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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2011:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous This survey made me very interested in learning more about this subject matter I hope to be a visitor in the near future. Also I would LOVE to give playing a didj a shot as it's something I've never experienced before.
Brandon from USA Looks pretty good political involved ethical business practices. Its Good!! Thanks
Chandler from USA I think your website is fantastic it has a TON of extremely helpful information about how to play how to buy how to make didgeridoos.
Colin from Australia Very god and informative
Derek from USA I like it. It would be nice to have more sound clips.
Anonymous Very nice. One of the better sites.
G Hobart from USA Well presented. Very nice to be able to listen to the didjes.
Anonymous Amazing database as far as I can tell.
Glen from Canada Very good
Gregor from Germany It seems to be a nice site with connection and honouring to the origins
Isabel from Portugal For me is very important the fact that you have only instruments crafted in a way respecting both the Aboriginal people and the land contributing to maintain their way of life and the balance of their unique Culture.
James from USA It could use a Web 2.0 facelift but it serves its purpose.
Jeff from USA The sound samples photos and classification system are all top notch.
Jerry from Australia Interesting and well designed
John Skillcorn from United Kingdom The website is excellent if you are in the business of buying a didgeridu. You have all the information there to hand including keys MP3s concert grades and so forth. Plus you can ask for advice which is freely given in my experience.
Katie from USA I find no need to look on any other didgeridoo sites.
Katlinel from USA Your website is a wealth of information and a true gift to the world.
Keith Kofoed from USA Its a great resource of information about didge. Thanks
Kevin D. Babiuk from USA Very well organized and very easy to find info.
Kevin from USA I have not been able to look too deeply into the website thus far but intend to check it out more.
Anonymous For me it is useful and it feels good that when we buy an instrument to buy it here because of part of the money goes to the original builders/ creators.
Luke from USA It seems like a well organized tool for aspiring and veteran didj players
Mani from Australia It's cool keep up the good job!
Anonymous Quite good!! Congratulations
Mario Percinic from Croatia/Hrvatska Good website with lots of interesting information. It is also very well coded since my screen reader works on it without problem.
Mark from USA Interesting
Marlon Fuller from USA Its great site. very good news.
Anonymous from France Your website is very complete and detailed it explain a lot of things about aboriginal culture and helps to concern to this culture
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Very useful and easy to use
Anonymous from Canada I've found that the website is VERY informative. It could be easier to navigate but otherwise I have been quite satisfied with my experience
Mike from Belgium It is very professional and very easy to navigate through. It gives confidence if one wishes to buy a didj
Anonymous You have the information I needed to get a feel for what a didj is.
Nathan from USA Seems to be very helpful and informative.
Nick from USA This site is amazing. The best didj site I've visited so far. I intend on coming back to learn more about the instrument.
Patrice from Netherlands Seems complete and helpful with a great layout.
Paul from USA It is new to me. I have been looking to possibly buy another didj.
Sami from Finland So many questions
Sonya from USA User Friendly
Stephen from USA Great site for all levels of player
Anonymous from Canada Just found it... seems ok. In all honesty the formatting looks a little outdated. There are better html technologies out now but I realize it can be expensive to improve a website.
Anonymous Very informative thank you.

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