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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2007:

Online name


Alonso Elizondo from Mexico

This web page is really great because it has everything to teach a person about Didjeridoos and their philosophies are friendly and have common sense. I think is well managed and created. As a not pro designer I had to say that visual environment is right. This is my first time looking at this page and I think is great it has everything I need to know more about Didjeridoos and world Didjes community.

Andy Wood from United Kingdom

It's one of the best site on the net - not just for didges -it is maintained with diligence and with conscience - quite a rare thing - and I enjoy getting newsletters - even rarer!!!

Anonymous from Denmark

Nice place - I'll definitely be back for more information here:o) Thanks.

Ben from USA

This is by far the best online didge store I've found. You have lots of information on the didge and you obviously have high ethical standards in relation to the Aboriginal people.

Brian Greed from United Kingdom

Love it!

Bryan Auld from USA

I have been told as well have passed it on myself that this is a very reliable site. Who can sure of anything but the impression from the detail of description and quality of the didj

Caleb Long from USA

Utterly Amazing! seriously you guys have brought a whole new combination of news and great didges for the whole world I understand that there are many imposters I have been fooled before but never again and when I finally make enough to come down under I'd love to meet the wonderful folks who changed the way I play for ever.

Casey from Canada

A great website not only promoting such a great instrument but also providing essential information on such things as the history of the instrument. Best website I have visited by a mile.


Has great information good quality "real products

Claude Beaucaire from Canada

It's absolutely wonderful!

Courtney from USA

The website is designed well. Your efforts in establishing a global community of didge players is very noble.

Damien from Ireland

Very detailed gives the impression of being very committed and passionate about your work.

Dan from United Kingdom

The web site context is very good easy to navigate managed to clock up a few hours browsing.

Ed Obermeyer from USA

Yours is certainly one of the best if not the very best I have seen. You educate others about Aboriginal Cultures and seem to really care about them.

Francesco from Italy

Very informative it's so much more than a shop it's almost a meeting point for didj players and people who are genuinely interested in the aboriginal people's culture.

Gerard School from Netherlands

Great site informative pure from the heart positive.

Anonymous from Italy

Best site I had ever seen. It's the best example for business on internet. It's made by clever people.

Greg from Switzerland

Thank you for the site! It is definitely one of the best didgeridoo sites around.

James from United Kingdom

A great site. There's so much that I didn't know. Rest assured I will be recommending you to everyone next time I'm at the didj workshop.

Jason from Australia

I like it - the one I visit the most or if I have a question etc

Javier from Spain

It's the best!

Jeff Bottjer from USA

The best I've dealt with

Jill from Australia

Excellent site lots of information and easy to navigate. Well done

John from Canada

Love your website! HAve met people who have turned out to be good friends enjoy reading your newsletters sending "didj cards" and generally reading about all the different subjects found on your site

Jon Christensen from USA

I feel it is the leading authority on didge information and quality products. That is why I like receiving the newsletter from here but from no other site.

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

Fab. I can listen to the sound. I can see a photo of the bloke who played it! I can learn how they're made. I can learn about the artwork (very very important). Honestly.... I sit here at work looking listening drooling wishing I had more money! It gets ridiculous sometimes. I even show my customers your site and get them to comment on my hopeful new didge! I like it a lot. Thank you...

José Antonio from Mexico

Is excellent

Justin Hook from USA

I love it. its the best source of information I have found and its all on one site its great

Anonymous from USA

It's the only place online I can go to and trust that what I'm reading is true and authentic material.

Kevin Summers from USA

The best of its kind. By far.


I love your website. I love listening to the sounds clips of each didj...I also think it is wonderful to have a place anyone in the world can access and buy a REAL didj and also learn about the art and its history!



Lee Evans from United Kingdom


Linda Hendricks from USA

Your web site is absolutely the best site I have found.

Anonymous from Australia

I like the colours. And I like the 'keep on didjing' logo. Its deadly!

Linda from USA

The Didjshop website is one of the best I have seen. It is very attractive and well laid out. Navigation is easy and convenient.


It's awesome! I love the fact that you can listen to the individual didjeridoos while shopping around; I would have bought one by now but I'm a poor college student... And Brad Gosam's artwork is amazing beyond words.

Anonymous from USA

I am just about to purchase a didj for my son. I have searched several websites and shops in Australia and have decided to use this site. It seems to be honest and selling authentic merchandise.

Anonymous from USA

My favorite didj site

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

Your website is unique. I have visited websites of german didgeridoo artists. When I see and read on your website I really feel welcome and very very good informed about the culture the land the instruments.

Anonymous from USA

The best around

Matthew from Canada

Excellent information and selection of instruments. Also high quality search engines for finding the appropriate didge. MP3 preview is a crucial feature when considering to buy a didge from the internet.

Michael from USA

This is the site for the best handmade didj's.

Nick Buckley from USA

Excellent!! A wide range or quality products and some valuable hints and information about playing buying etc. as well as information about the history and current didj community and the Aboriginal community.

Nicole from USA

You have the best website in my opinion. I like the way you have set it up so I can hear the sound the didge makes. I am looking for a eucalyptus wood didge next and want to get it from you.

Anonymous from Ireland

Its very good. The instructions for putting on a mouthpiece were very concise and informative.

Patty from Canada

Its a great site! You do a fine job of marketing Didjes etc but you also educate write articles that get people thinking etc.

Paul Cyr from USA

I love this site! Always a good vibe blowing through nice forum too.

Paul Meneghini from Italy

I think that it's the best site I have seen because it's not only a shop for selling but a place where people can learn about Australian Aborigine and there traditions.

Peter Callinicos from USA

Excellent when I buy it will be from this sight!

Peter Jackson from New Zealand

Fantastic site. Especially the Aboriginal info and issues that are discussed. I love the idea of the worldwide didge meditation sessions plus the great selection of authentic didgeridoos.


I'll buy mine here!!!

Phil Flowers from United Kingdom

I gave up looking for other didj websites after finding yours because it has all the information I have needed and is a very straight forward site to use.

Rupert from United Kingdom

Very easy to use and the choice and quality of the products is very impressive.

Samiul Ghani from United Kingdom

The only one worthy of the title of Didjshop. Really. The only one I would trust to buy without seeing the didge. And it's the only one that's ethical green and caring.

Sandra from USA

User friendly easy to move around clear about charges good reports on shipping so I am trusting you to get it to me undamaged

Sharon Calvert from USA

It is very informative and interesting. It is a great way to educate people about certain aspects of Aboriginal culture. I have been enjoying it now for 2 years.

Sheridan from Australia

Great that why I keep coming back.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent! The most comprehensive best laid out and by far the most informative of any on the web.

Stan from USA

Excellent very professional and extremely informative

Sybil from Australia

It is one of my favourites.


I'm glad I found this site I like not only the products offered but the community info as well!

Triinu from Estonia

Very good!


I like the Didjshop web site very much

Alan from Australia

It is very good I enjoy reading the articles.


Well structured and interesting sounds!



Andrew Sargent from Australia

I have looked at a few aboriginal sites mainly looking at art and didges and general indigenous issues this seems to be a very good site as well but this is the first time so I think I still have a few hours of exploring to do.

Angela from USA

Awesome & Informative


Original I am intrigue


Socially conscious...

Anonymous from USA

Love this website. Well planned easy to navigate lots of important information.

Ben from USA

You guys are something else but I've been on your site for about two hours now and have learned a lot. it's a very good site but I think you should open up more to sharing the image if you know what I mean. in all respects.


Good site

Bill O'connell from USA

Complete and informative


I think it's a great site. Very informative.

Bjørn from Norway

I like it. Very informative and easy. Should be some more sounds on the beginners didjes.

Anonymous from USA

I am quite impressed. I always enjoy it.

Brad Powell from USA

It's an impressive site well set up and user friendly. It's as artistic as it is informative.

Brenton Roberts from Australia

I find it very informative more on being able to play would be great addition to this good website [OUR COMMENT: you'll find a lot of help in our forum]

Brian from USA

Bit dated on the layout but perfectly functional and immense amounts of great information.

Bruce from Australia

Excellent - great to be able to hear as well as see!

Cal from Australia

This is a very good website

Carl from USA

This is really new and interesting.

Carol from Canada

I like it


Love the website..love the Didjeridoos

Chris Trail from Canada

I like this website a lot easy to navigate and not to flamboyant just a simple plain site that you can surf problem free.

Christian from Canada

I'm not done looking but it's looking good.

Christopher from United Kingdom

Easy to navigate pleasing to look at at. The best I've found.

Anonymous from Germany

It is very well structured and informative.


Good easy to use

Dana Doliber from USA

Very well organized. The format and layout are very easy to navigate. Good didj sound files very enjoyable.

Dave Feetam from Australia

Easy to navigate through and very informative

Anonymous from USA

Nice clean informative

David Lassio from USA

Very Informational and lots of explanation of the Aboriginal culture. They sound like very nice people and would enjoy educational information on them.

David Mason from New Zealand

I do appreciate how you've put it together and gone to great lengths to educate people in almost every aspect of Aboriginal craft and culture. I particularly enjoy having access to the sound bites for each instrument. The close ups of the art work are also a big plus.

David Smith from USA

Quite interesting

David from USA

I like the forum lots of good info. Can learn a lot from this website. a++

Dean Archer from United Kingdom

I like it I may even buy one.

Anonymous from Ireland

Good info good didges.

Diederik Wydooghe from Belgium

Much efforts towards correct information.

Dorothy from USA


Anonymous from Australia

Very useful

Ed from Netherlands

Its nice reading material

Anonymous from Canada

The mp3 clips from each didge are key. There's no way I'd even be interested in buying a didge over the internet without being able to hear what it sounds like first.

Evert-jan from Netherlands

It's a great website with many options. I will visit the site more often and maybe I will buy something once.

Frank Fitzpatrick from USA

Clearly designed with useful important information

Gareth Carter from South Africa

So far this website has definitely been one of the top 3 sites I have visited. The only thing I am still trying to find is a site that shows you how to make a didj from scratch using home tools and raw wood that hasn't been eaten by termites.

Hauke Kellner from Germany

Very "rich" very interesting. a cool playground for players and freaks.

Herman Wennink from Netherlands

Nice site


Difficult to find the door to go to pay at the beginning. [OUR COMMENT: just click on 'Checkout']

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very informative

Jason from USA

It's good basic and full of information.

Jason from United Kingdom

Nice content but quite hard to navigate and not hugely attractive

Jason from USA

I think you people at the Didjshop run a very well organized website.

Javi from Spain

It is the best website

Jim Puckett from USA

Fantastic and very informative

Joao Carvalho from Portugal

I like it a lot. the content is really good and informative. improvement: the lateral and tops menus should be redone.the top one is the worst. After all which is the fix one? navigation then could be easier.. [OUR COMMENT: the 'fixed one' of the top links(the one where you are) is the green one as well as the one on top of the side links]

Joao Santos from Portugal

Is really cool and full of quality information.


Not sure

Joe from USA

Easy to navigate and very informative

Joe Kershner from USA

Your website is fantastic it is well laid out well managed and generally sweet. If I ever get enough spare money to buy a genuine aboriginal didje It is quite likely I would order it from you.

Jonathan Puhalsky from USA

This is the first time on this site. I am currently at work so I cannot wait to listen to some sound clips etc.. As soon as I get home I plan to. The tools information and communication available shows the level of commitment to the cause.

Joseph Kern from USA

I like this website the most because you guys give a clear scale for grading your didges. It makes me feel safe when I do buy one from you guys.

Joy from USA

It has a lot of information and I can learn about different cultures


Very informative love it.

Kathy Hornick from USA


Katy from USA

Great I find your site and products totally fascinating.


I enjoy the website and think that it is very well organized and user friendly.

Anonymous from Canada

Very Good I like the fact that you offer sound clips but fear due to mp3 encryption and potential variables in recording process (mic placement room etc) that they are not that helpful.

Kevin from USA

Love it

Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt from Denmark

Very very beautiful layout! However I think you should reconsider your menus; it's not always easy and intuitive where to go when you want something specific. It's not the layout of the menus that is the problem it's the text on the buttons.

Laurence from United Kingdom

Good layout and very informative re: aboriginal culture and situations

Anonymous from Belgium

Very nice. At least a shop where they sell real original nice didjes. Keep up the good work.

Levi from Brazil

Is very clearfull I new here so I will finish with this questions and look more!

Libby from USA

It's informative creative and easy to follow.

Liz from Australia

Your website could do with a design and content overhaul. But then I'm super critical because I work in a web company!

Luciano from Argentina

Just lovely I just wish I had the money to buy a real didj

Marc from Luxembourg

Nice website had fun surfing on it. Nice didges too good ones are hard to come by around here so I have to look on the net...

Anonymous from Australia

Nice site

Margaret from USA

So far so good.

Anonymous from USA

Very well set up.

Anonymous from USA

Very good content I like it very much.


Looks good but text is a bit small

Mary Lindhart from USA

Its an excellent site with allot of information that's why I keep coming back to it when I want to read about didgeridoos

Matthew from USA

I enjoy looking on your site for didjes. I have always wanted one but have not been able to afford the ones I really want.


Well laid out site easy to navigate plenty of info on didj's

Max Nelson from USA

It seems to be quite a site.

Meri from Australia

I like it

Michael Potter from Australia

Wow! How to make friends and influence people... not! What are you a didj shop or a political forum? I'm amazed that the shop is in business. Rather than being called didjshop (Hmmm... It might be an idea to agree on the spelling!) how about you call it 'whingeshop'! [OUR COMMENT: you have the dubious honour of being the first one to whinge about our Didjshop, not bad after over seven years]

Michael Sleiman from Canada

Best didgeridoo site great selection on didges and actually show the pictures and have the sounds corresponding to the didges great idea

Anonymous from Finland

It's very good but I have a problem to find a list of didgeridoos and photos


Good but certainly can be better. For example your Didj and sound grading is not exactly accurate. Why? Because when I listen to the sound (over the Internet with my headset on) I hear completely different sound then what is graded how can Didj that is Medium/High Concert sound clearer and better then High Concert? Am I missing the point of your rating system? Why don't you have STANDARD distance from the Mike to the bottom of the Didj when you are recording that way you and I can honestly say yes that is the sound I am looking for or not. And this way your players that are trying them out know that didj MUST be 25-30cm from the mike ALWAYS and it will be accurate grading. And also your length of plays varies from Didj to Didj why? Length should be the same so you can accurately access the Didj. And your response time to my inquiries (I have been very specific what I wanted compared) has been slow (few days) Vs 72hr's as promised:) Other then that you guys are doing a good job. I will buy one didj from you shortly but I am still waiting on my requests for two didj's to be compared.... Thank you. Milan [OUR COMMENT: our recording conditions are standardised, however Aboriginal people are no robots and some variation is inevitable. Apologies that your email took longer than normal it was because of a computer crash]

Anonymous from Canada



Very informative user-friendly



Numa Lallemand from Belgium

Although I have never bought a didge on your website I feel like a child every time I visit it. I found it clear and easy beautiful and very enjoyable



Paul Brown from USA

It is very well put together!


Very nice

Rachael from Switzerland

Informative easy to navigate committed to the didj and supportive of Aboriginal culture.



Ravyn Nimchuk from USA

I've not looked about it for too long will do so after completing the survey. So far though I do enjoy it.


No comment

Richard from South Africa

Well laid out and easy to navigate with a good page loading response time. Although it is designed to sell one doesn't feel hustled!

Anonymous from USA

I think it is interesting

Robert from USA

The website is very informative and easy to navigate it has accurate information

Roger from USA

This is a very good site. It provides an excellent selection of Didges and a good grading system that enhances the selection process. Additionally they are active and report on the protection of Aboriginal rights and situations. I would like to comment on my selections above. I believe that when Spirit is involved in creating something one must follow that direction. Thus for me to say that only the Aboriginal Didge makers should be allowed to make or paint would be invalid. But one must take care that it is truly from spirit not from ego and be clear on why one is creating something.

Rose from USA

This is the only site I go to any more. When I can afford it I will purchase a didj from the didjshop. I am a Buddhist and am committed to the practice of meditation (among other things). I would especially like to get involved with didj meditation. PS - I had forgotten about the sound greeting cards. That's really a great idea!

Roy Páramo from Spain

I just love. There's plenty of info on didjeridoos as well as on Aboriginal lifestyle how didjeridoos are made lots of photos and explanations on everything. It is just the most complete site about Didgeridoos I've come across ever!

Roy Wykoff from USA

Wonderful web site. I like your position on the honor of your native people

Ryan from USA

I love the sound bites and the rating system. A lot of other sites are vague about the quality of play. However I think you need more sound bites available. There are a lot of didges just under the concert class that I would like to hear.

Ryan from USA

The website is ok.


The picture and sound collection of didgeridoos is wonderful. The rest of the site is also informative and clear.


Easy to read nice layout easy to follow links very well presented

Anonymous from Australia


Steven Lloyd from Canada

It is colourful joyous and full of Didgeridoo fun very informative. I enjoy it the most

Anonymous from Canada

I like it a lot. Very informative and helpful.

Todd from USA

It is great.

Tom from USA

The best I like how their is sound bytes from the actual Didj.

Tomas from USA

Pretty nice like the sound sample and good picture quality. Like the newsletter too.

Tony Romano from United Kingdom

It's well laid out easy to navigate and importantly has sound files of the instruments you sell

Tyler Kehoe from USA

It is very easy to navigate.

Victor Remmers from Netherlands

Very nice especially with the sound previews! Lots of info available.


Très intéressant beaucoup de possibilités

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