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Visitors Comments made during the month of November-December 2002:

Name and Country  Visitors Comments about
adrian miller from England love the website Over the last year I have seen over 20 diji websites and NONE of them explain the cultural importance and the respect for the diji IT IS MORE than just a musical instrument.
Aime Fadel from Lebanon One of the best didgeridoo web sites. Very well organized and professional. (I’m a web and graphic designer myself). I quickly felt that the ratings could be blindly trusted. I appreciate the fact that I can listen to each didgeridoo and compare it with others through different criteria. You have made it actually better than going physically to a didgeridoo shop.
Al Guild from USA Haven't explored it enough to comment.
alan cadic from England this is to me by far the best didj shop on the net I have looked at many different sites didjshop.com has the best didj selection with an excellent rating system with good samples of each didj. when I do finaly get the money to buy a new didj I wouldnt hesitate to buy if from here. wicked site! wicked didges! really inspiring!!! thanks
Name withheld by request nice color scheme and well layed out structure I like simple and direct uses of HTML
Name withheld by request Very interesting and I am putting one on my holiday wish list.
Ali Mclean from England great looking site...stumbled onto it via a search engine.. so I have now book marked it..good work and good luck in the future guys :-)
Allyn Leslie from USA good layout good FAQ and good selection of items
Amadeo Gallardo from Argentina It is a good site
Amy Lathrop from Canada This is a great resource. It has helped me troubleshoot with my own didj as I have found that I need to rebuild my mouth piece. I feel fairly comfortable in doing this because of your detailed guide. Thanks. I currently have (what I think you would call) a 2nd grade didj. I don't really care for the sound it produces as it seems slightly sharp and fairly muffled. I am pleased to see that you have openly evaluated your didjes based on several important criteria. I am tempted to buy a didj over the internet but until visiting your webiste I have been a little concerned about what I might end up receiving. Your website by far gives enough background information on your products that I would feel pretty good about purchasing a didj from your shop.
Andy Howie from England ITS PRETTY COOL !!!!!
Name withheld by request The survey is a bit long......
Name withheld by request Well set up but the time out time is too short. Everytime I sorted by a category other than price the sort had timed out before I finished my research. I would halso have liked to be able to sort by quality-such as backpressure or vocals. Overall a very good site.
anthony harden from USA I do not have a computer at home so visiting your site is atreat.I RESPECT THIS SITE IT DOESNT HAVE THE QUICK DOLLAR FEEL OR GAWDINESS I've SEEN ELSEWHERE.
Name withheld by request Needs more work. Currently it looks a bit plain.
Name withheld by request its nice
Bart Van Hoorebeke from Belgium good information nice prizes
Name withheld by request No comments
Name withheld by request Quick to load easy to find way around
Buddy Hughen from USA I like the website I've been to other pages where there are no music downloads. Theye great.
buzz barker from Other Country you seem to have a good selection of diges witch is not common on a lot of the sites
Caleb Cantwell-Frank from USA The DIDJSHOP website is great. It is the best that I have visited. The are so many links with so much great information attached that I do not have unanswered questions. At first I was a bit hesitant about buying a didjeridu over the internet because I was in afraid that I would not get what I really wanted but DIDJSHOP.COM has put me at ease and made me reconsider. Now I wouldn't think twice. With the ability to listen to the didjeridus see what they look like and read all of the important discriptions how can you go wrong?
Name withheld by request great!
Carreño Ricard from Spain Its amazing the information shown is really good includes good quality pictures and wav archives if I could buy a didj I would buy it at the didjshop but actually they are a little bit expensive to me I'm on the mood to get one not to far. (sorry abuot my english again)
Cédric Lérin from France Very complete in prize and choice not only for didjs but also for CD goodies and information. The only thing is that the physical shop is far away from my country (France). Our Comment: we do not have a physical shop anyway
charles reid from USA to many to choose from!
Name withheld by request I first didn't know that it existed but now I have found it I find that it is a choice site and educational.
Name withheld by request Along the lines of my inquiry it would be nice to have jpegs of the items for sale (e.g. - didge carrying cases)
Christian Daldoss from Italy I think Didjshop is the best site I've seen on didgeridoos sale. The rating you give to every instrument is very important because the clients can't verify it personally. In this sense the other sites doesn't offer the same quantity of informations. But pay attention in this kind of commerce you must be extremely honest because the clients give you a lot of confidence and if you betray it your business will fail quickly. I don't like very much the fact you show even the didgeridoos already sold... I saw twice a didgeridoo I liked and finding out that it had already been sold was frustrating. I think it would be useful you create a mailing-list of people who want to be informed about the new arrivals; you could insert the pictures and the characteristics directly into the mails. But maybe you already do it! Anyway compliments!
Christopher Lenk from USA It is by far the most comprehensive of the web sites I've visited that carry related items. It is informative comprehensive fun and seems to carry a form of integrity and respect for the culture without being sanctimonious.
Collin Vermoesen from Belgium Incredible complete website very nice
Daniel Hieronymus from USA IIIIIIII like it!
Name withheld by request I found the Didjshop informative and containing nice quality pieces. I would like to see more Bells and a larger supply and selection of tribal artwork in the future.
David Acuff from USA fantastic
David Mas from Spain This is what I was looking for plenty of info AND sound . I have to learn everything about this amazing instrument yet .
david puyo from barcelona very good for the service
Delmar Evans from Australia Although I live in Australia and to many it may seem that didjeriduus often fall from the sky it is truly not the case. Tourism has created a base of unoriginal instruments whose only purpose is that of their ability to be a giant straw. Didjshop.com is a shining light of authenticity and a continuing of a culture whose heritage and tradition should never die!
Derek Leath from USA This is the best and only place to buy a didg!!
Name withheld by request Interesting and informative
Douglas Duerring from USA I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Martin from Canada I love this site! I espesially like the pictures along with the MP3 files! Keep up the good work!
Name withheld by request very good
Name withheld by request I liked it the most among about 10 web-sites I visited Its informative its easy to navigate its...beautiful
Name withheld by request its a complete website for didj great the only one that I know
Emil Carppi from Canada Great web site. Well laid out.
Name withheld by request Nice web page
Name withheld by request great 2 learn more. I never knew there were so many variatons & customised products
Anonymous from France great website!
eric guy from Canada I like the updates of events and the how for each didj it shows the different ratings for different aspects
Name withheld by request It is one of the best Didgeridoo sites I have seen so far.
Evan St. Mars from Canada I didn't bookmark it because it is so easy to remember for me.
Evan Williams from USA I think the layout is great and the site is very easily navigable.
Gandalf Alvstige from Sweden I'm extremely satisfied with the sound samples and the gradings of each didge!!!
Name withheld by request The site is easy to use has heaps of information and loads quickly - my first stop for didj stuff.
Geert De Coninck from Belgium very good website with all the information to both non- and well experienced players and buyers
Gene Gerber from USA I find myself escaping the everyday pressures and being in the outback.
Name withheld by request Great. How about a monthly full length didge mp3 from various Australian Aboriginals. Yes we can play the instrument but it would mean more if we could have a cultural access from the front lines.
Name withheld by request Very nice site containing beautiful pictures and a lot of information.
Name withheld by request It's made with love. I enjoy that I find it in the jungle of Didj-Pages.
hezi degany from israel it is nice wab.
Name withheld by request Its a good site although its not very known.
Itai Buchan from Israel/Palestine intresting - havn't got to see all of it yet
james french from England A bit slow(maybe its my crap machine)otherwise good
Name withheld by request Great site with plenty of info. Ill be back for sure.
Name withheld by request It seems to be a great site
Name withheld by request Really liked the webite the informative info may have been the bump I needed to buy a didg finally
Name withheld by request its all good nice pictuers and selection
Jeremy Shub from Belgium very good
Jim Herren from USA Very Good and easy to use
Name withheld by request Its simple and straightforward. The selection seems to be very good although I've not seen a strictly didj shop before so I don't have much basis for comparison. I also appreciate the myriad of info linkage.
John jackson from USA I like to see whats new and one day I will buy when the right diji shows up on the site!
john james from Canada its always great to find a product that the didjshop is willing to make sure that your happy thats what I call taking care of the customer.
John Perratt from England Good feel to the site - approachable to all abilities
Name withheld by request I love the sounds
Joshua Olczak from USA Its great site. Keep playin!
Juan Corchado from Spain Realmente me ha impresionado la pagina me encanta.Es muy buena he encontradop de todo lo que quiero ver y mas.Es una gran satisfaccion ver que hay paginas hechas con el esmero la calidad y la tica que ustedes dispensan.Desde aqui les animo a que sigan asi.
Name withheld by request Is this an Australian site with an American address or are you yanks? Our Comment: we do not have an American address, we are in Australia
Name withheld by request Excellent site. You have amazing Didgeridoos
Jürgen Dressel from Germany extensiv offers
Name withheld by request The best I've seen.
Name withheld by request great info details...nice pics. very neat.
keith ramsay from Italy excellent site should have found it sooner but as they say better late than never
Ken Jenkins from USA Just starting to check it out. Looked at the world didgeridoo meditation day and this contest so far... Its great that I will be able to view and hear each didj individually. Will take part on December 22 in Jacksonville Fl (although I live in New York City). Great Website!!
Name withheld by request The layout is very good. Your site has got everything I'm interested in.
Khabir Shareef from United States Excellent in all regards. Are you able to recommend/offer a contact list to meet other didj players? I'm in Indianapolis Indiana USA. Our Comment: check our our Didjnet: http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/didjnet/didjnet.php
Kieran Sutton from Australia This website has all I need to know about this amazing instrument
Klaus Oldach from Germany I like the grouping of the didgeridoos and the set of informations about each of them. Even people who do not can or want to spend a lot of money but think seriously about buying a didgeridoo can get an idea what is possible.
Name withheld by request More ratings on all Dijis
Name withheld by request A nice shop... with lots of pictures and sound samples of didjeridus.
Lluis Pons from Spain its very nice. I liked very much mp3 sounds
Name withheld by request Excellent: simple and to the point. They highlighted all the important special features.
Name withheld by request very nice website
Lynn Harold from USA Easy to navigate excellent data about the products offered for sale.
Name withheld by request Its a great site!
Martin Herrera from Mexico need some actualizations more links for begginers.
martin honore from Denmark very nice. specially the world healing idea.
Martin Roscoe from England An excellent site for information not just for didjeridus but all sorts of other Australian art and culture.
maurizio castiglioni from Italy good
Michael Corentto from USA I bought my first didj here and I think it is an excellent site.
Name withheld by request One of my favorite websites
michel van den berghe from Belgium nice beauthyfull art and many didge to many.I can choice a didgeridoo
Mike Pickard from England Looks like a good site Ill be coming back as my ability increases and I need to know more...
mike weinbrecht from USA very informative and good.
milford grindstaff from USA nice site nice selection.
Name withheld by request Wow I wrote my above comment about the sound affect before I read the home page and it is just the same description of what I felt. It is very thorough and no advertisements! Thats great I really like the earth tone colors. You have a great site that I can come visit just to hear the different sounds of didjes even if I don't have one. I am considering becoming an affiliate if I can tie it into my lingerie web site. THank you
Nathan Ouellette from USA The site is incredible. There is no one else anywhere with such a selection of quality proffetional didjes and the fact that your didjes are harvested in such an ethical and responsible way makes them so much better.
oðuz anil from TURKEY I gave it last time and read it on ur page whichs touchy)now the feedback: its the best an didge man can gain from a website.! subnote:I couldnot get any info cause my email has changed so HAVE Ý WON ANY DÝDGERDIOO OR YÝDAKÝ?
Name withheld by request Cool.
Name withheld by request VEry informative and user friendly
Pedro Smith from Chile first time visiting and its look very professional
Pete Blayney from England Execellent site lots of good information and advice easy to to navigate.
Phillipa Toia from Australia Concise educational. Pictures of Didgies and quality all round fantastic. Have not visited a site about didgies like this one ever. I noticed there wasn't any info about the types of wood used. Or maybe I missed it? Fabulous site keep up the good work.
Name withheld by request easy to manouveer around
Ramón Aguirre from Spain Excellent
Richard Curtis from South Africa As a beginner wishing to buy a didjeridoo yours was the only site that provided both background and - and this IS important - prices. (Other sites asked you to e-mail them for prices or stock-lists.) Being able to see each individual instrument is impressive and the MP3 library is an excellent idea.
Name withheld by request bought a didj from you last year this one is a gift for my son
Name withheld by request Grat site
rolando rojas from Chile I like this page a lot! I wander if you could make a research about didges in the world I'm from chile thanks
Name withheld by request Nice work php and mysql I guess?
Name withheld by request the information around the didge is very informative.
Rüdiger Schweitzer from Germany Well done page with a lot of information
Rui Pedro Junça from Portugal Its my first visit to the site but I think its really cool. I love the sound of the didgeridoo and wanted one for years. Now I can have one on-line and because I'm a musician its hard not to love this unique sound. Your DidjShop is amazing. Thanks for showing the didj to the world.
Name withheld by request interesting
Scott Baldwin from USA Very nice lay-out. Excellent tips and FAQs for the beginner such as myself.
Sean Gill from N. Ireland excellent site with lots of great info on didges. Friendly staff to as I bought the circular breathing video off you.
sebastien debydeal from France good idea to make us listen some nice sounds
Name withheld by request Nice layout!!!
Sky SD from USA This is the best website on the Didj I've seen yet. And I've been looking!
Stefan Wesp from Germany #NAME?
Name withheld by request well organized.I've appreciated the italian translation.also if its not complete.
Stephen Harris from USA The site looks great and is easy to navigate. The ratings and comments are especially helpful to people like myself who are just learning. I look forward to doing business with you.
Steven Vanzurpele from Belgium Very originel and cool site! Never knew you existed but now I know and I won't forget!!!
Name withheld by request I love it. This is the most organized and accessible didge site on the web. I've literally checked hundreds of sites and nothing comes close. One question though. Where are the didge CDs? I learn by listening to others and I don't see any CDs for sale. Our comment: they'll be coming sometime next year
Victor Perrotti from USA Very informative but should include more information directed at beginners.
Vincent Cole from USA I like the didjshop becouse it has a wide range of prices and keys for didgeridoos. I love the aussie art and love the clack sticks. you guys are doing great!!
Name withheld by request it a deadly site as good as the shop been there 2
William Robinson from England very good navigation

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