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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2011:

Online name Feedback
Adam Brousseau from Canada I love the ethical and well guided approach that you take to marketing didgeridoos. I think that the talent and skill of the australian aboriginals is clearly highlighted and praised.
Anonymous from USA I love how much information you have about the culture.
Anonymous Me parece que esta muy bien en breve los voy hacer un pedido seria bueno el poner las novedades
Andrew Zacchini from USA Awesome!!
Andrew Zwack from USA The information found on the website is extensive. There is a lot of info to search through. I have not been through it all but found the info on buying Didjes very useful. I also found the physics of the sound portion very interesting.
Angie from USA Very nice and very well detailed. I am trying to find a way to use the information in my paper; not sure how to cite it as a reference. [OUR COMMENT: you can use any of our info for non-commercial purposes. providing you adhere to our copyright notice (see bottom of every page)]
Brenna from USA So full of information I shall return whenever I get another free moment
Anonymous Very interesting.
Carl from USA It is wonderful.
Casey from USA The layout seems dated. The Shop button on the far right is not intuitive. The formatting and styling of the 12 reasons could use a retooling.
Anonymous from USA Awesome to have so much information available.
Dave Stein from USA Good
Denay from USA Love the Website! VERY informative! I am planning on purchasing for my 14yr. old son who would like one! He is physically disabled but musically inclined so I try and provide as much for him as he is capable of doing & is interested in doing!
Diego from Chile It has a lot of very useful information but looks old ( not ancient). Looks like has no order needs some Information and aesthetic design actualisation.
Don Chasse Jr from USA Very user friendly it feels like as I read on all my questions are answered before I even know to think of them. I'm very pleased and impressed by the lack of outside advertising. everyone loves links and related materials your website satisfies all my didjeridoo needs in a minimal easy to use manner. Bravo! Namaste.
Donald from USA It is set up very clearly and easy to find what you want. It is clear to me that you can about a whole lot more than just selling didgeridoos
Anonymous Just found the website today. I have always been attracted to the sound of the didgeridoo and recently heard a player at a local fair. I have found your website to be the best one so far and will be using it a lot. I plan on buying an inexpensive didj and if I can become proficient I would like to buy a good quality didj.
Fiona from New Zealand Great like the pics and listening to the didjes. Fantastic help choosing a didj thank you.
Anonymous from South Africa It is a very interesting website with lots of wonderful information. If I had the money I would have loved to buy one of your didges...
Joaquim Maricio from Portugal It is well constructed but the didgeridoo buy page could be easier to find.
Johan M I really love it I found a lot of inspiration and help for when I first started playing and making my own didges out of bamboo. It also provided a lot of info about the instrument that other pages don't. This whole web page is so much bigger than most other pages it is more than just a place where you can buy things.
Anonymous from USA Like the set up haven't explored enough.
Kevin from USA Love it Come to it all the time
Mark Witt from USA So far I like what I see.
Anonymous from Austria Very nice and informative. Especially the ranking system about the quality of the didjes.
Michael Lewis from USA Your website is very well laid-out easy to find what I'm looking for. It has lots of good information and the coloring is very eye-catching.
Patrice from France Looks good with a lot of precious information...
Peg Adams from USA Well organized
Philip from USA Technically and aesthetically it's very nice. But I really like that it is so well "honest" for lack of a better word.
Pj from USA The didjshop website is wonderful. It's a great mix of news events stories history art artifacts and great items for sale you name it. Anyone with any interest in Australia or things Australian should check it out.
Rachel from USA This is my first time visiting. I'm posting a link from my FB page.
Anonymous Very very interesting and useful
Russell Stewart from Canada I only recently discovered this site while looking for guidance in repairing a significant crack which formed along the side of my favorite didjeridoo. By the way the glue and sawdust mix worked well. Thank you.
Scott from USA Very informative.
Tom from USA Lots of information. I plan to use it to make a plastic didge and try circular breathing.
Willibrord Arts from Netherlands I have reading it and I got a lot of info I didn't knew about this all its good to know where I have to look at to get a genuine didge

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