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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2007:

Online name


Anonymous from Canada

Excellent especially the news and community things

Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain

Simply the best web site on didgeridoos

Barbara from USA

Your website is great I find the rating system very helpful and your selection is remarkable. Thanks.

Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand

You have the Best selection the Biggest selection great sound Files heaps of didj related information a great Forum and Brilliant positive feedback!!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very informative - I didn't know about the rock paintings nor the standing stones being much older than the ones in Britain - Nor the threats to their preservation

Anonymous from USA

I think that your website is fantastic. I feel that your website is the most informative and helpful didjeridu website that I have visited and I feel that your website is doing the Aboriginal people a great service.

Brad Lackey from USA

One of the best. Great products good news on native advocacy easy to read.

Chad from Canada

The Didjshop has the most user-friendly website on the net let alone the best selection of aboriginal made products. I know that every time I buy from the Didjshop I'm supporting aboriginal people and doing it with respect.

Claude Beauaire from Canada

It is by far THE BEST didj site I have seen.

Claudio from Chile

Excellent!! this site is the most important site on the web

Craig from Canada

Best site with the most information available on the web.

Dale from USA

It has everything didj-related I need. I went to the other sites before I knew much about the didj now this site serves all my needs.

Dan Desmarais from Canada

It is the best! I need not go searching anywhere else!

Dave from USA

Enjoy it very much I am glad someone has taken the stand to let the world really know what's going on with the people and how there being treated.

Diane from USA

I love the welcoming feel of the whole site. It's helpful it's informative and the selection is fantastic. Thank you for your both the site and the newsletter you put out.

Drew from USA

Great site great products the only place I consider buying from.

Anonymous from Colombia

It's nice that you answer question for people who want to learn because good didge information is often difficult to find. It's a good idea for the richness of didge's culture and for people to know each other and their experience.

Garry from Australia

Amazing web site. All the information you require can be found here and the regular news letters are great. My only problem is I long to buy another didj every time I visit.

Gerrit Lacroix from Netherlands

I personally think that it stands out from the crowd. What I like best is the classification system you guys handle for classifying didges. Furthermore I like the way in which you guys take stand and voice your opinion about aboriginal affairs.

Gregg Nardozza from USA

The best website by far and the only one I trust for honest didj ratings and authenticity.

Irene from Macedonia (FYR)

I first visited it last year and since than I have learned so much and I am grateful for that.

Jeffrey Levine from USA

It is enlightening and well-made. The presentation of information is sincere and forthright in its concern for the community it represents. This ancient culture has a faithful and fast friend.

Jim Wegner from USA

By far the best site. When I am ready to purchase it will be from you.

Judy Echols from USA

I love your site.

Kathy from Australia

It's good - be proud of our culture be understanding of other cultures. Be open-minded.

Kelly Baste from USA

At first I was looking for a rock station then I was getting upset because find what I was looking for so I decided to look up down loads for Didgeridoo that might help take the edge off. then BAM!! I was on your web sight. I have been on your web now for the last 6 hours. my girlfriend was so amazed (she's navajo as well) she never seen a Didgeridoo she thought you guys were playing with rubber bands. we laughed then I told her about how I played at the pow wow with a real tribes man and how the people were clapping at us. I felt like I was on stage that's why I love to go on a walk about down under some time in my life. we are now going to be making plans to go down under this time I am going to have me a big didge on my back before I leave. thank you for the memories mate you put a smile on my face. ill be on this web sight tell the weee hours of the morning sending e-cards out. good day! WORLD WIDE DIDGE MEDITATION? ill give it a go

Kevin from South Africa

Love it for the making available authentic didjes the fact that you honour and respect the aboriginal peoples of Australia and their culture and history and that you provide a platform for these issues. Also that you have integrity to ensure that artists are recognised and rewarded for their gifts.

Leah Morgan from Canada

Your website is awesome. You've done a great job on it. Thank you for the ecards and the information. I can see a lot of work has gone into creating your site.

Luke White from Australia

Very informative with a wide range of didgeridoos accessories and information and history regarding didgeridoos. Overall probably the most comprehensive didgeridoo website I have visited.

Manas Chowdhary from India

It's a very informative and interactive site.this site taught me so much that I'll log in again and again I'm part of worldwide didgeridoo meditation because of this site I'm glad I'm part of such beautiful reason with so many people. I feel connected.

Anonymous from Germany

You seem to be the most committed company in cherishing the Didjes and the ethics about the Aborigines and workmanship of the Didjes.

Mary from USA

Love it. It's the most informative site of its kind. I'm very glad I found it before I looked at others. This is the one to trust.

Matthew from USA

I like the fact that you make buy or honor authentic didgeridoos made or painted by aboriginal people. Also I love the fact that you are environmentally friendly. I think that people especially the USA should be more environmentally aware. It is clear that you have morals that you stick to and that is extremely respectable. Also your site is easy to follow and the prices are reasonable for what the didgeridoo is made of looks like etc.

Michael from Japan

The best by far.

Nigel from United Kingdom

Excellent range of didges well laid out. usually good sound samples. frequent interesting info

Nuno from Portugal

Only the best site about didj and aboriginal culture. Although I have a really good didj I visit regularly didjshop

Olivier from France

It one of the best didge websites. I appreciate the fact you can listen to every didge. It is the best way to know if it suites your taste. Moreover explanations are clear and accurate you just have to follow and visit pages to be able to define what you need and what you would like to get!

Paul from USA

Outstanding!! By-far the most comprehensive and authoritative site out there. I refer other promising players to your site with the words "this is the genuine article!" Definitely the first and last stop for both new and experienced players alike.

Peggy Adams from USA

I love the newsletter that keeps me up to date with cultural news and tidbits about didges. I would love to travel to Australia when I retire and want to see the land down under in as pristine a shape as possible.

Peggylynn Terrien from USA

It is the best most informative site I have been to. the sincerity of the people who run this site is awesome. the spirit of australia really shines through them. there dedication to the aboriginal people and equality of all people is inspiring.


I like all the cultural information. I like the fact that you sell only authentic termite hollowed instruments too.

Anonymous from Canada

An excellent site. Well set up and I like the news items

Richard from United Kingdom

An excellent website.

Rick Whelan from Australia

I love your website.. It's unique informative and has a sense of pride anger and frustration that I can feel as an undercurrent. Thank you for existing.

Robert from USA

Clearly the best. It's obvious that this is more than a commercial venture and stems from a true love of the instrument its history its place in aboriginal culture its place in world awareness preservation stewardship and a respect for everything that goes with it.

Robert from United Kingdom

Informative. Committed to Aboriginal issues. Interested in customer satisfaction. Reassuringly not willing to pass on subscribers' details to 3rd parties.

Anonymous from Sweden

I have checked other sites and I just got real mad at those. The layout wasn't good at all they didn't have any sound samples they didn't comment the didjes sound quality. But Your site is very easy to navigate trough very nice pictures excellent sound samples interesting information about Aboriginal culture and real nice layout.

Roger from United Kingdom

Good site with excellent merchandise

Ron from USA

I love the site. It's got everything a novice like myself would want yet the information is at the professional level. Great care is given to recognize and give credit to the aboriginal people.

Sandy from USA

Fab - I appreciate the variety of information and the colorful format. I appreciate the opportunity to get some REAL information regarding the goings on in your neck of the woods. (Free and honest press is no longer something we can count on or take for granted.)

Anonymous from Finland

Wonderful! Good to see somebody's taking a stand.

Scott from USA

Sooooooooo informative! I love that you speak about aboriginal issues. well laid out easy to search and view and listen!


I enjoy your website and e-mails. Your website is very informative. I used your section "How to make your own didgeridoo for less than ten dollars" to create the didj I have now. Very clear instructions. Easy to follow.


You are by far the best.

Tero from Finland

Clear simple to use and navigate and the newsletter kicks ass. It has been really educating and worthwhile reading it for the past years that I've been subscribing (something like 5 I think).

Terry from USA

So far it is most the most comprehensive and informative site I have visited yet.

Tiago from Portugal

This website is far better that any other I've visited. Regarding to didgeridoos sales the site is totally intuitive and easy to interact. What I like best in the site besides didgeridoos is that it has so much interesting information regarding didgeridoos aboriginal culture and nature. I love the newsletter.

Trey Sansom from USA

You definitely have the best online didge site.

Vedran Katušić from Croatia/Hrvatska

The best side I ve have run into till know and not just because the contest u have a lot od instruments and quality sound clips u have price department which is:) nice really nice I'm proud on u! hello from zagreb croatia... p.s. I have learn some things on ur site..thank u I'm humble and u have my gratitude. sorry on my bad english!" truly vedran

Vicki from USA

You seem to care deeply for the Aboriginal people.

Vickie Mccoy from USA

This is so cool. I want to vacation here!

Yerai Oliveras from Puerto Rico

The best site I've visited. Well organized good variety attracts buyers because of good information.


I really love your selection of didgeridoos. I think of any store I've visited I trust your quality the most. I also respect your efforts to preserve and inform about the aboriginal culture.

Alain Di Carlo from Italy

It's a very well done website full of curiosity information in short there is all that is necessary for understanding the aboriginal culture and to appreciate their manufactured articles

Albert Russell from USA

I appreciate the monthly newsletter..

Alexandre from Portugal

I like the way you defend the aboriginal tradition their values and art. Its a good source of information both in the forums and the site itself

Anthony Plakias from Australia

I always love both aboriginal people and art. Their art is just so out of this world beautiful and original.

Barbara from Australia

Very comprehensive website with vast amounts of information on a wide range of topics. It is both informative and interesting.

Blaine from Canada

Best one...and informative and supportive of the aboriginal peoples.

Cass from USA

Very informative

Chalton Monteiro from Brazil

It's cool

Charlie from USA

From what I've seen so far it is a website I'll definitely return and when I eventually purchase a didj it will probably by from this site.


Your website is well designed and easy to navigate. I visit often just to see what is new.

Christopher from Australia

Fantastic. it has given me a better understanding on didjes. I would love to make a "real" didj but don't want to cut down a tree limb if it isn't hollow. Any tips??? [OUR COMMENT: knock and listen, you can hear if it is hollow]

Anonymous from USA

I strongly feel that your website is the best Didjeridu website out there. I have visited three other websites and gave up on them because I feel that your website is the best and your website is the most concerned with the Aboriginal Culture and people.

Dan Snell from USA

I like your site it informs the viewer on more of the history of the didgeridoo than other sites and it really focus's on authentic didgeridoos

Dane from Australia

Awesome. Easy to follow well setup great colours. Got heaps of information about Aboriginal issues. Just real Mad. sound is deadly too.

Darin Petersen from USA

Your site is by FAR the best didj-site out there. Even my 9 year old daughter enjoys it. Just to look at beautiful didjeridus is great but information you provide is the greatest service of all.

Darrel Haltmann from South Africa

Excellent awesome great!!!!!!!!!

David from Canada

I keep coming back. Something here that I can't find elsewhere.

Eric Andries from Belgium

Your website is great! It is covering all the aspects of the Didgeridoo an its makers.

Frederick Ashplant from USA

You can review my comments you included in this news letter. I will just repeat that yours is by far the best web site focusing on the didjeridu and native australian art and culture that I have ever seen

Anonymous from Mexico

Its a nice and completely website

Henry Saavedra from Japan

Great site easy to navigate useful and educative info good variety craftsmanship detail photo and excellent questionnaire much success in the future!

Herb Cohen from USA

I think its great. It is far and away the most educational. By reading the question and answers I've leaned how important it is to buy from a dealer that knows their stuff. I have ordered a DVD on circular breathing and leaned how to make my own pipes to learn and practice on until I win one.

Hillel from Australia

It's great! by far the most comprehensive and deals with all issues relating to aboriginal life not just music. (I'm including your newsletter as well!

Ilian Ninov from Bulgaria

Its a really good site I am dreaming to buy from it a didge:)

James from USA

I like it and your newsletter

James Whiteford from United Kingdom

I have just ordered the didge DVD will be coming back when I get better it's the best site I've seen

Jerry from USA


Jerry from USA

Your site is by far the most inclusive and rightfully devote considerable time and attention to the Aboriginal people.

Jessica from USA

Love it

Jim from USA

Very informative tons of information. The sound clips of each didj is a great feature. Short of traveling to Australia and watching as a didj is handcrafted consumers have to rely on quality ethical websites like yours to make an informed decision on which didj to purchase. Thank you.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Fabulous!!! Great assortment lot of interesting AND important information together with many sound samples and everything. I really appreciate this site thanks a lot.

Jonathan De Reuck from South Africa

I think it is fab. Really interesting and informative. Thank you for your lovely site

Jose Pablo Aguilar Vega from Costa Rica

Is so cool thanks for create it

Lorelei from USA

It's fantastic! Wonderful resource!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I found your website to be very interesting and helpful and I have visited this site more than others.

Matt from USA

The best

Anonymous from Chile

Excellent website. very good information and of course this opportunity to win a didj is great

Michael Gibbs from USA

I find didjshop.com to be well laid out informative and easy to navigate. Seeing the Didjes and being able to hear sound clips really helps with selection.

Anonymous from USA

I think you've put together a really great site and have put a lot of love and care into it.

Miguel Lajas from Portugal

One of the things I've noticed right from the start in your website was that this is one of the few websites with the option of portuguese language. I found the website really interesting because we can hear the sound of the didj's and see photos. Other thing that was really important was the idea of doing our own didj because it helped me to train a little bit how to get the base sound and other things and finally I also liked the fact that you show a little bit of the aboriginal culture in the website because here in Portugal most people don't know what is a didgeridoo and although don't know what is the aboriginal culture.

Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom

I really like the friendly helpful feel of it the artwork and extra info - you obviously care a lot about what you do. I love the community feel with the newsletter.

Nejc from Slovenia

It's very nice!

Niagara Cruz Vieira from Brazil

Its very good because this information have credibility


It's fantastic!!!!!!!

Oscar from Mexico

It is a really complete web site and interesting.

Pat from Australia

Oh mate you've got it all. It's informative about your products you sell and how to play them. The Healing sounds intrigue me..can't wait to master that too..

Patrick from USA

Without a doubt I rely on the email that I receive monthly from Didjshop.


Great site. Love the forum. I wish I had more time...

Petri from Finland

Your site is the best! as I stated before I'd like to touch the didge before buying but if I'll buy one online I will buy from You because You seem to have an ideology and your didges are very well presented and categorized so that customer gets as good an illusion as he can get without seeing merchandise physically.

Anonymous from Germany

The site is great lots of useful content and great Didjes



Rick Malone from USA

Your website is wonderful and full of good information. I have watched the plight of the Aboriginal People with interest. Our world is very unkind to a peaceful beautiful and culturally graceful people such as they are.


Great site! Truly dedicated to the didje.

Sally Ann Bryant from USA

Most interesting... Looking for information on ochre and arrive at your most interesting site. Shall tell my class about your site.

Samuel from France

The grading system is important and the mp3s are necessary to find the sound we look for. There is enough pictures to understand what the didge looks like. Maybe a search function will be appreciated. [OUR COMMENT: there is a very good search function for didjes on our site, just click the SEARCH link]

Simon Ashby from United Kingdom

I am keen to learn more about the true culture of the didge and sites like this provide an honest insight.

Stane Andolek from Slovenia

I don't know exactly the number of visits of other didj sites.But I like the most your site because it is well organized and you have the best selection of Didjes they are original and you also have other kind of information..

Szabolcs Nemeth from Hungary

Good newsletters.... sorry for my english...

Theresa from USA

It is very informative and enlightening. I enjoyed reading about the different issues that face the aboriginal people.

Theresa from South Africa

Wonderful informative site. Love the fact that you can listen to samples of sound. That way you are not buying "blind" but can find one that resonates with you (Gives you goosies!)

Thomas from Canada

I like your page the layout is good and makes it easy to move around. I really enjoyed the sound samples. My wife bought me didjeridu as a gift and that got me searching and found your website. Until I started to complete this questionnaire I never thought about whether my instrument was made by an aboriginal or not.

Aaron from Canada

Very good website easy to navigate.

Aaron from Germany

Your website is very informative. It would be great if you could add a few more search options to the shopping area. It would be handy to search by material weight or shape.

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Very informative having fun looking around


You could work better with colours. But the navigation is nice.


Nice website



Anonymous from USA

Very nice

Anonymous from USA

It seems very simple and easy to navigate around. Well formatted and well kept.


Awesome. but too much to look through



Bart Vrancken from Netherlands

It's great:D

Benjamin from USA

Very informative and helpful.

Beth from USA

Thank you

Anonymous from USA

Nice but somewhat political.

Billy from USA

I think that this site is great and brings awareness to people

Anonymous from USA

I had no idea that such a site existed.

Brad Olson from USA

I love the layout. And the sound sample of the didge. Great quality and wide selection of products.

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

I like the site want to look around more! = D



Anonymous from USA

Its great

Anonymous from Australia

Pretty good

Bruno from Australia

Well laid out. Friendly

Carla from United Kingdom

I like it very bright and colourful


Concerned with some questions. eg. Royalties is not the answer regulation of this is clearly a responsibility of the government to impose stringent quality standards. There should be a focus on production of didgeridoos as an artisan good and this needs to be greatly differentiated from commercially/ mass produced didj's. This could perhaps be in the form of a verification of standards certificate. Also the maker of a didj should be identified. Whether the maker is Aboriginal or not is entirely up to the purchaser. It should be clearly stated if a didjeridu is made by an Aboriginal person as well.

Carol from USA

So far it looks pretty well maintained and concerned about the Aboriginal people.

Carole from USA


Catherine from USA

I like your website your company and the way that you educate people as to the issues.

Anonymous from Australia

This site is very informative. I think the process are a bit steep but if some of the money actually goes back to the Aboriginal artists that's ok.

Chris Scott from United Kingdom

I like it its very informative and well laid out. In regards to this questionnaire though the wording of the yes/no questions about aboriginals and didgeridoo royalties etc is very misleading. In terms of true yidaki and mago instruments I would answer yes whole heartedly. but your questions are far to general for me to answer yes to them.

Christopher Benbow from United Kingdom

Informative and very helpful


Very cool

Cierra from USA

It gave more more information about them. I only knew what they were from the Baltimore md aquarium. I listened to the music and heard about this website from John Holland's show on Hayhouseradio.com I wanna get one when I can afford the money cause the music makes me feel funny in my body and it feels oddly calming so I want to learn more about it.

Cindy from USA

Very nice and informative

Clarence from USA

I like it its very informative

Clark Berryman from Canada

It's a fine-looking web site. there is a lot of information about didgeridoos.(every time I write the word " didgeridoo" the spell check underlines it.) I'm going to bookmark this site and look forward to returning to it many times.



Connie from USA

Very interesting


It is very well laid out and easy to navigate.


I love it!

Darlene Demos from USA

I learn a lot from this web site. I did not participate in the meditation because I can't play it well enough to last very long... I need to find someone to give me a lesson.



Darren from Australia

I find the information you have here great. I am looking to upgrade from my PVC pipe and needed some info on what to look for in a good Didge. I can now start the search for my instrument with some confidence thanks to your website.


Interesting facts

David from USA



Good information

David from Germany

I think it is really great. The possibility to hear the individual sound of each didj is a great idea. There is a lot of interesting information on the site.

David Ponicki from USA


Deb from USA

Very interesting attractive... chockful of good information. What do you think of Bruce Chatwin's book "The Songlines"?


Easy to use. Well formatted.


Very interesting and fast loading

Diana from USA

Very interesting.


It is very nice and easy to navigate


Well organized and clear

Anonymous from USA


Donald from Australia

Hopefully many will visit

Anonymous from Netherlands

Nice website. a lot of information

Edward from USA

I like it a lot. It is very informative for a beginner like myself. (I bought two plastic ones this month Jan. 2007.)

Elisha Manthis from USA

I believe the fact that you stress the importance of aboriginal construction and decoration makes your site a wonderfully inspiring statement and that it brings about some unknown facts about the deception some other sites and didjeridu manufacturers take part in.

Ellen Lopes from USA

Very nice. Very educational and interesting.

Eostar from USA

There seems to be a bias toward aboriginal didjeridoos and I feel a certain energy of judgment and blame toward other didjeridoos that are not made by aborigines. I wish that we could see us as one human family where beauty of any kind belongs to all and quality instruments can be made well by all. I do have respect for the aboriginal art tradition and spirituality. I am calling onto healing powers to heal the wounds of the souls that have been harmed. [OUR COMMENT: we wish to clarify that we do not have any problem with non-Aboriginal didj makers as long as they proactively and honestly inform their customers and as long as they return some of their profits to Australian Aboriginal people as a sign of appreciation of the Aboriginal culture that enables them to earn money with didjes]

Eric from USA

It is very nice and in depth. and the drawings are a very nice incentive to keep customers coming back.

Eric Frisbee from USA

Nice website It seems to really push for the Aborigines people which is good you don't just focus on selling a product. Seems genuine


Love your site and I love the chance to win

Frances from USA

Very informative. User-friendly. Nice layout.


I think now is the first time I don't have nothing to say

Gabrielle Littlefield from Australia

I think this is an excellent place and forum to raise and discuss such relevant issues as they must impact on aboriginal people every minute of everyday

Gary from USA

Navigation was a little tricky but I like the look. I would like to know how the sound clips were recorded and for that to be standardised for EVERY instrument. There should be a short video clip showing the setup and location used for recording the sound clips.

Gary Cooper from USA

The website is easy to move around on the art work information and of course it's people are fun and lift up my spirits just to see what other artists have created. As for Greeting cards I don't send any. I do draw or paint my own type of personal cards to a few friends.

Gary from USA

Seems simple but nice

Gavin Bamber from Canada


Anonymous from Germany

It has a very good structure and stuff can be found easily please give more details about the artists as I think this most interesting. Like a CV of each artist.

George Walsh from USA

I love it. It is informative tells me what I want to know and educates me to be less ignorant. I love the sound clips and listening to the different maker's art.



Graeme from United Kingdom

Very informative; nice didges!!

Grant from United Kingdom

Excellent full of culture and support for aboriginal life and culture


Pretty cool site

Gregory Ling from USA

Very informative. Excellent website. I appreciate the education and concern for the native people and earth.

Anonymous from Italy

I think its very good made I have learn much from it

Anonymous from USA

This website is very informative

Iain Tidmarsh from United Kingdom

Very impressed - lots of useful and interesting information and a wealth of didges!


Very informative.

Jack from USA

Very interesting site.

Jack Whelan from USA

Learn something new every day

Jackie from USA

It is very informative interesting and easy to browse.

James Hoege from USA

Very good

James Lewis from United Kingdom

Your website is good took me a while to find the pages where you sell the didgeridoos but now I have been here a few times it is simple enough.




Very informative

Javier from Spain

Me ha gustado mucho porque el didje es un instrrumento que me gusta mucho y creo que voy a aprendder mucho con vosotros

Anonymous from USA

Very nice.

Jean from USA

I love it! I love music (trying to teach myself to play guitar!) and discovering new things. Thank you!

Jean from USA

It is very informative.


Great site

Jennifer from Australia

Well set out in general easy to navigate and includes good information and details.

Jennifer White from Canada

I love your enthusiasm and willingness to share your knowledge.

Jennifer from USA

Its very nice. I haven't seen a Didj in a long time.


It's very interesting

Jeremy from USA

It's awesome that it is so focused on the didj. It is easily navigated and informative. The appearance is a little sophomoric.


VERY informative and helpful. Not to mention fair in pointing out the native culture that brought non-indigenous people valuable culture and musical instruments such as the didj.

Jessanna from USA

Very interesting and personal - informative of your issues at hand...most sites do not include this information at all!

Jim from USA

Is absolutely amazing [URL deleted]

Jim Davis from Canada

Very informative and well design I like to browse what you offer as well as a source of information

Anonymous from USA

Very nice

Joe from USA

Easy to use

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Ideal source of up to date information nice colours and design

John Blanchard from USA


John from USA

Some are good some not so good. You do have one of the best sites for didge info on the web.

Anonymous from USA

It is very informative but a little hard to navigate

John from USA

Great and fun love mp3s

Jos Vandenbroeck from Belgium

Varying and nicely


The Best.

Jr from USA

It's great and easy to navigate. I love reading the articles.



Anonymous from USA

Interesting site

Kathy from USA


Kathy from USA

Unfortunately I found yours last. Had I found it first I would not have bought the didj I ordered two days ago. It was not sold as aboriginal in origin. It is a modern (probably plastic) didge that I bought thinking I would buy the inexpensive one to learn on then buy a nice one later.

Kazimierz from Netherlands

A very good website and lots of info. The shop is very good and clear. I like the sounds of the didges you can listen.

Ken Rath from Denmark

Its nice and easy to surf on

Kenneth from USA

It is very well organized and easy to navigate.

Kim Allen from USA

I think it's great. It's far more informative than other sites I have visited.


It's very informative

Anonymous from USA


Landon Hilde from Canada

It's helped me see a lot of unique didj's and I've learned a lot about it's culture

Lara from USA

Very interesting.

Anonymous from USA

Although not the best laid out the completeness of the information is nice.


Seems cool to me

Anonymous from USA

Enjoyed visiting your site.


Very nice and informative

Len from USA

I enjoy it very much and do not visit other sites now

Leon from United Kingdom

What I have briefly seen very impressed.

Anonymous from Netherlands

Good information!

Anonymous from Canada

Good quality and visuals easy to read

Anonymous from USA

Great site

Lincoln Jensen from USA

I think that there is very good info I think that it is cool that people have such good info for free


I've enjoyed browsing your site. My son is very much into music playing many different instruments. I'm always looking at instruments for him.

Linda from USA

Its great.

Lindsay Dyche from USA

Very helpful and full of info


Very nice


Good info!



Anonymous from Mexico

Is a very good site about didj with a lot of info.

Marc from Spain

[URL's deleted]

Marcia from USA

Really enjoy your site!



Marilyn from New Zealand

Very informative.

Mark from United Kingdom

Very good I really like the news letters and the cultural look at aboriginal issues.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good site easy to navigate and quick to load.

Maureen from USA

Very nice informative

Merv from USA

Well constructed and easy to navigate

Michael from USA

I have learned new things


This is neat I learned a lot.


Nice looks cool

Michelle from USA

Like the colors

Nancy from USA

You are much more upfront about the facts of your Didgeridoos

Nancy from USA

Enjoyed the visit informative

Anonymous from USA

Very helpful

Nicholas Pottle from United Kingdom

Its brilliant so informative about everything to do with aboriginal life.

Nick from USA

I like your website very well done and fairly easy to navigate




It's very complete and useful.



Anonymous from USA

I love the instrument. I come here to read...I really do not know much except for what I read here.

Patricia Schraier from USA



S interesting

Peter from Sweden

Big. Somewhat crowded. Much information. Nice sounds!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very informative. Also contains a good stock of Didjes.

Phil from USA

Nice layout lots of good info without being burdensome or tedious. I like the Aboriginal information and background info on didges as well as the sound clips. I like to hear Aboriginal players.

Phil from France

Good very good I love the respect that is shown to all the aboriginal people their art and the environment they live in especially with the wildlife


No comment

Ray Higgins from Australia

A great site to browse and very informative I find the didges I would love to own are a bit dear for me ie retired with not a large income. my dream is to own a concert didge in g.


Very interesting

René from Netherlands

Site with a lot of information I also like the sound samples of the didges in your shop

Richard from Belgium

Very good.

Richard Kaiser from Italy


Anonymous from USA

Pretty interesting.

Richard from USA

Very nice

Robert from USA


Anonymous from USA

Looks interesting

Robert from USA

You have a very good site - it's full of interesting information and the products displayed are beautiful.

Rolf from United Kingdom

From what I've seen so far it's very good. I have found it interesting and am impressed. As I am new to it I saw this questionnaire and jumped on it almost straight away so I will check the rest of the site when I have finished. I am pleased to see that you promote Aboriginal culture in this way.

Anonymous from Canada

Very informative.

Anonymous from Spain

Absolutely a very god web full of good tips about all that has to do with the didj world....I've came to it cause wanted to find out some technical information about how to play my cheap-faked didj of 30


Love the artwork

Sabine from Netherlands

A functional web-site

Sally from USA

Nice site


It's interesting

Scot Glackman from USA

It's everything I need to know about Didgeridoos and more.


Organization and navigation seem to be a little obtuse. Content is fantastic!

Scott from USA

Great too bad I don't live close enough to come see it in person

Stan from USA

Very informative. A lot of info provided. If we decide to purchase another will definitely consider you

Steve from USA

It is a very informative site and great for someone wanting to learn how to play the didjeridu

Sue from Canada

Great site

Anonymous from USA


Susan from USA




Tammy from USA

I appreciate your rating system and didge recordings. I do wish that more didges had recordings. There are many that are just under concert playability that I would like to hear.


Nice easy to navigate


Easy text to read. Informative.


It's great


It's a really informational website I actually learned a lot and didn't plan on it

Tina Johnston from Australia

Interesting well presented and informative.


I love the amount of information and I like that you provide details and photos of your products. I do however think the colors used on the site make it more difficult to read.

Tom Gibson from United Kingdom

A very large selection of didges easy to navigate and generally quite good

Tom from USA

Not sure what to write

Toni from USA

It is pretty and seems well organized.

Tony Kiser from USA

Very nice

Tracey from USA

You have a proprietary attitude about who should even OWN a didj

Vickie from USA

Enjoyed browsing your website and reading the information and seeing the products


Interesting I just started reading.

William Causey from USA

Looks great

Anonymous from USA

Very informative and enjoyable

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