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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2009:

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Anonymous Outstanding seems trustworthy
Anonymous from USA This site is obviously created out of a genuine passion for the Didgeridoo
Anonymous from Canada I like that you are pushing buying from aboriginals
Beverley from USA Your prices are reachable and your graphics are detailed. Most of all I appreciate the information page and will use it in my classroom as we study ancient rhythms.
Brandon Barnard from USA It is very informative. I like that you only carry authentic didgeridoos crafted by local artisans. Also the fact that you have high quality recordings and pictures is a definite draw.
Anonymous from USA LOVE IT
Gary Lockwood from USA Really this organization is the best. I had great customer service and will only buy from The Didjshop. Oh the website is easy to use and full of great information
Giacomo from Italy Good site!
Jennifer from USA This by far is one of my favorites. Very nice selection and beautiful didgeridoos. Lots of information for new comers.
Jeremy from USA Didj dandy!
Jessica from USA I think this is cool what y'all are doing. The aborigines & there culture is amazing and it should be more well know. PLUS didgeridoos ARE SO COOL... I've always wanted one.
Juliet from USA Refreshing.
Kenneth Brown from USA I find that this site offers the most information along with its products. In addition this site offers a great deal of information regarding didgeridoo playing and the selection of a didgeridoo.
Kevin from USA I love the FAQ's section.
Koleen from France It's not only a shop and that's good you can take information of aboriginal I have not all record yet... I like the good vibe of world meditation.. it's not easy to express myself in english! connect all aboriginal of the planet I love all of them...
Liam Poucher from Canada The best so far. Extremely informative and helpful.
Matt from USA This website is by far the most educational website about the Aboriginal culture authentic vs. phony didgeridoos etc.
Matthew from USA The lay-out of this website is great; beautiful didgeridoos very informative. My interest in circular breathing started on this site with the tutorial and I am continuing to work on it. I also love the exchange rate to US dollars on the site as I am an international customer and it's great not having to go to another site just to view an exchange rate.
Michael from USA I like your website I'll be sure to visit it again
Nevin Fisher from USA Your website is easily navigated with plenty of good information and a nice variety of didges available
Anonymous Excellent
Randy Schuster from Canada I like the mp3s and the history about the artists and didges. its very educational its also very easy to navigate
Roy Ross from USA Very good site with lots of information and a lot of supreme Didgeridoos that I can't afford yet.
Anonymous from Australia A wealth of info. Great for tips on what to look for in a didj even if not buying from your website. The sound clips are great too.
Thomas Buchanan from USA Eye opening
Wayne Freeman from USA A lot of very interesting and useful information. Nice didgeridoos that are explained in detail with clear and concise ratings. I would like to get a concert class didgeridoo as the sound qualities are fantastic very exciting!
Xanthe from Australia This is an excellent website with great comprehensive information. The staff who I contacted were extremely helpful and courteous.
Abad Enriquez from Mexico I would love to get one from you!
Anonymous Still new to didj playing etc. great site site to learn from. very informative.
Adrian Levisman from USA Excellent-two thumbs up- easy to navigate-very informative
Alek Taylor from Canada Its pretty sweet. Lota of info.
Alex from USA I have never seen these before but they look really cool.
Alexander from Australia A bit confusing to navigate (many links on the left) but very informative. I am glad that you make you make an effort to tell your customers how your didgeridoos are made and sourced.
Andrew Fister from USA Exceptional. informative. I would suggest that measurements be posted in standard along side the metric - for we who are not as familiar with metric measurements.
Andrew from Canada Everything on this site is easy to use and I have no complaints.
Anonymous Very well done very informative.
Chris Leslie from USA Very Nice!
Anonymous Interesting hope I win
Cody from Canada Love it - don't need to go anywhere else
Dan from Canada I found you first when googling mantra and didgeridoo
Derek from USA Awesome pieces of artwork and musical instruments!!!
George from USA Very interesting and informative
Anonymous Very nice. I will come back
James from USA Interesting
James Miller from USA Was a link I followed looking for didgeridoo music performers. I've gotten to the ripe age of 47 and bought a digital music player and was curious if there were artist. I have a few albums already stored and listen to them several times a day.
Anonymous It is educational.
Anonymous I think it is great so far.
Anonymous from USA Nice looking site easy to find what I am looking for
Anonymous from Mexico Very informative and entertaining
Anonymous from USA I like it. I always wondered where people get these. They are so much cooler than African tribal drums.
Krishna from USA I love that you can hear them too.
Kristina from Finland Like heaven opened to me:)
Kyle Cochran from USA Its informative and set up nice
Lawrence from Ireland Very informative with a great layout
Marc Om from Spain Very interesting web
Anonymous I like how expansive and easily navigable the site is. I have looked for a long time but would love to see a site or part of a site devoted to technical advance. Including a section where users could share information about didge playing.
Matthew from USA I am intrigued by the didj I did not know about its sound healing powers.
Anonymous Informative professional
Michael Murphy from USA Lot's of great information here. Been browsing many sites to learn more about the instrument and its history which is fascinating. The didj I currently own is incredible and I plan on learning to play it within one month from now.
Nate from USA Plain functional informative.
Nathan from USA It is very well organized and easy to navigate to the information that I need
Anonymous from USA It seems nice good didjes
Philip Downer from USA I like how clean its set up is
Robert Whitten from USA Great
Anonymous from USA Too much info and too many links on the home page. Needs to be simplified to a simple introduction and a few links for shopping. Other material can be moved to its own page.
Ross from USA Hard to navigate to see the different didgeridoos. Good information
Steve Barrett from United Kingdom Really good but very difficult to get onto the shop section got a bit lost. Still confused as to what the different styles of didj are. but seems to be one of the best sites around would love to learn more about your sustainability!
Susan from USA I think it is the best with your grading system but would like to see ALL of the didges have their own sound byte available
Anonymous So far its good
Victor from USA Very informative.
Anonymous The website is very nice and informative. It does take a while to get used to the lay out but after you do navigation is easy.

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