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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2010:

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Aaron Jerad from USA Hands down a great site. I have worked as a web designer and can recognize the vast amount of work that went into the back-end of your site. You have all relevant content presented in a way that is easy to access and your databases function flawlessly. My only criticism would be the appearance somehow it doesn't quite match the level or artistry and quality that your didjes have. You sell the best didjes in the world as far as I am concerned but your site doesn't look like it. I do like the simplicity of it no-nonsense bare bones feel but if you updated the look just a bit without losing any content or functionality then your site would be 'over the top'.
Anonymous Beautiful.
Anders from Denmark I like it easy to find your way around on and very nice style and colouring really nice info as well.
Andreas Kreischer from Canada Great layout straight forward great info on aboriginal issues etc.
Artes from USA Its good
Bart from Belgium Very good! No more comments needed for it.
Bronislav from Czech Republic Dobré
Chris from Canada Not bad.
Anonymous Very informative and intriguing (sp?)
Cody Anderson from USA The website is great. The staff is friendly and determined to get you the didj you want. I ordered my first one recently and look forward to expanding my collection with this website. My didj came within a week of ordering it and was perfect. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a quality instrument.
Anonymous Nice site
Dan from USA It's very comprehensive. Very well done.
David from USA Its very nice and educational
Anonymous Excellent...a great resource for anyone interested in the instrument. When I'm ready to get a serious instrument I know that I'll be in good hands with you.
Dominic Tozier from USA Awesome I love how u put up people playing with different didges so u can hear the difference
Emily Jones from USA I have just found out about your website when I was doing a search about authentic didgeridoos. What a wealth of information you have here! It is a very well put-together site well done. Thank You for the service you provide.
Francois from South Africa Very interesting I found a lot of information I never knew before and your didgeridoos are amazing.
Anonymous Good not enough options for those that do not play yet
James from Ireland Its a very comprehensive site for learning about playing the didj and the history and culture of the instrument and its creators
Jim from USA This is my first time here and I'm sure I'll be coming back. I haven't purchased an Original Aborigine Didj yet because I have yet to master circular breathing. Once I lean to do so proficiently - I'll be buying an Aboriginal Eucalyptus Didgeridoo but not until then.
John Davis from USA It 's good would like to see more didgeridoos and art
Jordi Garcia Martinez from Spain I like this website it gives me a lot of confidence
Keenan Leonard-solis from USA Extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customer service is unparalleled. Your website is also very informative [re: Aboriginal issues culture etc] as well as resourceful [forums buying guides etc]--this accessibility is greatly appreciated!
Anonymous from Sweden I have no clue really this is the first time I visit this website
Kirsten from USA Lots of great information.
Laurent from Switzerland Easy to use old fashion but I feel good on this site
Manuel from Germany Its a good design a little bit to straight forward for my taste could be more fun
Michael from USA Web site is informative well constructed survey is too long
Anonymous I like and would love to win didj and learn how to play
Anonymous More in depth and descriptive than other sites.
Patrick from Puerto Rico It offers very descriptive and trustworthy information surprising for a modern-day website. The insight it offers is probably more than any brick-and-mortar store ever could.
Pavel from Canada Didjshop.com contains lots of valuable information about didgeridoos and their calming effects on the human mind and body. Overall this is a great website.
Per from Sweden I like the website very much. It has so much info that I don't need to go to easily could have been half a dozen other websites. It shows that you can combine a business and have a healthy views and respect at the same time.
Pierre-luc from Canada Very complete website with a lot of interesting sections like the forum and great stuffs in the shop!
Rene from Netherlands Like it
Anonymous from USA Your website has a good selection of didgeridoos and also accessories. We are looking for bags for the didgeridoos which we purchased while we were visiting Australia.
Sean from USA I will be very happy if I can obtain a didgeridoo so I can become fluent in its language.
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Thom from USA You are definitely lacking the design skills to capture the larger audience of people with shorter attention spans. However your information is magical. If you could only combine your information with great design you would be THE didjeridu hot spot.
Thomas Workman from USA Very user friendly and full of good places to go and learn. Thanks!
Anonymous The design is very cool it recall somehow the aboriginal style. I love the didgeridoos of the shop they are quite exotic!
Vitezslav Svec from Czech Republic Very good assortment of didgeridoos in shop. Very helpful description of sound quality.

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