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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2005:

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Anonymous from Saudi Arabia

This is informative.. Didn't know that much until now

Anonymous from France

You guys are doing a very good job. I have been told many time that your didge are of good quality

Allan from Gibraltar

One of the better didge sites I've visited there's loads of info and facts about the didge and aboriginal culture in general.

Anonymous from Norway

Hi. I really dig your didjshop site! Very informational and you seem like you are really professional but really great guys at the same time. I'll definitely buy my next didj from you guys (unless I go to Australia again by that time where I definitely will try to make my own).

Andrew Barnett from United Kingdom

This is an easy site to navigate and gives a frank and honest insight into the world of the didj

Andrew Caron from USA

This web site like the didgeridoo itself is an awakening to a spiritual journey. One can feel the humanity in the people who run this site and their ability to provoke the person visiting the site to be blessed with so very much knowledge. It is like being a part of a large family. A cultural demonstration. I truly cannot say enough about this web site I go to this site to relax and meditate. this Site has been medicinal for me. Like my email address states in the native american language of the ojibway people who called themselves annishinabe minomashkiki: mino=good mashkiki=medicine. I will say apitchi gitchi megwetch (very big thankyou) Andrew

Annie Hart from Australia

Excellent site. Very comprehensive coverage of every imaginable aspect of the subject. Accurate trustworthy info. Professional and user-friendly operation of site features. BEAUTIFUL colours - attractive relevant and easy on the eye when here for a long time.

Anonymous from Cyprus

It is by far the most inclusive site for didges I've come across. I spend hours every time I visit and this happens very often.

Benjamin from Belgium

It's a great site filled with useful information and one very beautiful catalogue.. I've seen the most divers didgeridoo's here! really worth visiting regularly!

Brad from USA

I enjoy reading the newsletter. It inspires me to go play my Didj.

Bryan from United Kingdom

Brill site placed order today can't wait for my didge from you. my son will want one when he hears it if it sounds as good as the mp3 demo

Chris from United Kingdom

Excellent. Only wish I had the money to purchase some of your esteemed items! It's great to hear some of the didj MP3's and get a feel for what each instrument sounds like. Information is presented I a clear and easy to navigate fashion. This site has actually encouraged me to get playing after having a didj for about a year and treating it as an ornament.

Craig from USA

Greaaaat site. I think you found a friend!

Cyprian from Poland

It seems it's very professional web site but I'm on this site for the first time in my life and did not explore it completely.

Anonymous from Australia

Didjshop.com web site is very clear very understandable and very easy on the eyes. Life would be a little easier if all web sites were as great.

Anonymous from Australia


Anonymous from Finland

Its a great site! No Complaints.

Emily from USA

Well done. The selection is amazing and it is full of useful advice and tips like on maintenance and purchasing. I will definitely be adding this site to my favourites!

Ender from Germany

A very good and informative Web Site. Maybe the best at the time . I hope anytime I can buy a Didgeridoo over didjshop.com Regards Ender

Fırat Güner from Turkey

It is good to have a international platform to know all that is about didj . Cause I live in Turkey and the didj culture is new in here so I wouldn't have a chance to now much if it wasn't for the internet

Fábio Gomes from Portugal

Very Useful Site cool logo.

Fadi Khawand from Lebanon

I really think ur the best coz the information found here is nearly everything and more comparing it to all other didge web sites


This is Very good for that kind of people who is interested in this music-instrument. I prefer the didge meditation to know it and participant to it. Thanks for these.

Gareth from New Zealand

Very cool site. Different to the rest.

Håkan from Sweden

Good web site with lots of information.

Anonymous from Chile

Argentina didgeridoooooo

Anonymous from USA

Very easy to use. Well-designed survey.

Jacqueline from Australia

I find it amazing very interesting explains a lot.

Jean-François from France

I think didjshop is a great web site to buy didj

Jim from USA

Great heartwarming site with many socially responsible additions such as peace toward others and preservation of Nature from which we all evolved and must preserve. Thanks for being a calming voice in this otherwise non-peaceful Earth. Maybe this peaceful voice will make an impact someday throughout the world.

Joe Paller from Canada

Excellent didge site. Very well done and very informative. Keep up the great work and many thanks. Joe

John from Netherlands

My compliments for your nice web site Good info nice didges and the greeting cards are super!

José from Portugal

I think the site is very simple and organized in a way that you can easily find precisely what your looking for and still get some additional info.

Kathleen from Canada

My grandson asked me to look up some information on didgeridoos for him and this site appeared on Google. It seems to have anything and everything that he'll need to know. He's 16 a Native Canadian Indian and is interested in all aboriginals everywhere and in various cultures and how they intertwine. Your site is wonderful and I'm sure he'll love it.

Kathryn Lubahn from USA

I am Australian and have lived in the USA for 16 years. It is wonderful to find you with so much integrity and love for the Aboriginal people and the alchemy of their music and heritage. It is very evident how much you all respect the power and beauty of the didgeridoo and it's heritage. Thank you for speaking so well of Aboriginals and the Dreamtime. I am with my partner Kathryn deeply involved in healing the broken patterns of time and space on our planet. I had a dream vision not long ago where after playing didgeridoo to a morton bay fig tree here in Santa Barbara CA USA the tree cascaded into diamonds and jewels and poured forth to my feet. Kathryn and I took this as an omen to purchase an authentic Australian didj. That's why we have purchased one from you. Thank you very much for defending the rights and art of the Australian Aboriginals. You look very good to all people overseas as well as at home. I haven't been back to Aussie in 15 years because our destinies require us to be here for now. Our web site is www.holoeco.org. It is an online meditation site. We hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Anthony Benedict-Smith

Kelvin from United Kingdom

I have looked at a couple of other sites but will not have to look anywhere else!!

Kevin from United Kingdom

The best didj web site with a wide range of information I have not reason to look for another didj web site

Koen Van De Linde from Netherlands

Excellent site! I'm glad there's a site with good information and the way in which the didges are exhibited is fantastic (with sound yeah!!)

Lars De Wildt from Netherlands

Great site I love the good cause and the large amount of products you offer. There aren't a lot of shops that have helpful comments in a huge faq and objective ratings! Very good! :)

Lea Nixon from United Kingdom

Great site with a genuine love of the instrument. It has the most in depth info anywhere and I love the stories about the individual didges.

Lindsay White from USA

The site is awesome. Has everything I could need or want. From answers to my questions or any product I may need. This site has it all!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Clearly the best on the web for what market you are in. The didj quality is constantly high and the navigation and information of the site is wonderful. Simply a great web site and one I am very fond of.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent site...Thank you and please keep up the good work.

Mark Simcox from United Kingdom

This is the most informative web site on the Didgeridoo that I have found. When I think of of a question I need answering I come here first.


I found your web site from a link at Kan'Nal's web site I saw them last night and was blown away by the sound. I have been considering purchasing a Didgeridoo recently and that show has pushed me over the edge. Now I just need to figure out what Didjeridoo is right for me. Your sight is amazing I had no clue there was so much history behind the instrument and it's culture. [OUR COMMENT: yes, Aaron uses our didjes to make some wicked music :-) ]

Matthew Lillie from Australia

Its really good and fun

Michael Morse from USA

A very useful site for the didge when I got mine I used this site for links and FAQ's about how to play. Very nice and simple layout make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Nate from USA

Looks like a lot of good information! The most comprehensive Didj site on the net.


I appreciate your interest in your visitors

Patric Wilhelmsson from Sweden

It is a good site with a large collection of available didges. Easy to navigate on the site and it has been a helping hand for me an my didge playing.

Pedro from Portugal

For sure the Best web site about Didgeridoos.

Peter from USA

You folks have a great thing going. Your products and service are top quality. My gratitude to the indigenous folk of Australia for sharing their culture with me. Keep up the great work!

Pierre-olivier Lamontagne from Canada

Fantastic!! Its an amazing web site....The best resource for a didj dreamer! Merci for your great work!!

Randy Scheiner from USA

I enjoy and respect this web site this is the first place I've seen that discusses didjeridoo meditation and sound healing: something I am an advocate of. there is still a lot more to this web site I haven't explored and I look forward to doing so.

Rocky from USA

I found you Helping my Daughter with Homecoming week theme of Australia. I told Her she needed didgeridoo music to play Your web sight was very helpful and was fun to work with the Kids in. Thank-you Rocky

Ryan Sanders from Thailand

Great I felt that I knew what I was buying and that it was worth the money. I look forward to having this didge for a long time. Kindness and helpful notions to all. Thanks

Anonymous from Australia

Great web site for the both the partially interested to the genuine didj musician. A fantastic selection of didgeridoo's at prices not often found in Australia. [OUR COMMENT: yes we sell a lot to Australians]


Very nice. does not seem wholly dedicated to making money but to spread the didge word in a very harmonious way

Scott Hazen from USA


Sergio from Spain

Very good. Thanks because I am learning about this!

Shayne Dahl from Canada

It is really exciting to see a community of human beings utilizing the internet for the benefit of humankind. It is so nice to discuss this cosmic instrument with like-minded people in a global environment.

Steve from USA

Great service very helpful and FANTASTIC didges!

Steven from USA

Didjshop.com is full of good and helpful information. I enjoy visiting the site from time to time to see your current stock of didgeridoos- which by the way is probably one of the best I have seen with the most to select from.

Steven from USA

I am very excited about trying to make my own PVC didgeridoo this weekend. As a student it is very nice to be able to make something by one's self particularly such a cool instrument.

Taylor from USA

I have found your site to be by far the most helpful in didj playing and shopping. the fact that you have recordings of each of your didj's is quite exceptional. I'm also glad that your didj's are made by aboriginals their culture and artwork is beautiful.

Teresa from USA

I have enjoyed browsing your site. My kids find it informative and we intend to return to it often as we explore more about Australia. You have some of the greatest photos and your site gives us a good sample of the Aborigines' culture.

Tony from Australia


Trish from Australia

I thought is was great best collection of Traditional Aboriginal Music of all the sites I visited.

William McMurtrie from Australia

I have recently returned from Aceh Indonesia where I have been assisting with tsunami relief work and I intend to return there in the future. I was often asked about aboriginal culture by the Acehnese people so I thought what better way to demonstrate it than to play a didge on my return. I will be holidaying in the Cairns area in early November so I will make a point of visiting the Didge Shop while I am there.

Anonymous from Israel

Looks very extensive and seems like it's neatly build for easy navigation. Will probably spend some more time here exploring

Zefanja Theijken from Netherlands

Cool site keep up the good work!

Aaron Foster from USA

Seems cool lots of info

Anonymous from Canada

Loved it

Adam from Australia

I am very impressed with the site and the didj's.

Alan from United Kingdom

It's a great site with so much information fairly easy to navigate considering the amount of content. I have it on my favourites and intend to visit regularly.

Alan from Australia

I am Allah and know the ancestors have moved on Likewise this site should move on and diversify into other musical instruments.

Anonymous from Germany

Quiet cool

Andrew Laird from USA

I thoroughly enjoy this site especially looking at the didjeridoos you offer and hoping to someday afford the real thing. I guess I like this site most because it gives me a way to continue and build upon the experience I had in Australia and the first time I heard a didjeridoo being played for real.

Andy from USA

I love it!!! I didn't know that so many people cared as much about the didj as my friends and I did. I can't get enough of it now.

Anonymous from France

Good site for what I have seen now I go to visit all the web site. with only a bad point difficult to translate all specific words.....


Looks like a good site easily navigable and the contest caught my eye right off.

Bobby Strickland from USA

GREAT!!! I had computer problems for over six months so I was off the net for that time but I am back now......


Just looking so far.

Calvin from USA

Wonderful. I never knew web sites like this existed.

Anonymous from USA

Its really cool I learned a lot from your site

Carlos from Spain

"A very good site to find a original didjeridoo"

Carrie from USA

I think it is great my first visit and I get to register to win a didj

Chris Quin from United Kingdom

I think its well laid out & the mp3 sound is a great idea.

Chuck from USA

I think this is the best web site I have visited. You have a very informative page. I like being able to look at the history and all the facts about the didge. I have learned quite a bit here.

Chuck from USA

Glad to learn of it and find community. Looking forward to improving technique collection and albums. With between 800-900 boomerangs so far it's about time to swing out into The Didj in a serious way.

Crawford Rhodes from USA

Maybe make your inventory more accessible. still get lost on the forums (maybe too much space between posts so a deep topic is easy to get lost on)

Damien from Belgium

I think it's a really good web site but I'm belgian and I don't understand everything ;(

Damien Turner from Australia

Very easy to use

Dan from USA

Very interesting and informative

Dave from USA

I think you have a great web site with quality information. I am looking to purchase my first Didj in the near future and will give didjshop the opportunity to sell it to me.

David Johnston from USA

I can play MANY "brass" instruments as well as various crude animal horn instruments so I have no doubt about being able to blow a didjeridu but the circular breathing is still well beyond my abilities. It is the "haunting" aspect of the didjeridu that I find interesting.

David from USA

I think that this site is very educational and allows a person the ability to select from quality instruments

Dean Wolfe from USA

I enjoy the organized way to view the didges on your site. Love to read the newsletters and find out what's new. Is there a forum or something that I may find other didgeridoo players in my area to jam with? [OUR COMMENT: check out the Forum and Didjnet in our Community section, there are hundreds of people]

Derek Hillman from Australia

It is extremely easy to navigate around. It is visually pleasing and easy to read. There is a great deal of information.


I read it completely every time I get it.

Dirk from Germany

Its very god .. Site .

Dominic from USA

I like the layout and over all feel of your web site.

Donald Roberts from USA

Very nice site super helpful and full of great stuff! Love it!

Edward Gardner from USA

Very wonderful site very educational

Anonymous from Canada

I especially like the sound clips.

Anonymous from Australia

I love the didj shop site. its a great feature to be able to listen to your didj before you buy it. I'm telling all my friends

Anonymous from USA

It's a great web site Very informative. I look forward to trying the PVC method for starters.

Erica Milford from USA

I couldn't send any awesome cards cause my web is screwed up but me and my friends love it.

Etienne from France

I would like a FRENCH version please....

Anonymous from France

New here...

Françoise Galopin from France

Very interesting and pedagogical. I spend a lot of time to read your site information gifts to hear the different sounds of your didgeridoos with a real pleasure! It gives me the desire to return visit Australia. I went twice last time 7 years ago (also in Queensland). (My brother is living in Noosa with his australian wife who is from Queensland and their daughter.11 ) Thanks a lot to make me dream! Sincerely. Françoise Galopin-Lion.

Fred from Canada

Could be easier/cleaner to navigate

Garry Collins from Canada

I think its magnificent. I love the web site you for the free downloads...I appreciate it very much :). And am sorry I am unable to spend any money at your store

Gary Gex from USA

Looks like a great site; I'd love to visit. Sorry I wasn't able to make it up that far north on my trip -- I've only been to Sydney Newcastle and the Hunter Valley/Paddy road on a motorbike.

Geoff Aitken from United Kingdom

Very good found what I was looking for

Gilles Bergé from France

I'm Not fluent enough in english language to give you a great feedback with all the thing I'm thinking but let's the good time rolls and keep on moving in aboriginal's traditions. So long !


Very informative site worth a visit


As of yet - no complaints. Nice collection you have with sample sounds. Been enjoying that. Easy to get around and you have loads of useful info. Keep it up!

Anonymous from Canada

It's great. What I'm really looking for is someone who will teach me lessons in Canada and haven't found that on the site yet . . . I'll keep looking though! [OUR COMMENT: there are a few listings in Didjnet in our Community section]

James from United Kingdom

Very interesting well thought-out site. It has inspired me to visit the site more often.

Anonymous from USA

Very good. Organized.


I haven't ordered anything yet so not much comment to say but I will let you know if I have something to say.

Janine from Australia

I'm glad I found it it's great


The site is very informative with a lot of useful information about didgeridoos. Great for any new didgeridoo enthusiast

Anonymous from USA

Looking for unique Christmas gift for my son who plays many instruments. He's looking for "his Unique sound". This just might be it. Thanks. Jeanne Ital

Jhon Discala from Monaco

I don't now what is feedback

Jim from USA

Nice layout ... Good report on the Aborigines and their lack of compensation ... And on the unfair business practices of others ...

Joel Van Der Meulen from Australia

Well set out. Great range of instruments just wish I had the money to afford a few :)

John Brandt from Australia

Love it I should of search for this a long time ago has given me a great more info in sounds and playing hints. great stuff

John from USA

So far it looks very nice. Clean and professional. One of the best Didj sites I've seen


I love it...brings back fond memories of my visit to Australia.

John from France



I think that it is a wonderful and informative site.


You have a very extensive selection. I like the layout and presentation.

Joshua Ratcliffe from United Kingdom

Your web site excellent I love the music and the videos I haven't bought anything yet but I probably will in the future. I just got my didjeridu last week and am trying to teach myself it I can make the base noise and a few sounds but haven't got circular breathing yet I can nearly make the boinging noises but need a lot more practice! all I could suggest for improving your site is more for beginners in the way of how to creating some of those strange and wonderful sounds

Juan Carlos Scheffler Mendoza from Mexico

It has lots of information its very good organized and I hope you could have some more information in spanish


I like the sounds

Julien from France

A great web site "THE SITE" to find a lot of didge types accessories cd and web links

Anonymous from Canada

It is very well documented... And it is good that we can hear the sounds . Although.. a lot of the ratings are not available for all the Didjes... so I wouldn't buy one that has not been rated.... Please rate them all


I really want to own a Didj and learn how to play it. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Kellie from USA

Great Forum!

Kelly McColl from Canada

Everything I needed to know. My 16 year old son has totally embraced this product and would love to own an authentic one.

Ken from USA

Nice sight. I have seen other sites that are more artistic but this one has all that you'd need! I make Didj and booms and some other crafts that I sell on consignment in 6 stores in the bay area and Santa Cruz. The best sales are when people get their hands on one and listen to ya play! Thanks for putting up a contest. I always lend myself to serendipity!

Anonymous from Canada

Very informative for a beginner. lots of cool didjes.

Anonymous from USA

Outstanding web site I like "seeing" and "hearing" the dig's you have for sale and the info on each dig is extremely helpful. Great job!


Site appears easy to navigate an has relevant information for a novice like myself

Lyn from Australia

Love the site and am fascinated by the information available.

Lynda from USA

I enjoyed it.

Anonymous from Canada

Je n'ai pas beaucoup navigue sur le site mais il semble tres complet et tres bien

Marco from Italy

My english is not very good and I can't understand the question sorry!!

Marco from Portugal

I think it's very good try to show or put in many other related sites more links like this it was difficult to find didjshop but YES I found it.. keep up the good work...

Anonymous from USA

Excellent selection and photos. More MP3s please.

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

So far it looks interesting and definitely educational. I love the demonstration on how to make a beeswax mouthpiece.


You find every thing that you have to know about a didjeridoos

Martin Antonio from Chile

Muy completo pero faltaria un poco de clases introductorias para tocar.


It's very interesting also for rookies like me. Never seen a better site.

Mary from USA

Different and good because of that!

Anonymous from USA

It is a very professional web site I enjoy reading and learning more about the didj. I came here searching for an authentic didj and found much more.


Very together and interesting keep up the great work

Michael from Australia

This is the first time I have visited this site. I have always had an interest in Aboriginal Culture. With the little time I have spent so far I have discovered some interesting information. I will definitely be visiting your site again.


Is a very complete web site


I have not been on the site long but like what I see. I love that I can listen to the difference in quality which would help in the decision process if I bought one. I was at an art fair this weekend and there was someone selling Didjes and playing. They were beautiful but they said he bores a hole through the wood himself then shapes it.

Mikołaj from Poland

I think shop navigation should be more intuitive.

Nathan from Australia

It looks great. I would like it if there was a reasonably cheap didj for beginners. Maybe $100 - $200.

Nick Sirianno from USA

Its a rad sight I mean if I were an aborigine I would honor the sight.

Paolo Stefani from Italy

It's really the best place to start learning something about didgeridoo. The sound samples are warranty of the instruments quality and will be very useful to choose my didj now that I have decided to buy one! Really a good work.

Pascal Volkmer from Germany

Nice site about didges I like to listen to the sound samples

Pattie from USA

Lots of great stuff - will take me a while and many visits to explore. Thanks!

Paul Faddy from United Kingdom

I haven't found it easy to search for the various didjeridus to buy.



Predrag from Yugoslavia

I think that its a great


Very good web site complete and easy to navigate

Regis Van Hee from France

I am sure I am not the first saying that but I think it s quite hard to choose a didj without try it! By the way I have learned many good stuff thanks to you. Thanks and good Vybz

Ricardo from Portugal

Very nice and complete. love the mp3 for test

Rob from Australia

Your web site is very very good the drop down windows provide excellent choice is clear and no doubt allows you the optimum result cheers thank you. Rob

Rob Bradfield from United Kingdom

Great I think the mp3 sections are brilliant. the choice of didges is also very good and very informative to the buyer.


Good site lots of options.

Robert from USA

Love your site especially the forums.



Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

Great site! everything a didg-fan needs! Great to hear the didges. I also get inspiration for my own dot-paintings (on canvas and didg)

Rohan from Australia

Well set out and informative....will recommend to friends

Sam from Australia

I think this is a great web site I am about to make my first didgeridoo and was just doing a little research in to the background of how the wood is produced by termites and cared for after completion.

Anonymous from Canada

It's great. Really great. It really makes me want to buy a didj!

Shachindra Dass from Finland

Very informative.

Shahar Or from Israel

I'd put a more graphical interface to make it feel personnel. [URL deleted] is not as big but looks warm. [OUR COMMENT: nice try, but we do not allow others to advertise their didj selling web sites here. Make a link to our web site and then you can ask us for a link exchange]


Fantastic. Very easy to navigate and very good pictures of products

Sheree Jones from Australia

Very interesting informative and essential


I think that the site it's very nice and it has many things to explore and to learn everything that I need to know about didgeridoos


Very good

Simon from United Kingdom

I am looking to buy a genuine aboriginal didge to learn on. After visiting SA I would have bought one there but wouldn't have trusted the trip home. The site is excellent with lots of useful info and the best I've found so far.

Simon from Germany

A nice shop but the prices are very exclusive. My salary not. :-) In addition I've not looked around so much so I can't give a good feedback about die shop. Sorry.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A great resource providing some good histories of the instruments and Indigenous Australian culture


Looks very comprehensive and is easily navigable.

Stephen Barton from United Kingdom

Informative site slowly working my way through it

Stephen from USA

Awesome I will definitely buy a didge from here when I have more money and I am not poor.

Steve from New Zealand

I first used your site to get the correct sizes for glass didges that I have made. A lot of sites don't give you the length.


Great site it's a little hard to find out how to get into the shop and a little hard to search for a didj.


Great site

William Jenkins from USA

Nice informative. fun interesting cosmic

William from France

Je trouve votre site super bien detaillé il répond trés bien aux questions que je me pose .continuer pour moi un des meilleur site

Wouter Bos from France

This is the best site I found on the internet! It's really complete you can find everything you need to know about the didgeridoo...

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