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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2006:

Online name


Aydan from United Kingdom

Easy to negotiate and a reliable and trustworthy service.

Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand

I think Didjshop.com is a very informative and sincere Site....Love the Forums and how much I've gained from the questions of others and advise given them.

Brandon from USA

Very well laid out. You provide good base information about each instrument. Your prices are fair and very reasonable.

Cara from USA

This website was the best I've found so far I'm still new to the didgeridoo community but this website provided me with many helpful links and info.

Christy from USA

Loved it! Referring friends

Corrado Martorana from Italy

Really interesting and well-built. I think I'll be back regularly!!!

Darren Grant from United Kingdom

I've found it extremely helpful. There are a lot of companies selling didges and it's hard to not get ripped off. There are few sites out there which I find I'm comfortable with and this is one of them.Very nice set up and easy to use full of important relevant information. Thanks you guys it's been a pleasure to browse!

Doug from USA

I don't have much experience yet but I have joined the Didge forum and expect it to be very useful.


Very reachful in each section: culture instruments customers feedbacks..... Very competent staff and nice sounds samples! VERY NICE. Congratulations


Nice design a lot of information about the products (e.g. didj sound) good prices good service on the site for visitors good navigation

Greg Sansom from Australia

The Didjshop website has excellent content and navigation qualities. It is visually attractive and well laid out. The colours are vivid & representative of the Australian landscape. A very appealing website.


Nicely laid out easy to navigate and very interesting and accurate information

Jed from USA

I loved the link for playing multiple didjes in harmony.

Anonymous from USA

The site is wonderful and so is your customer focus. Keep it up!

Joy Cozens from Canada

Nice website..easy to get around. It feels very intentional and I love how much it promotes the importance of the way things are made and environmentally conscious ways of doing it. Awesome!

Keith from United Kingdom

Your staff have been very helpful in giving sound advice. I like the structure of the website

Kirsty Lane from Australia

Awesome site provide excellent information easy to navigate. The BEST Didgeridoo shop I've come across!

Lisa Hatchez from Canada

I'm happy to have found it. I find it informative and am looking forward to receive the newsletter. It feels like I found a new group of friends; it will encourage me to didge more often. Thanks!

Anonymous from Mexico

It is excellent!!; I think it is a good way to know about this beautiful instrument!!

Luciano from Argentina

Very well done. all products and information is very easy to find and you provide a lot of useful info with every product.

Madlyn from Canada

Your website is put together very well easy to manoeuvre and grabs ones interest. It also gives one a feeling that it is worth the time to look! Have a great day and good luck to every single beautiful person who has entered this contest.

Marc from Belgium

I have been looking around on the internet to buy a didge first on more local sites then all over the world. Didjshop is the only one giving this accurate info about selection sound and quality test available for each didge. That's why I trusted to buy from Didjshop its a lot of cash for me but I am sure I get the best I can have for this amount only cause I bought from the best.

Marty from Australia

A great site! I am always looking for ways to improve my didj ability and variation of sounds and there are some great hints & tips for young players. Keep truckin!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Fantastic site not just interested in making a sale. A real bastion of didge heritage.

Matthew Brewster from South Africa

The best-= photos news letters help and info out there can be found right here in one cool web site I would never look any were else. Thanks didjshop.com

Matthew from United Kingdom

Very good website glad to see there is a very lively didge community out there

Melissa from USA

This is a great site...I plan to come back and I plan to recommend to friends. I want a didge of my own.....!!!!!!!

Michael Forster from Australia

I have been on a few sites but this is by far the best with techniques forums and local and world news about playing.even seen another fella with same name in guest book

Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom

I like it and I've referred other people here to learn about didge. I like the amount of didge info and tutorials you have.

Anonymous from Canada

Love your website. not only do I learn about didj's but also learn about the culture and plight of some of the people.

Pepe from Spain

This is the best website that I have found in a lot of time because has the most complete information because respects the nature and the aborigines tribes because it's the best shop that offer didgeridoos better value for money that I could have found and because I have learned very much of here.(sorry for my english I speak english badly)

Petri from Finland

Didjshop.com is a great site. The best if you would like to compare different didges. Good photos and sound samples. If only you had more available payment methods. eg. Visa Electron or Verified by Visa

Raghav from New Zealand

Its a world famous site and one of my ex Theatre classmate referred it to me at the group musical session in south island of new zealand.

Richard Whistance from United Kingdom

Its a really bloomin good website - clear clever and I think I wouldn't have bought the didj I did for my family if I couldn't have heard it first

Rob from Ireland

Your site is the best one I've found. Great tips and information. I've learned a lot from it. Thanks

Robert from USA

It was amazing and more helpful than others with a plethora of great history and knowledge

Sarah from United Kingdom

The site has handy advice for beginners and has a really good instrument inventory for people to purchase.

Shane Mackaness from Australia

The most thorough and professional didj shopping experience in the world bar none.

Steve from United Kingdom

Superb navigation good quality information excellent products best Didj site I have found.

Anonymous from Ireland

The site is very good it is great to be able to check out and buy online especially when you live in Ireland. Keep up the good work.

Toniu from Spain

Its a very good site so much information. And good contents.

Walter from Italy

You have the best site in the world...è un vero piacere girare tra le varie pagine del sito.

Wesley Bullock from USA

I've been searching for "my" didge for almost four years to no avail. This site very well may change that. I just found out about it last week and I been looking at and listening to didges daily on your site since then. I've learned so much about the process of didge-making the aboriginal culture the stories behind the artwork and the existence of world-class didges on your site. My priorities have shifted and my level of expectation for didge quality has sky-rocketed because of your site. Thank you for all the information and especially thanks for the MP3 files on all the didges.

Anonymous from USA

Very cool sight. This is my second time back this week. Very easy to navigate. Very informative and up front about the exploitation of indigenous peoples. I respect that and am sorry I did not get my first didgeridoo from a well informed site like this. I also liked the stories about some of the artwork on some didgeridoos. Have a native american friend who I thought would be interested in one of the stories. That is why I came back to the sight so I could send him the link. I especially like the sound clips to compare the way they sound. Again very informative. When I have saved up enough will be back to find my first.

Albert from Spain

The people for selling is fine people....and answer you always.....the only thing is some pages you can't translate to spanish......but is true that a lot of them translate alone.. thank you for think in non. english spekken people...

Anonymous from USA

Very informative

Anonymous from Italy

The usability was strange in the beginning but now I'm used it so it isn't a problem anymore. After all I wish you the best and I'm sure I'll buy most didges from you...

Angel from USA



Good website. I like how one can search the didges for sale by different categories. Pictures of didges are not to good... I'm searching for a Djalu didgeridoo but are unable to find one on your site...

Beatrice from Australia

It's very easy to surf around and find what you're looking for!!!

Ben from USA

A great website lots of good information and lustful Didjes for possible use in the future as I increase in ability.


Information is good the surfing between items is not so easy

Anonymous from Netherlands

If you've chosen a language (dutch) the language jumps back to english when you click on 1 or 2 other pages in the site. [OUR COMMENT: this should happen only if the new page is not available in Dutch]

Brad Powell from USA

It looks quite interesting. I plan on returning to explore it more fully in the future.

Brian Pulsipher from USA

Wonderful site. Very informative and interesting even for those of us who really didn't know what a Didjeridoo was. I am impressed with the amount of information from a retail site. Thank You

Bruce from Australia

Lots of useful information and very interesting reading.

Bruce from USA

I'm still exploring it but find it interesting so far.


Its very easy to go thru the site. The site is very interesting and I like spending time looking thru it.

Cheryl from USA

Very informative

Christopher Larson from USA

I haven't really got a chance to really check it out yet but I am very happy with the assistance in making a smart purchase for a beginner such as myself thank you

Connie from USA

It is very appealing.


Its very large and comfortable but for people that english its not there mother language its a bit hard

Dan Mackin from USA

Well organized & informative.

Daniel from Sweden

I like that it especially that it is easy to navigate and look around By the way.. I'm crap on spelling in eng.. so if you wish to publish my comments feel free to do a spell check Thanx!

David from USA

I like the way your website is laid out and how you explain everything.


This is mi first time in didjshop.com but I like the page design and obviously the contents.

David from Canada

Informative and well thought out...

David Snyder from USA

Full of information searchable merchandise but no naked girls.

Dominique from USA

Very interesting - I had never heard of didjeridoos.

Edward Southworth from USA

Very easy to use straight to the point.

Ehsan Tadayon from Iran

I simply love it it gives an insight to the unknown


Very interesting website with lots of information.

Erik Van Der Velden from Netherlands

I like the site. I specially like the part where you can by a didgeridoo. You see good pictures of what you can buy and most important can hear the sound.

Anonymous from France

It's marvelous and complete... maybe it's missing a french version...

Evelyn from USA

I love your website.....seems to be easy to navigate and is informing.

Facundo Stahl from Argentina

Is a very good place but is could be better if will be all in spanish


Love the physics sections and how to create your own didj

Francisco from Spain

It's my firs time here and I have add it to my favourites thanks! I did enjoy this place and along this month I'll send this URL address to some musicians friends of mine.

Gail from USA

Fantastic! I love the complexity - the stories the science of didj sound etc. Thanks for all the info!

Garry from Australia

Well laid out and easy to navigate.

Gerard School from Netherlands

Your site is excellent for getting information about all aspects of the didgeridoo. Well done!


Well-designed site

Anonymous from France

Respect of the aborigines' spirit large choice real interest in didgeridoo's culture

Gregg from USA

The site is well thought out user friendly and full of useful info. Along with many ways to spend my extra cash.

Guy Bijl from Belgium

It is a very beautiful website whit lots a good information. Love to come around..

Heaven Fraley from USA

I happen to like it..

Horacio from Uruguay

Creo que es muy bueno pues tiene todo lo que se necesita en el mundo de didgeridoo. además esta muy bueno que brinden la oportunidad de poderse ganar un instrumento tan especial y de muy buena calidad.

Ian from USA

I'm still exploring it. But it seems to be well ordered. More so than other didj/world music sites I've been to tonight!



Jairo from Spain

Is a really good site ^^

Anonymous from USA

Pretty easy to navigate but would prefer to not have to scroll as much. Love the pictures and sound clips!

Anonymous from Australia

Good so far. Would help if you had a DVD tag to follow. Not just video. Thank you.


Great Site!

Jeannine from USA

I love the sound clips on your site! As a differently abled person I do almost all my shopping online now and having any of my senses besides sight engaged while trying to decide what to buy is an incredible help to me.

Joachim from Germany

Very informative nice layout and easy to find the topic you look for

John Peters from USA

It rocks it has a ton of cool didjeridu pics.

John Sheffield from USA

I think it is pretty cool.

Jonathan Olivares from Chile

Jonathan Olivares Palma


Let me win a free didgeridoo!


Its a good with a good variety of helpful and essential information

Juergen Rieger from Australia

Great easy to navigate site with good search function and fantastic range of didgeridoos

Anonymous from Mexico

I think it is very good and interesting; I will recommend to some friends because I think it is very easy to visit;


I am impressed with the fact you can listen and see the didj's beforehand. Very well thought out and educational too.


Lots of cool stuff on here and some awesome looking didges for sale.

Justin from USA

Its seems very well set up. I would like more info on some of the didjes like backpressure ratings and the like. [OUR COMMENT: check out 'Didgeridoo Sound' in the 'Information' section]

Kathy from Australia

Easy to use website with interesting cultural information & stories

Kirin from Australia

Very extensive!!

Anonymous from USA

It is very "friendly" and easy to navigate. It gives me the impression that you are honest and sincere business folks.


Nice site... informative and good selection.


Awesome site - bringing didj to the masses!

Anonymous from France

I find this site quite good

Leanne from USA

This is a great site. There is so much information - its great to see a retailer who is so focused on educating and promoting not just selling.

Leonardo Flores from Spain

The web site is great. I feel you are a very responsible team. Your work is impeccable. The way you present your didgeridoos is the best. The design and visual aspects of the web site is OK but It could be better.


Very good overlooking site with enough info

Luke from Australia

I have found this site very informative about the didjeridu and have learnt from it.

Marcelo Sarra from Brazil

I really like this site. It is very informative. I learnt how to mount a beeswax mouthpiece and the relation note/length here.

Anonymous from Australia

Nice site

Maria Rowena from USA

I am usually very wary about web sites and shopping on line especially overseas but I have a good vibe about your site. It seems genuine and I like the fact that your products are made by Aboriginals and help them and the environment. I have not looked at other web sites and I don't feel the need to.

Marianne from Belgium

Good site-nice the possibility to win a didge

Marissa from USA

It was a wonderful find!


Cool helpful site. The didge is great sounding. I have a CD and that has made me want to learn to play. Well done Something to be proud of that is coming from from a kiwi

Marko from Macedonia (FYR)

I have been interested in the didj sound since I heard it at The Ohrid Summer Festival in July this year.That was my sound.When my mother got the Newsletter I read it and found information about things I have always wanted to know about but didn't know where to get them.For myself I find it most useful.When I win the didgeridoo and learn to make sounds Ill be able to tell you more.


Looks very interesting


It's a wonderful site

Megan from Australia

The website is easy to navigate very clear and colourful. Thanks its a pleasure to visit.

Michael Stone from USA

Easy to navigate and appreciate.

Nathaniel Johnson from Australia

It is a great website


I dig it its really helpful to a beginner such as myself I am confident that I am going to buy my first didgeridoo from this site


Very informative and user friendly; keep up the good work

Paul Cyr from USA

Great selection helpful information.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The shop is fantastic. The sound files in particular are a great idea and very helpful.

Paul from USA

It had some flaws a couple years ago but I've seen no problems since. I find it very easy and pleasant to visit.

Peter Kretzschmar from USA

It is very very good

Peter Pollinger from Austria

Great. I simply like it

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very helpful and informative


I have yet to explore all of the content here but so far I am extremely impressed and look forward to learning from this site.

Randel from USA

Very informative! Very easy to navigate!

Anonymous from Germany

Well done

Richard from United Kingdom

A great resource good stuff and keep it up. Some amazing didges.

Ridha from Netherlands

A great great resource for people interested in didgeridoos!!!

Robert Nichols from United Kingdom

Very impressed

Ruth from USA

Very interesting and informative


I like the site very well done easy to navigate.


Great site not enough natural bark didges most when available are taken


Interesting site


Its great but it could use some more featured artists.

Stefan Jung from Germany

I like your page especially the sound samples. I like the categories of the didges also the search features.

Stuart Harrison from United Kingdom

Absolutely excellent - I'll be back to view again for definite and will look at expanding didge collection with the use of this website - thanks for contacting me!

Thaddius Davis from USA

I love it. I have entered many contests trying to get myself the best didj ever made. I love the sound and the availability of the didgeridoo. I just really would love to win an authentic didj. It would make my dreams complete.


Nice site put some more mp3 soundtracks on site

Thibault Guyon from France

This site is really cool in the way that it's easily understandable even for a french like me! it's also a great site because it told about all around didgeridoos and it urge visitors to enquire himself about aborigines' culture! p.s.:sorry for my english level

Tyson Peters from Australia

It's a really good informative site that doesn't just sell didgeridoos but tells you a little bit about the culture surrounding it. I think this is very useful knowledge to have because It makes you more aware of how important the didgeridoo is to the aboriginal people and makes people not only respect the instrument but makes their didgeridoo that little bit more special next time they play it. I think that little bit of knowledge goes a long way in teaching us "the way of the didgeridoo" and makes us better players for it.

Walter Rodriguez from Argentina

Me parece un sitio interesante debido a la variedad de informes y especificaciones acerca de un gran instrumento como es el Didjeridoo. Felicitaciones y sigan así.


Awesome site

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