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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2006:

Online name


Anonymous from Italy

The one-and-only didj bible in the web

Anne from USA

Best site I found. Very informative & honest sounding which is very important to me.


I like the info on healing with the didj. I'm trying to do more in that area.

Bob Cannon from USA

Excellent site before I saw this contest I wanted to be an affiliate. I believe you are doing a necessary job to help preserve a culture.

Carlos Alberto from Colombia

I like it a lot and gives me confidence because of the respect with which they treat the instrument and aboriginal culture. I also felt very good when I knew about the worldwide didj meditations. It's a good action for everyone and for our mother earth (sometimes called Pacha Mama by South American indigenous people).

Cesar Mayoral Figueroa from Mexico

I have just include it in my favorites.

Courtney from USA

It seems very well organized and easy to navigate. The competitions and worldwide meditations suggest a very secure and genuine site connecting the didgeridoo community. I am overall pleased.

David Hamilton from USA

This is a great web site I love the stories tips on healing didges mouth piece making and all the wonderful tips.


Great web site So much information. Made a bookmark at once. I'll try that PVC tube.

Diane from Czech Republic

This is a beautiful web site and I especially love the audio bites that allow me to hear the different Didjes. I live in the Czech Republic and it's impossible to find a didj of any kind or quality here. Recently I was able to practice on 2 Didjes while in the park. The man who owned them thought I had good ability and encouraged me to continue to play. He bought his in London.

Dragos from Romania

Its really great! I like it a lot I learned lots about didgeridoos how to play them and the history behind them.

Elad from Switzerland

This site seems to be very reliable. It can be sensed that the quality of the merchandise you sell is important to you.

Emeric from France

The quality of your site make me confident in the quality of your didjes. I already had 2 poor quality didjes and now I have just ordered 2 of your didjes (one Cl and one Ch after a lot of visits to discover and compare instruments). Thanks. Now I wait to play and hear these new expected real good didjes!

Gary Johnson from USA

I've viewed approximately 10 - 15 sites. Yours appears to be the most professional and credible. You give a wealth of information and seem to really care about your products the environment and the good people who make the products. I know you are in business to make money but from what I see on your web site you want to make sure that you earn it and give value to your clients.

Greg Degreef from Canada

The best of everything I always end up back at didgshop.com for information and purchases nothing else compares!!

Anonymous from Netherlands

I actually like the web site pretty much because it's the only one (at least that I know) that 'looks' professional. All the other didj web sites are more focused on one aspect of the didgeridoo instead of all. And of course the shop is very nice..

Anonymous from France

Interesting full of passion. It gave answers to all my questions about Didgeridoo. I think it is made by serious person.

Harold from Canada

CLASS A information selection respect there's no other place is there?

Ilian Ninov from Bulgaria

All I can say that its great. I've even saw that you could bring didjes in bulgaria if I buy one. I'm a boy from bulgaria and I'm starting to collect money to buy one::)

Anonymous from Egypt

Perhaps the best didge informative and purchasing web site all over the web!

Irek from Poland

Best shop ever found on the web great didges

Jacob from Denmark

I think it's a great site especially all the information provided. I Also think the sample mp3 files and the advice on what to buy is very good.


Wonderful site with good information and great source and sources for good quality didges.


Decent not too complicated Doesn't get bogged down with annoying animations or ads.

Anonymous from USA

Truly a class act. Very informative and inspiring. A depth of which I've never encountered on any other didgeridoo web site

John from United Kingdom

Having bought a didge from you before and experiencing the quality. I would not buy a didge elsewhere regardless of price


Huge site fantastic

Jorge Lopez Chaves from Costa Rica

Is a great place for didj info

Juan Antonio Krespo from Spain

The didjshop.com is 4 me the clearest web site about didge because you're not interested only in sell didge you give information about many things & the most important is the dedication u give 2 the aboriginals & the worldwide meditations.

Julia from USA

Love the site will definitely be sending cards and hope to order soon.


Out of the many sites I have visited...this site seems to be the most comprehensive well thought out and user-friendly. This site has a certain "honor" toward the Didgeridoo and seems more genuine than most. Great job!

Kevin from USA

Awesome site!! Excellent details and history of the didj and a very good presentation for the purchase of Didjes. I especially like the stress placed on the purchase of only aboriginal crafted Didjes. For a novice like me this is the only site I will ever have to visit!!

Lander from Spain

I'm sorry because I don't know English but I think that it was a good web site which work seriously and preoccupied of the australian aborigines situation. You are confidence.

Anonymous from France

Very interesting site with lots of information. very "roots"! I like that!

Anonymous from Australia

Best site I have come across on the net will return. thanks

Marc from Canada

Very well done very interesting!! That's not the last time I'll check it out! I was also very pleased to find out about Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditations. I'll try to manage to be able to organize a little something here...

Mark from Marshall Islands

You have a wonderful selection and beautiful products. I look forward to doing business with you very soon.


I think it is excellent the advice and information is second to none. keep up the good work

Michael from USA

I'm very impressed at how thorough you are how much detail... And the fact that you tell beginners to play with PVC rather than try to sell them something. That's awesome definitely a quality I like in a retailer.

Oliver from Australia

Seems to be a very professional web site with lots of features for prospective buyers such as the mp3s.

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

It is clear very informative easy to follow & the people who run it seem to know their stuff helpful & friendly.

Peter-paul Seidenschnur from USA

Excellent. the information is educational the facts are forthright it appears a genuine and fair site to the natives rather than exploitive the open sharing is welcome helpful and refreshing


I found this site to be very informative with an excellent selection of fine didges with helpful hints on choosing the correct one.

Anonymous from USA

I like it very much and a couple of players say it's a trustworthy operation and the best place to buy a didge.

Russ from USA

Man your Didjes are some of the coolest I've ever seen Marko's Didjes are awesome but WOW I've never seen anything like didj ah290or any other of the unusual shaped Didjes. There absolutely the most beautiful didjeridoos I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing them with the world it needs them!

Sami from United Kingdom

I think of all the web sites this seems the most in touch and knowledgeable you seem to set the tone.

Scott from USA

Your instruments seem really nice. Your FAQ is the reason I read the site I wanted to know about the Didjeridoo bullroarers and aborigines. Very informative and lots of personal experience.

Sharon from United Kingdom

Lots of good information - helpful for newbies! Gives a good feeling of belonging to a world community of didge players - no matter how good you are!

Shawn from USA

Fantastic and is improved every time I visit!

Stefano from Italy

Hi there! Didjshop.com is a very friendly site - and the owners must be proud of their ethic about aboriginal artworks market against the fake one. I totally agree with them: for I am Italian I know what "imitation" is and how bad can be for the quality of an authentic product. So keep on fighting for quality guys!

Susanna Reichling from USA

Excellent site. I include it on an introductory World Music "treasure hunt" to familiarize my students with research resources. This is rated one of their favorites -- definitely increases their interest level in the didj!

Tarik from Bahrain

I love it! it's the best organized by far and the Didjes that I see here look and sound incredible I also like the fact hat you include things like the key and a lot of important size information on your site.

Tom from Belgium

Your site is a great source of quality information. After playing for more than 12 years now I'm glad I found this to learn some more. I love the idea that when I buy a didge via this web site a part of the money goes to the Aboriginals. So if I buy I help. Wonderful. Keep up the good work so you can continue with deliver quality to serious customers. I'll be back!

Tyrel Campbell from USA

I think this web site is wonderful. It has many instructions as well as good information for beginners including products that would satisfy some of the most advanced players in the world.

Wardell Peel from USA

I am delighted so far. I am looking forward to receiving my first didj from you. Keep up the good work and stay in the light.

Willow from Canada

Its informative..and I like how you list where you've sold each didgeridoo to. salt spring island that's close to home!

Zered from USA

Great site. I just got my didj and am looking forward to playing it well and often.


Very informative beautiful picture of didgeridoos. I love the whole feel of it. Although I believe that I have not seen everything yet.

Aaron from Brazil

A very good site good texts but the menu's are a little bit messy.

Andrea from Italy

Amazing didactic web site Great layout.

Ann from USA

Haven't had much time to search it out. It looks like the perfect shop I have been looking for. My daughter will be in Australia in 3 weeks and thought she might have one mailed to me. but I may have you send one to me instead.

Annabelle Linvill from USA

This is my first visit and your site is filled with information! I will recommend this site to my friends.

Arlie Everett from USA

I love that your shop deals solely with the original owners of the art and instrument and they profit from the sale and sharing of their heritage. I want an original didge and was searching for a seller. I plan to buy the didge from you in the future once I can play better. The site is very informative.


A few broken links otherwise one of the most impressive sites on the web - former Deloitte e-Commerce Consultant. [OUR COMMENT: please tell us about the broken links, in return we'll give you some extra competition entries:-)]

Bob Smet from USA

Very easy to move around in this site. It is colorful. It appears very professionally constructed.

Anonymous from USA

Never knew this was here. My daughter sent me a greeting telling me she wanted one as a hint to her birthday coming up in about a week lol

Brad Cole from USA

I admire your fine establishment and your beliefs both spiritually and monetarily.

Brandon Price from USA

Great information on the site. Very informative. Love the fact I can hear the instrument before I purchase. This has been a concern for me while shopping online. This is where I'll come for my Didjeridoo needs! Thanks for all the hard work that went into putting this site together. - Brandon

Cameron from Australia

Very informative and well set up

Carey from Canada

The site is well set up and you have an awesome selection of didges.

Charmaine from USA

Very interesting site-I will return!

Christian from USA

It's good. I haven't really looked at it fully yet but it seems pretty well thought out.

Christina from USA

I think its really great. I love the instrument. BEAUTIFUL!

Daniel Allen from Australia

I love the fact that you can see the didj you will buy and also have a chance to hear what it can do when played by someone capable.



Anonymous from USA

Really nice. I think you should put some artists that use your didjes on this site. That would be great advertisement.

David Jones from Australia

Very good idea could do brightening up maybe with photos

David from Australia

Very impressed. Everything I've been looking for is on here. Thank You.


Nice colour scheme but could do with some good design work to add a bit of zest.

Deborah from USA

I love your web site and want more. Do not worry my didjes are not by "bad White people stealing from The Aborigine. One is plastic with the training disc and the other is hand made from Hard Wood here in the states.

Debra Latimer from USA

Great site

Dennis from Canada

Hard to navigate. not tab or menu driven

Anonymous from Canada

Very well designed easy to navigate. Thorough explanation of your didge's makes a person feel comfortable about what they buy.


Found you via Google Search for "Australian didgeridoo"

Dovin Herring from USA

Very comprehensive and thorough

Anonymous from USA

I love to look at all the different didgeridoos but idk how to get on the other pages of them unless its just from the side link separated my types. I really like how there is instruction on how to make/ preserve the didgeridoos instrument care is very important to me its a work of art and it is a part of that person


I thought your web site was very well laid out and informative. The recordings showed the differences in sound and sound quality and discussed the techniques involved in playing a didjeridoo in enough detail to give me a clear idea of what is involved.


I came here looking for a didj and also to look for an instructor. I think it's a form of music that expresses what you're feeling very well.... like a violin. I would very much like to learn how to play.


Looks very nice compared to others I've seen.

Anonymous from Italy

It seems to be very interesting even if I don't know much about Didgeridoos! It's really well made even in the italian language translation.

Flemming from Denmark

A very nice web site with good information


Superb site might buy a didj from you guys sooner or later

Frederick from USA

Good shop with loads of information


A nice an very informative web site but the forum is not so nice tow work with. It can be made better.

Garth Stone from Australia

At this point I haven't any feedback but would love more info on didgeridoo healings or someone I could contact as I am very serious about pursuing this passion it seems like one of the most powerful things that I could MANIFEST in my life..... Garth Stone 0410547617 sorted69@hotmail.com thanks...... [OUR COMMENT: we advise to not give your contact details so publicly to avoid spam; have a look at our Didjnet and our Forum to meet other didj friends. You also might want to read the hundreds of comments on didj healing in our community section]



Graca from Portugal

Well organized information. Easy to access.

Anonymous from Canada

I like your site and am very pleased that I found it.


Interesting I'll have a better look now

Heidi from Canada

Nice site beautiful instruments!


It's a very easy to use site with loads of info about didges that's very useful for playing and buying them and learning about them and the history.


Its a great site well set up and informative and easy to navigate.

Jay from USA

Well laid out. Easy to navigate.

Jean-François M. Carrier from Canada

Its an awesome site with good information about didj and also the didj are awesome workmanship.. I wish you would put some didj artist song on you site thanks again

Jeffrey from USA

Love the site and the analyses of each instrument with the opportunity to hear before buying. I think hearing 1st is important to find the tone that one needs to hear. (Different tones for different chakras)

Jennifer from USA

What an awesome web site!!!! Its got most of the information that I was looking for!

Joanne from USA

Very informative. I look forward to visiting frequently!

Johan from Sweden

I like the site and that you are so serious and there is a lot of info.

Johan Pot from Netherlands

Glad I got to discover you.

John from United Kingdom

Well laid easy to navigate informative.

Anonymous from USA

Hard to locate bull roarers

Jordan from USA

Fantastic source of information for serious players and newbies.

Julie from USA

Very helpful and wonderful web site It's very admirable the way you protect the aboriginal culture. Thank you for providing such an amazing resource.


I loved it. I would like to make a didj first before I buy one so I can learn how to play it. then I would like to buy a nice one.

Ken Bauer from Canada

Very Informative for someone just getting into the art

Kevin Vorst from Netherlands

The site is really great! Starters like me just find loads of good information. A very nice site to do some research before buying a didge!


Helpful site needed help making a beeswax mouthpiece cheers

Anonymous from USA

Very informative and easy to use

Le from USA

Thank you for having this site so I may look at all the wonderful didj and dream about owning one someday.

Lisa from USA

First time here

Liz Henderson from USA

I'll be back-as the Austrian said (excuse the pun). I think your shop is wonderful. I have heard didgeridoos only in movies documentaries and such. I'll have to check out the healing values and other things you mentioned. Very interesting. My nineteen year-old daughter will find all this intriguing also.

Ludovic Colin from France

Quoi dire si ce n est la multitude d info que vous m avez apporte puisque je suis autodidacte dommage que j ai du mal en anglai et que mon traducteur soit approximatif

Marc from USA

Very Informative- easy to navigate

Marie from USA

Very easy to navigate especially for someone who knows nothing about this fascinating instrument music healing.

Mark Gibbons from Australia

Good info

Anonymous from Sweden

Nice site + for the worldwide delivery

Anonymous from France

Southern reference of the didgeridoo for French


There should be more sites like this. It took me a while to find you I have not yet explored your site properly.

Matt from Australia

I love it I always visit and check out your amazing didjs.one day I will be able to buy another one from you guys. one thing I was thinking is....with the didj bags maybe you could use some other designs. it would be quite easy to do a few different screen prints on different colours using aboriginal paintings just like the ones on the didjs.not that the bags are ugly but I didn't want to buy one because they look sort of tacky or from the 90's. I will email you some drawings of my idea ... I think it should be quite cheap and easy to do.

Michael from Germany

Sound samples and the explanation of your rating scheme give me a trustworthy impression of your site. The design of your page is easy and clear what is in my opinion a good thing and most important nevertheless it looks old-fashioned. The only thing I advise you to change is that one can't view all didges in your shop at once this makes the search time consuming. [OUR COMMENT: you can do a search covering all prices or length and you will get all available didjes]


Look and feel is good.

Mike from USA

Overall there is a lot useful information here I love the pictures of the didjeridoos and the fact that I can hear them all being played

Mikko Immonen from Finland

These web sites are quite well made:They give a lot of useful information and have nice pictures but appearance could be better.


Great site love the info. Shop is a little confusing and US money translations would be useful. [OUR COMMENT: there is a curency converter]

Nelson Moreno from USA

This is my first time on any Didj site and I'm fascinated by the sounds and the amount of people who play it

Nicolas from United Kingdom

Excellent shop for the best didjeridoo's problem is knowing which one to buy would great to win the didjeridoo and learn to play well so when in Greece on holiday up the mountains I can really feel peace and tranquility and be one with Nature

Owen Norris from Australia

It is very informative I have not looked at all of it as yet but I will before I sign off

Pam from Jersey

Very user friendly well laid out and informative.

Paulo from Chile

Better prices since for america are very high in general the sites(places) of australia.



Phillip from Australia

Nice site

Piep De Crane from Netherlands

Very nice web site


Very good web site with many features

Anonymous from Australia

I love the colour and design the ease of use and availability of help!

Richard Barton from United Kingdom

Nice site easy to navigate. Plenty of information

Richard from Belgium

It is ok. Easy to find several types of didges. Good description. Also clear explanations about history etc.


Very Informative.

Rob from Canada

I love the site and will be coming back for sure! I'll also be hitting you up for a purchase at some point in the future as well because once your a didj player........ you know the rest!

Robert from USA

Great stuff! would love to see a local didj events portion... concert listings...


Very informative

Ron from USA

First time here. Only a beginner looking for info. But am determined to be better

Ronald Mares from USA

I like that way that you guys offer mp3 sounds of the didjes that you have for sale the buying advice and the tutorials


Nice site great information.

Sam from Australia

I love that you can listen to each didj!

Scott from USA

Easy and accessible

Scott Estrich from Australia

A well designed informative and user-friendly site.

Sean from USA

Its a clean layout. A bit boring but useful and informative. Overall it would have been and A+ 5 years ago. A little modern touch might be nice.

Sebastian from USA

I like the site.

Sid from USA

Very informative well laid out

Simon from Australia

Great resource. Very comprehensive

Stefano Fusillo from Italy

Good. well made and... genuine!


Great site with lots of important information. Amazing

Anonymous from Canada

I'm happy to find a reasonable web site that provides opportunities for people who live all over the world to be involved in didgeridoo music. I am from Canada and cannot find many didgeridoos.


Beautifully constructed

Tara from Canada

Looks real good easy to look around

Terrie from USA

I enjoyed your web site very much hope to visit again soon...awaiting instruction video and t-shirt...can't wait to wear

Timothy from USA

It would be great to hear some of the didge sounds. Also some insight in meditational keys would be appropriate

Todd from USA

It seems cool I'm glad this resource is available

Tom Rychlik from USA

Its a good site and very impressive. I learned new term and If I get it you wont be giving it to someone that will put it in their closet but it will be used every day and hear back from me on my experiences.

Victor Pichek from Brazil

To play for meditation relax

Vivek from USA


Wayne Freeman from USA

First time to visit the site I am new to the world of didge.....

Werner from Belgium

For being an absolute beginner great web site and information.

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