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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2012:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous from USA Easy to navigate and loads of information
Anonymous Great job!
Alan Bush from USA Love it
Amanda from USA It's wonderful to not only have access to such beautiful instruments but also learn about their histories and the artists who make them.
Anonymous Great info to introduce the didj to new people.
Anonymous Great website! Thanks for hosting this drawing!
Anonymous Good site!
Anonymous All the information I need is there
Anonymous Very informative most useful.
Anonymous There is very useful information articles e.g. the use of a didj for healing and meditation that I found interesting.
Anonymous from USA Awesome
Barbara Dye from Canada I spent 7 months in Aus and fell in love with the didj - brought cd's home - I have a great affinity for our First Nations people which transferred to Aboriginals in Aus - I spent a wonderful day with Willie of Guurubi Tours in Cairns and also the fabulous cultural centre there...........
Anonymous Informative
Anonymous from USA Beautiful
Anonymous from Australia Very informative. I would consider you trustworthy based on the care and passion shown in the information presented.
Anonymous from USA It has everything I could ever want to know about didgeridoos!
Anonymous Opens up a whole world I was unaware of!
Beverly Payton from USA Very informative.
Anonymous Good site
Anonymous I have never seen it.
Anonymous from USA Great
Anonymous from USA Navigation is very nice.
Anonymous New to me
Anonymous Looks good
Brian from USA Very useful and informative
Anonymous Very interesting information
Anonymous from Canada I've learned a lot about them
Bryon Reap from USA Great
Anonymous New
Cairine from Canada This is the first time I have been on your website but find it very interesting. Didn't know there was that much to know about Didgeridoo's.
Anonymous from USA I like the color scheme!
Anonymous Don't like the colours
Carol from USA Very interesting
Anonymous It's lovely and easy to use.
Anonymous from USA I just found it but will look it over
Anonymous Great site.
Anonymous Excellent website very interesting
Anonymous I think it's a great starter site. Very informational.
Anonymous It' s very interesting
Anonymous It has a lot of useful information about didgeridoos and playing
Christina from USA Very thorough!
Anonymous from USA Great website!
Anonymous Love it
Cindy from USA Very informative.
Anonymous No comments yet
Anonymous I have never read or been to the website but I will go to the website and read up on Didgeridoo.
Connie from Canada I love the colour palette.
Connie from USA Interesting but strange
Connie from USA Very interesting
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous from USA I like the fact that I can hear the didj before I buy. Well organized site
Cyrus Bryant from USA It interests me greatly but the type face is too small for my poor vision.
Anonymous from USA It very well put together
Anonymous It is a good site!
Anonymous Great
Anonymous Thank you for the chance to win this amazing and unique instrument.
Anonymous It is great.
David from Canada Not bad!
Anonymous It is nice
Anonymous Good
Anonymous from Canada I have never read it.
Anonymous No but i'll look it up
Deborah from Canada Its very informative.
Anonymous There is a lot of information.
Debra from USA Very nice and informative.
Anonymous from USA It's different
Anonymous First time I saw this
Anonymous Looks good
Derek from USA Very informative
Dexter F. Conde from USA I love your website....Its the most educational and most complete and thorough Didj shop anywhere...
Anonymous Interesting and informative
Diana from Canada Thanks for putting your website together. It is very informative and helpful for people that want to expand their didj collection experience and playing abilities.
Anonymous Very interesting!
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous Good
Anonymous Informative easy to use
Anonymous from USA Very enlightening
Anonymous Not sure what to say
Eddy from Australia Good site good information
Anonymous Very informative but can be a little difficult to navigate at times.
Anonymous Is incredible the most complete archive about didj's that I know
Anonymous Interesting
Francis from USA Like it strongly
Francis from USA I have always been fascinated by the didgeridoo. Your website has peeked my interest. My brother-in-law has a masters in music and the only instrument I would have over him.
Anonymous Sounds interesting
Anonymous Love didges
Fred from USA Best informative site and a didj rating system unlike no other. I have full faith in the quality of my purchase.
Anonymous Never been to it yet but I plan too
Gary from USA Woohoo
Anonymous from USA Informative
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Genevra Hedland-thomas from Australia Making people think inquire
Anonymous Nice!
Gerry from USA From what I have seen so for looks good. I am learning some interesting things.
Anonymous Like it
Anonymous I am new to it so don't know a lot yet!
Graham Hooker from New Zealand Love it
Anonymous Interesting
Gregg from USA It's interesting
Anonymous Very useful. informative. brilliant.
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Anonymous Gl
Howard from USA 5mgf; 6liunvf
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Very informative
Jacob from USA Love it
Anonymous Seems interesting
Anonymous Very informative and put together well.
James Kennedy from USA Awesome beautiful blessed artistic company. It is people like you who will inherit the Earth. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia are God's children if ever there were any! Someday I hope to be blessed with the ownership of a Didj!
James from Canada Great information well thought out.
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Just browsing and found site. Interesting.....
Anonymous I don't know it
Anonymous Best source ever
Jean from USA Great
Anonymous Interesting
Jeff from USA It's new and different.
Jeffrey from USA Nice info!
Jeffrey from USA Nice
Anonymous No comment
Anonymous from Canada Love the Didjes
Anonymous It is very informative
Anonymous Nice and informative
Jim from USA Better than most
Anonymous ???????????????
Anonymous Cool site
Anonymous I think its wonderful
Anonymous Need to check it out more
Anonymous Nice
Joel from USA Though I do not yet play I am already learning a lot from the site. Keep it up!
Anonymous Seems very informative I don't know anything about didgeridoos.
Anonymous Haven't checked it out yet.
Anonymous Love the site very interactive
Anonymous Never seen it
John from USA Nice!
Anonymous No comment
Anonymous Too many questions
John from USA Very nice
Anonymous It is extremely informative and makes me feel quite ignorant on the subject.
Anonymous Very informative I have seen these on TV but didn't know that they were use to play music. my daughters collect this kind of thing(singing bowls drums etc from different places in the word.) I am going to send them this site as they will love it
Anonymous First visit interesting and informative
Karl from Australia It was difficult to decide about at first but the deeper I delved into the website the more my trust and respect grew
Kasey from USA Very nice
Katheleen Cannella from USA Very nice!
Anonymous Looks cool
Katherine from USA I like it.
Anonymous It is a wealth of information I'm impressed.
Anonymous I have never visited your website.
Anonymous Some very useful information
Anonymous from USA Very informative and well put together!
Anonymous Love it
Anonymous from Canada Easy to navigate. Choke full of information. Very well done.
Kenny Diveley from USA Interesting--
Anonymous from Canada It was cool
Anonymous from USA It is good.
Anonymous It is a very informative website that answered all the questions that I had
Anonymous Very Informative!
Anonymous Liked the layout. easy on my old eyes.
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Anonymous from Canada Interesting! I learned a lot and it sparked my interest.
Kristen from USA I love it! Its awesome! Id really like to get a didj from here but cant afford it right now. I am very interested in playing it and want to get better and want a better didj for that.
Anonymous I find it interesting.
Lars Meineke from Germany Great - first place to look at whenever I start thinking about buying a new didj
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Laura from USA I will look you up and become a friend
Anonymous from Canada This is an awesome web site I use it at school too
Lauren from Canada Yay
Anonymous from USA Interesting but only checked it out for the first time today
Anonymous Great site. I would love to own and learn to play the didj!!!
Anonymous In depth
Anonymous Never saw it before
Leanne from Canada None
Lena from USA I have not fully explored your website at this time however I do plan on taking more time to check it out to see what it offers me specifically. I have been interested in the Aboriginal people/culture and well being since seeing the movie I think titled Broken Fences. I was inspired by the courage of the sisters in that movie.
Lennie Strinnvik from Sweden Informative and beautiful.
Anonymous Very easy to use
Anonymous Clean design well organized good colours that convey a natural quality
Anonymous from USA Good
Lincoln from USA A very informative website. Thanks for the giveaway.
Anonymous Thanks
Anonymous from Canada Very detailed
Anonymous It is interesting and informative
Anonymous Ur doin great!
Anonymous Love it mates
Anonymous from USA The website is okay. Nothing wows me about it but I feel like I would be able to navigate it alright. Graphically it's just a bit lacking.
Anonymous First and foremost I wanna thank you very much for your initiative. I like learning new things even more when I learn any fact about Australia and its people and culture. It's so nice to find a web page where I can find background info about aboriginal culture didgeridoos and the like. I've become aware of your website through a search engine and then I concluded that you're doing a really good job. Congrats!
Anonymous from USA Have not seen
Anonymous Interesting questions
Anonymous from USA I love the varied styles you have and the mp3s that I can play for my students so they can hear the different timbres of the didjes.
Anonymous I have enjoyed learning about Didjes and hope to obtain one to play.
Maike from Belgium Nice check it the fist time this evening and I will come back to see more
Anonymous Great
Anonymous from Italy A bit artistically plain but great easy to surf and with a lot of info product etc.
Anonymous My first time visiting and it is well organized
Marcus Sutherland from USA I found your website to be very informative
Margaret from Us Minor Outlying Islands It's neat that you are so detailed. I like your basic absolute standard of respect.
Anonymous I have never seen a website like this one!
Marilyn Wons from USA Very comprehensive
Anonymous Very nice and structured. a real pleasure to read.
Mark Evju from USA Very informative w/great links.
Mark from USA Unique and very interesting
Mark from USA Not very easy to navigate to a newbie like me.
Mark from USA Don't know enough to have an insightful comment
Anonymous Very interesting. I am new to Didges and would like to learn.
Mary from USA Easy to navigate
Anonymous Great
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Great Website!
Michael Forster from USA Easy to find information about didjes and I find it helpful overall for my playing and use of my didjes.
Michael from USA I learned a lot about the didj. fascinating instrument.
Anonymous from Canada Informative but looks a bit dated.
Michael Shemesh from USA Very Helpful
Anonymous from USA <3 it useful
Anonymous from Canada Very good
Mitch from USA Nice site
Anonymous I like the site- I looked it up because my husband has always wanted one and then found the contest and decided to enter to see if I could win him a surprise!
Nana from USA Never seen
Anonymous I have never been to the website - didn't know it existed. I will definitely check it out now that I know. I always wanted to learn to play a Didgeridoo
Anonymous Terrific
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous Interesting.
Anonymous It is very resourceful.
Anonymous from USA Great job. Keep up the great work!!
Norm Bean from USA Great mate
O from Canada Good
Orrin Donohoe from USA Interesting
Pamela from USA This site is chock-a-block full of information of which I had no idea!
Anonymous Looks fascinating.
Anonymous from USA Interesting and informative
Anonymous from USA Great
Anonymous from USA Very well done
Anonymous from USA Was a cool website. I have a friend that plays and it is a great sound. Seems like it would be very relaxing.
Philip from USA Nice website not very many didj sites
Anonymous from USA Interesting
Rebekah from USA I think the site is well-laid out and the color scheme is nice. I just now read the part in your newsletter about the site having a dated feel to some people. I know what they mean but it's not that severe.
Anonymous from USA First time user.
Rhys Harris from Australia Great site very informative and helpful.
Anonymous N/A
Anonymous This is very interesting.
Anonymous from USA Entry only
Anonymous Great
Richard Jiacik from USA I don't know it.
Anonymous Good
Richard from USA I felt it very helpful and I have learned a lot about didjes.
Richard from USA Nice website
Anonymous Interesting
Robert from USA Lengthy...but in a good way
Anonymous from USA Clean informative well done
Ryan from USA Love it
Anonymous Enjoy layout appreciate concern for the Aboriginal people
Sally from USA I have been to Australia and I wanted to badly to visit the Aboriginal people but our time was so limited I wasn't able to. We were down at the pier in Sydney getting ready to take the 'water taxi' (rocket I believe?) and there was someone playing a didj and it was the first time I had heard it or even heard of it. I was fascinated and wanted to bring one home but all of the ones I found were obviously mass made and that didn't interest me. I hope to return some day and visit the Outback and see them in their native area.
Anonymous from Finland I love the earth-close colors. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous from USA Very nice
Anonymous I have always been interested in the Didgeridoo and am very pleased to have found your site on the internet.
Scott from USA Great Info
Scott Rose from Australia Useful information. I am very much aligned with the philosophy of continuing to support Aboriginal-made didges and industries where profits are actually returned to the Aboriginal people.
Anonymous from USA Excellent setup
Sharla from USA So far it is easy to follow I am interested about learning more...
Anonymous Na
Anonymous Interesting although I am not familiar with Didgeridoo's.
Anonymous Nice! Easy to navigate
Shaun from USA Worked well for me.
Anonymous Very interesting and very useful information
Anonymous from USA I like it
Anonymous Lot of questions
Stacey from USA I like what I see so far.
Anonymous Great
Stephanie from Canada I haven't seen it yet
Anonymous Never seen
Anonymous Awesome and interesting
Anonymous Haven't looked at it but I will.
Suzanne Hunter from Canada I haven't had a chance to view it yet
Anonymous First time here
Anonymous from USA Nice site! Beautiful pieces!
Tessa from USA I don't spend a lot of time on websites but from touring around yours I have found it attractive and it serves its purpose.
Theresa Love from USA I like it a lot; there is a lot of information here that I had no idea existed
Anonymous Haven't seen it yet so no comment
Thomas from Australia It looks... traditional:)
Anonymous It is interesting as well as entertaining
Tim from USA Interesting so far but today is my first time and my boss just walked by....
Anonymous from USA Very nice.
Tom Reed from USA I have not been on it
Tracey from USA It looks very interesting
Anonymous from Canada Nice professional site.
Anonymous from Canada I did not know but now I do and will be a friend!
Tyler Cobb from USA Well constructed
Vel from USA Cool
Vernon Bent from Canada Easy to navigate I design websites myself and found this one top quality
Anonymous Nice
Vicki from USA Website is fine
Anonymous Very interesting and informative
William from Canada Different like it
Anonymous Very Professional and easy to navigate

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