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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2003:

Online name


Anonymous from USA

I was pleased to see that the didjshop really cared about their product.

Adam Trujillo from USA

This site is were I am learning how to play and dreaming of owning a concert didj The information you provide is great.

Adrien Bélisme from France

It's a wonderful web-site !!! Really !

Anonymous from Australia

Great site - helps me learn more about our indigenous people


A fascinating site - I've learned a lot already

Anonymous from France

I'm starting to know this site and I think it's the best site about didgeridoo's!

Anonymous from Canada

The web site provided in-depth information regarding Didgeridoos. The layout was satisfactory and pleasing to navigate. Awesome!!!

Bernard Schlageck from USA

Excellent site. The only thing better would be to be there in person to see each didj and be able to play them.

Bob Gauthier from USA

I think the web site is GREAT especially the mp3 sound files. I am placing a purchase for my first instrument today. I can't wait to start playing!


Very informative I am a beginning player and I learned a lot from your web site

Anonymous from USA

It's awesome

Anonymous from France

It's a very interesting site because it's not only a shop but you can learn many things.

Carolyn Asher from Australia

I've found it to be an excellent reference point for Aboriginal artwork too!


Excellent absolutely brilliant! I am new to the didj world and this site looks and feels fantastic!!

Christian Bown from Chile

You have a large amount of Didgeridoos and the thing that I like is the information and the net you're creating through the world to unify Didg players. This the main reason why I subscribed to this page. Go on with this work of making a big Didg family.


Nice and very convenient with good choice ... and good prices.


It's a great site where I found everything I need to know about didjeridu.

Clément Tschudy from France

Great web site with a serious team!!!

Colin Neufeld from Canada

After several searches for didjes this is the most serious site with the most authentic instruments and backgrounds I have ever seen. I would very much like to speak with an Australian aboriginal on the subject and experience didj sound healing perhaps even learn to facilitate it.

Colleen Way from Canada

I think the site is very well thought out and extremely interesting to look at. I am someone who does not spend a lot of time on the computer (rather be under my tree didging) but this site really held my attention. I would like to start a didge circle here in the city and am just testing the waters to see who is interested. It looks promising so far even here in "red-neck" Calgary Canada. I think we will just start letting people use some PVC pipe (just to see what it is like to make the sounds) but once they get a drone they will be hooked I'm sure.


Love the site


It's one of the most informative didge sites on the net. Although I have never bought a didge from Didjshop their web site content is the best. Especially the sound files.

Daniel Stewart from USA

Very good site with a wealth of information on the didj. Thanks!

David Burns from USA

You we're absolutely right when you said your [web site] was addicting it's set up perfectly.

David Elkins from USA

Yours is without a doubt the finest didje site on the web.

David Gaston from United Kingdom

Fantastic. Plenty to choose from ethically sound and very interesting. Have bought the video; desperate to learn how to circular breathe. Can do it without the didj!

Douglas Michon from USA

Awesome what else can I say?

Dustin Skelley from USA

This is a great web site it taught me a lot about the instrument. and it gave me a lot of helpful hints. it also made me feel bad for not buying an aboriginal didj next time I buy one it will definitively be from here


It's very calming and soothing to the eye unlike many sites online. I now have a real aspiration to try a Didj.

Anonymous from Canada

Number one source for Didjes and the culture surrounding the instrument. www.didjshop.com is what made my affection for didjes sink in and really make me want to play more and learn all their is to know about them. Complete good looking and sweet features (mp3!). Definite must for any aspiring or veteran didje player.

Eric Richman from USA

By far the most comprehensive site on the web. I am highly intrigued by all aspects of Aboriginal culture from didg. playing to the collection of fine art from the desert regions to Arnhemland. There is no other site that I can think of that is as detailed and informative. Very few sites allow you to access MP3 sounds of so many varieties of didges.

Frank Patterson from Australia

I love it. has heaps of great DIDJ info

Frank Uytterhoeven from Belgium

It's a great site. Very interesting easy to search. No further comments !


Wonderful! I'm in love!


A very attractive but functional site - I like that!


I think it's a great web site and although I haven't made a purchase yet I am sure I will.

Harrie Bos from Netherlands

Great site!


Its a wonderful site with a plenty of information and a good choice.


It's very interesting because its the biggest web site of didges. I learnt a lot from our site. It's easy to navigate. Thank's for this great work.


Very impressed. Just got into didj's and a friend recommended the site. I hope to be a regular visitor as it seems to be the most impressive site for didj's I've come across.

Ismael López Díaz from Mexico

This didj site is one of the best I've found it gives you info about the natural didj's how to make them you can also buy them and they teach you the basics and differences between a normal didj and a good quality one


I love this site! Originally I bought a beginner's Didgeridoo to learn to play which was neither authentic nor with good sound quality; it simply was used for learning. My next didge is coming from here because now that I'm confident that I can play I can splash out on a genuine didge. In fact with you I don't even have to splash out! Especially since I know they've been made in an environmentally friendly way! Thanks for your great site it's been a real help.


It's great to have an australian site showing our heritage


I enjoyed reading the testimonials from people around the world on didjs healing. The cat and I loved the sample sound. The aborigines knew something about healing.

Jeremy Gershen from USA

Beautifully designed! Easy to use and very informative. Thanks!

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom

Most excellent!!! Will keep coming back.

João Wallig from Brazil

I have used the didshop.com to learn the circular breath I now I now because of the info about how play the didj and I like to listen to the aborigine playing at the site

Anonymous from Austria

Excellent! For a beginner like me it is a very helpful Site to get information about didj-playing.

Anonymous from USA

Great details on anything I ever need to know about Didjs.


Very good site. I went to a few others they were not as informative. I learned a lot how real didgeridoo are made and where.

Anonymous from USA

Love all the info that one can find on your site. The ratings also help a lot with looking for a good didji to order even though we can not go and play it ourselves.

Julien Vignali from France

Probably the world's bigger choice of genuine didj on the Net!!! Also a very nice web site full of information and interesting things about aborigines' world...

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very impressed with the site and the amount of information that is available. All I can say is that I wish I came across the site a lot earlier. Keep up the good work

Anonymous from USA

Great web site and lots of super products. Didn't buy a boomerang when I was just in Australia/New Zealand and wish I had so I will be ordering on from you guys.

Anonymous from USA

I think this web site is really great and I'm glad to have found it! I have 2 music degrees and I think dijiridoos are the neatest instruments!

Laurens Minerva from Belgium

I'm thinking of buying a didgeridoo and the page where it helps me to buy one really got me on track!!

Ludovic Gauthier from France

For me Didjshop.com is really complementary for my search of didgeridoo. I try for a long time to find a didge which goes perfectly with my sort of playing and I think that Didshop.com have enough choice to make me find what I want. And like you say in the FAQ you really respect aborigines and your shop give us a great guaranty about the quality and authenticity ... Ludo.

Marcia Ehinger from USA

It's one of the best sites I've ever seen. The visual and audio components are well done and it is very user friendly. It's wonderful when looking for a musical instrument to be able to both see a photo and hear how it sounds. All of the added background information is interesting and quite helpful.

Mark Rookes from United Kingdom

Excellent web site service and products its not until you receive your didj do you realise how good they are.

Matthew Doswell from United Kingdom

I think that this is a very helpful site. I've been trying to find a decent didg bag of a good size and no other web sites gives you a size guide or the option to have a custom made one. A very good idea considering didges come in different shapes and sizes! Also the format and layout of the site is excellent.

Max Arnason from Canada

thank you for a wonderful site folks!


Best didge site I have come across

Nathaniel Compton from USA

Awesome Job!

Peter Burnham from United Kingdom

Excellent site - I'd really like to visit for real.

Anonymous from Bolivia

I think this is one of the best web site I ve ever seen coz you have al the stuff and all the information about didjs


Great site! Very informative and provocative.

Phil Cutler from Australia

I spend quite some time every day searching the internet for didge sites but didgeshop.com is the one I keep going back to. it's the only one in my favorites file. well done!!

Anonymous from Finland

Your information seems to be well copied to didje sites all over internet:-)

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

I think it's the best web site about traditional aboriginal art I have ever visited!

Scott Archibald from Australia

Excellent more info here than any where else I can find

Steven Roziers from Belgium

I think it's one of the best didj-site around!

Stewart Smith from USA

Great spot you guys are the best I really enjoy your site!!! There is more information here to make anyone comfortable in learning to purchase and better their didgeridoo skills.

Suzanne Leonard from New Zealand

Wonderful authentic stuff I'll be back


Thorough and accurate information on aboriginal culture and instruments. Deeply enjoy the soundscapes.

Tom Schirmer from USA

I found your site easy to navagate.Good information.Good advice on didgeridoos and instruction.It had everything I was looking for. Great prices and good quality.


Seems very Good Nice work.




It was fine. I am only interested in winning a didj for my blind niece.


I think that it is great for all levels of players and great for those who are looking into making their own didges.

Armand Kramer from Netherlands

Nice much information it will help me to learn to play the didj

Ayal March from Israel

Cool site nicely designed I like the didj competition! great idea haha


Great easy to read site

Anonymous from USA

Great information...planning to visit Australia and New Zealand in 2005...sites like this one are a trove of good info...keep it up!

Bob Pace from USA

Great site. Love the sound files!

Anonymous from Canada

Great...I'm discovering a new form of art...


Your site it great keep up the good work

Chris Roth from USA

I like the detailed pages about each didji.


I wanta Ddo


Love the mp3s

Anonymous from USA

I love visiting the site and would really like to buy a Didge over the internet someday. I am not brave enough yet.

Daniel Varas from USA

Great site!!


Its great really interesting


So far so good. (I just started looking.)

Davide Galbiati from Italy



The site is great


Nice site but have no idea what it is

Dietrich van Zype from Belgium

Keep on the good work


It is very neat!

Edward La Corte from USA

I really Love the Mp3's it's very cool to compare the sounds of the different sticks

Elise Peterson Peterson from USA

Just discovered this instrument about 3 weeks ago... I really love the sound. I am trying to now find a teacher here locally in Salt Lake City to teach me how to use one.... Thanks for having this contest.... I am praying that I win! It is the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen!!!! What a remarkable piece! I would hold it my prized possession! Sincerely Elise Peterson 1287 E. Vine Gate Dr. #4 Salt Lake City Utah 84121 (801)577-6892

Euardo Mena from Costa Rica

I have no words

Gentry Cutsforth from USA

I have not had the opportunity to look over the web site but will as soon as I finish this survey. I have always loved the sound of a didj would love to own one but never thought I would have a chance to own one for myself.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good. Nice design and easy to navigate.

Gil Schluter from USA

I have read about the didj on-line and other books and have wanted to learn how to play one for long time but have never pursued doing so. I recently did a search on the web and was amazed at all the sites available. My first visit to you site was really great but then had a problem and couldn't get back in. I am back in today and will spend as much time as I can looking and reading .



Anonymous from USA

Great web site lots of info!

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

This page is fantastic because I like all world around australia and I think this didjs are authentic and I like very much its sounds I want to play didj very well


Good web site I haven't looked at all of it yet but it seems pretty well put together.


Já tenho pesquisado outros sites sobre o Didj no entanto este é de longe o mais completo uma vez que as demonstrações são bastante elucidativas e fáceis de seguir estão de parabéns pelo trabalho apresentado.


I want:Original wear (T-Shirts etc)


It was user friendly

Janice Day from USA

Very interesting. I was looking up information on gourds and saw this word (didgeridoo) in one of the magazines and decided to see what it was. So upon looking that up I found you web site This is very interesting and a good Sunday afternoon experience.


You have a great site here.


Very informative

Anonymous from Spain

I believe you are serious and fair with Aborigine people.


It is a very good and interesting site.

John Carter from USA

I had no idea that such a site existed. It really is overwhelming. Great web site.

John Charlie from Canada

enjoyed your site will be back to visit

Anonymous from USA

I have always liked the didge sound and started researching how to play and where to get them. This is the most informative place so far. I'd love to win and I know I will learn to play.


I like it just can't buy at the moment.


I find it to be very informative about all aspects of didjs and Aboriginal culture. I think that it would be a great site for any level of didj player.

Jonathan Martin from USA

Great site quite informative.

Jose Luis Salazar Castilla from Mexico

I am from mexico an like know if your services are available in my country. your web site its awesome

Julien Bellue from France

I think it's a really good site but I have never bought a didj as I need to try a didj before buying it...I know it's impossible for an online shop but it would be really great ! =)

Jürgen Thiery from Germany

Really good information many products pages are easily to handle

Anonymous from Australia

Easy to access great site.


Good site and some nice didges!


Really need sounds bites on the didgs for sale

Kev Mahon from Ireland

It's a great site in darwin I saw didges that where maybe 5 feet pluse bloodwood almost perfect cone shape and played like a dream cost 800 plus aus but I cannot find on the net they seemed the most professional didges I've seen yet.are you guys keeping all the really special bonza ones for yourselves [our comment: Kev you will find that our didjes play better and are cheaper :-)]

Kim OKelley from USA

I really know nothing about didjeridus but just love the sound they make and would love to learn more about them. This is the first time I have visited your site.

Koos de Bruijn from Netherlands

Because we have family in Australia we became very interested in that country.That's why we visit many aussie sites now and the didj-site as well. We love the sound of it and we hope to fly to Australia within 1 or 2 years. And I love to learn to play didj and learn the breath technique. I also played trumpet so I would like to know if there is any difference between that technique.


Very interesting info easy to find. Visuals with sound info are easy to access. A very interesting and informative site



Le Perkins from USA

Like the sound files to compare the didjeridu

Lea Nixon from United Kingdom

I always feel that listening to the sound samples and I suppose this applies to most other sites also that it is very hard to determine the quality of the didge I feel they all sound very alike. This might be a problem of my speakers although they are not bad ones. I often wonder how the samples are made if they have been set up differently from each other ie mic distance record level etc then the results would be pretty hit and miss. I prefer to read your assessments and evaluations basically I trust your judgment. [our comment: all our didjes are recorded under standardized conditions]

Lloyd Mcgregor from United Kingdom

Your web site is very east to use and the best


It's great but need more sound bites.

Ludwig Van Gauwbergen from Belgium

Really great !!


It is a great site!!!! I am searching for a didj so I can learn to play on it and I am sure I will visit this site more!!!What a great information!!!4

Anonymous from Belgium

Very nice web site I'm going to follow a course to play the didge beginner


Very good an interesting site with a lot of know how

Anonymous from USA

I got really excited when I found this web site The sound of this instrument is incredible. I look forward to looking around this web site and discovering this instrument.


Very easy to navigate very informative. I like how you have audio of featured didjes. I've learned a lot from this site.

Matthijs Nicolai from Netherlands

Great site. Very neat layout. The sound samples of the didges is very nice to find out what a persons preference is. Too bad though that most of the 'beginners/cheaper' didges don't feature samples. But all in all a nice site to hang around


Seems like a pretty sweet setup. Very thorough

Michelle Williams from USA

Great site. Lots of information. We used it to browse before our daughter traveled to Australia. It gave her a good idea of what to look for in didje's.

Mika Myllari from Finland

Very good site in deed! I'm a professional Jazz musician trumpeter and I play world wide. I will recommend this side for my friends and other colleges thank's for putting it up and keeping it going!

Mike Howles from United Kingdom

Nice plenty of information easy navigation. A good resource for the 'first time digj player' Oh and I'm from Wales (in the UK)


Nice site with lots of info.

Anonymous from France

I think it's great cool to have put mp3s of the didges that you are selling. the web site is easy to browse... its cool!

Anonymous from Australia

I have only just found didjshop.com and am eager to get back there and spend some quality time looking around.

Patricia Denobile from USA

I have always enjoyed the sound of the didjeridu and I'm very happy to have found Didjshop! It's my first visit but definitely not my last. I would love to get lucky and win so I may learn to play. I also love to play steel drum (pan)! Thanks



Paul Goodmanson from USA

You guys seem a lot more genuine than other sites I have visited except you promote your product excessively but apparently for good reason. By the way do all these questions have anything to do with whether somebody wins or not?? [ our comment: your answers will not affect your chances to win]


Molto interessante

Ricard Land from Netherlands

Look nice ith a lot over didje.s and other aussie goods


Love you.


The web site is very informative and I like being able to hear the sounds bits.


Interesting & informative

Robin Wolfe from USA

We enjoy all kinds of music.....our children are both music inclined as well.

Russ Fenton from Canada

Very good easy to navigate

Ryan Harris from USA

It's a good solid web site but there could be some more aboriginal pieces like tribal dances or something like that


I visited other sites and found this one to be a great informational one.


Looks like a great site. Just getting into the didg. Love it!

S. Bate from United Kingdom

Very interesting

Sam Diehl from Australia

It's great has a lot of info about didjes

Anonymous from Germany

It's great to learn some more about Australia and to find things that make me feel closer to it even though I will never be able to go there.

Sean Balanger from USA

This is a great web site for anybody who wants to not only learn how to play the didgeridoo but to learn about an important instrument in aboriginal culture.

Sebastian Douglas from USA

It is informative


I think it is a very informative and easy to use site.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great! really interesting


This site has really peaked my interest about didj!

Suzanne Morris from Australia

Your instruments look great


This is an excellent site for people who would like to know more about didjes


It's great to actually know there is one I never knew one existed. I'm looking forward to visiting it again soon.


Feedback? I think its ok!


My english is not so good but I try to write. It is an interesting Site. I like to read about the Aboriginal and the culture(oh god my english sorry)


Looks good to me.

Vital Rossi from France



I think you offer a good range of didges along with a great range of other indigenous art works the information you share is also of great benefit to my self and others who may be surfing the web looking for that special didge

Xavier Espiau from France

I've never bought a Didgeridoo with DidjShop. So I just can say that your Web site is very useful and with a lot of choice.

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