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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2003:

Online name


Andy Widdrington from United Kingdom

This site was/is very useful (I Find) for the beginner, the learner, or I would imagine the more experienced players out there. So much variation of goods to buy, with a varied selection of all goods,The quality of goods looks superb too.:)


I've only seen cheap didjes in tourist shops before. Yours are absolutely beautiful.

Anthony Aleman from USA

Well to start of the didjeridus look awesome,the web site show a lot of information. Also great prices, I enjoyed been in this site Thanx a lot DIDJSHOP.COM

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Well I think its a gorgeous an huge web site with all I ever wanted from such a thing..like healing didges easy players travellers etc.but also art work and stories beautiful stories and of course the high detail about every single product.also the people who write the newsletter I feel their great...

Ben Linton from Australia

Awesome, and informative, great didges - great artwork

Benedict David from Singapore

It is a very thorough web site that is informative, educational, easy to navigate through and well organised. A very user-friendly web site I especially like the fact that sound clips of your various didjes are provided :)

Anonymous from Switzerland

The best site about didj!!!

Brian McDermott from USA

Very nice site, shopping for a gift and definitely found the right place to do so!

C.J. Voltman from USA

It is very well put together, every question I could have about a didjeridoo is answered, not to mention this is one of the only locations where I can potentially get a didjeridoo of my own and no longer use my friends... there are no shops in the area that sell these instruments, and the ones put on this web site look to be of the best quality.

Anonymous from USA

I think it is one of the best didge site on the net.

Clay Tucker from USA


Anonymous from Canada

The best didge site on the net.

Dan Kilbury from USA

I think it is a very informative web site I don't own a Didge (YET). When I do buy one, there is only one place I'll look...Didjshop.com. I feel very confident that I would get a very good product. Dan

Anonymous from Uganda

You represent a wonderful web site True value in respectable items. Thanks for the gifts.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

web site is phenomenal - I particularly like being able to hear the mp3 of the didges

Dave Tighe from United Kingdom

The best didge site on the web without doubt. There is nothing else to touch it.


I purchased my first Didje here in the states (US) not to long ago. I love my Didje! Yet, after looking at your pages, it is clear that I should have considered the Didje Shop first. I like how you have profiles for each Didje and sound samples too. I also think your prices compare well with what I have seen here in the states. Lastly, I appreciate your efforts in supporting the Aboriginal Indigenous culture. Peace in Dreamtime! Dave


Great profiles and prices on Didjes. Clearly this is the place to shop!!


The profiles and prices for the Didjes are great! This is the place to be when looking for a Didje and more!!

David Smith from United Kingdom

While in australia I spent a lot of time and several thousand kilometres trying to find my self a new didj, which would match the quality and the excellent ethics of the one I got from Didj shop.

Dejan Tomka from Yugoslavia

I find this site the best didj site I ran into while trying to find best way to buy didj for me, since 1000km around my city there is no sources of even info on didjes!

Anonymous from France

This site is very very comprehensive, useful, and quite complete. I do appreciate the sound comparison available with samples. What is somehow missing, is a glossary. As a french reader, I can not understand every technical word, such as "cheek pump"....

Doug Mann from Australia

This is an awesome sight, it was exactly what I was looking for to find out everything I wanted to know about didjes


Very nicely done...everytime I browse I always find at least one in each category I would love to have, but on a budget of an industrial design student it's mostly browse and watch them be be sold. thanks


It's nice having it in spanish, there aren't a lot of resources like this

Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands

Very good site, I love the Dutch pages! Good service to translate the site in several languishes. Pity Australia is so far away! But the Didjshop Web site brings a small part of it a lot closer to my home!


I love this site great prices with great information

Graham Robinson from United Kingdom

Great site. I have seen it develop over the course of the last few months to something that would be extremely difficult to imitate. Keep up the good work..

Heath Schluter from USA

Great site, I love the didj I bought,and can't wait till I can get another.....Heath

Holly Beth Jarvis from USA

It is a beautiful site to explore. Very informative about the Aboriginal culture, especially for those of us in the US who haven't been fortunate enough to visit Australia yet. I especially love the stories section. Please keep those coming!

James Davis from Canada

excellent site, very informative. I would feel very confident dealing with you !

Janet Chen from Syria

This web site is great. I can learn many things here. I am a Taiwanese girl. There are nobody playing the didge in Taiwan, so I feel lonely here. I have my own band, didge, djembe, bass, guitar, and banjo. But I wish one day I can join a didge cirle.

Jaxon Dillon-FIsh from USA

I really think you guys have a great site and would love to find people to play with in the mid west but am having trouble finding them. Some sort of people by area section would be a really cool addition.

Jeremy Johnson from USA

This is the most helpful and informative didj site on the planet!! Hope to link to you from my own site soon. Peace and Blessings to you all!!


Nice site, useful tips! After searching many sites on the web I think this is the best one for me!


Excellent site keep up the good work.

Jonathan Lukens from USA

It's a great site that gets better all the time . I enjoy reading the articles and listening to the various didges.

Anonymous from Chile

Very friendly page. good for beginners and people who doesn't know much about the didj universe. also for more advanced players and friends of the didj.

Joseph Patton from USA

I think it's the best didgeridoo site on the web. And the reason: because of its organization and, obviously, its content. Everything anyone wanted to know about a didgeridoo and its creators, the Aboriginals, and, furthermore, Australia in general is all right here on the web site I could go on, but all I will say is that often times I find myself veering off to the Didjshop.com while surfing the net. There's nothing like scrolling through the didgeridoo pictures and wishing I had them all.

Ken La Poma from USA

This is the most comprehensive site about the didgeridoo that I've encountered. I'm extremely impressed with the amount of information presented, and have learned quite a bit.

Kitty Mrache from USA

Love it!

Anonymous from USA

I am shopping for a special piece for a special person.. this seems to be the most comprehensible site I've found yet.

Mark Townsend from United Kingdom

Still the best site on the internet for authentic traditional didjes.

Mike Reynolds from Canada

I love the site. Well organized and it looks good. It's easy to navigate. I have to say it's the best didgeridoo web site I've visited.

Anonymous from USA

Very good, I like the close up pictures and the evaluation of each diji

Mitja Humar from Slovenia

Hooooo, I got totally tripped with all them didjes around the site......

Patricia Wong from Canada

It's terrific

Riefler Lee from USA

I love your site. It's very informative and well arranged. You seem to carry top of the line didj's and arrange them so they are easily searchable.

Rob Sawyer from Australia

Awesome site. great to see so many didges. I live in melbourne and I am young so it is hard for me to find places that sell didges. Your site was easy to use and I like the fact that there is pictures of everything.


Very informative. Looks like quality didge's

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Its fantastic, full of pictures and information

Scott Michael from USA

very well done site, offers a lot, fun to visit.


I think it is the best didj sight I have found on the internet.

Sean Purcell from USA

I enjoy looking all all the great art that is put into the didjs, shields, ect. and visiting this site makes makes me feel more like I am part of a group because no one in my town but me plays the didj that I know of.


It is my primary Didj reference site

Settimo Croci from Italy

Sincerely it's the best Didj site I have found in the web and, most important, offer the best Didjes : really different from the others... In the shops I visited in Australia, it was difficult to get a good orientation about sound quality, how to play , how to take care the Didj .


I'm just a beginner with a didj. I found your web site is the best one out there. I haven't found any other that give so much good info as far as sound quality and detail about each didj. It is also very nice to listen to the mp3's. Thanks


I'm impressed with the volume of available didj's but more importantly am impressed with the quality ratings and potential to hear the didj.

Susan Schmitt from USA

I love it--it's so helpful! Your sound bytes are great! I hope to buy myself one for Christmas.

Anonymous from USA

Your site is awesome! Great resource for didji players of any level!

Tiago Mora from Portugal

I've like your web site in the way that you abord the ethics and the environmental awareness,you have many information of didjeridu and aboriginal culture that I didn't know.

Tim Arrington from USA

It is by far the best didj site I've found - mainly because of the sound files for each didj. That played a large role in helping me pick mine out. I'm also pleased with your large selection.

Tony Kiser from USA

Wish I had money to burn I'd have quite a collection. The selection is awesome!


High quality, interesting, useful information for didj players and would-be players. promotes indigenous people and culture as well as didj playing around the world. too much information to be taken in from a few visits to the site. It is the sort of site that requires repeated visits to obtain its full value.

Troy Jaskowski from USA

Great FAQ page, very helpful.

Vincent Ricciardi from USA

You have a great site...well done. It's very informative and I can tell that your business has a genuine interest in the tradition of the didjeridu. It's nice to see when a business cares about their products and isn't only in it for the money. I've always loved the sound of this instrument and I've played a friend's in the past. I'm looking forward to reading every word of this web site -- I'm almost there.

Wyman White from USA

Very informative, high quality, enjoyable site


In a world dominated by junk mail, a quality web site such as yours is like a polished piece of yellow ochre on the desert red sand. In fact, I would compare your site to a walkabout where players of all horizons are initiated to the complex esoteric world of the didjeridoo. But the site itself is a brilliant collage of exoteric knowledge, mapped with the intention to share, teach, and affiliate. 'Buying' feels more like tribal barter than purely commercial venture. That, I will admit, is what I really like about it.

Adam Taylor from USA

Fascinating info and pictures. I want to learn more.


I think that this is a well-organized site and the shop is wonderful.


Cool site. Always loved the sound of them.Hope to win one. ;)


I will have to visit again, I enjoying it very much!


It's very informative for something I've never heard of.

An Detemmerman from Belgium

Good site

Andre Neyens from Belgium

Everything is very good explained and you will always find what you are looking for.

Andrea Callea from Italy

I think that your web site it's quite cool, folks. I didn't know that there where such manifestations around the world,like the "Didj worldwide jam" for the solstices and equinoxes;I usually liked to play with friends on that night as well,but I never did it with the didj. I'll join that next month. Beside you taught me something about harmonics as well ;) Good stuff! Not to mention the didjes you sell,unfortunately I dunnav 'nuff money,but I'll come to Oz 1 day......... keep one aside for me,plea. Ciao Andrea.


Very nice, but more information about the low cost didjes should be given


I think this is a very good web page :)


Great site! Brings a little piece of Australia and Aboriginal culture into my room in Belgium! A lot of information.


Esta muy completo y la forma de comprar los didjes es genial, felicidades!



Bert Wagemans from Netherlands

Looks ok


I think this is a great site, I never can look at enough but then I run out of time, I am retiring in january 04, then I will have plenty of time to look at the site thanks for letting me subscribe to the newsletter bill. b

Bill Berndt from Canada

Great site; very informative. Too bad you're so far away.


I like it

Bob Waldrip from USA

I like the Didjshop site very much.

Brian James from United Kingdom

I really enjoy browsing the site when the mood takes me, the ability to hear the didges is really good, one improvement could be having the ability to create a "wish list" so that if several didges appeal you can compare them together, also enjoy the newsletter and the next didge I buy will be from Didjshop


Nice pics and good web site and contest.


I've never played a didgeridu before, but I am very interested in the sound and the circular breathing method that I have read about. Your site is very informative, and the instruments displayed here are beautiful.


It's cool



Chillos Smith from USA

I've been seeking a reliable source to price and buy a didj, as I'm a little over wary of anything I may purchase over Ebay. The guys at didj@yahoogroups.com suggested your site and here I am.


Pretty cool!


some of the sound bite do not exists for some of the more expensive didjes. I am not able to phone the number to her them sound bites (I am a teacher)


Excellent site. thanks

Collin Collin from USA

I feel that it is an excellent site for beginners all the way up to people who have been playing their entire life and should definitely find and use this site.

Curtis Cox from USA

Very interesting!

Anonymous from Hungary

Its good,but I cannot understand clearly how to buy a didj.Its a little bit difficult.


Very interesting and educational

Darin Cralle from USA

I'm a beginner player, just recently starting guitar and the didgeridoo, your web site has given me yet another resource to further my progress and a chance to win my own concert didj, which is a great opportunity. Hopefully in the future I can go to more lengths to experience didj festivals and concerts as the instrument gains popularity in the United States.

Darin Dunham from USA

Pretty cool


A wonderful and honest collection of profiled Didjes! It is clearly the place to shop!


Very nice... easy to navigate. I do wish that when I view a list of didjes that I could see the USD price and the length in feet. [our comment: our web site does have a currency converter which is updated daily]

David Maloney from Ireland

It's very well laid out easy to understand

Anonymous from USA

It is great.

Diet Vazyp from Belgium


Anonymous from Germany

Lot of good information for me as a bloody beginner, who want to lear didjing


This site is laid out really nice....nice colors to.

Edd James from United Kingdom

Excellent site. Be proud. If only I could actually try all your didjs before I buy. You never know teleportation may be possible one day...




Beautiful and complete - some problems with cookies and IE6


It looks brill - will ge buying some stuff from you for sure - I hope you ship to Ireland !!

Florian Weigl from Netherlands

Nice web site about a interesting instrument. I'm just getting into learning it, but I love it.

Gary Wilkerson from USA

Lots of interesting items and information here! I shall return! Didge circles...hmmmmmm... I wonder... Probably tough to find? harder than drum circles? I'll look!

George Walsh from USA

The art work and sound files are compelling. Love it. Just getting started.

Anonymous from France

for me, it is a come back to Australia

Gerhard Schnebel from Germany

Great web site


It's ok


Great site with good info.


Great web site ... very informative and colourful .... enjoyed exploring

Greg Santos from USA

It's cool, I hope to win because I really like the sound of this instrument, I feel my roots.

Gregory Martin from USA

I am still exploring it... I like the selection and am intrigued by the Big Bells you have... photography is excellent.


Very interesting and educational

Horst Renz from USA

Very informative

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very comprehensive; the best I've seen.


Colorful, and the craftsmanship and artistry is evident from the visuals.

Jackie Varnell from USA

Loved the visit


The site looks great, I'm just getting back into playing didj and trying to combine it with guitar. Much practice needed!

Jan Smrek from Slovakia

Cool page, especially the physical point of view...

Janie Heniford from USA

Interesting and eclectic site

Anonymous from USA

I never knew anything about these

Jim Johnson from USA

I like it


I love your work

Joe Compton from USA

I like it!!!


Great looking site. Very informative.


Very good web site with lots of information to browse




Extremely intresting...I learned some new things today !


Interesting, I'd like to hear the tones that it produces


I think its a good site, I personally like how there are sounds to go along with the didgeridoos and I also like how they are rated.


It's very interesting; I've learned some really cool things about these instruments that I didn't know!!



Anonymous from Finland

*Great site! I enjoyed reading about didjes and I got serious plans about making a PVC-didj myself. Later on, I will surely make wooden ones, because I'm good at handcrafts. Thank you!


Who knew there was so much to learn! I will be coming back this is just perfect for myself and a few others I know that are reiki practitioners.

Keith Holt from USA

Interesting sight plan to explore it more thoroughly at home

Anonymous from China (PR)

Fun love the sound bites


Very interesting and educational

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Some interesting information which has motivated me to keep playing.

Kristy Kristy Clagett from USA

This is awesome and very nice for ya'll to give one away!!


Well done, very useful translations


This is a great site. The only thing I wish I could do is search for didges by musical key [our comment: you can search by musical keys on our search page]

Laurent Rousselin from Ireland

Amazing site with simple html layout and brilliant idea to include MP3! Keep on the good work!

Anonymous from Spain

It's very good information.

Louis J. Nessmith from USA

An excellent source for information and sound bites.


interesting. I've never heard of this instrument.

Luciana Lucena from Brazil

I liked so much this site because it is amazing to found information about this rarity instrument! I have never saw a didgeridoo but I really like to know it.

Anonymous from USA

I learned about the various sound qualities of all the didjes and what to expect from each of the instruments. I am considering ordering one for myself.

Mark Treiber from USA

Great site. will be referring to it for future didj information.

Martin Donnelly from USA

OK. I would like a better analysis of your didges rather than just 2nd, 1st, concert quality.

Martin Kasofsky from USA

It's very helpful and easy to navigate

Meg Syverson from USA

I found the site through the question and answer page, which I found helpful. I haven't explored the rest of the site as of yet, so that's all I can say!


I have always been fascinated by the sound Didjeridus generate. I wanted to find out more about them and through a search engine I found the the didjishop. This is an excellent site, informative and artistic. I am impressed with the work the webmaster has put into designing this site.


It is a good site. I could also find my way around it easily.


I think it's very organised. It's good that there are more subjects to read about!

Anonymous from USA

It is a great web site

Myron Adams from USA

I like the layout and definitely like being able to hear the didges first.


I think it is a well laid out web site The only addition I would make to it, and it might already be on, is a section on playing techniques. Overall, a quality site. :)

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I found the didjshop very interesting and informative

Oliver Vilhjalmsson from Iceland

I like it very much, it's all over nice.


Good information all round

Anonymous from France

Une visite qui donne envie de revenir

Paula Demarco from Chile

Its a very complete page. And the graphic its good, I think could be a little more mystic, but I think its a very good page. although I bought my didj here in Chile you helped me to know about my didj and how take care with it. Congratulations for everyone who made this page. Another thing.... you are making a very good work selling high quality didjs if I had found this didjshop before I had bought my didj through you.


Am hoping to emigrate to Australia in the next two years, and stumbled across the site by accident while searching for information!! However, I've found it an interesting insight into Aboriginal culture and history, and I've come away hell bent on learning to play a didj! So I'm glad I found the site (though when I start learning to play the rest of my family probably won't be!)

Peter de Jong from Netherlands

Great site!!..Weldone.. maybe u could put some MP3 on it so I can play them and play along on my didge

Ralph Huizinga from Netherlands

Looks very nice with a lot of nice pics, I will visited this side more often in the future. I hope you will continue this quality,or when ever it is possible improve it. Greetings Ralph

Ray Iglay from USA

You have great prices and a large selection of quality Didjs. I'm looking into getting a genuine, awesome Didj now that I have gained skills from circular breathing to vocals and your web site enables me to search a wide variety of Didjs. Thanks and keep up the good work!


I think the your web site is very comprehensive and well organized. Your sincerity shines through.

Robert Lawson from USA

Thank you for the excellent sound samples.

Roberto Fioravanti from Canada

It is a great site, I will like to see the face of the owner of the didj shop after all the activity he take in support of the aboriginal people.

Roger Aepli from Switzerland

Nice site with a lot of infos

Roger Johnston from Canada

Pretty cool, I like that you've a section on the physics behind the didje. ALso on other Australian Aborigine instruments. And its all about didjes, so how can that be bad?



Ruben Kimpen from Belgium

I made a schoolwork about the aboriginals and I found some really good information on your site. It's really a top site for digeridoo players.

Rule @Ariaensens from Belgium

Really nice, but some constant background music would be nice


Lots of great stuff here, I'm getting a digi soon, but for now its only practice with my hands


Your site is cool and has some good information




Very detailed and informative


Very interesting web site with much information which made me quite inquisitive the whole time. I would greatly love to have a Didj so I can add a wonderful sound to my music.

Sharon Davis from USA

This is very interesting, I wish I could experience some of these things, I have like others seen these instruments in a movie and read about them in books but that's it.


It's very neat.


Very interesting and educational

Anonymous from USA

I have never seen such beautiful instruments


The first impression: very well

Steven Miller from Netherlands

Beautiful Didges lot's of information. (y)


This is my first time ever hearing about didjes, I'm curious to know more about this instrument. I think it is beautiful.


Nice site but didgeridoo is spelt wrong other than that I love the site good facts and great advice


Easy to navigate


I think it is awesome

Anonymous from Australia

I found the web site very interesting and also I am looking for one for a present for my husband, I did not realise that there were so many different kinds sounds and shapes. I then saw that I could have a chance to win one which would be fantastic if I did.

Anonymous from Peru

Well, your web site its really interesting in this topic (didjs) and let you get info about everything about didjes you want to know, congrats , but any time it can be better!!!!

Walter Diaz from Chile

Haven't checked it yet


I love all the info about didjes, how you make them, the history. I also really enjoy hearing the different sounds from didj's you've made.

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