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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2004:

Online name


Adrianne Tawa from USA

I am a high schooll school music teacher and am teaching a unit on ancient "world" music. I will be attempting to make plastic didgerdoo's with my class and will be using your instructions.

Anonymous from USA

Very earthy and natural. I love it

Alex Pearson from Canada

I really enjoy all of the information and love the connection of the world wide didj meditation. I can't wait to put on my own.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great, very informative - glad I cam across it!


I think it is awesome

Anthony Cooper from USA

Wonderful site with great attention to detail on sound quality!! I've only purchased one didj, and it was from you folks, but I will not go to any other place to look for one, nor recommend any others!! you guys are tops, my didj is beautiful and plays awesome even for not being a concert quality. I couldn't be any happier with my didj :)

Art Miramontes from USA

I love the information portrayed through this site. You guys really rock, and know what your talking about. If I had been to this site before I went there on my ship I would have bought a better quality didj, but I guess you live and learn. Now I want a better one.

Ben Ellis from USA

The logo is awesome

Anonymous from Chile

I think this page is the most complete web site in all the internet of didgeridoo

Benji Flackman from Canada

It seems very informative and I'll tell you I have never seen such beautiful dig's before

Anonymous from Ireland

The web site is excellent, contains a lot of useful information on didgeridoo music and more. it's very well organized also.


It's great, a really wicked site!!

Bill Hayes from USA

I think your web site provides the internet community & the world with the true authentic version of the Aborigine people's instrument. I have heard that the music experts say that the didj is recognized as the oldest instrument in the world. That's so cool

Anonymous from Canada

I'd also just like to thank you people for the wonderful job you've done on this site and the valuable information you've provided. Not only was I able to complete my project, but my childhood interest in Didjeridoos has been rekindled. Thank you very much.

Christopher Fleniken from USA

It is probably one of the most extensive sites that I have visited. I look forward to further dealings. Thanks

Clare Duggan from United Kingdom

Its cool

Anonymous from Australia

Extremely good site compared to some of the rubbish sites out there. Very informative and visually attractive. Aesthetics are good. Top Stuff!!!!

Dave Markham from United Kingdom

Great web site if not the best. cheers didjiri dave.

Des Holmes from United Kingdom

Very easy to use. Really enjoy getting the newsletters.

Dick Baker from United Kingdom

Fantastic site

Dion Marcus from Canada

I love coming to the sight and listening to the different didjs and seeing if I can repeat the sounds when I am playing

Eduardo Edu from Spain

I love the design of the site, it's very "natural" with the colors of the ground.

Edward La Corte from USA

Well,you guy's have a really Great site,an Amazing variety of Didges in all Keys,that no one else have.That's why I bought two didges from you,both very low keys,and both Excellent players. A low G,and a low D# that I was tempted by for maybe over a year,and I listened to the sound file so many times till I just decided I had to have it.When I first got it,it took a few days to get it to play,but after a while I came to really LOVE that low D#.



Anonymous from USA

Thank you. I have found this site to be quite helpful. I am just learning to play and you have plenty of information I find helpful.


I thought it was pretty interesting considering how to make a didj and stories behind the woodwind.


Your site is great, just like your beautiful didges.

Garry Knox from Australia

Undoubtedly the best web site on the planet when it comes to didjes. AND as a bonus, you get so much more than just didjes. This would be an excellent site for people outside OZ who are privileged to our aboriginal heritage regularly.

Geert Pauwels from Belgium

Easy reading - easy searching - easy listening - difficult not to buy. (afraid for damage during transport, its a long way to Belgium!) [OUR COMMENT: we sent over 20 didjes to Belgium - none were damaged]


The best "genuine" site I have found that also has the interest of the indigenous people.

Anonymous from France

Great Web site, Great Prizes, Great Quality of didges... GREAT

Graham Wadforth from United Kingdom

It looks honest and reliable. I will be in Australia shortly, and whilst I will look at didges I expect I will buy from your web site

Igor Llano from Colombia

It's the best didj web site I've seen. It's very complete.

Ivan Bianchini from Italy

THe biggest Didjshop that I have ever seen. Compliment!

Jack Bil from USA

Didjshop improves every time I visit. I've been visiting this site for almost 2 years and I'm still impressed with its layout and simple navigation. This is the ideal didge site. Your not going to find anything better so don't waste your time.

Jason Andre from USA

One of the best

Javier Montero from Spain

Great. I bought from you :)

Jeff Mahoney from USA

Very helpful, helped me pick both my didges. also is helping me with playing.


I just love it.


I was looking at the didj's you have for sale and they appear to be of very high quality. A lot of didj stores don't have high quality merchandise

John Gammuto from USA

I think you have done a wonderful job of representing this ancient and universal form of communication. The Didjerido has the power to touches the souls of all who hear and feel it through and through. I had the good fortune to live in Australia for three years, and spent most of that time exploring the most remote parts of your magnificent country. The sound of the didjeridoo emanates from your land, but is understood by all who hear it. Thank You. Keep up the good work!!! My Aussie friends call me Johnny Gumnut, imagine that!!!!


Enjoy the newsletter and beautiful didges you offer. your web site keeps me it touch with what is happening in the didg world- I never had any idea that the didg was so popular.

John Van Der Woude from Netherlands

Very nice site with a lot to offer. I'll put it with my favourites.

John Watson from Canada

I think your site is great! Really love the "Aboriginal culture" section. I get lost in your site (a good thing!) whenever I visit. So much info and easy to to understand the layout.

Anonymous from Sweden

Really good site with lots of information, when I first tried to learn the circular breathing I learned it with tips and trixs form either this site or some links you provided. When I first tried to change mouthpiece I did it with you instructions and It worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch for making my didjeridu playing really easy.

Jorge Rodriguez from Chile

I think its a very good web page because you help people with their problems with the didj, and you also explain the circular breathing, and in this page I learned how to make the circular breathing

Anonymous from USA

Extremely cool web site, enjoy looking at all your guy's material, plenty of info, keep coming back here every day to read up on them. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous from Australia

Didj shop is awesome. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put into displaying the didges. The MP3 recordings are so good and helpful. Thank you.


Its a very good site, I bought my didje here and I recommended it to some friends who want one.

Julie Wrethman from United Kingdom

Much more informative than last site I visited

Ken Hall from USA

Very informative I will return.


This is my first time here. I like the idea of being able to hear a particular didge before buying. I'm sure I will return to this web site many times.

Anonymous from USA

It's a fabulous site with all the information I can imagine about a didj, how to choose one, how to play, etc. The layout is great and the response time as well.

Larry Harris from USA

You have the best site I have visited

Anonymous from Australia

As an Aussie, I'm a proud Australian, even though I have never played one it was great to visit your informative web site. Thanks guys.


I think that that the explanation of "how to make a wax mouthpiece" is far the best I've ever seen and read. Completely useful.

Mark Rookes from United Kingdom

Simply the best, for all aboriginal works. Best quality didjes about, great news letters with good knowledge.



Martin Wyeth from United Kingdom

Good clear site, easy to use, very informative, will return.

Matt Queen from United Kingdom

Very informative for the first timer and the most experienced didge junkie.

Matt Whittenberg from USA

I think this is a very informative and worthwhile web site, I will return and may purchase from this web site in the future.

Mauricio D'orey from Portugal

As I said in the previous question I find this web page awesome. It has all the most important aspects concerning the didj instrument. It is well built..and all the things that we're looking for are one click away..And as it is here said... KEEP ON DIDJING!!!!!

Michael Pechous from USA

As an artist, and lover of the aboriginal culture. I have enjoyed the color scheme and flow of your site. I have really enjoyed the Lively pictures highlighting persons, places, and instruments. This is a site I will definitely recommend to friends.

Anonymous from USA

Great site- I especially like the history and your authenticity of product.

Mike Rogers from USA

It's a great site, if you're looking for a certain type of didj they most likely have it, they have the didj that fits you the best.

Monique Garcia from USA

Your web site is very informative and interesting. I can't wait to read and learn more.

Anonymous from Australia

It is a great site, very well design and the information is wonderful.

Nick Arens from USA

This is definitely one of the best, if not the best web sites to brush up on didje knowledge and general information. The didgeridoos on this site are amazing and make me want to tap into my pocket book and spend the whole load. It keeps getting better and better, don't change what your doing, just keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent site...helpful information...much appreciate the depth of detail you give on each individual instrument.

Paulo Dias from Portugal

Of all the didge sites I have seen , this better and complete site

Pedro Oliveira from Portugal

The most serious, complete, friendly. from the roots!

Philip Brook from United Kingdom

The best didj web site I've seen,I've used didjes from other sites and they are no where near the quality and standard of the didjes on this site, I recommend it to everyone.

Randy Hinchey from USA

Very nice site with great info on how you grade you didjes and the various details of each. I also liked the fact that you can hear audio samples of a lot of the didjes on you site


It's been a while that I have visited this web site.Year ago I moved to smaller flat and nowadays I can't play my didj inside my home cause then it would disturb my neighbours.And there is too cold outside.But to the point:I really like this web site..it's the only didj web site I visit.So I'm glad that every month I got newsletter from you and that remains me that I should play more often. Thanks!

Rev Bowen from USA

Your selection of didjeridoos is impressive. Above all, however, I have appreciated the professional level of information and objective analysis of didjeridoos, in general, which you strive to provide.

Ricard Carreño from Spain

Very good constructed, readable, and understandable.

Rick Johnstone from USA

It's fascinating I never knew. I'll be back.

Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands

I think its really good except for the design and set up of the site, but how the didgeridoo's are graded, shown and presented is really very good. I don't have the money to visit australia to buy a didj and travel around the beautiful country but buying a didj at didjshop.com was the best alternative for me because when I received it, it was everything it was said to be!

Robert Wilnierak from Australia

Great site, easy to get around, and easy to find all information wanted

Robin Oliver from USA

I look forward to getting your newsletter! I read it entirely. Your people have managed to stay very connected to the earth, that is so rare these days. That's something I admire and appreciate!! Didj's are fascinating, and the aboriginal art beautiful!

Ron Brown from USA

I am very impressed with the web site. It is easy to use. I have reviewed the music samples, and read all the information about the didge and other items. This is a very good web site.

Anonymous from Canada

Great web site, seems like the products are genuine, and that you folks have a genuine interest and passion for aboriginal culture and practices. great resource for learning about the culture as well.

Sandy Sullivan from USA

It gets fuller, more expansive every time I enter it.

Scott Estrich from Australia

I really enjoy being a member of the didjshop newsletter and visiting the web site, which provides me both up to date news and events in aboriginal affairs, but contact with latest releases and instruments on the market.

Anonymous from Australia

Great information for someone who knows very little. Genuine information, and it doesn't feel like I'm being pushed into buying something. Keep up the great work.

Stephen Knack from USA

I hardly thought anything would come up under "buy a didgeridoo" on google, but as soon as I saw the didges on this site, I was awestruck. The artists are incredible, the paintings are totally authentic, and you can almost feel the Aboriginal spirit when you just listen to the didges. Speaking of which, I love the idea of the little listening demo.

Theo Loudis from USA

Love the site. Enjoy seeing the new offerings with each newsletter.

Anonymous from USA

I am extremely impressed. your site has proved to be very helpful at educating me about the variances of didj's. I had no idea about quality rating. I have that you are experts in your field and I plan to purchase all my future didj from didjshop.com

Tom Marfleet from United Kingdom

This is a great web site!!! Very good and keep the good work up :-)

Tony Talarico from Australia

I think it is a great site. I love your didges and other products and would like to own more when finances permit. Both myself and my wife have fallen in love with didges and find them very relaxing. My only wish is that one day I will be able to circular breathe :(

Anonymous from USA

I think your web site is great! very knowledgeable.

Vincent Lemay from Canada

I always feel the need to didj after a visit to this web site!!


It's one of the best site!!!

Xavier Bellay from France

Zen spirit

Anonymous from Japan

I like the sound of didgeridoo. I tried to play many times, but still I can't play...

Aaron Jay from USA

Nice, easy to navigate, I like that you include a lot of links to the didgeridoo community. good selection of didges- especially the rare didges. Prices are a bit high though.

Aitor Perez from Spain

Beautiful site a lot photos to see, many information, thanks

Amano from United Kingdom

IT is really great... I love looking at your didges.....they sound great as well....maybe one day we could meet in oz...and you could help me find a real good bell end in the bush?

Andrei Fedichev from Israel

The site is really cool and comfortable the ability of hearing the didge sound is really great. thanks for your site andrei

Anonymous from Germany

Very good web site with lots of information for a beginner like me


Nothing to say it's work very well maybe a wider section for rookies like me [OUR COMMENT: what over 100 cheap learner didjes is not enough of a selection for you??? :-) ]

Anonymous from Canada

An excellent site - all information presented in a tight format; colours pleasing; sort features useful.


Very interesting. You can learn thing that never heard before

Axel Montaner from Canada

Great site. The MP3 are very helpful


I am learning about Australia because my daughter will be visiting in Jan.

Anonymous from USA

You ask too many questions! ;-)

Anonymous from Netherlands

I think its a great web site A complete one with lots of interesting things for me because Australia is my hobby now for 25 years


It 's a good site

Benjamin Peterson from USA

I like the lay out. Everything is right where I'd expect it to be

Benjamin Wolk-weiss from USA

Very well set up. I really like being able to listen to all the didg's before buying them. Also the site has an amazing variety of products.

Brae Murley from Australia

Great web site for information


Cool site


Very complete. good design.

C. Wayne Macmillan from Canada


Carlos Eduardo Poirier Johnson from Chile

Me pacrece que la manera de tocar los didgeridoo (trevor)tiene menos potencial musical y en cuanto a sensaciones que te da la respiraicon circular, en comparacion a como yo toco el didge solo me falta mas practica. pero estoy convencido de esto porque mis amigos que tocan alcanzaron un maximo nivel con el didge tocando de la misma forma como lo muestran la mayoria de las web de didge. el ejemplo que tome para aprender a tocar no fue en una web, fue de un aborigen que aparece en un antiguo video de bodyboard de australia


Great information. very good site

Carolina Gonzalvo from Spain

I think it's very interesting. It's great that an unknown instrument for a lot of people has this place to know it.

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting site. My daughter ask for a Didgeridoo for Christmas so I google searched.


I like to come back, it's a remarkable instrument

Chris Wills from USA

There are those who wish the play to win this didje but after answering all of these questions it seems the prize will go to an experienced player. I think maybe you fellas would have a better response giving a 1st class away. I know I would feel much better checking my email for a response. =P -one love- [OUR COMMENT: the winner of the 2004 didj like all others before will be drawn by the random function in our database and not necessarily to an experienced player]

Anonymous from USA

I had a problem ordering and sent a notice to you, and you all responded immediately. You also put me in the drawing 3 times because of the problem I had incurred, but I never did it myself, so I entered just now as well. I noticed your terms stated that you could only enter once, so I am hoping that MY one time entry is considered valid, even though I am apparently in the drawing 4 times now. :0) Thank you!!! [OUR COMMENT: no worries you have now 4 tickets to our 2004 didj draw]

Christophe Michelin from France

Nice web site, we found easily every items. mp3 samples are greatly appreciates, a good way for choice ... and possibilities.


Good site, made me feel bad about not playing or even owning a Didj though - like I was culturally inept. Still, I've only lived in Australia for 6 months, and am still learning about the place.

Anonymous from USA

This site is extremely informational

Anonymous from Belgium


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Can you advise me about where to buy good didjes in the UK? [OUR COMMENT: straight from our web site :-)]

Anonymous from Canada

Well... I think it is a pretty good didgeridoo web site... but, I am a beginner, I don't have a lot of money(It is understandable when you know my age) so a web site that is selling quality didges for a price that is above 100$, isn't what I'm looking for at first... it is quite good, anyway..

Anonymous from USA

Great site! I'm looking to order one to learn on

Diane Baxter from United Kingdom

Entertaining & Very Explanatory

Diane Duce from Australia

I found your site easy to navigate and understand.


Site looks very good. you can find your way round quiet easily

Donald Ellis from USA

Very informative

Donna Abel-jones from USA

I was interested in buying a didj for my son who is 19. He has been asking for one since he was 12 years old, and he recently asked again, so here I am. I'm not cheap, I just want to know what I am purchasing, and which would be the most sensible type to buy him. I really like the site, but now I feel that there is a whole other world of the didj that I need to be educated in. I would like more information on the healing methods, and the meditation methods used with this instrument. And if there is anymore that this instrument does.

Ed Borinsky from USA

Nice site layout, easy to navigate. Plenty of detail available for those wishing to pursue didj playing.


Its a really cool site, it would be nicer if you guys had longer mp3s of the didjs you guys carry, the current ones are too short. [OUR COMMENT: sadly we and many other didjfans around the world are still on dial-up]

Frances Hoyle from United Kingdom

I think it is a great site and very informative

Anonymous from Luxembourg

Keep on the good work

Gabriel Cosentino from Argentina

Muy buena pagina, en donde vivo es muy difisil encontra algun didgeridoo y en su pagina encuentro muchisima informasio, fotos y contactos.. MUCHAS GRACIAS !!!

Gabriele Gubbelini from Italy

Not more, but I think generally could be more easy to create an european community for the didjeridoo, maybe started of your site.


No comments

Garry Rodda from Australia

Improving all the time. Always something of interest. Sound files for Didj's, good sales pitch plus other spec's and comments are a bonus.

Gerry Provost from USA

Love the look


Good web site but could use more color

Gregor Harms from Germany

Very nice side, but I didn't find a link where I can go through all didjs that you got, but only the certain type [OUR COMMENT: simply do a search without any criteria and sort by price, sound quality or whatever you want]

Heidi (mynx) Hogan from USA

Very interesting!

Anonymous from USA

Great selection and info

Anonymous from Chile

A mi juicio es la tienda virtual del ramo mejor ordenada y mas completa, aunque les falta preocupación por los países de habla hispana, es mas en este momento me pregunto si alguien se dará el tiempo de leer esto que esta en español, y es por eso que no lo hice en ingles.

Ilan Kander from Israel

Very good and informative site I can spend hours listing to the sound tracks of the didgeridoos on display It would be interesting to add links referring to the physics of the didgeridoo


Very interesting. The good thing is that u have mp3 samples

Anonymous from Spain

More information in spanish,and translate the video(how to play....

Isak Skold from Sweden

It's very nice, here I can dream of owning one my self!!!

Ivana Tikvicki from Croatia/hrvatska

It is very interesting

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I like the pages about the physics of the sound production

Jd St Michael from Canada

I love you guys

Jean-michel Tagliani from France


Jeanie Fay from USA

I love it- since I can't circular breath, I've kind of given up but I still like to look and learn...

Jeff Domke from USA

I love it! Informative!

Jennifer Dombrowski from USA

What a great site. After entering this contest I will be looking around some more.

Anonymous from USA

The sound bits are awesome. beautiful work. I make didjs too so I often research for ideas.

John Hinkle from USA

I find it to be a great site .

Josiah Brown from USA

It is pretty good and easy to use. It has a good selection of didgeridoos.

Juan Molina from Spain

I think is fantastic. didjeridoos are most natural instrument and they let you be in direct contact with nature. excuse me for my english


I think its really good I got a lot of information for art about the aboriginals, helping me paint my boyfriends didgeridoo. I think the way the shop products are laid out makes it quite clear for the public to purchase one, and there's one for every price range that's great.

Keith Calder from United Kingdom

Its a nicely constructed site with easy to follow menus and nice clear images, Well Done


Very good

Anonymous from USA


Kevin Gaddy from USA

I think the shop site is great. there is a lot of info in there as well.


Lot of nice products helpful

Kevin Vanover from USA

I've not explored it much, YET! I love all types of music, and I play various instruments like the violin, guitar, piano, drums and a few other odds. So any time I find a good web site that offers a good selection of instruments I'm looking for, I have a real good time!

Anonymous from Italy

The didjes are very beautiful and many of them have an artistic quality.

Anonymous from France

Well done , there's a lack of few Didge sound track , but everything is done to give use a lot of information and guide us to choose as better as possible .

Lee Hart from New Zealand

Great Site. I'd like to say that I play my Didj in a Pipe Band in Mosgiel, Dunedin. I was inspired by an Aussie band called Brother. A mix of Pipes, Rock & Didj...very good.

Louisphilippe Day from Canada

I like the site, it is truly complete. To didg shop to physics of the sound. I didn't do the whole tour yet, but sure it's on my bookmark list!


Je n'ai pas encore visiter le site (ce que je vais faire tout de suite), mais il m'a l'air très complet et intéressant pour l'achat d'un didjeridoo. Je l'ai d'ailleurs déja ajouté a mes favoris ;)

Anonymous from Luxembourg

For me your site is very complete lot of didjes, very pretty ,I guess you are a very professional team.MY FAVORITE!!!!

Anonymous from France

I don' t understand the question but if you want to ask me my opinion about this web site ,I thinks is very good


Very interesting. Still a lot to explore.

Anonymous from Australia

I think you guys are doing a fine job....keep it up.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I'm amazed at the choice - but it's a long way away! And how do you choose one without playing it? If ever I come to your part of the world you'll be an essential visit.


Nice web site -enjoy the pics

Matt Howe from USA

I think you should have an easy click box for didj bags. because I need one and it was hard for me to search around and find the right size for my didj. for example the long box in the left hand side of of you web page should contain a smaller box saying:didj bags for sale,after clicking on the box it should bring up various sizes of didg bags one could purchase and send to your checkout store,simple, because some people own didjs but don't have a bag to put them in. like myself, because when I but my first didj from u guys I couldn't buy the bag due to lack of funds but now I need one and it would be simple for a consumer like myself just to click on didj bags select my bag size and send it to checkout,simple instead of having to size my didge up with a similar didj and hope the bag fits, oh and you questionnaire,when u ask how do u play the didj instead of just having front of mouth or side of mouth as an option u should put both because I play it both ways

Matt Mizula from USA

? ok just fine


Great selection of quality didgeridoo's, with the added bonus of being able to listen to some of them. Very user friendly and recommendation service is a novelty.

Mauricio Salinas from Chile

Pienso que es un sitio muy completo y que tiene toda la informacion sobre este instrumento pero creo que deberian poner como fabricar un didj en casa

Anonymous from USA

I never knew there was a web site devoted to didgeridoos. Thank you for the extensive informations.

Melissa Zarnke from Australia

Great use of colors but I think you need to think about your pics like take a pic with a didj next to the type of tree it came from

Melody Luse from USA

Great site.


I like it and am very interested


Very informative.




I think it is a very good web site.


Very good particularly like the mp3's

Nick Grillo from USA

I like the site very much. The sound bits are very helpful. Navigating is very easy.

Nick Johnson from United Kingdom

Cool, but lots of Qs




Very informative

Paul Greenwood from USA

Nice web page , very informative and with a lot more things then some web pages

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Really well set out. colours and pics work well against each other... I have been on a site where they put a didge playing in the background ....it didn't work at all. I've been playing didge for about 8 week now and I progressed very fast I'm mastering circular breathing at the mo I have base and overtone sound I just can't get the hang of the howl from the back of me throat neway great site either u paid a lot 4 it or u are just generally good at designing one.

Raffaella Landolfo from Italy


Ramon Deus from United Kingdom

I like it. Maybe because it is all new to me. I guess I never realised how serious an instrument the Didji is. One thing it has done for me is to make me want to own a Didji, I feel sure that I would master this instrument. I will have to save up some though, unless I can persuade my kids to club together for my next birthday and combined Fathers day gift.


Quite nice web site


You're doing fine

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Pictures and sounds of the instruments are excellent. Really helps you decide what instrument you want to buy.


It's great. very nice products

Anonymous from France

Congratulation, your web side is pretty good! G'day mate


Your web site is very user-friendly. My son did mention, however, that when he tried to find a particular didj using the ID# he got a whole list of them instead of just the one he wanted.

Shaun De Wet from South Africa

Very informative and authentic web site

Sheila Shelton from USA

This is a wonderful web site it shows the beauty and the sounds of far away places

Sherrie Cannon from USA

Although I've learned more about the instrument, what I'd really like is to get one for my husband's music room.

Souji Satoh from Japan

Very kind composition can be used in comfort.

Stax Stax from Australia

You have a beaut and informative site. Well laid out.

Anonymous from USA

I've only browsed now for a few minutes and have enjoyed myself thus far...thanks

Teri Layne from USA

Cool site!

Anonymous from USA

I really like this site, clean the site up a little bit, it is a little confusing how to move around on it, make it more black less red

Thorsten Strunk from Germany



Please make me lucky mate!!!


I WENT TO a Yanni concert in march and saw this guy who was unbelievable, I play drums and would love to learn to play a didgeridu

Tyler Pratt from USA

I love it, anything to do with a didgeridoo is giving me good vibes.


Very interesting site

Vincent Le Touze from France

Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great shop ....

Anonymous from France

It's a great site. I particularly enjoy ur workshop; it's easy to find what u want 'cause it's possible to choice price, categories, and key. And it's possible to listen every didg. super site with a lot of information. Thanks u.

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