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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2006:

Online name


Aaron from Canada

Very good amazing Didj's well organised site I'm sorry I didn't no about the greeting cards I'm going to see how they work. I really like your logo I really appreciate the Didgeridoo buying Advice I really do like your site web sits are hard work to make and manage I like it.

Angelique from France

It's a very good site full of information illustrations (that's important) and the sounds examples are quite well! I've never been so well-informed! Supa-dupa! Merci!

Ariel Grandi from Argentina

I have never see soo beautiful didges... I would like to have one of yours didgeridoos same days... I will work for it. This didgeridoos are like a dream...

Aurelio Granito from Brazil

This a very cultural web site congratulations

Bogart Parra from USA

Very informative user friendly it truly gives you the filing that you are talking to a friend good inside points when making your purchases I'm truly impress!!!


Some very useful information. I appreciate the forums as I have been recently looking for information on fixing a crack in the didgeridoo that I currently own

Brien Porter from USA

The didjshop is my number one favorite site because of its diversity in products not to mention the outstanding quality of those products. The information that is available on the didjshop about the didge and its characteristics and applications are unmatched. I have purchased many different items from this site and have never felt disappointment or regret. Thank you for your great service to didge players worldwide.

Carlos from USA

Quite easily the most informative easy to navigate site for Didjes. Your site is a must for those of us beginners as well as experienced players.

Christian from Sweden

Wonderful site filled with interesting info and a very good opportunity to find fantastic didjeridoos.

Cindy Liming from USA

This is great. I love the respect given to the aborigines and the information given about non aborigine Didjes. Not only are you selling an awesome product but you are keeping an ancient culture alive. I've always been fascinated with the aborigines. I love their artwork and music. I've never been to Australia and will most likely never get to go your web site is giving me a chance to "visit" the Australia I want to go to. Thank you.

Claude from Canada

Your web site is just incredible. I used many of the technical notes to build my own didj (out of PVC) and it sounds OK.

Clay from USA

It's way cool! I love the sound cards and will be back to use them for friends and family.

Daniele Alfredo from Italy

It is very interesting and complete... I often sail on the site

David Butler from United Kingdom

Excellent. How have I NEVER seen you before? Have not browsed it all yet but where I have been has been very competently set out and the aim of uniting a worldwide didj community that respects the nature behind such a unique instrument is very obvious. Well done.

David from Virgin Islands (british)

It very good easy to find things and a good source of info

David from United Kingdom

Brilliant. packed full of comprehensive information. inspires total confidence

David Longster from United Kingdom

Its the best didge site on the web very informative on everything didge! and (I am proud to say!) it still displays my comment which I sent quite a while back. (It is how I trace the site by typing my own name and the word didgeridoo in the search engine!)

Diane Taylor from USA

Your site is great and I love getting the newsletter every month or so. Stay cool and keep up the good work.

Drew from USA

I think it is an amazing place to find not only didgeridoos but supplies other necessities and the forum(probably one of the bigger bonuses) is very helpful because it allows ambitious didge players from around the world to share information and tips on a variety of subjects that without the forum would be left in the dark.


Very informative. I had no idea didges were such a big thing. this is more of an investment that I had anticipated. I think I'll be practicing on pvc before I invest in one of yours...but thanks for the warning against the bamboo which was my first inclination. when I'm ready to spend the money I will be back. I actually found painted pvc Didjes being sold for prices close to yours! I'd much rather have the real thing...

Federico from Italy

Very gorgeous Web site! It's a REAL pleasure to see a site so rich in culture humanity life music and people from all over the world. and last but not least Very large selection of item for sale. yours is the best way to make business. my compliments

Greg from Australia

It's a very user friendly site and I look forward to receiving the monthly newsletters which are very informative not only for didjeridu info but for the info on issues confronting aboriginal society in Australia.



Hauke Kellner from Germany

Its a playground for didj players like me

Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

Didjshop.com is very good organized site. Didgeridoo offer is pretty good and with good understandable descriptions. Prices are fair.

Jack Kos from New Zealand

This has provided me with countless hours of fascination searching through for the perfect didgeridoo for me. I am soon to order one which I believe suits me perfectly. I think I'm in love with this site and my wife agrees she says I spend more time on the site than I do with her (and she might be right!)

Javier from Spain

The best web about didgeridoo in internet. I have one at home and it's incredible.

Jeff Nelson from USA

This is the best site if your into didjin'

Joerg from Germany

Seems to be a complete site with everything someone interested in didgeridoos needs. I liked the prompt service when enquiring for a certain didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Belgium

I enjoy reading the newsletters! Keep up the good and hard work!

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Wonderful source of information great central point to find out about anything about didge

John from USA

I've just started looking around but the range of goods and the depth of information here excites me! I'll be a didjshop regular I'm sure!

Jonathan from France

Awesome site - full of excellent info and links + good Didjes at fair prices.

Joseph Gandia from Puerto Rico

Well I think is the best store and more complete one I have seen so far. it offers everything you need to know about didges and other instruments before you even buy it. perfect. that's a good business strategy. Customers first then comes the business

Lars from Luxembourg

Great site. Not only a shop but a place to "meet".

Laurence from United Kingdom

Very good web site not only sells a great selection of didges but covers aboriginal news has advice on playing events. Just about everything you want to know about the didgeridoo and the indigenous people of Australia is here!!

Anonymous from France

The best online shop I've seen. good description of the didgeridoos. listening to their sound is also very important. good explanations about aboriginal culture how to play didg....and good links

Anonymous from USA

It's a very helpful site. I actually bought a a didgeridoo for my friend and this site helped me to pick out a good one for him. He's in love with the selection that I made for him and I thank this site for guiding me in the right direction.

Anonymous from USA

What a wonderful place to visit. I will be here every day. I want to learn to play knowing it will make me a better human being and the world a better place.

Marc from France

Not only does your web site have a huge collection of didjes to choose from but it has loads interesting and useful information on the instrument and what's behind it! Definitely added to my bookmarks.

Marco Vivian from Italy

It's simply great!

Matt from Canada

I love how the newsletter never misses me even though I have been back in canada for over a year now the newsletter is a great reminder to check out the Didjshop web site and see what's new

Matt from United Kingdom

Good web site could include some funky graphics. Useful having such a comprehensive range of information all on ONE didge site and peace of mind the didges are genuine and not mass produced tourist crap.

Max Rivera from Peru

Didjshop. com is the very best didgeridoo's web site its complete has the store the photos the tips the forum the quality assured and a nice help if you need it. Thanks from Perú. Max

Mikolaj Szczesiak from USA

Best site to buy Didjes online. Love your Didjes.... A+++ Everyone will find something for themselves.

Pamela Kerr from USA

I will look into the greeting cards Cool site!

Pamela from USA

Thank you so much for being there and supporting the Aboriginal people. Your site is a great resource to learn not only about the didgeridoo but also about the culture it comes from. I'm happy to have a link on my own site to yours.

Patrice from Bahamas

Great didn't know there was a didj. shop on line!!!

Paulo from Portugal

Very good In portuguese language that's also great nice teaching resources and information beautiful instruments!!!

Robert Quintarelli from Spain

This Web page is brilliant easy to use very well explained to buy and search any goods nice colours background interesting products good prices and it looks and it is very very professional - hi cathy its me rob from spaiiiiiinnnn

Ryan Sanders from Thailand

I play my didgeridoo I purchased from your shop almost everyday. Everyday I experiment with different rhythms and different way of making sounds with it. I had been practicing with a bamboo didgeridoo before I had received my Didjshop didge and I had some regrets when first playing it but after playing with the overtones and experimenting with different sounds I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks for allowing me to discover how to play a real aborigine didgeridoo. I think your web site is great too.

Sacha from Luxembourg

I did not have the opportunity to see much of the web site yet. But I see that this site is made by experts which comforts me a lot.

Shane from Malaysia

I always recommend didjshop didjeridus I have not been anywhere or seen anywhere a place that can compete with the accurate analysis of each didj. When you buy a didj from didjshop you know what you are getting and I have not found anywhere that can compete with the quality of didjeridus that come out of didjshop.

Steeve from Switzerland

Your are the best

Thomas Gramstad from Norway

A lot of interesting stuff appreciate all the articles photos and details of didjes and info about extra gear CDs etc.

Tiago Simões from Portugal

It's good even if slightly outdated. I don't like the way the menus on the left keep changing all the time. But it centres around the didjes which is the most important. In terms of making you want to buy a good didj this site is the best - and it has the best didjes on the net too.

Tom Phillips from United Kingdom

It's very informative and gives as much info on Didjes as is possible without actually picking one up and playing it yourself. I love the fact you have a solar powered property and obviously care about conservation etc.

Tomas from Argentina

Excellent very complete

Yain Eyzenga from Netherlands

Great site with love and understanding (!) for the Aboriginal People of Australia. And I always enjoy the monthly newsletter! As if we where close family.

Zev from USA

Your instruction on Circular breathing was very helpful.

Anonymous from Romania

I like the way you do your business and take care of your customers. Keep up the good work.

Adam from Canada


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Pretty good would like easier links ie html to the related pages

Anonymous from USA

I love the photos of the instruments


The colors of the web site should be more earth tones otherwise great site

Antonio Mara from Italy

I think that your site is perfect there is many information suggestion and beautiful didjeridoos very good.


Yours is an excellent site. Can I purchase a book on how to play the instrument from your site? [OUR COMMENT: sorry we do not have a booklet, only a video]

Ashleigh from USA

I am shopping for another didge and I appreciate how easy your site is. The pictures and sound clips are very well done

Anonymous from USA

Thanks - interesting!


So far I like the site. I haven't explored it all yet.

Bob from USA

Greatly enjoy looking at and listening to various didjes you have listed on your site

Bren from USA

So fun! I love the sound bites


Very Good

Bruno Vidigal from Portugal

Muito fiche. mas com algumas falas em relaçao a aprendizagem.


Attractive. Easy to use.


Great web site hopefully ethically sound

Charlie from USA

It is a great Didj resource for players from all walks of life. The only thing that I didn't find when I discovered the site was more information on how to craft Didjeridu's from scratch. I have found this on other sites [ names deleted - OUR COMMENT: we have no experience with that as we only deal with termite hollowed didjes, but you can find lots of info on making didjes in our forum]

Chris Yerlig from USA


Christine from USA

I especially love that you are involved in environmental politics. I did send an email asking that the new highway not be put in until after I get to see the country.

Daniel from USA

Nice and clean. Well focused.

Anonymous from USA

Well laid out and easy to use.

David Bednar from USA

Cool site cool contest I hope to win.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Good idea though I think I'd like to handle and play any instrument I would buy

David Lassio from USA

I really love the site as there is so much information on it. I would like to try the didgeridoo in the near future and look into all the qualities they possess.


It is very user friendly

Derrick from USA

I think the give-way is wonderful. Or else I wouldn't think that I deserve a decent quality didge. I am currently constructing my own one off. Picked from a dead cactus in Taos NM. I hollowed it out after I split it which was very easy. I haven't got to the point to coating it with beeswax and shaving that off. But it does have a nice bell which I accidentally chipped which in turn should add more character. I just haven't gotten around to getting the beeswax to fully glue it together. I am a little afraid of how it will sound. I just don't know if I will ever be able to afford some that you offer on your web site I have only had PVC (generic) didges. built by expert players from Boulder Co. because they told me since I am a novice I have to learn with the most basic form. Thanks for listening to my triumph's about didges. Derrick

Dieter from Germany

It's difficult to find the entree in the shop;-) But it's the best I've ever seen.

Douglas from USA

The Didjshop just keeps getting better and better from all that I've seen

Dr. Cheryl Bryantbryce from USA

Great site...great instrument! I see it matching up with a berimbau for wonderful healing properties!


Very good

Eric from USA

I just found the site looking for an authentic didge to heal myself and my wife. I am hopeful I can find a nice instrument in your shop.:)


Great site will help when purchasing next didge

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

Please I would like this page where write in spanish thank you very much. I want to buy a didge but I am not sure about what is the most for me I want to vocals sounds thank you very much

Anonymous from Australia

The site is fine. I had hoped to find info on someone who can give lessons in the Adelaide area.

Anonymous from Singapore

Resourceful informative.


Easily navigated decent selection and range of qualities and prices.

Hayden from Australia

I have only found it today but find it extremely interesting.

Heatack Lee from Australia

Interesting web site because of didgeridoo.

Ian Hopper from USA

This place is good for people looking for authenticity when buying a quality didj and other tools of the trade

Jacques from Canada

I love This place because It ground me to mother earth and thinking speaking and discussing the higher ways and cuz those(DIDG) SOUNDS RAISE DNA... I like the info on the Forum to.. Jacques Let the swords of justice fall into the hands of warriors. Who are fearless. Who have honor. Who know love. Who serve divinity. Who carry the Spirit of Freedom deep within their hearts.

Jamian Mateja from USA

Beautiful lifestyle that you are setting.

Jan Stalmans from Belgium

Great working site colours are not my favourite but who cares.

Janice from USA

Reasonably able to find my way around. Looks like a good site for people interested in getting really involved with all aspects of the didgeridoo and aborigine culture.

Jared from USA

Haven't looked through it much yet...but it seems to be well organized...allowing for easy access to all realms of the didj world!


Very well done site

Jenngi from USA

Your aesthetics are acceptable:-P Have you tried field usability testing? I'd suggest summarising wherever possible... I'm not very good at this but it really counts in the software/web design industry. one-click solutions & all that. organise your info make reading your site like eating popcorn. easy. for example without even improving the content of what I have already said I can make it easier to read by organising & shortening it::: Feedback:: Aesthetics: - acceptable:-P Usability: - I recommend field testing - summarise wherever possible - one-click solutions - organise your info Overall Goal: => Make reading your site like eating popcorn. easy. pax!

Jennifer from Australia

Informative and gratefully printed out playing techniques.


I like this web site it has given me helpful insight into Didj playing and I will be back!

Jocelyn from France

Very friendly a lot of interesting information

Jodi Harrington from USA

This is really cool I need to hang out on this site more.

Joe from USA

Most informative web site about Aborigines and didj's.

John Denham from USA

I was really excited when I heard about the site and am really impressed with the amount of products for sale here.

John from USA

Easy to navigate informative

John from Netherlands

Nice site. A lots good info.

Jonathan Ormes from USA

I liked it it was very informative

Julie Cowart from USA

Very nice with quality items.

Justin Delucca from USA

Is a good site. I like the idea of giving people extra entries into the contest for reporting broken links. I'm a webmaster so I appreciate things like that.

Karsten from Denmark

Very good & informative

Katy from USA

Really neat love looking at the different styles you have would love to be able to use one.

Kevin from France

It s a good site!!!!

Kevin from USA

Enjoy reading your site

Kevin Dunlap from USA

I love it!

Kurt Kutschera from Austria

Very good in design and content. Informatory and easy to use


Good site but I don't understand all english words I like this site.

Anonymous from USA

It's Great!!!

Lukasz from Poland

Please do more contests to give me a chance to win:)

Luke from Australia

Great! Haven't checked it much so haven't got any helpful ideas yet. Looks good so far!

Anonymous from USA

No comment................

Anonymous from Canada

It's pretty good. a little confusing though.

Marco Laurenti from Italy

There is a beautiful site! there are many songs more special!!

Mark from USA

Great easy to navigate

Mark from USA


Mark from USA

I like it although I haven't had a whole lot of time to look it over as much as I'd like to.

Martin Wyeth from United Kingdom

Brilliant site good for didge sales as well as aboriginal issues

Matt from Australia

Very well presented and easy to follow for first timers thank you.

Matthew from USA

Nice job

Micael from Sweden

Very good sight white al the information you need

Michael from USA

Great site. I love all the extra info like how to play how to choose one. I love the history sections and the pieces on aborigines.

Michael from Australia

Easy to use

Mike from USA

This site provides a great deal of information and is a great source for any serious didjeridoo player

Neal from USA

Very nice site and I enjoyed playing the music sample over and over again!!

Nick from USA

Love it!


I was happy to find a site that provides a wide range of info on Australian culture.

Oliver Agar from New Zealand

It was greatly informative about everything related to the didgeridoo


Its a good web site for didge player around the world. It offers verity information on didge.

Paco from Mexico

Its just great guys! keep this way


Looks like a great site. I'll be checking out some of your didjeridoos shortly. Thanks.

Peter Pugliese from USA

I wish I had something useful to say but I don't. Just keep on doing what you guys are doing.

Philip from USA

I like the detail that you give on the didgeridoos that you sell. It is helpful in making and informed purchase especially across the ocean.


It is informative. I did not know about this instrument until a family member brought one to a family gathering.

Pierre from France

Your web site leave me dreaming..


I find your site to be very informative and I will be back. Thank you for enlightening me in this area

Rene from Netherlands

I like the web site because of all the information on it en the chance to listen to the various didges on the site


Excellent presentation

Richard Craven from USA

So far I have found it extremely informative easy to navigate. And look forward to returning when I can spend some more time.

Robert Cuffney from USA

Very comprehensive....keep up the good work.


Great site!

Russell Chappell from USA

I couldn't do it better myself! The site is the best one I've seen yet.

Sara from USA

It's a very good site.


Very good and informative

Scott from USA

I have none at this time

Anonymous from France

I don t know what s mean exactly feedback and I can t use internet often but I like the fresh news you give about aborigines.

Sharon Hartnett from USA

I think it is great that you give a full experience of life in Australia as well as the instruments. I also love to look at the different Didjes and listen to their sound online. A full service shopping experience.


I love getting an audio sample with didges its really nice to here how something sounds before purchasing:)

Stano from Slovakia

I have found lot of information here.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Nice site easy navigation samples of the didges are not complete:-(

Steve Barton from USA

Quite a bit of information and products available. At times a bit difficult to navigate though. For example I stumbled across the wonderful bees wax mouthpiece tutorial on one visit but had a bit of trouble finding the page again on a return visit.

Stewart from United Kingdom

Easily navigated. Informative. Wets the appetite for more.



Thomas from USA

Very helpful informative with great selection

Tim from USA

I made great use of the buying guide!

Todd from USA

Greta place to shop.

Todd from Australia

Very good site. The sound samples are excellent for knowing the sound gradings etc.

Tom from United Kingdom

Rather good if I do say so

Tom Maucher from USA

So far so good. I don't anticipate and problems that's for sure. As long as the termites get a cut I'm all good.

Tony from Australia

Quite good to navigate around and professionally laid out.

Travis from USA

Really interesting. I like reading the web log

Tvrtko Mandic from Croatia/Hrvatska

First I have to look around a little bit for some constructive feedback:)

Uwe Gerecke from United Kingdom

Very comprehensive. Well done!

Vincent from France

I really like to see some beautiful didgeridoo but I've got some troubles to listen samples... I'm waiting money to buy a good didgeridoo and feel satisfy.


Good looking


This is a very knowledgeable web site with some great didjeridoos in beautiful detail


I like your site. I'm kind of intrigued with Australia and the indigenous people. They have a lot to be proud of like us native Americans. There are aspects of their culture that will never be totally understood or explained by modern European Emigrant cultures

Anonymous from USA

Went straight to this form so haven't explored it much. What I went online to search for was information on history & sacred importance of the instrument to its originators.

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