal arts.
Omar L. De La Tejera from Mexico Your site is simply the best. I have been around it for years an every year is better.
Peter from South Africa The best resource out there on the internet
Philip Hamilton from USA This is the only site that I subscribe to.
Anonymous from Germany It's a very nice website and really like ya didgeridoos (but as a student I don't have the money to buy one..:-[ ) and it's a cool thing with the worldwide didge circle...
Raul from USA Great selection of products. I was referred by a friend who is a native Australian. I really was interested in the culture and instrument.
Ravyn Nimchuk from USA I love it. Well informed and full of great information about every didj along with sound recordings. (Perfect for a musician like myself who plays his didj in a band) The presentation is one of friendliness and it talks to you personally. Not as though it where a store where they says this is what we have and that's it. You go far beyond that by saying not only do we have this but let me tell you more about it. It's almost as though one could simply place their lips to the screen. blow and test any didj on your site. Great job you guys keep it up!
Ric from Canada Well set up helpful links the "Hear this didge "is an awesome feature. I especially like the aboriginal focus. Quality didges at reasonable prices
Richard from USA I appreciate the honesty and quality of your didges.
Rodrigo from Portugal Without any doubts the best didgeridoo site and the only one in which I trust. Your employees are always ready to help.
Ron from Canada The best of the best for sure. Well structured plenty of good information the didj catalog is superior pictures sound files ratings. Great forum too!
Anonymous It has a great deal of helpful information and it seems to be run with integrity. It does not appear that you are out to make the quick sale but you actually honestly inform the consumer about your products.
Scott from Canada Very informative. Your directions on producing your own didj were great.
Anonymous I found this website to be the best out of all the ones I came across
Stefan from Germany Highly functional website with a lot (!) of background information - so it's not only a shop - it's kind of a wiki on aboriginal life today Congratulations!
Taylor from USA Didjshop seems the most authentic and well priced place around the net
Tero from Finland There is no other. Especially the forum is superb and if there is anything I need to know about the didgeridoo the forum is the place to find the the info.
Thomas from USA You have the best didjes hands down. And I trust fully that they are authentic aboriginal items. Really you have the best sight out there. Pictures selection and preview sounds! I can't wait until I can finally buy one. It is hard being a wage slave.
Tiago from Portugal It is hard to find a site as complete as this one. I hardly visit other sites know.
Tom from USA It is the most thorough. I like the extreme care that goes into the categorization of the sound of each didge.
Tyson from Australia This website provides me with a greater understanding of the vast history and culture of the didgeridoo enabling me to become a better player because of this knowledge.
Vince from USA It's great it's more than just a place to buy a didj it's more of an activist site. You show up researching a good didj and wind up better informed.
William from USA The best didge site that I have found for information history technique and resource. Truly a work of many hard working people. Thank you so much for all that you do!
Zach from USA Love the news letters
Ana Buchadas from Portugal Really cool
Bjorn Restad/former Noremsaune from Norway The best
Branden Parker from USA Very nice. Now I know how to but beeswax on my PVC pipe/affordable didj. Best site I've seen yet.
Brendan Moloney from Spain Its the best:-) Its the only one I tend to look at now.
Carlos Guillermo from Mexico Its an interesting web site to see all the information you done here the detailed shop with sound and quality and the interest in your work with the australian people beliefs and ecosystem congratulations!
Christopher from United Kingdom Easily the best didgeridoo website I've found and I often visit just to look around.
Curt from USA Its the best. I loved being able to hear the didj before I bought it. Great customer service.
David from USA Love the web site learned so much about the country.The good and the bad.Hope this site last for ever. Like looking at the art work of the people and reading all the stories.
Anonymous from USA It is the most comprehensive site I've found and the only one that honors and works to preserve Aboriginal culture.
Derrick Jackson from USA Very true to what a didgeridoo shop should be like and I like how you help the aboriginal people. It is also very easy to navigate and extremely informative. You also have great customer service
Don Randolph from USA This is a very comprehensive site. History music community forum shopping etc. I have not seen any site that has so much information in a single location.
Ed Obermeyer from Us Minor Outlying Islands One of the very best. Quite authentic.
Fernando from Argentina Good info. Liked the make your own didgeridoo section and the DidjShop Soundscapes section
Anonymous More authentic wish I would have just stuck with it.
Geoff from Canada The best I've found. No need to look any further
George from Cyprus There's a wealth of info on here especially on aboriginal culture and didges. Large selection of didges love how you can listen to some of the didges b4 u buy.
Gillian from USA I really appreciate how it is put together and I am glad you have spent so much energy and focus on the cultural aspects of your products. All other websites I found are about selling and that is it. I will have to come back to spend some time and read more of your pages and links.
Graeme from United Kingdom Well laid out; like the forum
Hans from USA I love your website and I am fascinated by the Aborigine culture.
Harold Gaines from USA Your website impresses me greatly with the emphasis placed on the well-being of the Aboriginal people and the protection of their culture. It's also the most informative site about didgeridoos on the Web.
Anonymous from Ireland I haven't really been on the site in quite a while but have been getting your newsletter for the past year which is always very interesting. I remember it as a wonderful website very informative and it was the first time I became properly aware of all the issues around didge making and playing and injustices against the Aboriginal people. I will be checking the site out again shortly. I would love to buy (or win!) one of your didges but this hasn't been possible so far.
Ivica from Croatia/Hrvatska Very well organized. Very educational regarding Aboriginal culture and art. There is also great didgeridoo selection with nice descriptions
Jeff from USA One of if not the best I have found.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very informative the sound files for the didj's are excellent for purchasers to know what they are getting.
Johnny Johnny from USA One of the best the selections and varieties are amazing as well as the info given for each one and there's some thing for anyone from beginner to expert great sticks! and wish I had one!
Jon from USA Great site I really appreciate your newsletters so much information.
Josh from USA Very well put together pictures are all very clear and the sound files are a nice touch. Pricing is competitive and every didgeridoo seems of very high quality. Navigation around site is very straight forward and the site is very pleasing to the eye. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous I find it to be one of the best online shop site around. There is plentiful of information about the different didgeridoos and the site is updated regularly. Navigation is very simple and easy. I have not had the chance to buy from the site yet. My South African Rand does not really give me much power to buy from other countries so I cant
Anonymous from Sweden Informational and inspirational
Luke Dickson from Sweden I thought it was the best of them I looked around. It was the first one I came across I had a look around what other sites were like (gave up after two or three) and returned to your one.
Lynne from United Kingdom Great. For anyone who want s to know about the didj this is the place. Very informative great pics of didjes and lots of very useful information. Well done!!
Manuel from Italy Good vibration
Mark Sonzogni from USA Lots of great info on didges and the Aboriginal people. Unbiased accurate and not a lot of fluff. And there's lots of really nice didges to put on a mental wish list.
Michael Jones from USA So far I like this one the best and as soon as I can afford a didj I will more than likely but it here. I love the sound they make and I would really like to be able to create that sound.
Michael Taylor from USA What can I say other than your site is the best. It's the most informative and I love how all of you stand up for the Aboriginal People.
Neil Gee from USA By far the most informative well laid out and professional site I've seen. I can tell that you guys will be the people I buy my first 'real' didgeridoo from. Thanks in advance.
Nicholas Pottle from United Kingdom Brilliant
Nick from USA I like the information you provide on how you make your didjes
Nolan from USA I like the diversity of items you have especially the didgeridoos and have far more than other websites that I have seen. They are all very beautiful. The sound grading helps so much in deciding what you want since it is online and you can't actually hold it and play it. The information you give about the aboriginal community is pleasing to see as well and I know my money is going to a good place.
Patrick Bodine from USA Only genuine quality didgeridoos sold there
Anonymous from Germany Great site with great forum and loads of didges to look at and listen to
Peter Heidrich from Australia I have the feeling that it's safe to buy from you cause I believe your product is genuine. The site is well built and full of information
Peter from Sweden It is outstanding high quality and came from the origin the aborigines.
Randy from USA I find the website well organized and easy to use. I appreciate the way your didj's are graded for sound quality and especially the way your search engine is structured for searches. All that coupled with your apparent respect for the Aboriginal culture makes your company my number one choice when I should be able to afford to purchase a didj.
Anonymous Wonderful selection
Rick from Australia Excellent
Anonymous Great layout and amazing selection keep up the good work we love you
Rushe from USA Excellent educational site. I want to know more about the history physics and tradition of the instrument not simply how to play.
Ryan from Canada I like ur site tons of good info hopin to be playin better soon
Sergio from Colombia Really cool site well organized... everything is easily accessible
Spencer from New Zealand This site is genuine in the sense that it totally focuses on the art and craft of the aboriginal people in the "genuine" form and very informative.
Anonymous from Austria Nice work and lots of quality information. Thanks a lot!
Anonymous An excellent and responsible site
Thomas Garcia from USA It's the best. Sound clips great selection very well done.
Tom from United Kingdom A very real site in touch with what the didge is and what people need to know (sound quality etc) to mean they can buy one fully informed. Articles and newsletters are very interesting too.
Tomasz Jarmolkiewicz from Poland Very informative and detailed yet understandable and meaningful.
Tony from USA This is a great site. It's chock full of info on the instruments. But I'm more impressed with your integrity and the respect you have for the Aboriginal people of Australia.
Anonymous from USA Very very comprehensive and things are easy to find. Sound grading and actual sound files are awesome!
Anonymous It could be a bit clearer. Now it really looks like somebody's homepage.
Aaron from New Zealand Its great
Alberto Bitto from Italy Apart from being an excellent shop for anyone who's at least curious about Aboriginal items it's also an excellent portal where to start to dig into fascinating Aboriginal culture.
Alejandro Dominguez from Mexico It's really nice and interesting.
Alex Eastburn from USA The website is very easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information. Even if someone is not interested in the didgeridoo Brad Gossams' didjes are well worth the visit. His artwork is some of the most amazing work I have seen using any medium.
Anonymous I love it! I can feel the authenticity and the sacred nature of the sacred objects.
Anonymous from Chile Great place friendly with the visitor and also it's in spanish! the sound samples shows truly the level of each didgeridoo. Huge applause for all of you!!
Anonymous N/A
Andrea from USA Love the culture of the aborigines
Andrew Hodge from Canada GREAT!! The focus one aboriginal culture is why I keep returning to admire the work.
Andrew from Australia Very informative and easy to follow
Andrew from Australia Great for browsing the didges and sound files the forum could with a little work tho
Andrew from USA Very well done. Especially like the info about the didges for sale.
Anonymous Its questions seem a bit pushy
Andy from Ireland Very cool
Andy from USA The most comprehensive
Anonymous I love the way the didges are graded.
Anonymous from Finland I like your site but it's little messy and confusing sometimes. Or it's just me.
Anonymous Beautiful work. Love the sound clips.
Anonymous from USA Enjoyable entertaining informative easy to navigate
Betsy Sauther from USA I like the details your site gives and sound clips.
Anonymous from USA I really enjoy reading and learning from your site.
Anonymous Love the level of information and detail. Thanks
Anonymous It is excellent but a little bit of an overload for the new comer. Would suggest a first simple clear page with a map to all you offer (but then I am over 50 and know that I look at things differently than teen agers who are use to information overload.
Bob from Canada Good site to navigate around the sound samples are great...I would love to purchase more but I am on a tight budget at the moment
Brenda Lacourciere from Canada Great products.
Anonymous It is well laid out and easy to find your way around.
Bruce from Australia Authoritatively informative and easy to use.
Bryan Scotson-smith from United Kingdom Great site easy to find what you are looking for
Camilo from Chile What can I say of you...it's definitely the best djaloo website I've ever seen mainly because of the whole information you give to the customers referring to the didjes your country and your culture the colours that you use for your website are very pleasant to the sight and among other things because you offer such a HUGE options of djaloos to choose! all genuine and with a piece of your land and culture.
Candy from USA It is very informative and well laid out. I like the wonderful choices of instruments and the sound clips.
Cari from USA LOVE IT! I was wondering how to display my didj on the wall with out damaging them so others can see them in my music room.
Carmelo from Spain I think that are authentic
Anonymous from Australia Love the information on aboriginal issues
Anonymous Interesting content; layout and style is not particularly neat (sprawls a bit)
Anonymous Great love the selection pointers
Charley from USA I like the traditional Aboriginal colors and easy to navigate layout.
Chelsea from USA I like that you have so many ways for people to get there own Didj. and I like that I can listen to them being played! I loved looking at the pictures you have of them. I like the way the pages are set up and it is not at all confusing to navigate around this web page.
Anonymous Very nice inviting. I'm still looking for the videos though that came up in my search.
Anonymous Excellent website. When I expand my didge collection I will order from Didjshop. It's great to be able to hear the didge you are looking at!
Christian from USA I like it very much. great information and attention to detail.
Clement from France Friendly and professional at the same time. excellent products and good advice. Great job!
Anonymous Very Interesting and informative
Anonymous from Australia Very good interesting informative
Cory from USA I have searched through the web after visiting Australia in 2007. I wanted to buy a didj while there but I ran out of money. After returning to the USA I began saving for a 'genuine' Australian Aboriginal made termite eaten didj. This is the only site that I found to be an authentic site for the sale and production of didgeridoos.
Anonymous It's cool.
Damien Loughnane from Ireland You guys seem to have excellent range and quality of products the only problem is the import duty that has to be paid when importing into the E.U. The only place you can buy didgeridoo here in ireland is from a shop that gets it's didgeridoos from [OUR COMMENT: URL deleted, sorry this is not the space to advertise our competitors] but as yet they haven't stocked them.
Anonymous from USA Excellent and I like the fact that you can hear the individual instruments
Daniel Cohen from USA Clean Concise Regularly updated. Educational. Trustworthy.
Anonymous from Ireland Informative and well laid out
Anonymous I like it
Dave from Australia Great!
David from Canada I think the website is well-designed and I particularly think the individual sound clips for each didge is a great idea (although I'm sure they sound different in real life than the website depending on who is playing them!). I think the prices are good for what the customer receives (a quality authentic didge) but I personally have not been able to afford one yet.
David Cook Jr from USA I like it a lot and it is very informative. You actually care.
David from USA Very organized easy to navigate.
David from USA You have by far the best selection and prices around! I do think you should also sell the practice didj and less expensive PVC as you will broaden your sales and market.
Deb from USA You've put an amazing amount of work and care into this site and into getting others informed and interested in the didgeridoo and the Aboriginal people of Australia. I wish I had read everything before I took this survey but I will take the time to read it. I heard the sound of a didgeridoo on TV a few months ago and I can't get it out of my mind. You web site answers so many questions as I was searching for a "Pure" instrument and had no real idea what that was. Thanks for answering so many questions. It's sorta strange to think - me and a didj - and at this stage of my life - I appreciate you help in my journey
Anonymous from USA It is set up very easy to get around on.
Anonymous The information on this site is pretty fascinating.
Don Morris from USA I always liked the fact that you have sound files to hear what the particular instrument sounds like being played.
Anonymous from USA A great site - the best a comment here if I may - The few didges I have were made in my shop as I am a woodworker and experimenter. I also have many didg-like instruments I've made of agave stalks assembled in various ways - once again experiments. The easiest to play best backpressure and loudest have been ones where agave stalk sections have been assembled to produce an exponential expansion. Similar process as in exponential horn speakers.
Dustin from USA Massive selection.
Anonymous from USA It was easy to use
Edward from USA I like it a lot!
Edward Magee from Canada Very well done
Elizabeth from USA Attractive web site.easy to navigate
Eric Frisbee from USA Love the fact you guys try and insure the Aboriginal people are taken care of and supply only their products. As due the American Indians the Aborigines culture has been cheated way to many times in history on their own land they deserve the recognition.
Erik from USA You have the most complete web site. It is very well constructed and laid out. It is great to visit and see the new products as well as your commitment to the Aboriginal culture.
Erik from Netherlands Interesting site with regular updates and news
Anonymous It's tops
Anonymous from Portugal It is a good site with a lot of info; and excellent didgeridoos; I'd like to see more pages in portuguese!
Fredrik from Sweden I like the fact that you care! And that I can sort the didjes in a lot of ways to find what I'm looking for.
Anonymous from USA Extremely organized.
Goran from Croatia/Hrvatska Nice site:D
Graham from United Kingdom Its a great site I love to see and hear the didges and wish I could afford to buy and ship them! I'm slightly ashamed that I own non authentic didgeridoos but that's what's affordably available here in Scotland. The news and thoughts on Aboriginal issues is important to me I take interest in indigenous affairs throughout the world. I like the community spirit on this website.
Greg from USA Very good seems to have more of a selection and has much more in depth descriptions of each instrument.
Guido from Netherlands Very interesting but it is my problem that my english isn't very good.
Guillermo Tarin Paris from Spain Really easy to have a quick look very practical.
Gustavo Senise from Brazil It seems very complete about the subject and very helpful to me. I hope I can try a didj built from you.
Anonymous from New Zealand Great.
Anonymous Impressive display easily navigable decent selection.
Heath from USA I like it its straight forward and easy to navigate.
Anonymous Very informative and attractive. Having sound files attached to different Didjes is terrific
Ian from United Kingdom Good info. Really liked the sound files on the didges
Idan Saidi from Israel The site is really professional. it could be more nice if u have it on other languages [ as you can see my english is not so well] and sometimes I find it hard to read so much info [ very good btw..]
Israel from USA The best. great pics although the search by number was not always successful I'd have to remember my key words to relocate the didj.
Jack from USA It is very informative. My brother and I spent a lot of time here before and shortly after he got his trying to learn about them.
Anonymous Its very awesome I have always wanted a Didj and this website makes it very easy to navigate
Jahn from USA I was looking for a bullroarer and not finding anything but cheap imitations..then I got lucky and a friend referred me here so at least I have a good bullroarer and a T-shirt so far.
Jake from USA Its informative and convenient. Many sites will be strictly store based and not have postings of the issues or the community let alone that plus sound clips and variety that didjshop offers.
Jan from United Kingdom Don't visit often enough- its a very interesting site
Jared from USA It is by far the most informative. I really want one of your didgeridoos.
Anonymous from USA Interesting site and information
Anonymous Great site easy to find what you searching for.
Jim from USA Very informative -- I especially like the sound bytes.
Jim from USA I find your site to be authentic and operating with integrity.
Jim from USA Excellent and very informative
Jimmy Mahuron from USA Beautiful web sight and helps me understand a little about what is going on in the country of Australia and about the Aboriginal people.
Anonymous Excellent very informative.
Anonymous Good
Joao from Portugal Very appealing and I like very much the respect you show for the australian people
Anonymous from USA I learned more about didgeridoos.
Joe from USA Very interesting and informational
Anonymous It could be a bit more transparent (don't find right english word sorry) it needs a better navigation system and overview
Anonymous Excellent
John Griffiths from Australia Always informative and supportive of the Aboriginal communities
Anonymous from USA It was very informative but I still can't find a website tat gives me an idea on what to finish the inside of agave didj with. I would really like to make one and I know that if they are not sealed on the inside they sound like a giant cardboard roll.
Anonymous Full of good information and didges
John Smith from USA Very easily searched. Wealth of information
Jordan from USA I am new to playing didgeridoos but I trust that Didjshop.com will have high quality handmade Aboriginal didgeridoos and other traditional arts.
Jorge from Peru The right information and a lot of pictures and recordings from the didges. Its important to listen thanks! good soundings from Peru Have a nice day Thanks Jorge
Joseph from Netherlands Good well developed and with passion and knowledge
Julia from United Kingdom I really like the way you can listen to the different types/sounds - we often do our wish list shopping - both my children are interested in learning too
Ken Betteley from Australia I like it cos you get to hear what the didj sounds like.
Kenny from USA The approach and descriptions are very appropriate. Really like the format.
Kent from USA Most complete meaning not just selling didges but teaching history culture.
Kevin from USA Your website is very well designed great background to an amazing instrument and culture; a true cause that people should be supporting.
Anonymous from USA Nice design and quick loading.
Anonymous from USA Informative in a way that only those there living in the north would know. I have visited many "worldwide"sites but it is as it always is If you do not live it you can not truly know it. Whatever it is.
Kevin Lancaster from USA Very cool
Kim Colter from USA I think it's a great website. My experience has been that each time I go to Australia my interest in the didj and in playing my didj increases. When it has been a long time since I have been to Australia which sadly is the current state of affairs the didj tends to "fall off the radar screen."
Kirsty from Australia Very useful information but it looks very amateur
Kris Ulrich from Canada I found this site great not only for the didge selection and sound clips but also for the great info on bringing awareness to the Aboriginal Peoples in Australia which connects to all Aboriginals around the world.
Anonymous Sometimes a little difficult to manoeuvre but my preferred site. Also glad that you offer boomerangs.
Anonymous Very comprehensive and professional. Reflects a sense of quality and care in products and services rendered
Leon from United Kingdom Very interesting good website
Anonymous from USA I like the layout of the site very much. It is easy to navigate. I like the newsletters because of the news feature about the Aboriginal people though it makes me sad at times
Loe In De Braekt from Netherlands I like more variation.
Luca from Italy It seems interesting but it's a bit early to say... I'm just arrived here I'll visit it the next days
Anonymous from Canada You guys seem to be the real deal. I really like the way you go out of your way to protect the aboriginal craftsmen building these instruments.
Anonymous from Spain Its very useful and complete
Marc Kalmanson from USA I enjoy the articles the sound clips and the history and culture of the Aboriginal people.
Margaret from USA Well organized and attractive
Mario from Austria I think your site is very well organized and informative.
Mark from USA Nice.
Mark from United Kingdom Very interesting and user-friendly.
Marlon Fuller from USA IT is GREAT. a real good place to get info and GREAT didj from that you can be sure that are the real thing.
Martin from USA OK
Matt Jamieson from Australia The website is very useful as a teacher because of the physics behind the sound production.
Matthew from USA So far so good. I stumbled upon it and it seems pretty legit a little preachy on didj authenticity but it certainly raised my awareness.
Maurice Dickson from Ireland I'm pleased to find it but couldn't find a didge on low A# [OUR COMMENT: simply tick 'A#' under 'Musical Key' on the Search page, there are at least a dozen]
Max from Peru It is the better one. Full of information well organized useful tips lot of photos and samplers. The creation of a blog could give it a lot of energy and new interactive options.
Michael from USA Excellent source of a wide variety of beautiful Didjes.
Michael Stone from USA I like your guys approach.
Michelle Brough from USA I really enjoy the information available on the website--- from Didjes to news to cultural history! It is also fun to see the feedback from other didj players around the world.
Miguel from Spain It's a great and complete place to get aboriginal crafts and to know some questions about aboriginal culture
Anonymous Great website full of info and tips
Murray Willett from USA Absolutely tops!
Nathaniel from Australia I think it's great
Patrick from USA Beautifully constructed easy to get around.
Paul Hepker from USA Comprehensive informative inspiring.
Paul Tyres from United Kingdom I find it useful for playing techniques and I like the forum
Paul Van Heuklom from USA It's great... well laid out easy to navigate full of useful and culturally aware information. I often visit just to drool over the didges. Even though I own a really nice one I'd like to get a professional level one some day.
Peter from Belgium Heel duidelijk en gebriksvriendelijk
Anonymous from France Very good
Piergiorgio from Italy Not so interesting as yours
Ralph from USA It's easy to find what you're looking for. Well designed.
Randy from USA I enjoy receiving and looking over the website. Here in this part of Florida there aren't many didge related places; so when I read the different articles and pictures it reminds me of the time I spent in your beautiful country.
Anonymous Like the selection and descriptions.
Anonymous from Netherlands Clear interesting and a lot of background information.
Rev. Chris Addotta from USA I have not yet had the chance to recommend the site to others but I certainly will. I heard of it from Doug Bischoff of Coyote Run. They are a celtic rock band that freely uses the didj in their music. They are fantastic and Doug is a wonder on any of his several didj's.
Anonymous Very nice
Rick Stanley from Australia I have just got on your questionnaire has pricked my interest to look further. I am shopping for a Dig for my brother in-law from Norway. Cheers
Rob from USA Good site- REALLY like hearing the didges and would want to listen before buying any didge if possible.
Ron from USA It is wonderful
Ron from USA Great information about the didges but not always easy to find them upon entering.
Ruben from Italy Is perfect specially for first purchase;very well done and simple to explore
Sally Ann Bryant from USA Most enjoyable to learn about something new to me... Enjoy your site...
Anonymous from Spain Nice web with many information. I think that placing small videos on Youtube about aboriginal culture didgeridoo termites and so on will drive more traffic to it.
Anonymous Great I didn't know you could buy these online.
Anonymous from USA Great site
Anonymous Really enjoy the selection
Sergio from Italy Very interesting. I lived in Australia for 8 years (from 3 to 11) and here I can read news about Aborigines.
Anonymous from USA Very nice and interesting
Sharon Pick from Australia I like to read about the thoughts accomplishments ideas of the wider indigenous community such as recent article on co-operative living in north qld. I would love to one day buy a didge maybe when we finally get to realise our dreams of travelling far and wide in australia..here's hoping!
Shawn from USA Your website is very thorough. You have a great variety of Aboriginal pieces. I wish I had the finances to support your business more. I really respect the Aboriginal culture for their longevity and their strong will to continue their culture.
Simon from United Kingdom Very good indeed
Stacey Mcgaughey from New Zealand Great to be able to hear the Didjes. great holistic site.
Anonymous Didjshop is a great website about didgeridoo. Well-mained beautiful I'm a little bit sad that it doesn't exist a french version but I understand because it is a lot of work. Your didgeridoo are beautiful I'm very glad to see a good website on this topic. Excuse me for my english which isn't not really good. See you later!
Anonymous Very easy to navigate clear explanations of terms excellent sound samples
Anonymous Love it! Appreciate the effort to stay true to the aboriginals.
Anonymous Easy to follow
Stew from USA You have a good website the forums are very helpful.
Susan from USA It's very interesting! These look to be very good instruments.
Tamás Papp from Hungary This is a professional and very helpful site. I like the shop to looking the wonderful didgeridoos. They are too expensive for me so it will be a dream for the future too.
Terry from USA I like the way it is laid out. Easy to navigate around and with good color
Anonymous It's very informative and teaches you a lot about didgeridoo sound quality and what to get for different purposes.
Anonymous I think your site is had a lot of interesting information regarding the didgeridoo.
Tiago from Portugal Very good site the best in Didgeridoo shops. The only bad thing is your target is Western people so you don't have much in terms of 'traditional-style' didgeridoos.
Tim from Australia I think you have a very informative website with great products
Tim from United Kingdom Excellent layout easy to navigate great selection.
Tim from USA Nice....keep up the good work
Tina from Australia Very informative interesting and well presented.
Anonymous I like it a lot of info and nice didges I like to hear the didge. different to an english website I have visited.
Tommi from Finland Nice made beautiful CSS art work. Clear outfit nice colour selection... These sites make it good!
Tonia Pinheiro from USA Love it! Love that you have created a place for people to learn and become educated about Aboriginal cultural issues as well as buy authentic instruments and art.
Travis from USA It is very well designed and maintained and I like that each didj has a sound clip associated with it so you can see what it sounds like before you buy it and that they also have the statistics on the didj.
Anonymous Easy to navigate
William from USA Seems very informative and professional! offers a large variety of items!
Alan from USA Fantastic site. I especially like the fact that you can hear the didge before making a decision
Allan Klausen from Denmark It is by far the most credible authentic and professional didj website with true respect to the genuine craft and culture
Andrew Oman from USA It is not only a well arranged store but also an important tool for cultural awareness and promoting authentic art and music.
Anonymous It has the most facts and largest selection I have seen so far. No other site has tried to express the experience of playing and traditions behind the instrument they have been more sales based.
Barbara from USA You have the best website and the best instruments
Bradley from USA The best.
Brett Houser from USA Your website is one of the best
Col from Australia I think it is an amazing resource for people who are interested in Didgeridoos.
David Carmichael from USA Excellent site; I value your discussions of aboriginal rights issues as much as the information on Didjes
David from USA By far the most informative site I have visited. With excellent product. Wish I could afford more. especially for our school shows.
Don Martinelli from USA I like your site. I bought two didges from you!
Dustin from USA I believe this website to be not only the best didj site out there but one of the greatest examples of e-commerce on the web. The ability to listen to the product before you buy it is incredible and I have a lot of faith in the integrity of the organization. I feel like my money is in good hands
Eric from Canada The didjshop websites is one of my favorites because it feels real it feels human. The people behind the page care about what they are providing and are true to a value system that is in line with my own.
Erin from USA The best most informative I was looking for the best quality authentic and I found it!
Anonymous from Norway Didjshop.com is simply the best didj site on the web.
Gerard from Netherlands It is definitely one of the best sites with lots of background info and beautiful didges
Gordon White from USA Didjshop is a superior site to visit not only for the quality of the didgeridoos offered but also for the trust established that a purchase also honors the aboriginal people. I love the feature of being able to hear them.
Graham K. Glover from USA I visited Australia in 2004. Our family was visiting other family members in Canberra. We visited Queensland and New South Wales. Rather than simply purchase a didj from a shop I found your website and purchased it from you. I loved your website then and still love it 5 years later.
Greg from USA It's the best by far. I recommend it to many people
Hans from Netherlands Very nice pro website!
Jared from USA Better than the rest.
Jay from USA Excellent expert web site on all aspects of the didj
Jay from USA Excellent website informative passionate great job
Jim Barrett from Sweden The best didgeridoo sales point on the web plus there is context present. The support Didjshop gives to the indigenous peoples of Australia makes me proud to be an Australian abroad.
John from Ireland Improving all the time:)
Jonathan from Canada I love it! Very easy to navigate it is well designed. I very much like to read your newsletters and information about didgeridoos and Aboriginal culture. Keep up the awesome work.
Jonathan Kool from Canada A fantastic website with a great selection of didgeridoos a good format and it kept my attention. Nice colour scheme. Beautiful instruments.
Kandelka Koreovit from Australia It is absolutely awe inspiring! I send friends from all over the world to it for learning about culture.
Anonymous Love it!
Anonymous When I first visited your site many years ago I didn't realise prices were in USD. I like your balance between being a commercial site (for the sale of didj) and being an open forum and extremely informative about current affairs. Most of all I am pleasantly reminded that I am a part of a global community when I visit your site.
Kent from USA Your focus seems to be directed to the welfare of the "Aboriginal" people
Laura from USA Very informative forums are a good plus
Lee from United Kingdom After looking at other websites years ago I have only looked at yours now for 8 years or more confident I will not find better
Malcolm Pascoe from Australia The Didjshop is possibly the most informative website I have found. The topics covered are perfect for the beginner and experienced user. The range of instruments are professionally presented from the images and specifications to the accompanying sound files this info is a valuable tool to make an informed choice. My first visit to the site was to gain info as to how to play I was not disappointed.
Mark Bowyer from United Kingdom A very detailed website. I like the fact that you remind people that most didj sellers do not make it clear where their stock comes from and if it has been made by an Aboriginal craftsman.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great site I especially love the aboriginal news (I live in the uk so we here very little about the aboriginal cause)
Mark from Australia It is the best.
Anonymous Excellent. really easy to navigate good information excellent information on authenticity.
Mehak from Italy This website is detailed and user friendly. Helped me make a perfect choice to buy a didj.. in-depth info not just about the didj but also about the culture... definitely more helpful than any other site I've been to for didj.
Nikku from Greenland You have a best website from my eyes it is that way I get a connecting for you.
Nuno from Portugal Very good. Best didj site in world.
Paul Murray from Ireland The most informative and honest website I have ever had the privilege of buying from
Peter Johnsson from Sweden Its a good site when I look for didgeridoos but I also remember reading about the book about the woman who walked with the aborigines (messages from down under!?) that this site called it a bluff which was interesting for me cause when I read it here I had just finished the book about a months or so before so it gave me a good perspective upon the truth or lies that hides in words!
Reynaldo Brutton Cieza from Peru It's very complete and is getting better. Very organized and lots of info. widely the best one.
Anonymous Best one I can find
Robert from Japan I always come back!
Robert Pettit from USA Best I've found I like the real time shopping the accurate sound rating. I trust didj shop.
Rodney Cornelius from USA An incredible amount of information very informative and very easy to navigate. One of the very best websites I have ever visited.
Ron from USA You ARE the didj website. I don't bother looking at any others anymore
Rosemary Mclean from USA Great--I've used it in the classroom.
Roxann from USA Yours is the most complete site dedicated to selling only Australian aboriginal art and not counterfeit items imported from other countries.
Anonymous from USA Contains the best didjes in the world! A little hard to navigate. Perhaps it could use an update.
Anonymous from USA I viewed many websites until I found yours. Now your web site is the only one I trust. I like that your didges are made by Aboriginal people and you have sound clips to hear. Also large selection.
Samuel from USA Great selection of didges and thought provoking insight on didge culture and political plight of Aborigines.
Sasa from Croatia/Hrvatska It's visually appealing and it's very easy to use. I like that it's not just a store but it offers a lot of different kind of information.
Sid from USA I find it to be very informative. I respect the way that the site endeavours to make visitors aware of the fact that didgeridoos do not exist in a vacuum but have a much more complex and important heritage.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I like your web site/news letter as I appreciate the value placed on Aboriginal culture traditions and rights/rites.
Stephan from USA Complete. It allows me to see and hear various Didjes identifying the artist key and wood type. Very educational and provides current info as to aboriginal events
Steve Meek from USA The best it gives such a wide variety of information and art music possibilities I spend hours reading and looking at all the new didges that you make. fantastic!!
Suzanne Flusche from USA This is the store that carries the quality of instruments I would like to invest in
Anonymous Love it!
Anonymous Its the most complete web site I've seen last times.
Anonymous from USA Unique in the world of music.
Anonymous from Switzerland Keep up the good work!!
Thomas from Australia I find it very easy to use! It has a lot of information on the screen at once and is very readable without being cluttered. It has an appropriate colour theme which is relaxing to look at for extended periods of time.
Anonymous Simply the best out there
Adrian from Australia I enjoy it
Adrien from France It is authentic I like the fact that it is made by aborigine people and European that it is respectful from the aboriginal culture well documented with many parts for the presentation you could make it a little bit more attractive I feel the colours are fad but it s only my point of view
Anonymous from United Kingdom Great useful
Anonymous Very informative I like the layout and up to date info it provides
Alasdair from United Kingdom Not had time to browse...YET! Jumped straight in with excitement of a win of a fantastic/potential life changing prize!!!
Alex from New Zealand Very educational. useful information not found on other websites.
Anonymous from USA It is very informative
Alexandr from Ukraine Pretty quite good site)
Anonymous from Canada Great info to help me buy a didj
Anonymous Well put together easy to navigate
Anonymous I like it
Amber Fauson from USA Very informative and user friendly. I love the sound files artist info and cultural info.
Anonymous from East Timor Excellent organization. very important to be able to listen to all the sounds. excellent feature all the aboriginal and didgeridoo history.
Andre from Canada Is helpful clear.
Andy from Canada Love the presentation of the didges (large images sound clips descriptions) Enthusiastic writing.
Angela from USA Informative easy to manoeuvre through.
Anonymous I like it because it is simple to navigate
Angie Pierce from USA I love it there are so many stories and tons of information throughout the site.
Anonymous Best from the rest
Anthony Kubiak from USA I love your website--much good historical and current political info on aboriginal culture and rights
Anonymous Awesome!
Anonymous from Australia I love the colours it's very warm and inviting.
Benoit Bégin from Canada Awesome info and beautiful Didj... But I would prefer another design in term of colour choice for the site.
Betty from USA I really like it although I am as you can see very unfamiliar with the items
Bob Frenock from USA I have no problems navigating or finding the information I need.
Brian from USA I really like the blend of information with shopping. It makes me feel better about buying through your site than another because I feel you know your stuff and have a passion for the work. I also love that you can hear each of the didj's played before you buy them which is very important when I'm on the other side of the world and unable to try it myself before buying it.
Anonymous I enjoy your website very much it is full of useful information and knowledge.
Catarina from Portugal Very cool! it elucidates a lot for the starters
Cesar Mayoral Figueroa from Mexico This is a very pleasant one. Even I did visit your store in 2008 even I was in Sydney and two didjes for presents! [Our comment: we do not have a store in Sydney or anywhere (only on the internet), but sadly many didgeridoo sellers pretend to be us, so please be aware!]
Chace Bedford from USA ...... [OUR COMMENT: we had to delete this feedback due to unacceptable sexual references]
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous I really enjoy receiving the newsletter regularly. My brother and his wife have lived in Australia since the early 70s so I feel somewhat connected to them.
Anonymous from USA This is very informative. I love music and especially interested in sound healing.
Anonymous from Australia Really good I particularly like how you can listen to how the didge sounds
Chris from United Kingdom Very full useful and informative
Chris Thorn from United Kingdom Superb. I should spend more time here!
Anonymous Well done
Chuck from USA Easy to follow... and very informative. I have bought didj's though that did not sound quite the same for me as they did on the site
Claude from France It's authentic
Cody from USA I love the site! I haven't explored it to the fullest but rest assured I will!
Anonymous I think it is a informative sight easy to navigate
Anonymous I would like to view it all.
Corey Olomon from USA It's great!
Anonymous Looks like a wealth of information ... I'd love to get started.
Cristian Toaca from Canada It's a pretty relaxing chilling site really makes me want a didgeridoo to meditate with.
Cynthia Tierra from USA Your web site is informative and focused on Didjes made from wood by local Aborigines.
Anonymous Excellent site. Well set up
Anonymous It is a pretty basic website bigger pictures would be nice but its the didgeridoos that count
Anonymous from USA I Love it and even though I can't afford another one I enjoy looking at and listening to the new didj entries. I also enjoy reading the articles and checking out other art.
Anonymous I like it!
Daniel Pollaro from USA I love it
Daniel from Australia Very informative and extensive
Anonymous from United Kingdom One of the best.
Dave from United Kingdom Cool
Dave from United Kingdom Superb and informative almost too much information sometimes.;-)
Anonymous Cool man
David from USA I really enjoy the set up and the full experience in the Aboriginal tradition and the full potential of didgeridoo playing.
Anonymous from USA I really like your website because you have a large selection of didjes and you narrow your search by type of didge and hear how the concert quality didges sound.
David from USA Much information here.
David from USA Great it has a lot of info besides just the didgeridoos.
Anonymous Very comprehensive
David Yates from Canada I love this website. It really does seem to be a definitive source of information about the didj and I keep finding new information all the time! I just wish I could afford a genuine didj! For now I'll have to settle with a PVC pipe until I save up some money!
Dean Archer from United Kingdom Very good very informative
Dean from USA Good
Debbie from USA The site is very informative and a great selection of didjes.
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Derek Murphy from USA Its the best one I've come across. I plan on buying from your site.
Anonymous from USA Love the amount of info available on the didjes the sample sounds and grading system. Would like to have some more choices from didges in E key. [OUR COMMENT: there are now about 40 didjes in the key of E to choose from on Didjshop.com. While this might not be enough choice for you, you certainly won't find any more choice elsewhere]
Anonymous from France Really nice to visit and work with
Donald Cassel from Us Minor Outlying Islands I like it a lot
Donna Clark from USA I like your site. It is informative and well designed.
Anonymous SUPERB
Douglas from USA Informative
Eddy from USA New to site want to learn more. This appears to be good for that purpose.
Edilson Calheiros from Brazil Have a huge pleasure in seeing the news so I have not have difficulty because translation to Portuguese... But that is not the problem try to translate all pages of the Google translator... Unfortunately I am unable to didgeridoo purchase with original because I’m unemployed... As soon as possible will obtain one for my collection
Edith Hokin from Australia Great site
Elliot from United Kingdom I think your website is great I love the fact that you MP3s for all your didj's.
Emilian Skrzynecki from Poland Very good. It is promoting Aboriginal culture; it can be a good guide for beginners - I have started from this point too listening to play and make myself my didgeridoos!
Anonymous from USA Please include more sound files or links to traditional players.
Anonymous from USA I like it
Anonymous Well set up easy to navigate
Anonymous Love it! Easy to navigate and very informative
Anonymous Simple lots of stuff to read&learn
Anonymous from France Love to hear sounds of Didjes as well as getting visuals and categories they better fit in
Anonymous from Brazil My dream is to buy a first class didge from your site.
Forest from USA I like it. I like that you are about the Aboriginal people and not just selling didges.
Anonymous from USA Nice layout and good selection
Garrett from USA It is very nice and easy to use
Gary Ahlstrom from USA You have best information on everything to know
Gary from USA I think it is well organized easy to get from one place to another and informative.
Gina Tines from USA I enjoy your website and especially appreciate the sound samples of the didgeridoos that you have for sale.
Anonymous N/a
Gordon from Australia Very informative and easy to navigate.
Greg from Australia A great site where I can not only find a genuine Didgeridoo but learn many interesting and important facts about them.
Anonymous Interesting
Gregory from Canada Nice work! keep it up please!
Hamid from Iran So good
Anonymous from Canada Your site is full of very interesting information.
Ian from Australia Looks poor
Ian from USA I like the questionnaire. I would like to know the correct answers so I don't feel so stupid. [OUR COMMENT: check our 2010 newsletters for the answers]
Anonymous Very informative and well laid out
Jacqueline from Belgium Interessant
James from USA Interesting! Have learned quite a bit about the instrument. Was reading on aboriginal Australian culture over the last few weeks (taken quite an interest) and am now reading about music.
Anonymous from USA Your website provides way more information about Aboriginals and the authenticity of a didgeridoo
Anonymous from Czech Republic It is very easy to find didgeridoo of your desire.
Anonymous Seems very comprehensive and rather overwhelming. I'm looking forward to coming back.
Javier Miguel from Spain I like it very much!!!
Anonymous It's a great site I am still exploring it just found it a few weeks ago.
Jeff Fullmer from USA I enjoy its simplicity but would really enjoy a much more interactive web element. I am signing up for your affiliates program as we speak however I wish your site would be more of an Aboriginal resource as well as Didj news resource. (this would further your exposure as well).
Jeff Mcelwain from USA Sound recordings and rating system excellent
Jenni from Australia Great
Jennifer from Australia It's not the fanciest website around but it's really clear and easy to navigate. Heaps of great info and a good read. Your ethos comes through loud and clear and is appreciated!
Jenny from USA Very nice!
Anonymous from USA I like how it focusses on the spirit.
Anonymous from USA Very insightful and brings a lot of history
Jim from USA I love looking at the items
Jim from USA I enjoy the site looking at the didges and all the information but I usually purchase my didges in the USA as it is faster and I have developed a relationship with some reputable dealers. I also busk and have found that the heavily epoxied agave didges stand up to more abuse and weather changes are more maintenance free etc. than the more traditional eucalyptus didges but I do have some certified Aboriginal made didges that I cherish as pieces of playable art and craft. [OUR COMMENT: you would find that our didjes stand up a lot better to abuse and weather than other eucalyptus didjes or heavily epoxied agave didjes]
Johan Thaens from Belgium Best source of information
John from USA Compared to other sites yours is the most informative I have yet found.
John from United Kingdom Very friendly and colourful
John Robinson from USA Well put together and informative.
Jon from Canada One of the best for information
Anonymous It is professional
Joshua from USA Very useful and very informative a very good site that I would recommend
Judy from USA Very Interesting! I was not aware of ALL its uses before. Never played just wanted to use this as a gift for my dad( he has made some of his own musical instruments in the past.)
Julia from USA Very very cool
Anonymous Interesting
Julie from USA I find the site and information interesting.
Karl from Australia Excellent. Easy to browse the product and as I play the keyboard also I plan to use your tuning guide as well. I like your company ethic and would like to see something of a personal profile from each of your producers and artists.
Anonymous Very informative...organized in a good way. I don't know that I like the orange colour.
Kathleen from USA So far I am enjoying your site.
Kathy from USA Very beautiful and interesting
Kathy from USA Very interesting.
Keano Martinez from USA Your web-site seems a lot more legitimate compared to other web-sites I have visited. But the other ones were very commercial!
Keith from USA Superb... would definitely buy my next didge from you. I trust your rating on the didges.
Kelly from USA I think it looks great with lots of good info. My husband and his friends are interested in this kind of stuff and I'll definitely have them check it out.
Ken from USA Nice features long survey
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous from USA I like the comprehensive nature of your site not just sales but education.
Larry from Canada Interesting
Lars from Sweden A simple design but very functional and welcoming.
Anonymous Survey too long
Laura Larson from USA I like it. Very soothing layout and some amazing pieces. I will definitely come her when I have the cash to buy an authentic one.
Anonymous from USA No comment
Anonymous It looks good easy to understand
Anonymous Nice
Lori from Canada Great!
Luca from Italy Interesting and useful
Anonymous I think this is a great website - didj's are very beautiful and have a great sound - I will come back again to browse.
Anonymous from USA I like your message!!
Mark from Netherlands Trust worthy for original aboriginal items. no fakes. easily used website. With alt of information about aboriginal and it's culture.
Mark Swain from USA It is well laid out and easy to navigate
Anonymous Looks good with a lot of information.
Max from USA Great website I like that I can listen to the sound of didgeridoo in action
Anonymous Well organized with great info
Merl Busenbark from USA I really like your website and will be back when I get a little more information on sleep apnea.
Anonymous Very complete site wit all necessary information including photos and sound.
Michael from Canada Very interesting
Anonymous I think it is information and well thought out
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous It is kind of sloppy and hard to find links.
Mik from USA I like how informative the site is!
Mike Harges from USA I have not visited enough.
Morgan from USA I have not looked very far but it seems nice.
Anonymous It is easy to navigate and has good pictures.
Pam from USA Love it! hearing the sounds the e-cards the pics the socio-cultural education the feeling of a group vs a sales store the activities you support
Paul from Canada Open informative welcoming easy to navigate.
Anonymous It seems to be a good site but is difficult to navigate. For example the didj shop was quite difficult to get to when I first came to the site.
Anonymous I love it and I am so glad that I found it. I really want to get one for my son.
Anonymous Excellent Didj website.
Peter from USA Great site that continues to evolve over the years
Peter from New Zealand Great Aboriginal & user friendly with excellent advice.
Randy Cook from USA Very enlightening
Ray from Australia Excellent - good layout & good information (it's Australian).
Remy from France I like it it's always interesting to surf didjshop.
Rhonda Cross from USA I love it! Hopefully one day I will get brave enough to buy one.
Anonymous from Canada Great information. I heard the Didgeridoo at our Bluesfest in Ottawa. Beautiful music. I would like to give my husband one who would love to learn
Anonymous from Australia Good I love the ability to hear the actual instrument it's why I bought from your site
Robert from USA I find the website to be rich with choices and information.
Robert Heller from USA Is by far my favorite site for sound clips information and products
Robert from USA It's very nice and easy to navigate.
Robert from Australia Excellent easy to use very informative
Anonymous from USA Great web site! Love hearing the didj sounds.
Robert from USA Great site
Robson Castilho from Brazil Are in parábens because I learned a lot from Didjshop
Anonymous L'ho trovato ben costruito e completo a soddisfare vari edomande
Anonymous Very informative and helpful. I am new to the didj and I very much appreciate all the info you have on your site
Roseanna Cannaday from USA Great
Anonymous Well laid out plenty of content regularly updated
Anonymous Nicest selection of high quality instruments
Anonymous Nice selection of Didjes
Anonymous Great website very informative
Anonymous The website is very nicely done. The layout is very friendly and I can't wait to make my own didj!
Anonymous Very thorough looking forward to explore more
Anonymous Its good to learn about new things
Anonymous from USA There is a LOT more to it than pick out an instrument and play.;)
Shirley Elmore from USA I think it is a very interesting site and really enjoy it.
Siegfried from Germany Compliments a really good presentation of information around the theme and of course a very good presentation of your online shop
Anonymous Nice
Simon Clutterbuck from Canada Its very good I like the idea of being able to listen to a Didge before buying it.
Anonymous I enjoy the simple layout and easy navigation immensely.
Steve Timms from United Kingdom Very good the only one
Anonymous from USA I like it but I preferred the selection/search screens that you replaced.
Anonymous Interesting informative site
Anonymous Haven't seen it last year sorry I remember I liked the sound examples with the didges
Takisha from USA It's very informative
Anonymous Don't have any
Anonymous Very well done and very informative.
Tiago Francisquinho from Portugal O comentario vai em portugues é esta a lingua que invoco no meu didgeridoo. Mas sobre voces uma coisa continuem claro isso é certo um Bom Natal Um Bom 2010 que vao entrar nele primeiro que eu...e nunca mudem:) Peace to all aboriginal people
Timothy from USA Interesting and informative.
Todd from Canada Straight to the point nice colours nice layout
Anonymous I think it is highly informative.
Victor from Netherlands Good atmosphere sound samples and Aboriginal info
Anonymous Most comprehensive one
Warner Recabaren from USA Horribly over protective- its a shame- we are in this together [OUR COMMENT: with all due respect, this might be a projection. It is the websites which you, Warner, want us to link to which are so protective of their rather extreme views that they feel they have to defame us and FNQ Aboriginal people to push their own sales - shame indeed. They also fail to participate in and support such a unifying event as the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditations - shame again. Let's didj together at the next worldwide didj meditation]
Anonymous from Canada Fine site
Anonymous from Netherlands Awesome!

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