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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2009:

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Anonymous I am a newcomer to both your website and to didgeridoos but I find that you have a plethora of knowledge on didgeridoos and I look forward to using your forum for help with my new wind instrument. Thank you
Adam from USA This is the best Didj website I've found. Honestly it's not that pretty to look at or intuitive to use but the information contained within it is fantastic educational interesting and well written.
Alan from USA It's the best I never go anywhere else! I totally trust you guys!
Anatoly from Russia I think is good site deal with really authentic culture
Bill Woodward from Canada Simply the best most comprehensive and inclusive site!
Brian James from United Kingdom I don't bother looking anywhere else as yours is the best not only didges but so much else its like visiting a didge family.
Catherine from USA Didjshop is the only website from which I have purchased a didgeridoo (as a gift). I like your evaluation system which helped me hear evaluate and select a wonderful medium concert grade didj for my husband. I trust your site.
Chante from USA I like the website pictures questionnaire. the questionnaire brought up questions that never crossed my mind. I would like to use it as a reference in my classroom with my students.
Chris from New Zealand I like reading peoples experiences/stories as well as listening to the different sound files from various Didjes
Chris Bittner from USA It' s the best no doubt. Couldn't be better.
Christopher from USA I think it is great and very informative with very obvious links and easy to fallow instructions and information
Claude Beaucaire from Canada It's just the best site on the web for didj info.
Daniele from Italy It's the best one surely
David De Lucena from Brazil The greatest did shop on line!
David from USA The best! I think you folks are pioneers in healing the planet with your newsletter and support for authentic Aboriginal art/culture.
David Milligan from Canada The best selection of any didj site I believe
Fabian Kuiper from Netherlands Greatest place to get your info from hear experiences from others and even some nifty tips and tricks to play the didge.. not to even speak about the inspiration and motivation you get from all the great music samples!
Franck Boudet from France I really appreciate the newsletter and articles beside the didgeridoo shop.
Fred Ashplant from USA As I have often said before your site is by far the best I have ever seen on the web. There is the best possible selection of didges of the very best sound quality the most information regarding the goings on in the industry the most information regarding the native Australian people their culture and art work. Your service and prompt attention to the need of your customer is also second to none. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Gary from United Kingdom I love it there is so much in it. I don't read it until I have a nice amount of time just to take it all in It's my Sunday paper.
Gregg Nardozza from USA The best site on the web for didjeridu information and didjeridu sales.
Heath from USA It was the most authentic for my purchase
Ian from Italy I like it the most
James Mott from USA One of the best sites on the web both in terms of the subject matter of the website and in general terms.
Jeannie from USA I really like it! I appreciate the educational aspects great pictures of sale items (though small) and I will start reading your newsletter!
John Carroll from USA Truthfully your site is one of the best if not the best. You provide a great deal of information on all areas of playing and the history of the didjeridu. I also commend you on your efforts to support and promote Aboriginal culture and survival.
John Munday from USA A very comprehensive site. I especially love receiving the newsletter.
Jon from USA Most comprehensive site on the web.
Katarina from Serbia Absolutely the best.
Kyle from Canada I like the fact that you are trying to make a global community to spread the sound healing all around the world every solstice
Lauren from USA It's painfully clear that Didjshop is the only legit didgeridoo shop. The rest are really just trying to sell a product and aren't even remotely concerned with aboriginal issues.
Lindsey from USA This is now the only Didj website I come to. It is heartfelt and well put together. It addresses real questions that help those really interested in the instrument. It is most well done.
Marc Kalmanson from USA It is my preferred site as you have the best information adhere to the Aboriginal history culture and importance of their contribution to the world.
Mark Webster from USA Out of the DIdj sites I have visited I am most impressed by your site. Firstly because I very much as an Indigenous man on Turtle Island I appreciate the respect and honor you show Aboriginal people there whose history is almost identical to ours here. I also like the variety and quality of the Didjes I have seen here.
Matthew from Australia The large volume of info is great and adds value for money if buying a didge from you guys as you get the history as well as the instrument.
Michael Dehottay from Belgium I often visited your site in 2002-2003 in my first step with didge. Your site learned me the circular respiration!!! Than I doesn't have access to the net till the last month. I rediscover your site and I enjoy myself of the best quality of the didge sites
Mike Griffith from USA Your website is the most informative and enjoyable websites I visit. I am entertained by the info you present and constantly educated about another culture. You help me see another cultures issues through the eyes & voices of your website. I am grateful.
Mitchell from USA Excellent website with reliable descriptions of wonderful instruments! I would trust nobody else in the purchase of a truly great instrument.
Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom I love the information and the friendly tone; I also love the emphasis on "aboriginality". I really like the effort you put into the newsletter which is humorous informative and never disparaging about other people!
Nicola from Italy It is simply to use I spend so much time on your site
Anonymous from Canada This is the most honest didj site I've come across. I wish that I lived in australia so that I could come to your shop and play some of those didjes!
Patrick from Australia It is GREAT. & that is why I get the newsletter so I keep up with goings on at Didjshop
Patrick Temme from USA It is great! The layout is very simple and friendly. I have recommended your website to a lot of my friends!
Patti Baker from USA Hands down your site is the best! Easy to navigate and very informative.
Peggylynn Terrien from USA It is the most informative it teaches it enlightens it shows the world what love and connection can do and you have the best products and prices
Petri Aitta-aho from Finland It's the best one!
Ray Todd from USA Wow! What a resource. There is so much information here and great links too. I love your selection and the navigation is quite clear and easy.
Anonymous from Finland The one and only.:) Love the didjes on your site and how they are presented.
Robert from USA It's a great resource for learning about didgeridoos Aboriginal issues and for purchasing didgeridoos with confidence that they are not mass-manufactured or fake.
Robert from USA Without a doubt the best!
Anonymous from USA I really like your selection of rare and unique didgeridoos.
Roy Paramo from Spain I think it provides the visitor not only with a wide variety of very fine products but also with all the necessary background (process of making playing history aboriginal facts etc.) that in my opinion are vital to understand what the didgeridoo really is. It raises a very necessary awareness.
Scott from USA Love it! the personal experiences the news of the local peoples and their challenges and the photos of your beautiful Didj's!
Scott Watkins from USA Your website is a joy to surf. I like to listen to the different tones from different types and pitches played. The best descriptions and specific information on each didj that I've seen.
Stuart Turner from USA This is my main source for didge news and info Thanx
Stuart from United Kingdom Love the site.
Summergold Garfias from USA The best
Todd Melville from Australia Best there is. The range of Didjes is impressive sound files are good and the additional information and the forum are top class. You do a good job
Tom from USA I find information of a musical and of a political nature that is not available to me locally.
Anonymous EXCELENT!!!
Tyler from USA Very well-organized. You go through a lot of trouble to give people all the info they need when purchasing didjes. That is very respectable. Also I REALLY like the sound clips you have for the instruments...very helpful.
William from USA When your monthly news letter shows up in my in box I will usually open it and spend a half hour reading and learning and wishing I could afford another didge.
Anonymous Good site
Alan from Australia It is very interesting I love the articles
Alex Wruurri from USA Beautiful
Anonymous from USA Some good info. The forum policy is too restrictive in my opinion.
Anonymous from USA A little confusing to get around and the grading scale used really put me through a loop.
Anonymous from Italy Well done and full of info easy to navigate
Anonymous Very professional and thorough. I trust that your product is genuine authentic traditional aboriginal.
Ashley from USA Its very informative and if I dare say it actually authentic. I trust you more than many many others.
Barbara from USA Love it.
Barry from United Kingdom Informative easy to navigate. perhaps lacks information regarding "traditional" instruments.
Bart Reinier from USA Visiting the site is an emotional and exhilarating experience. It is extremely educational and motivational. I realize sales of your products is what makes the website available to me but I happen to be retired and on very limited income. I so enjoy browsing the site and dream about being able to purchase the great instruments and other aboriginal items you make available. And I appreciate the opportunity to learn about the issues surrounding the aboriginals.
Anonymous Looks okay so far - I have to explore further.
Anonymous from USA I'm learning a lot.
Bruce Wilson from USA Very intriguing interesting.
Bruno Nuñez from Peru It is perfectly translated to Spanish and for people than is interesting in dig are a lot of good tips to star a passion for this instruments
Anonymous from USA Thumbs up
Caroline from USA The best seen. Informative in many ways. Very enjoyable and easy to use. Will come back often to explore more pages!
Chris from USA I read the newsletter for the aboriginal news.
Chris Platell from Australia Good information and links to find out and hear others didge experiences.
Curtis from USA I love the site love reading the news letters the good pictures and really love the sound bites. gives me god idea what the sound could be like.
Anonymous Comprehensive could use slight update to technology/layout/look.
Dale from USA It's the only one I come back to.
Anonymous I love it!
Daniel from USA Update it!!!
Daniel Richardson from USA It's a price nice website. I am pretty sure I will buy from this website
Daniel from Germany Nice!
Davide Vismara from Switzerland I haven't visited it yet
Doreen from Canada I am metis but do not know my culture and this site is new and interesting to me....esp. that you can meditate and have healings from these didjes
Douglas Bischoff from USA Slightly dated design but overall well laid out and very informative. I deeply appreciate learning more about the Aboriginal culture and their situation in Australia... and as my answers above likely reflect I have a lot to learn!
Ed from Netherlands I like reading and looking at the didges and listening to the sound bites.
Ed from USA Interesting and informative read
Edward from USA Great site. Much information
Enrique from Mexico Too much info. and few photos
Erik Putnam from USA Functional and informational. I don't use it much unless I want to buy something.
Anonymous I believe your website is fantastic and has a lot of beautifully made Didjes.
Eve from USA I like it so far but haven't fully explored it to give an intelligent opinion.
Felipe Restrepo from Colombia Very useful informing and educational
Anonymous Good
Gary Peacock from USA In depth great information
Anonymous Great no complaints. A plus for traditions.
Gerald from Germany Ich finde gut das eure Website mehrsprachig und volle guter Infos ist und vor allem die tollen Didgis habens mir angetan. Vielleicht gewinne ich ja eines davon!
Anonymous I love it!
Anonymous Easy to handle
Anonymous As soon as I figured out the layout of the website it was very easy to navigate as well as informative
Harry from Australia To me it looks pretty cool like the kids say right to the point what you are trying to say.
Henry from USA I really enjoy the opportunity your website provides to read about other didge experiences. THANK YOU for keeping this website going.
Iain from United Kingdom Very informative although sadly of late I have not been able to spend as much time as I would like reading about current aboriginal issues - pressures of work etc! Fantastic selection of didges sound samples very useful too
Ian Taylor from United Kingdom Great site gives wonderful insight to the aboriginal life and the different types of didgeridoo
Imre from Hungary I like it it is easy to use.
Izzy from USA Its a little confusing at first but I like the basic idea
Jacob Vincent from USA I dig it. It is informative as well as fun to just browse around on.
James from USA Very good and informative
Jamie Slater from United Kingdom I looks great and when I get the money I will consider buying one of your top didges for sure.
Anonymous from USA Very interesting and informative.
Jason from USA Keep up the awesome work!
Anonymous Good information very educating as well
Anonymous from France Perfect for me
Jesse Vann from USA Fun and easy to use Lots of information and help.
Jesus from Spain It is well organised and I find it reliable (as for the "privacy" and "terms and conditions" and so on) which is very important to me. And so far I have seen good pictures of good didgeridoos.
Jim from USA Seems good
Anonymous I am amazed at the amount of information and respect you show for the didgeridoo and the Aboriginal people and culture.
Jim Tunnicliff from Us Minor Outlying Islands Cool site!!
Joachim from Brazil Very well organized easy to use
Anonymous from Spain Good information
Anonymous from USA I like it very much
Anonymous Seems nice.
Anonymous My first impression is overwhelmingly positive as it is clear that the site holds not only wide knowledge but deep study of it.
Jorge Ferrer Alonso from Spain Very interesting
Jose Luis from Spain Didjshop was an "eye-opener" 10 years ago when I first entered the "world" of didjes that allowed to get loads of information and learn about what it is and what it should be apart from other useful info about aboriginal culture current situation etc.
Joshua from USA It seems to be very user-friendly (for instance the directions on how to download MP3s even including a reminder to look for where downloads are saved - very kind of you!)
Judy Echols from USA I love you guys
Jussi from Finland The best. I appreciate the free short lessons to form sound with mp3 files.
Justin from United Kingdom Not been on it for a while but I am impressed by the variety of instruments and the general information on offer. Might even purchase my second didj from here!
Ken Bodrug from Canada Excellent
Anonymous Clean easy to navigate well designed
Kimberly from USA Lots of great info
Anonymous It looks interesting.
Laszlo from Hungary Great site with detailed information about didgeridoos and Aboriginal culture. I like the extensive web shop as well.
Laura from USA Wonderful sounds and information. Didgeridoos are great art!
Anonymous Lots of VALUEABLE information! Thanks!
Anonymous I think it's really complete and interest me
Anonymous Great!
Mark from New Zealand It is easy to follow and I like to listen to the sound files
Anonymous from Germany Its a very good site with many information about didgeridoo and his culture.
Anonymous It's very well laid out.
Mauro from Italy I've found the website very interesting even for those who don't know anything about didj because it shows it tells and it "plays" the Didgeridoo thus everybody can have an all-round visit. Last but not least the website gives a chance to keep in touch with the aboriginal culture.
Anonymous It is pretty nice well organized. I like it.
Meghan from USA What I have seen of it is commendable.
Michael from USA I am quite pleased with the layout-in fact it's not over complicated like many other sites these days that try and throw allot information at you once. It's quite pleasing to the eye and a very relaxing site.
Michael from USA Wonderful
Michael from USA Your web site is pretty straight forward and has good navigation. The only things that I would change would be the page layout and organization of it. The page needs to "Cut to the chase". Many people browse to look at websites and don't get to look at all that the site has to offer. So in short I would make the sight more browser friendly and maybe a video or two.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very clear and easy to navigate.
Anonymous I haven't looked around yet but so far it looks promising - well laid out with good content
Michael Tong Lee from Australia So far I have found it very informative without the usual sales hype imparting both knowledge and respect for the instrument in a lovely mixture of physical science and indigenous culture.
Michele Carugati from Italy Very interesting
Milford from USA It works well and looks interesting. It supports native rights.
Anonymous Good
Moshe from Israel Very well designed works in non-internet-explorer browsers! Good colour theme minimalist and yet eye friendly.
Nancy from USA I really like Phil's site but there isn't much on it.
Anonymous Simple and easy to navigate
Pablo from Argentina A very complete and informed site about didges and australian culture. A really good site to any didge lover
Patrick from USA I really enjoy visiting your site. Very informative and detailed didj descriptions. I can tell you guys take didj's and aboriginal culture very seriously.
Paul Bishop from USA I love Didjshop.com. It is easy to navigate and very informative. The forum software tends to be a little unruly sometimes but that is what software does.
Paul from USA Like it
Paul from USA Plenty of interesting information and easy to search for a Didgeridoo that suits ones needs.
Peggy Adams from USA Love it love it!
Pete from United Kingdom Comprehensive informative helpful and easy to get around
Phil Smith from USA Cool
Rafael Adorno from Brazil Very good site when I can sure appreciate the art and sounds of the aboriginal arts and didgeridoos.
Rex Womack from USA It is great!!! I love the amount of information about the Didgeridoo Aborigine history and current affairs happenings in Australia and Didge news from other countries. Oh and did I mention the eye candy? The coolest looking Didgeridoos on any sight.
Richard from Canada You are truly extraordinary. I learned a lot and the info. is complete. I have a FEW Didj. prospects in my notebook. Just waiting to have enough money and once the circular breath is in place. I will probably bye my first wood Didj. from you.... Thank You for being here.......Richard
Richie Duvall from USA Very easy to navigate
Robert from USA Very well designed and organized. Especially appreciate the sound bites and the system of classifying the instruments.
Robert Levinson from USA I really enjoy the news about the Aboriginal people as well as the photos of your latest acquisitions of Didjes.
Anonymous Well put together
Robin from France It is a very good website.
Rochelle from USA I love it. I think it's very informative (I just have a very bad memory so most info doesn't really stick too long - sorry for that). I love the design and I especially love the contest! I think it's a great way to get people to the site and makes it more fun. In all honesty I hope I win so I can give it to my boyfriend as a gift since he soooo badly wants one. I just love Australia as a whole and really everything about it interests me. But the website itself is great and I think it's very well put together. Good job.
Roi Redondo García from Spain It seems serious and good at same specifics of didges are cool
Romano from Italy Excellent!!! Please include mouthpiece and bell close-up photos for the Concert Didjes!!
Anonymous I am still exploring it and finding it very informative. I am pleased to have this resource to help me learn more about my new didgeridoo. Thank you
Rual from USA It is a good website.
Anonymous It is a very nice site and easy to navigate.
Sandra from Australia Very interesting and factual information
Scott from USA I like it the way it is laid out and the information available great site.
Anonymous from USA I like the layout and I really like that it has aboriginal news and issues on it rather than just being a place to sell didges clapsticks and bullroarers.
Anonymous from Germany Honest nice colours
Steve from USA I love it.. I like the set up the downloads....
Steve Jacobs from USA Since it was my "first" I enjoy it the most. I especially enjoy reading your stories about Australia and your point of view.
Steve O'Neill from USA Very well done with great info and products.
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Very easy to navigate. Love the feature of being able to listen to a new didge before you consider buying. Enjoy reading all the aboriginal information
Sue Cadigan from USA It take s little time to figure out.
Anonymous from USA I find your website very informative and I am even more excited to learn about aboriginal culture before my trip to Australia.
Tammy from Canada Even though I don't have any Didjes myself. I love this website. I love looking at them and listening to the clips. I especially like that I get to keep up with the news.My husbands family lived in Tasmania for awhile and my sister-in-law was born there.
Tanya Kendall from Canada I have visited quite a few websites from Australia and I find your website to feel right...I feel easy
Theresa from South Africa Well presented & very informative. Good quality pics & sound clips.
Anonymous It seems fairly comprehensive except for educating people about didj art and how to make a PVC didj 'look' a little more like a wood one.
Tim from United Kingdom Really good
Todd from USA Great!
Anonymous It's great!
Anonymous It is good.
Vincent from France I get to your website the first time because I was looking for a didj but I hadn't enough money and I was learning and I wanted to try the didj before to buy it. If I can advise you something it's to put more picture of the didj you are selling for example a picture of someone playing with the didj would be nice it would give a better idea of the size; and to put more sound samples with rhythm and different style from calm to beat box...

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