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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2011:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous I am finding it very helpful in learning about the art of playing.
Adam from USA Fantastic website filled with loads of information for amateurs to experts
Anonymous from USA I love your website. I just found it so I am only figuring things out.
Ariella Trotti from Italy Easy to read full of information not only aboriginal crafts but even about people.
Anonymous from USA Very informative!
Beaux from USA It could use some improvement looks very basic and 90's
Bradley from USA Just found it today but seems cool.
Brian from United Kingdom A little cluttered
Bryan from USA Complete and navigable
Chase from Canada I've learned a lot from this site and my interest of knowledge for the didgeridoo continues to grow
Anonymous Great source of information
Chris from Canada Excellent website will use Didjes sounds to improve my playing and would like to upgrade my Didjes as well and it is nice to find a community of Didjes enthusiasts.
Chris from Canada News Shop Info Forum Great job keep up the good work!
Colby from USA Very awesome website I'm glad there's others who enjoy my newfound passion
Anonymous from USA The ways in which you rate and record each didj is helpful to customers.
Anonymous Very simple
Dawn from USA Awesome
Doug from USA Pretty organized insightful
Elizabeth from USA Very nice pictures and information available! Very easy to navigate your website!
Emily from USA It's very interesting and unique.
Francois from Belgium Really liked to read the stories all the information about aboriginal culture and Didjes. I do like this website!
Gerald Storrs from USA Excellent content free of stereotype commercial dialogue. Facts not found on the dozens of other sites
Glenn from Australia I have only just started accessing it and found through search
Heather from USA Just found it & it sounds very informative & exciting!
Anonymous Could be easier to navigate cleaner design
Ido from USA Looks like a great website I can't wait to start learning and playing the Didgeridoo!
Jean from USA Interesting
Jeannie from USA I had never heard of it until I did a search for contests and yours popped up. We have a store in our local mall that has didjes and every time I go there I look at it and say some day I will buy one.
Anonymous from USA Seems great. Most sites are just shops.
Anonymous Like the giveaway
Anonymous from USA Wonderful! easy to navigate very informative and in truth slightly addictive to the shopper.
Jerome from Us Minor Outlying Islands Very good
Jo-ellyn from USA I think a lot of questions are asked that a person who is non experienced but greatly interested should not be penalized for for not being able to answer the questions! [OUR COMMENT: no worries, you get two entries in the draw in any case, even if you cannot answer all questions]
John Watson from USA Nice looking website with good amount of information.
Anonymous Can't Never visit it...
Anonymous Wefwfe
Karen Gulley from USA Great place to learn about new and different things indigenous
Anonymous Nice precise layout
Kieran from South Africa Its inviting and informing
Anonymous from Greece In one word informative
Anonymous Cool
Anonymous from USA N/A
Anonymous from USA This site is a very useful resource for a person who wishes to learn didgeridoo.
Matej from Slovenia Very interesting detailed facts you can't find anywhere else on the internet.
Melissa Baldwin from USA It is really interesting. I love learning about different cultures.
Michael from USA Very in-depth site. Lots of information. Beautiful looking didges.
Michael from Belgium Keep on doing the good work!
Anonymous I love the didgeridoos and would love to buy one and learn how to play one
Nelson from USA Very informative I haven't read through it all yet.
Anonymous Very organized good colour scheme
Oriol Sanchez Castello from Andorra Not too much
Pauline from Canada Your website plays an important role in keeping traditions alive
Anonymous from Germany I like it. Great Site
Romaine Adella from USA This is a great website and will be better if I win!
Ruby from USA This is my first visit
Simone from Italy It's really good but I can grow bigger
Anonymous Na
Anonymous Pretty cool
Stephen Pretty from Australia Excellent site for me as I live with a aboriginal women and love the cultural stories
Stephen from USA It is the best - I often check it out even though I am not buying anything. I just love looking at and hearing the didges
Steve from United Kingdom Very comprehensive.
Anonymous from USA It's a great website
Anonymous Nothing
Anonymous I do not have one.
Timur Paltuyev from Kazakhstan Nice site very informative I found out lots of interesting information for myself Big thanks and respect for it
Tony from Australia Very informative and professional
Ver Es genial muy bien elaborado.
Willard from USA I look forward to a thorough investigation of your site as the Didj has always fascinated me and I am at a point in my life that I can dedicate some time to learning how to play it with a reverence to the history of the instrument.

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