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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2002:

Name and Country  Visitors Comments about
Name withheld by request Very well done. Packed with information. I wish your pictures (the filler pictures of people and things) were clickable and you could view larger. Your product pages are perfect though. For example look under "why buy from us" (right side) then click on "workmanship". Those images are interesting but are too small. Great product pages though and I guess that's what's most important! :)"
Name withheld by request well just stumbled in seems to be in working order design seems to have ripened for a few years since the last complete update: on the other hand this ensures a reasonable loading time and ease of use
Alex Moore from England It's great there's loads of info and stuff but it's not overpowering or in ur face. Haven't seen all the didges I'm off
Andreas Ramm from Germany quite nice site....good to look at news every feew days ...go on likes that !
Andy Smith from England Excellent site easy to get around. Could'nt get the currency converter to work but thats probably cos I'm thick!
Name withheld by request cool
Name withheld by request easy to navigate
Anne Rielly from New Zealand The site offers alot of information and help in both choosing and playing a didj. For those who do not know of it's history that too.
Name withheld by request very good website!! Realy a place for spending some time
Anssi Vilkko from Finland easy to navigate good details on didges.
Name withheld by request I am planning on buying an unsanded didge from you guys in december... after shopping around you guys seem to be th best choice for me.
Name withheld by request its nice
Name withheld by request it's very cool
Ben Kreuter from USA It's very helpful and easy to follow.
Ben schiettecatte from Belgium Well it's the most complete site I've seen so far! And the fact you seem to be genuine and eco-friendly is a big bonus.
Ben Williams from USA I think that the shop is great and I think there could be improved but its good enough for me.
Name withheld by request I like it it makes me feel good
Bernhard Sattler from Germany Please add CDs! Please give information on the key of the first and second overblow of the didges.
Bill Murphy from Ireland I have been very impressed with the changes over time and find it very easy to navigate I love the sound clips they are a great inspiration to keep playing.
Bindi Perkins from Australia it is great and extremely informative. I am a first time buyer and they were able to tell me more than I knew even existed. Well done!!
Bob Frenock from USA Getting better all the time.
Name withheld by request entertaining
Name withheld by request Very good and very completed
Cammie Grace from USA greatly appreciate the 'real' ness of your website...user friendly and informative.
Name withheld by request great site.....good ideas...good graphics
Name withheld by request Terrific helpful site. Very easy to follow around
Name withheld by request very interesting
Name withheld by request Well set out and informative.
Christophe Michel from Switzerland This is my favourit Didjs site. Very pleasant clear and well stocked. Congratulations.
Chuck Wilson from USA Awesome sit just saving money to purchase my second third or fourth didj!!
Name withheld by request very good
Name withheld by request It is the best didge shop I have visited on the web.
Name withheld by request I think it is a great website. Very nicely detailed to assist the buyer. I can't think that there is anything left out. Except that maybe it would help to have a person holding dijis of different sizes so we can see the prospective of size of the diji. Then have the sizes listed below the picture.
Name withheld by request I like the site I was able to find what I wanted.
daniel bell from USA GGGGRRREEEAAATTT!!!!!!
Name withheld by request A+
Dave Kimball from USA The didjshop is a opportunity for people worldwide to purchase a beautiful authentic didj and make a contribution to the healing of this planet
David Castaneda from USA The layout is great. The didj pages are clear and easy to understand very "user-friendly". If I were to buy a didj ANYWHERE it would surely be from DIDJSHOP.COM I love how easy it would be to recieve a didj from this site."
Name withheld by request lots of stuff to look at
Name withheld by request thanks for the visit to your unqiue site
Donat Callens from Belgium very nice and now the flashy colours are gone it's quite handy. I like to hear the didjes but you can't beat trying them. when will you have online try it didjeridos
Duane Wesley from USA looks like a great resource... I'm looking forward to receiving my instructional video and I may consider buying a better didj. Who knows I might start a collection!
Earl Adams from USA A bit cluttered but lots of information!
Ellie Young from New Zealand very enjoyable site with lots of different items
Eric Lindquist from USA great site!
Erik Deckert from Netherlands It's a nice website I like to look at the didges on this site. But buying on the internet is difficult because everyone has a different taste of the didge that suits him/her best.
Name withheld by request only 1 thing: dont change!!! this page is the best page of didj's I visited by far!!!
Ettore Galli from Italy I'd like more on self-making and alternative materials. Anyway I find the site VERY interesting.
Francis SauvÚ from Canada - the best of all the wedsite I have never seen. We do know that your care about us. Because you are taking a lot of time to do this site. You do offer a lot of service and I appreciate it. Tips are good and mp3 are cool. Shopping at your place is a good
Name withheld by request good interresting site
Name withheld by request Your Web site is totaly good. I promes to come back....and may bey going to see you if I go in Australia. I plan a trip in 2 or 3 years!
Francois Mouillot from Canada Very nice website extensive information about the didj's and the culture surrounding the art of playing and making them which is quite nice to see
Name withheld by request More Sound Files needed Soundfile for each Didj needed
Frank Schaefer from Germany I saw very nice dijis in the shop and listened by mp3 to the sound of some them I have not much experience but I think very good players and honest and correctly made dijis with clear sound
Geoff Caras from USA you've done a great job! Keep up the great work.
Gle Keith DeMeritt III from USA well organized and easy to follow. informative.
Grace Fellner from USA The individual pictures and sound clips make the difference.
Greg Adams from USA I enjoy the detailed information about each didge
Greg Janacek from United States I LOVE this site- even for just looking.
Name withheld by request It is a comprehensive site providing good information and products. I think it is friendly to use. I do not really like the background colors but I am being picky...Plus: maybe you could try giving more information about the artists and the different decoration styles. Eventually: I think it is terrible to engrave the didgeridoos! Don't do it or do it at the bottom of the didj!
guy lebiush from Israel/Palestine very massive and theres a good selection the only one I saw like this very nice
Name withheld by request very well done. You have such a huge selection and I love that you can hear the MP3s.
Ian Marshall from England You seem to genuinely care abou the products and that the Aboriginies benefit from the sale of the didges. The grading of attributes helps when choosing an instrument
Iram CHELLI from France Nice site you guys have had a lot of work making this site with the samples and translations.
Name withheld by request Very nicely composed.
James Warren from England Very good informative and your photo's have helped me choose my didj. Very happy with the site
Name withheld by request its realy interested
Jeff Crummett from USA Awesome stuff
Name withheld by request Could be a little more user friendly
Name withheld by request Many didges great site!
Name withheld by request This website is excellent. I am telling everyone about it.
Name withheld by request Very informative and inspiring.
Name withheld by request Good site informative and enticing
John Leftwich from USA Once a person can get past being overwhelmed with all of the styles and types and the artwork offered and begin to concentrate on the object of their affection then the taks of seeking out what is wanted and needed becomes much simpler; but before that WOW I just jumped from one thing to another and continued viewing and appreciating the art of the Aborigenes!
John Morgan from England I enjoy visiting the website as it is very helpful to me when learning the new sounds.
John Yorkey from USA Great website and even greater help staff. Davini has been awesome. Just purchased my first didj and will let my friends know about this website.
Name withheld by request very good
Kara Ann Kearns from USA love the easy navigation. The breakdown on each didj's attributes is incredible. Any and every question I had about didjs was easily answered at your site. It would be nice to have sound files on your lower priced didjs as those are usually the ones I buy for my family and friends.
Keith Harper from USA Great site. Thank you for it.
Name withheld by request Killer site. Legitimate and informative all the way. Crafted with wholehearted commitment to the didj.
Kim Browne from Australia This is a great site I stumbled across it when researching for Uni.
Koos Overdevest from Netherlands its very nice to hear the didjes but I mis the foto of the front-rearend.
Name withheld by request houh
Lance Burns from England The best on the web.I have already purchased my first genuine didge from this site and am entirely happy with it. (CONCERT LEARNER)
Name withheld by request well done clear and practical full of informations about aboriginal art.
Lea Nixon from England It is now extremely effective although I'm not always sure that I get to see all the didges I have asked to see in one comprehensive list-of a certain type etc. One really good section is the tables on backpressure resonance slow/fast player etc. Only one question remains if I was actually able to come to Australia to choose my own didge would it be possible to find a didge that would be too good to be put onto your site. In other words are the the really exceptional didges(perfect backpressure sound etc. ) sold on? Being human I would probably want to keep it for myself rather than sell it to somebody else.
Les Phillips from USA Great site
Name withheld by request love the site very useful not too impressed with the colour scheme though.(yellowy-orangey.....not nice)
Name withheld by request Nice from what I've seen.
Name withheld by request great and I'd come there again often to hear whats hot and new in store.
Maarten De Meulder from Belgium I really like it iy's very interesting
Mambo Roberts from Australia I've been after a good place to look for a Didj for quite some time - I never knew something as cool as this was even out there!
Name withheld by request The site looks pretty good and is easy to navigate. It will be interesting to see how often you add new didjeridus.
Mark Elliott from USA good info nice looking products reasonable prices...
Name withheld by request I regret there is not the french version parce que je suis franþais!
Mathieu GOUDET from France The site is very well done but the interface of departure (http://www.didjshop.com/shop1/index2.php?pagecall=soundscapescart.html) is a little bit vague
Matteo Pittoni from Italy beautiful site
Matthew Hammond from USA thorough and easy to navigate plus offers nice sample clips
Matthew Williams from USA great
Name withheld by request Very thorough!
Name withheld by request I think it is so good because I like so much didjeridoos and I like their beautiful artwork
Name withheld by request I love your site lots of great info without just trying to push your product
Name withheld by request Love the colour and the loading time is great
Name withheld by request GREAT very informative and easy to use
Name withheld by request Pretty darn good. No annoying flashing text or proprietary programs that you have to install.
Michael Katz from USA Excellent site! I bought didj from you guys alomost a year ago and I still love coming back to check out all of the new didjs.
Michael Kolibaba from USA please get more burnt didj's
Name withheld by request hard to find by yahoo
Michael Rhys from Japan I have checked out a number of online shops and yours was the most comprehensive and provided almost all the info I wanted. I say almost because a sound file of the particular Didgeridoo I ordered was not available though I understand that I could get one from you if I requested it. However I trust that your grading system is accurate and consistant and so am willing to use that as my guide.
Name withheld by request many didges not too expensive the mp3 sounds could have a better quality but it?s great you at least have them. There are only 2 or 3 other shops on the net that have mp3?s
Michael Sevcovic from USA I bought my Didj there.
Name withheld by request nice easy to use layout
Name withheld by request nice lot of information and various didjs
Mike Luckett from USA It gives very important information about didj's. I was glad that I could find information about the Aboriginal history and culture.
Naomi deGelder from Canada beautiful site! love the music!
Nicholas Smith from New Zealand This site just makes me drool....unfortunately I dont have the $$ to buy one of these
Nick Gaylord from USA when I shopped for my first didgeridoo an online vendor was my only viable option. this is by far the most thorough and reliable source I found on the internet.
Nick Tragni from USA A terrific website. Very helpful informative. I am ecstatic about finding your site!!!
nicolas aubry from brindas it' s a great site with low prices and mp3 to listen do didjeridoo
Name withheld by request The DIDJSHOP.COM website is a perfect way to buy didge on the net -> most of the Didges can be heard with mp3 -> Pictures and enlargement helps us to get closer to the Didge.
Name withheld by request it is very educational and full of information
Ole Toubro from Denmark I really like your individual pictures and sound - it makes me want to buy your products! Infact your whole site is very good and consistent!
oleg zilberman from USA Excelent site. Well designed. Well organized inventory. Categories that make sense. All concert class didjes should have a sound sample. Currently there are some that don't have a sound sample. Still your site is a pleasure to visit.
Pat Kyle from USA I have yet to purchase anything from this site. Yet I cannot find a store the has anything but a significant tone lacking plastic didg. So I am assuming that I will be soon to buy one of yours. This site does everything I could ask for when shopping for a didg that I can't play myself before purchasing.
Anonymous from Netherlands so much information I didn't visit half !!! have to continue tonight when I am home ;-)
Name withheld by request site extra - informations completes - photo superb - sound = good idee very nice and super for make a choice
Peggy Thompson from USA Great site. I have a question however can you explain a dream dideridoo is that one that is lighter to carry? Thanks Peggy
peter kresitschnig from Aui Top very good!!
Name withheld by request Exellent site. Deciding on one to buy at the moment.
Peter Studzinski from England Very good. I design websites and I'm impressed.
Name withheld by request The website is excellent. It has a wealth of information on buying didjeridus and the sections on maintenance are especially valuable. (One point though: isn't the player demonstrating the prize didjeridu actually Trevor? It sounds like him).
Name withheld by request listening before buying is essential for me great stuff.
R·ben Marques from Portugal very very good!!!!we in Portugal don?t have many information about this beautiful instrument and I discover this site OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH myLord!
Name withheld by request An excellent site - I just wish the Kiwi dollar was worth more...
Robert Land from USA Great site no complaints
Rodrigo Polignano from Brazil Nice shop. Very beautiful and very rich in details. I love it. Congratulantions.
Name withheld by request - Sch÷ne Darstellung der zu verkaufenden Didges - Benutzerfreundlich vertauenserweckende Benutzeroberflõche
Name withheld by request Very nice . A lot of things to look at and to read about. Like it alot.
Sarah Commandeur from Netherlands I'm from Holland and I think it is very good that it is possible to translate it in different languages when I'm looking for something specific I can always find the right links
Sascha Kurth from Germany It has a strange organisation but for us europeans it is an advantage to have the websites in our own language
Name withheld by request good site could be faster have to reload all pic's if you click on one not enought selection in higher qaulity and most already sold
Sebastian Weigmann from Germany though some technical problems which occur time by time this site has a good layout and is nice to surf. Very good are the sound samples (especially them!) and pics of each of your didges! Very good is also that you employ the ones who have the most experience on making and playing didges - Aboriginal people all in front David Blanasi.
Sergio Ricardo Guizzardi from Brazil It's nice
Shunt Solakian from Australia just opened it up but it looks pretty comprehensive
Sky SD from USA This is the best website on the Didj I've seen yet. And I've been looking!
stephen lister from Australia A great site easy to follow no pop-ups and best of all it's aussie
Stephen Theby from USA Great site! I love the general layout and the inventory of didjs you have; it would be nice if more instruments had downloadable sounds bytes so I could compare the various didjs.
Name withheld by request loads a bit slow
Susanna Flight from New Zealand Awesome
susanne floyd from USA it was very detailed and easy for me to search for what I was looking for. it's my first time to the site; I was impressed and bought a "f" to do healing work with."
suzi sheppard from USA Great website! I was looking for info and I found it here!!!
Tamara Leonard from USA Very interesting. I am glad that a friend sent me here.
Name withheld by request It is a very imformative site about the type of music that I like the most.
Terry Karrow from USA Very good site--I think I've learned about 90 percent of what I know about didge's from your site..You taught me to PLAY the thing..Thanks..
Tess Van Deynse from Belgium An interesting website for didgeridoo-players!
Name withheld by request Probably the best I've seen so far. I am still looking at some of the links as I enter this contest.
Name withheld by request Nice website
Tiago Serodio from Portugal You want feedback? You know you are the best just dont let anyone beat ya?to it!
Name withheld by request very informative; great having the sound and photos of individual instruments; seem to care a great deal about what you're doing.
Tom Lange from USA Looks great going to enjoy wandering through your site after hearing about it for so long
Travis Paradis from USA was very interesting
Name withheld by request nice
Anonymous from USA Comprehensive without peer in your industry the ONLY web-based shop I'd buy with confidence from.
Name withheld by request really interesant and atractive for one guy who never see a didjeridoo page
Wayne Barker from England I think u have a great website here will certainoly be coming back hope u have some more audio in the future
Will Dixon from England I think this site is brilliant for all people interested in learning about the Didgeridoo and how it is played. The sound clips and hints on how to play/circular breathe make this site real education and a massive help on the way to being able to play the Didj floorlessly.
Yann Coppier from France It's great !!
Name withheld by request love it...just found it

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