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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2003:

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Albert Albert from USA

I like it a lot it has a lot of information


Great web site; I wish I could hear a demo of some of the lower priced didj's;

Andreas Kickinger from Aui

Very good site; Like to listen to the different sounds of the didges;Informative;

Andreas Zeitler from Germany

It's avery good site (the best I know) and if my money is enough I want bye a good Didj to play fast and loud

Anonymous from USA

Very helpful and well put together

Andrew Hatfield from USA

From what I've seen I really like it I'm really looking to get more into playing so I'm know I will be visiting this site a lot;

Andrew Locky from Canada

Excellent site; Will purchase online when I'm done school and got the extra cash; Thanks for the great work!


Cool! A great informative web site!

Anonymous from Venezuela

It's user-friendly fun to read and multi-language; I particularly like the photos in the web page; They are explicit and visually attractive;

Bob Ludden from USA

Very interesting

brad cole from USA

Nice site really made mouth water; for the longest time I've wanted a aboriginal doo;but so far I've only played one


I am very interested in learning how to play one of these instruments; I think they have a sound that is really soothing

Buddy Hughen from USA

Great Site I think you should use flash software along with aboriginal art; It would be great;


I like the format of the site it's easy to move around and look at the didges


Awesome site

Chris Darder from USA

I like it;


Cool site very informative

Dan Duncan from USA

It is easy to use

Dan Kilbury from Spain

I love looking and listening; Great web site !!




Very user friendly


Didj is an extremely powerful instrument that I have yet but touched on; I have employed many Didj players for sessions in my Studio but I feel now is the time for me to really start exploring this Instrument myself;

Anonymous from USA

Nice site; I like the sound samples;

Anonymous from USA

It's very interesting; I'd like to know more;

Dawn Burkhart from USA

First time visitor too soon for feedback; But your product looks spectacular!

Denise Sachs from USA

Looks very interesting; I've never even heard of a didj before;

Derrick Terrabull from USA


Dirk Murawsky from Germany

There are very great didjeridoos I really never saw so much art in an instrument;;;;; the whole side is ok and it's very good to have some examples from the sound from the didjes so please go on this way;;;;;;; (sorry my english is not the best;;;)

Douglas Devries from USA

Cool site


It looks nice!


Muy buena la página es la primera vez que busco información sobre didj y no sabía que había tanta gente en este mundillo;

Frederick Millar from Australia

Great selection prices reasonable; Site is easy to use; What is sound healing?


I love how you have great pictures of each didje and how you can listen to them; exactly what a customer wants!


It's a colorful and well written site;

Geo Pew from USA

Perhaps some mp3's to didge along with on your world didge play; Advanced volunteers to send in their mp3's using didges they've bought from you or just whatever they've come across or made;


Great site it's really great to have the audio files;


Interesting and instructive(?) (I not speak English!Excuse)

Anonymous from USA

Very good info about how to make one ! Thanx


I think the best site cause of the huge selection


It's easy to understand;


I've never heard of this instrument but wow!;;;;;;how beautiful;;;;;;;sounds interesting! My family who lives in Australia has probably heard of this though; - Holls

Anonymous from USA

Great web site -- I'm excited about learning to play;

Ib Merdan from Denmark

It's good but I would have like some more info's about the didj's


It's informative

Anonymous from Switzerland

Cool idea


Could use more history of the aborigines

Jim Ray from USA

Absolutely PHENOM! Having the sound and photos is an amazing idea!



Johan Faivre from France

It's fun

Anonymous from Finland

The sound clips are THE thing that made the decision for me; Many sites offering advise on selecting a didj stress the importance of actually hearing the sound; You site was the only one I found that offered this feature;

Judy Echols from USA

I love it and spend a long time looking it over and listening to sound clips; I wish that I could get more of your didjes;

Jussi Keränen from Finland

Nice didjeridoos easily working sites it works good though I have smaller running computer it hard that way if flash yoused ;maybe more pictures from players; put the musian keys from each didge to each didge!!!! wery own owl sounds from each didjn

Justin Allison from USA

It's a great site! keep it up

Karel Verstreken from Belgium

It is a very good web sit with all the details very good


I've listened to CD's and audio recordings of this beautiful music and it's nice to see a site dedicated to it!

Katie Pauley from USA

Great pictures


I like it; Lots of great information!!

Anonymous from Norway

still a grade a site; window-shopping here is never boring; cheaper to look than to buy but probably more fun buying than not; but lay-out and everything else seems excellent; keep it up

Anonymous from USA

cool especially since I'm just getting in to this kinda thing; keep up the good work!

Anonymous from Australia

I hope the money you make here is going back to where it is needed;To many art gallery's used to rip of the bushies;


En España los didgeredoos se conocen muy poco y me alegre mucho de que existe una página Web que se ve que se ha realizado con gran dedicación cariño y ¿porque no? un interés comercial justificado; Os aseguro que en España hay un mercado enorme por explotar; Solo en Barcelona se comienzan a ver; Suerte y enhorabuena por la Web;

Anonymous from USA

Really great! I'm just waiting for the right didj to show up!

Mark Verschell from USA

Just found it! Looking forward to exploring;

Anonymous from Netherlands

The side is good;many things you can buy and the offer of didgeridoos is large;very good


I like the looks of your site and find it very easy to navigate; I look forward to using it for the many provided links to information on how to improve my playing and perhaps to purchase my next didg;

Anonymous from USA

I love the web site; Ever since I sang an Australian song in school I have been interested in the didjeridu and Australia; I play several instruments and would like to add the didjeridu to my repertoire;

Meredith (Meri) Kassner from USA

Very well organized lots of products offered;

Michael Freilino from USA

A plethora of information

Michael Goulding from USA

Very good with lots of information; It is very good to hear the sound from some of the instruments; A very easy to use web site with something for everybody;

Miika Etula from Finland

It is informative but not very clear - so many links and colors etc

Nico Bakker from Netherlands

Goede informatie; duidelijk en makkelijk te volgen


The charlie's didgeridoo


It looks nice!


Nice web for didj;; =)

Patrick Williams from USA

Nicely done


It looks nice!

Pol kennel from France


Randy Pompetti from Canada

My wife brought me a Didgeridoo back from Australia and I'm trying to learn to play it; Thanks for making some great sounds available on- line so I can hear what a didgeridoo is SUPPOSED to sound like;;;;;;

Ron Snow from USA

Interesting site; It's my first visit and found it very informative; I recently visited Australia and purchased a didj plus a playing guide and a beginners guide CD by Ash Dargan; I love the sound of the didj and am hunting down more music;

Sandra Rooke from Canada

Great site and very interesting!


It looks nice!

Sebastien - from Canada

Very well done and nearly to much choice; Just one thing I'm a bit disappointed about is that the strangest didges (very long or highest pitches fork didges;;;) don't have a sound file and these are the ones I'm most interested in; But I also understand that it takes time to record and that you start by putting online those who are going to interest more people;

Anonymous from USA

I loved hearing the sound files! It's been so long since I've heard a didje-it was beautiful!

Shain Willison from USA

It is nice;


Very well I'm Italian;;;


Nice web site

Stane Andolšek from Slovenia

You have excellent didjes I hope I will get one someday; The best thing is that we can hear them;


Looks right and okay

Stephanie Frenock from USA

Need more playing hints/help;


It's a very good didj site with plenty of info;


Great site - makes me more excited to go out and buy a didgeridoo!


Very interesting selection of didgeridoos


It looks nice!


Great web site nice layout easy to navigate

Tom Russell from England

I really like it but I would like to know how to join a club I am 15


Very unique!

Vincent Naivin from France

This is a very good site



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