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Aaron Burr from USA

Very informative! I needed some help forming a mouthpiece and the illustrated guide was very thorough and helpful!

Albie from USA

Like the site very much. it is clear & informative and I got a very quick education.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It helped me understand the aboriginal culture better so I have something to tell my friends when they ask about the didge

Alyssa from USA

This web site is really cool. I really enjoy learning about the aborigines and think that the emphasis on their culture is great!

Anthony from USA

Great rating system. Good quality recordings. very effective search and sort scripts.

Ben from Canada

Spectacular keep it funky fresh!

Benoit from France

Excellent web site with a lot of variety of didj. There is so a lot of information concerning the aboriginal culture and the didj manufacturing. I am satisfied to have ordered a didj on your Web site

Beryl from New Zealand

I didn't know about the greeting cards I will go back and have a look and send some. I love the look of the didgeridoos on the web site and would love to own one. I bought a book about how to play one but haven't been able to persuade my husband to let me buy one yet. He loves the sound around the campfire so I am working on him.

Bruno from Indonesia

Very complete and user friendly. I felt that this site could be trusted to buy on line and was absolutely not disappointed. Received my didj after 4 days. Amazing.

Anonymous from Turkey

Thanks for the web site perfect

Byron from USA

As always a delight to peruse the inventory. thinking about buying another if I ever find the money

Carl from USA

This is a great web site By far it's the most informative that I've seen. I have been experimenting with the plastic didgeridoo as instructed here. I'll buy a real one when I have figured out how to make a good sound and when I understand more about the qualities of a good didgeridoo.

César Ambiado from Chile

Didjshop.com is the best site about didjeridu on the web here I learn more about the the history of didjeridu and the amazing culture who they coming from.

Charlie from USA

I like how easy it is to find things and browse through inventory. And I like the ability to get information not just sale items.

Dashiell Gordon from USA

This is a very good layout the color scheme is good. Generally a great web site And most importantly the info is good. This site is what inspired me to start playing didgeridoo!

Dave from USA

This is a great web site with lots of information! It take the fear out of being a first time buyer.


I haven't had a good look around as yet but I am glad I found this site as my son has been asking for a didgeridoo for the last 12 months and I have never thought to look on line. I will be saving this site in my favourites.

Debra Latimer from USA

Your shop is fantastic. I so hope that I can win the drawing. Although I have never won anything before. As someone who just recently experienced a healing by didj I can say that your web site has been very complete and inviting to learn more.

Derek from Canada

Very cool site not overwhelming tons of great info

Douglas Burson from USA

Fantastic site even for beginners...keep up the awesome work!

Duncan from United Kingdom

Cool site bought my first real didge from you and it is everything I hoped it would be. many thanks Griff

Dustin Henderson from USA

I like it it has a wealth of information the didje is still rather "quite" in the world so a place with such a collection of text/ect is very beneficial to the didje world......A+ guys..

Eric from Netherlands

Nice site only not all the pages are in my language sometimes I need a dictionary. I like that you give examples of didges that exist. Also the help you offer in choosing what's right for me.

Erin Bremer from USA

The web site has very technical info. I have not seen this at any other site. I especially like the mouthpiece section. I am trying to make a didg out of pvc (I know it's not the best quality but it's a start). I was trying to figure out how to make the mouthpiece so I could try playing for the first time. I didn't know what it should look like and this site has all the angles I was looking for.

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

Probably the best site to buy didgeridoo's on the net sure pay mode nice sounds and pictures


Like it a lot

Fred Stevens from United Kingdom

My 1st reaction was a sense of trust . Next came knowledge expertise and admiration for your compassion towards Aboriginal people. But what swung it for me was the advice on starting on a pvc pipe when you are trying to sell beautifully hand crafted organic instruments!!! Best web site I've visited....ever!!!

Gabriel from Canada

Love what you have done to the place. It's always been a great site but the addition of the forums was a really good move.

Gonçalo Silva from Portugal

It's really well construct is in many languages like portuguese language it is a really good help to everyone who likes didgeridoo.

Greg from USA

The site is colorful and has wonderful access to all that I wanted to know and learn.

Greg Degreef from Canada

Excellent job I've been surfing since the web began and this is one of the most complete web sites I have ever seen. Any joe can build a web site it takes a lot of work to fill it in with words and pictures and yet be useful at the same time. Well done!

James Gardner from Australia

Love the site very informative and has given me some great tips for learning. I have already bookmarked and make sure I check back several times each day. just don't tell the boss.

James Pierson from USA

I always have and still do love this site

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good site with loads of useful information I would recommend to all my friends who are interested in the didge I have converted my brother who is now learning and visiting this site regularly

Jason from United Kingdom

WELL DONE what a site huge amount of didg info a one shot didg stop ! Jason Kemp

Jeffrey Bailey from USA

So far very awesome. I was amazed at your didge grading page. Great! Then I jumped right to this page after that so I need to go back and check the rest out. I'm already stoked to buy a didge from you guys because it sounds like you know what you're doing and you are honest.

Jérémy Lucat from France

This web site is the best in didj and boom.All information and that's clear.If I can buy a didj sooner I do it on didjshop!

Josh Jones from USA

Great site...an impressive amount of didges. I would like to see didges listed by key as well. It would be nice (although I understand a huge undertaking) if the nicer didge's also had a description of how it played and sounded. The mp3's are great but end up sounding slightly similar in tone. Thanks for everything though...you guys are great! [OUR COMMENT: you can search for certain keys; we do not give descriptions of how didjes play and sound as it would always be personal]


Its a great site with a lot to offer to all age groups or talent levels. the explanation of the history and the learning guides are great. I can say that this site was one of the first to spark my interest in the instrument and also the site that I used the most while learning how to play.

Justin from USA

Very resourceful site- I would have had to go to several other didge site just to learn everything I found here. Besides the products I actually found this site to be very educational. I'm buying one!

Kerri from USA

I am so excited about this site!

Anonymous from Japan

The best site for getting Didge in the world \(^o^)/

Kresimir from Croatia/Hrvatska

So many information in one place

Laina from Australia

Absolutely fabulous!!!


Think it is a great web site - very informative

Marcel Schut from Netherlands

I like very much the explanation in the didge-healing section. A good support for me as I practice this art myself and give regular sessions.

Marcus Oberg from Sweden

The perfect web site for Didj lovers! Here you can find the best didjis and certainly the best service!

Mariana from Brazil

Amazing!!! I find really important you write not only about music but also about aboriginal issues and fight for their rights. It's about time the aboriginal people to be recognised in their country and you are helping! Beautiful!!!!


Love the site and the info. The sound clips are very useful to my husband who can play a little.

Michael Griffith from USA

One of the most informative web sites I have ever been to. You sell your didjeridoos by informing the customer about all aspects of the instrument. Knowledge is power. Your pics coupled with the sound files are a unique and brilliant way to inform and sell your didjes.

Anonymous from USA

Your web site is awesome. Very informative and genuine. Thank you!


It has to be one of the most complete sites I have visited. It has all the info you could possibly want


Wow man I loooove this site its the best I've ever been to cuz its not only a shop but also loads of info

Myke from USA

I am particularly grateful for the Aborigine information.

Neil Roebuck from United Kingdom

I think it's very informative. Especially as you can actually hear the didj you could buy. All the extra info about each didj is very useful too; the key the material the size etc.


Svargo I think you have a stealth operation there. I dig you and your company and your tea's

Peter Clare from United Kingdom

It seems to be a very organised site with lots on it I'm impressed with the layout its definitely better than other didgeridoo sites and will use it for further uses


Super and interesting site. plenty info.



Phil from France

I like the site it is the biggest and most complete I have come about

Robin Lorentz from Sweden

The only didj I own is one out of a plastic pipe. Its all I can afford so that you having a page with instructions on how to make my own was what saved me. My plastic didj is made by instructions from this site.



Sean from Australia

Its great - I think you help to inspire respect for the didj and the for genuine workmanship of the original makers.


Thumbs up from me I think you guys have done an awesome job. All the info. one would need great selection of products & mp3 samples set out great easy to navigate & best of all from previous experience all of the info. grading systems etc. are reliable and trustworthy. Perhaps a few more photo's/pictures of landscape didj playing etc. would go nice though just for aesthetics.

Siavasch from Germany

2 thumbs up!!

Stanley from USA

I believe that your site gives a terrific amount of useful and informative information both for beginners and the advanced players and aficionados.

Sylvain from France

Congratulation about this site ! It present a lot of different view on didjeridu and aboriginal people You must continue in this way !



Toby from USA

More people should know about this site......I am trying to get my friends to check it out too

Trey Sansom from USA

I am impressed by what you are doing. I love the fact that you support the Aboriginal culture and people. Keep up the good work!


Great site! I have been able to find Didj players in the US for my upcoming wedding to an Aussie. I couldn't find any on google but I found a couple of players through your site! It's been fun

Victoria from Australia

This web site is great for didj players at all levels. There is so much helpful information and the didj's are fantastic

Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska

Keep up excellent work I love it. Didgeridoo can heal.

Anonymous from USA

Love your shop

Wesley from USA

If I buy a genuine Didgeridoo this is the place I will buy from. I always recommend your site to anyone interested in buying a Didj.

Anonymous from USA

I not only like to listen to then demo sounds but find the articles and info on the indigenous people very interesting. Very similar to the treatment and conditions of our indigenous peoples of North America. Our governments don't take the time to listen and understand what can be learned from these cultures

Aaron from USA

I like your site and the overall commitment to cultural understanding.


Enjoy reading about all issues raised by your site also like to dream about getting a concert didjeridu maybe that way I will play better.

Alex from USA

I love how it is set up and I like the selection

Alexandre from Reunion Island

A great site very interesting I would like to buy a didje now :)

Andrea Cammarata from Italy

Good done



Anonymous from France

Pretty nice site.

Bela from USA

Great site!

Bob from USA

Very informative site on aboriginal items.


I like it

Charles from Thailand

Extensive background info about the Didj Don't know prices yet but suggestion is they reasonable Didj's sound legitimate not cut and hand bored.

Chris Halliday from USA

It is very user friendly and the sound clips help greatly to the over all choice of a didge

Chris Murphy from Australia

Great web page the most interactive I've seen. ps. we plan to visit your shop on day on our travels regards chris

Anonymous from Australia

A wonderful celebration of Aboriginality.

Dale from USA

Nice changes. Easier flow.

Damien from Belgium

Great overview beautiful didjes

Dan House from USA

Great site. like the break down of prices of types

Anonymous from USA

Keep up the great work. I would suggest improving the search engine within your site as it doesn't seem to be returning the results expected.

Anonymous from Spain

I like the web page

David from USA

Great site maybe more links to Didj music/artists.


Very interesting web site

Deborah Silverman from USA

I haven't finished looking at it...


Excellent site about didje I learn a lot. The ultimate would be to translate part of it in french !

Anonymous from Germany

...a great page/shop

Dirk from Netherlands

It's a very nice and informative site ad you know your business

Don Kepple from USA

I think this is a very informative web site about Didj. It has given me much information to think about and practice.

Frank from Australia

I have found it very informative and easy to navigate .

Gary Cooper from USA

Liked your site & ordered my very first BULLROARER from your site has yet to arrive but I can hardly wait until it arrives so I can give it a go!


It's clear and works for me

Georgie from Australia

I read a lot of the culrole informat on your site and find it interesting thank you Georgie

Glenn from New Zealand

Great Site! Would love one of your didjes (i only have pvc) but prices a bit steep for me will have to start saving

Gregory from USA

This is a very informative site for anyone to learn and experience the music from Australia. Thanks for your Time and hard work.

Anonymous from USA

Somewhat difficult to navigate sound bytes for Didjs for sale would be helpful

Ian from USA

Keep up the good work broken link to the english web site containing the * mp3s from the san diego band didginus( I was bummed about that because I live in So. California close to San Diego) otherwise I haven't seen any other problems and I enjoy learning about the didj and the community



Jacob Mulder from Netherlands

Good broad site lots of info good rating system. Keep up the good work!


Very good


So far I like it. I'll explore some more.

Jan Petersen from Denmark

Nice site easy to find what's needed and good looking.

Jay from USA

Slick comfortable navigation


You have a very interesting site. It covers everything involved about didjes I think!!


Nice site

Anonymous from USA

Great site well-organized easy to navigate

John from USA

I want a new didj so it's cool

John from USA

Great comments and info

John Mutinelli from USA

The Didjshop.com is very informative and easy to navigate. I'm enjoying browsing the pages and am considering purchasing a didj. I play the trumpet and want to play the didj and use it to learn circular breathing. It's also very relaxing and fun!


Good useful information and easy to navigate.

Jon Harnum from USA

Great site! I have trouble with drool on my keyboard when I visit and peruse your didjeridus. I'm saving my pennies to afford one. I like your philosophy and appreciate the sound clips and rating system. I do have a question. How close to perfect pitch are your pitch ratings? I'm a musician and am interested in performing with one but need to have one that is very well in tune. If you'd like to get a free 300 page eBook on either Music Theory or How to Play Trumpet go to my web site [URL deleted] Thanks for such a great site! Much appreciated. cheers [OUR COMMENT: see http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/FAQscart_playing_didgeridoo.html#B5]

Jonathan Eddie from United Kingdom

It is well presented and easy to use

Anonymous from USA

Nothing this site is awesome!


Its great

Karin Burri from Switzerland

Great completely

Karl from Canada

Great site for picking out a Didj. Love how you can actually hear them.

Kay from USA

I love the colors you have chosen for your web site and it's easy to surf. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Kent from USA

Informative though I wish there was something for me a beginner here in my area like others to play with or learn from.

Kua from USA

Very informative---honorable to the culture.

Lili Stampe from Denmark

All right good pictures of each instrument


Still exploring.

Manfred Bischofberger from Austria


Marciano Corona from Mexico

I think its pretty good

Mark Mark Andrews from USA

I look forward to learning more as I visit your site. thanks for doing it right.

Martijn from Netherlands

Looking good

Matthew Peterson from USA

I really like this site. For someone who is very ignorant about the didgeridoo as an instrument(me) you provide plenty of details about the didges you are selling and your reliability as a company.


Your web page rocks! Where do you guys get such nice diges from!


Interesting will be back

Anonymous from Australia

Great sight.

Michelle Hess from USA

I like the site. A friend recommended that I check it out. I have recently became interested with celtic band and The Brothers are due to perform at celtic fling in Mount Hope PA and hence my friend explained that The Brothers will be playing a didjeridu!


I think that it's very clear this page about all the things about didjeridoos.

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from New Zealand

An excellent and very helpful site. The thing that draws me more towards this site is that the didges are made by aboriginal people which to me makes it all the more spiritual and meaningful.

Narelle from Australia

I try to give my students a taste of the Australian Aboriginal culture. I often refer to your site for genuine information to pass on to them.


There are a lot of interesting things here


The design could use some work. Visit my site at [ URL deleted]. Otherwise I love this instrument! Wanna win one. [OUR COMMENT: sorry we do not allow advertising of other sites here, you can swap links with us but :-)]




I think its great the more the better

Patrick from USA

This is a good thorough site.

Paul from Canada

A good sight. Lots of nice didg pics.

Peter from USA

Still looking around - first time


Well done !! Very pro... and thks it is in PHP ::)))).

Rodrigo from Brazil

It's very beautiful.

Rolf from USA

I will look at it right now! And give you some feed back soon. Thanks for the web site on didj's I’m sure I will learn a lot!!! From a land of no didj's but me!!!! ......... Rolf

Ron Garreffa from Australia

Very informative and easy to follow

Ryan Schacherl from USA

Good site

Anonymous from Australia

I like it a lot. very colorful and informative.

Anonymous from Portugal

It's amazing..the quality of specification of each didgeridoo its great...so if you want to buy something you can see all the details about that item.It's very good


Big surprise to discovered all different types of didj. Good feeling about this web site and high quality information (not enough in french). I hope that a good part of benefits help aboriginal people to win against bad force who want to destruct their identity. Last time I learn that they have just obtain vote right !! shame on me to be white. congratulations and thank you.

Shane from USA

I'm impressed it has a larger than most selection and very organized


It is a well put together site

Soren Decraene from Belgium


Stefano from Italy

It's beautiful but I think if you wont a shopping car for summary ours shopping

Stephen from USA

This site is so amazing! I can't believe all the authentic didgeridoos made right from the instrument's origin continent... strangely put yes but what ev. Anyway I love just dreaming about having one of your didgeridoos and getting really good at playing it because no one I know has one. I have always had an interest in...different instruments and the didgeridoo tops them all. Again I love your site and I hope you are successful in future sales.

Steve from USA

Just visiting for the first time. G'day!

Tim from Belgium

Nice shop much info and links

Todd from USA

I love the news and looking at the didjs. If I could I would buy several of them to see the difference in tones backpressure etc so that I could be better informed on what would be the best for me to play.

Valentijn from Netherlands

It's a real good site not because I want to win. You can see and hear what you get about almost every didge. I'm only having a little problem with getting around. The navbar might have to be changed.


I like the site the best for my is a audio demos



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