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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2003:

Online name


Adam Davidson from USA

Very nice site.

Alicia Anderson from USA

This is a cool web site. I have heard a didji but never played.

Amelia Allen-hatton from USA

It's wonderful and if I win I would Love to learn more from an Australian Aborigine 1st hand.


Interesting. Didn't even know what a didj was.


An interesting site. I never thought these would be for sale on the internet.


Maybe just a bit too much different info on the same site.


It's all right its cool carry on


Nice site


Many good offers and with sound-examp. 'that's it what I like it's important for me


I enjoyed the sight very much. It had lots of useful information about buying a new didj. keep up the good work!


Attractive eye catching


Great site


This is a practical web. (I'm sorry I don't write english very well)




I like the ability to hear the didj before you think about buying it. It is very cool to be able to know what you are purchasing.


You have good detailed pictures of the didges. the sound mp3s on each one is really nice too. most sites you have to call in to hear the didg of choice. Set up well in the different categories.


Informative many articles in the online shop detailed information of didgeridoos(listen to them).


It's a very good web site but it is not in french.


I'm surprised that I can buy a didgeridoo by internet. I think this is a nice web site and is nice you can hear the did before you buy it.


Wonderful interesting


It is a wonderful site giving plenty of information I needed about didgeridoos


I like it keep up the good work!


I'd like to see some cheaper didji's on the site czu I want one but can't afford any


I found it very informative! Thanks...


Very nice so far but I haven't found what I was looking for: How to make a mouthpiece on a didg


I really like the layout and the ability to look at and hear a wide variety of didgeridoos -- with notes on their sound characteristics.


A great shop! I love didj's and the ones here are very nice


Beautiful! Great info and I love the fact that people can listen to the didjs before buying them.


Great web site easy to navigate and beautiful didjes!


It is very interesting!


So much information I've learned so much for you site.


Very interesting!


Great site love the didjs and information


I love alls


Very good lots of info


Currently visiting ... first coming


Looks like a great site that I would like to learn more about!


Didjshop is a great site I've been looking to get myself a real-deal termite hollowed beauty and at this point the hard part is choosing between all the great instruments!


Love it. My friend just bought a didji at Fort Worth's Main Street Festival yesterday. I would love to have one.


I never knew about Didjeridoo before today.


Good design good links nice merchandise




Very good site with beautiful didj's


Very interesting site. I am making comments on pictures taken during a trip to Australia Feb 11 to March 16 and was looking for more information about didj. I enjoyed the site.


It's pretty alright


This is a great site and very informative as well.


Good Job


I really want learn more. I just feel I know very little and I may sound silly if I say anything.


This is great.


I loved it I am positive I will be visiting this site again.


Nice site good job guys!

Anonymous from Canada

It was really nice with great pictures and good prices. I enjoyed the layout of the site and the colours. I liked my visit to the web site.

Anonymous from Canada

I am surprise and happy to know this site is exis- te. I want to know more

Anonymous from England

V Easy to navigate

Anonymous from France

Many links don't work with the computer with which I visit it but it also cannot read many other pages so I wouldn't say it doesn't work at all. I cannot compare with some other good web site on didj because it's the first time I'm looking them up.

Anonymous from France

It's too much difficult for me to wright in english language. Sorry

Anonymous from Germany

The web site

Anonymous from United States

To the point

Anonymous from USA

Pretty Cool...I am a beginner looking for resources and I came across your site. I hope to improve and eventually buy additional didj's and hopefully make my own someday.

Anonymous from USA

Great insight to the wide world of didgeridoos. a reliable and trusted source for information.

Anonymous from USA

This site looks really good the only thing I'm lacking is the money to buy one yet. But I think I will make one and learn a little how to play and come back to the site to buy one cause it does look like the best site I've seen.

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy the web site. It's laid out well and being able to here the didjes is a great aid in selecting the sound of the didji I would like to purchase.

Anonymous from USA

I really appreciate the details about the sound quality and the MP3 files of the didjes

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Enjoy playing the simulator

Bernhard Sattler from Germany

The key of the toots(overblows) is missing

Brae Lackey from USA

Beautifully done. There is something for everyone.

Clint Bunting from USA

Happy to find another web site about this fantastic instrument!

Dave Evans from Australia

Very informative excellent selection of didj for beginner and experienced.

Donna Hays from USA

I have menieres disease and operations haven't helped another operation will leave me deaf I want to find some natural healing methods.

Geralyn Starzyk from USA

The color looks wonderful on the didj.

Grant Hodges from England

Very good site plenty to choose from very easy to order from impressive site

Guido Van Hove from Belgium

Nom feedback het is e verry goud site look tho mine web sorry my englisch is not so goud

Hanny Danker from Netherlands

Great page but I can't send the ecards from your page

Heath Schluter from USA

Great site.....real shocker

James Lucas from USA


Jan Vermeer from holland

I like the web site very much. some pity is that I live in holland and the prices are in aus dollar or us dollar.for me it was good wen the prices are in euro. then I had I think for sure buy a Didgeridoo

Janine Ford from New Zealand

it's great - I didn't realise there was so much to the didj

Joe Scola from USA

It's very interesting. I am a musician and find the didjeridu fascinating. My friend has taken kids to play in baseball tournaments in Australia.

John Roberts from USA

Cool always loved the sound and Australia although I haven't been there ----- yet.

Ken Fung from Canada

There are soooo many beautiful didji's to look at.

Leena Lampela from Finland

It is good site and those sound samples are important.You must hear when it comes to instruments!!

Leslie Worf from USA

I seem to be having a hard time deciphering what the sound quality numbers actually mean. When I order the didgs by sound quality they come out in a more text-based order and I don't really think it follows that the ones at the beginning of the list (1) are better than the 1-2 coded ones. Also I'm purchasing a didgeridoo for the first time and am looking for a page which will explain what I need to know. For example how do you know if a particular didgeridoo is hard or easy to learn on?

Lisa Troxell from United States

Would like to learn and experience a didgeridu..:p

Maurizio Castiglioni from Italy


Nick Lam from China

I like it!

Ockie Brand from South Africa

The best informative

Patricia Washington from USA

Very informative

Paul Everett Ralph from USA

I've only just begun to explore it but I am enthused.

Peter de Wit from New Zealand

Beautiful site lots of info

Randal Ford from USA

I just got here. Let me look around a bit first.

Randy Pompetti from Canada

My wife brought me a Didgeridoo back from Australia and I'm trying to learn to play it. Thanks for making some great sounds available on- line so I can hear what a didgeridoo is SUPPOSED to sound like......

Regi Iglesia from Yugoslavia

Great web site..I always find myself wanting something

Rhys Harris from Australia

Very good I would like to some more "How To" articles.

Rob Pickering from Canada

Very beautiful instruments.

Sterling Green jr. from USA

Didjeridu is a whole different world that has opened my mind to greater things!

Todd Chavez from United States of America

Nice web site

Tom George from England

Really cool site guys keep it up. I regularly go on and just gaze in wonder at some of your amazing didgeridoos. Only one suggestion - give them all to me.

Tom Mobbs from USA


Tom Ray from USA

Very Australian!

Tony Krogh from USA

great site sound bytes are good very informative I especially like the support given to the aboriginal culture and people

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