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Visitors Comments made during the month of November 2007:

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Angie from USA

It's super easy to get around and find stuff!!!!

Ben from Australia

It is the easiest to navigate and the fact that you can listen to each didj is very useful. I also found all the information on the physics of a PVC pipe didj very useful.

Bjorn Weyenberg from Belgium

The best didge site that I ever visit. I'm now almost 3u on your site. thank you for the nice tips and the possibility to listen all these didge's

Bojan Selan from Slovenia

The best one! the only one that I submit too

Brittany from USA

I really like it. It's easy to navigate and everything is clearly stated such as: didgeridoos are termite hollowed harvested by the Aboriginal people and painted by them as well. There's also jewelry and you can listen to the didgeridoos before you buy them. A wonderful site. I would recommend to anyone.:)

Anonymous from Canada

I love it! I appreciate the ideology behind the website your merchandise is beautiful and who doesn't a didj? Awesome work keep it up!

Carol from USA

Very informative and generally well organized. I especially like the organization of your didgeridoos. The Home Page however could do a better job of clarifying your mission statement your relationship with aboriginal people and the quality of what you offer.

Charles from USA

Know this is a good one and I will buy from you people

Curtis Burns from USA

I love the ease of use and the great information that I learn about the Aboriginal issues from your website and newsletter.


One of the most informative and trustworthy site I've ever seen.

Dakota from USA

Pretty much the best didj web site on the internet.

Daniel from USA

I find it to be VERY informative - a great online location to buy didges find information about them and find information about the Aboriginal people. Great for both beginners and experienced players.

Dennis from USA

Great website. Lots of info.

Dick Passmore from Canada

I love it!

Francisco Javier from Spain

It is smart it's easy to find the things that are been searched. I like most the pictures of the didges I love all of them they look so nice.

Glenda Drummond from New Zealand

Fantastic! - very easy to follow.

Harry Ford from Australia

Very professional and great marketing tools. Its better than a lot of sites out there and there's plenty of giveaways. Good having the sound of the didges

Helen from Australia

I think it is great and having a Survey to complete on it is a great idea because you can bring attention to the fact of all the fake didgeridoo's out there I never realised the percentage was so high absolutely stunned but it. I love the artwork on the didgeridoo's as well. In relation to the following questions that you ask I will be forwarding on your site address to many of my friends and family along with a greeting card. I must admit I had never heard of the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation sorry. Thank you.

Jeff Nelson from USA


Jerome from France

It is the best I know of. It is the only one that mention this much about aboriginal people and their whereabouts and to teach everything from the tree to the finished didgeridoo!

João Marcelo Moreira from Brazil

Pretty good. Lots of information about the issue.

Anonymous from Australia

This is one of the best didgeridoo websites I have come across. I find this a very informative website and keep returning to read more about didgeridoos and Aboriginal culture. I especially find reading about how to make a didgeridoo intriguing as I would like to make my own one day - your Do It Yourself didgeridoo kit looks like very good value. I also am interested in reading and learning more about the Aboriginal artists on your website and their works.

Kevin from USA

Clean! there is really nothing more to say than that. Clean is GOOD

Kristin from Canada

It's really easy to navigate and I really enjoy the feel of it. it is very apparent that you really feel strongly about the roots of the didj. big thumbs up!

Laura from Argentina

I consider it to be the most complete site about Didgeridoos worldwide. Plus it has very interesting info on related subjects. I do agree with your ethics and as a Reiki master I believe it's necessary for us to help people around the world to get in touch with sounds of nature so well represented in the sound of the didgeridoos. I've been playing singing bowls for a while as well as singing harmonics chantings and I would love to incorporate Didjes into my Reiki sessions as well. thanks for this unique opportunity nothing can compared to a genuine termite hollowed didj sound (I've heard it "live" there's this wonderful musician here his name is Andres Saggio he has wonderful didgeridoos).Thanks!!!!

Lloyd Kocher from USA


Mark Lautenslager from USA

I'm going to come back again for more information.

Marta from Latvia

Among the web pages on this subject I have visited this was the most useful and interesting for me because it contains varied information about Aboriginal culture and didgeridoos. But the best thing is that you support the Aboriginal people and sell original products.

Marv Miller from USA

Full of good insights education and sharing...oh and did I mention good produce...

Anonymous from Australia

Its the best didge site I've found

Michael from USA

Very helpful and full of pride. Keep up the great work.

Paul Van Heuklom from USA

I'm impressed with the information and the forum as well as the selection.

Pete from USA

Very informative. I will use this site more regularly as I learn more

Philip from USA

It is awesome. Informative. The best one out there.

Philipp Gerisch from Germany

Very good website! I'm sorry coz up to now I didn't sell anything here... But the "Worldwide Meditation Project" is very good and here are very much information about didgeridoo / playing didgeridoo / aboriginal people.... I love ya guys:)

Roger Paupore from USA

Seems to have its priorities straight

Ronald Labee from Netherlands

The site is all what you want to know Very very complete and great listing File.

Rui from Portugal

It is one of the best websites about didgeridoo I have come across so far. Not only you sell original aboriginal made didgeridoo as you teach everyone how to make their own pvc one. I really believe you are honest about your products

Sarah from Australia

It's a great site I have just shown it to my husband who is a keen didj enthusiast and he is on his way over to check it out too.

Sean from Canada

This site is awesome. I usually check it at least a couple times week.

Sten from Canada

Very practical. I could find what I was looking for and individual mp3's of each didj was really a nice touch.

Thibaut Dlehaye from France

It's a good way to communicate the Aboriginal art. I've learn a lot with your pages and some are in my maternal language! Thanx for that! Money converter is a plus!

Tyler from USA

It seems very well put together and I am proud of the fact that you all take so much pride in your didgeridoos. This is the best Didge website I have seen yet


Very organized. Clear descriptions of the instruments. A wealth of information about the didjeridu and the culture surrounding the music. Nice sound clips!

Anonymous from Canada

The best structured and the easiest to shop of all the sites I've went on.

Adam Perrett from Australia

Very good. Very informative.

Andrew from USA

Excellent although your photographs make the bells look bigger. More / longer sound bites for the expensive didges would help sales

Bart Devos from Belgium

Very well structured to the point information with respect for the aboriginal culture

Ben from Australia

It has a good feel to it.

Carol from USA

I like it!

Cathryn from USA

Harmonious design easy to read.

Anonymous from Ireland

Easy to use and very informative. I especially like the MP3 files for the didges but think maybe they should be done for every didge.

Crystal from USA

Well liked have always loved the sounds of the didj didn't know what they were called nor how to find out about this wonderful tool I would love to own one and love to learn how to play one as well with all of these CD's out of nature sounds and what not there also should be one made of the didj sounds in the eerie graceful tones that they are and most of the sales and proceeds go the the people.


Very informative

Anonymous from USA

I think the website is very good.


It's the best one yet.


Best hand down. I am thinking about a $1200 big bell'

Francesco Aiello from Switzerland

It's a good website for mixing information culture and shopping.


Its very interesting and I like it much

Gerard from Belgium

Very pleased with the site. The ongoing background didge makes it difficult to listen to the samples. [OUR COMMENT: we do not have any background didj sound, you must have had another site loaded at the same time]

Grant Wilkinson from USA

I have come back to your site time and time again when receiving your e-mail newsletters.

Gwen from Australia

Need to have clearer directions to go to buy didgeridoo site

Anonymous from Germany

Your side is well prepared with good information


Very broad and informative.

Ira Rosen from USA

I like your focus on the aboriginal culture. I haven't spent much time on your site yet but I like what I have seen.


This website has been very helpful in gathering information.

Jason from Canada

Very intrusive:D haha but to the point


Very good web site

Jim from USA

Interesting. I just saw my first Didjeridoo at The Jack Daniels Bar-B-Que cookoff in Linchburg Tennessee and there was a fellow from Australia playing it.

Anonymous from USA

I think it's quite informative

Jocelyn from Canada

I find this website to be the most comprehensive and useful and I would like to purchase a didgeridoo from here if I can find the right one. I am concerned though that you are blaming the average consumer for buying non-Aboriginal didgeridoos when they're not aware of the difference. I hope you will continue to reach out to people and let them know. I certainly will. [OUR COMMENT: we do not blame the average consumer, but we do encourage them to inform themselves]


I haven't even looked around.

Katie from Canada

I think its great It seems to acknowledge the real history of the didj and that's always appreciated.

Lamarr from USA

Thank you for being upfront. After visiting the other websites it pissed me off to whites pimping the culture of the Aboriginal Australian. They have done the same with my culture. (African-American Blues Jazz R&B Rap etc...) They take what they want repackage it and sell it as their own. I was amazed to that not one instructional video I looked at was being taught by an Aboriginal. You would think white invented it. I don't believe that anyone has proprietary rights over creativity but no one should benefit from the sale of another's culture.

Malcolm from Australia

I found it easy to get around and informative. I am looking to get a Didge quiver and maybe one top class didge $1-$2k.

Marcelo from Portugal

I liked

Marie from France

Very good

Marios from Italy

Well organised and fun to explore


I found this website through both my interest in Didjeridoos since a friend of mine bought one and I have spent time learning to play it and also through research I am doing for my music studies. I have found the website to be very informative and useful.

Anonymous from Canada

I love it very informative and very friendly to use. Love it


Very wide range of good Didjes. I love just surfing the site looking at Didjes even if I can't afford them.

Matthew Collins from United Kingdom

Good site full of good info (better than most I have visited today they have one page about something but not much)

Michael from USA

This website provides a wide range of information on didgeridoos and Aboriginal topics. Very informative site.


Very good. Great range of products and information.

Michele from Italy

The video "how to play..." doesn't work... but the website has a very clean style which helps a lot surfing [OUR COMMENT: the video page does work, apologies if you had a temporary problem]

Michele from USA

Wonderfully informative

Anonymous from Australia

Looks great so far... saw the chance to win a wicked didge so had to enter... will go back and explore now.

Anonymous from USA

It is very well laid out. It contains a lot of information. My daughter's boyfriend wants one which is why I looked for a web site to get information.


Great very informative

Peter from Australia

Very informative

Philip from Australia

Busy and informative

Philippe Angelidis from Luxembourg

Very well documented website it gives a good perspective on the aboriginal culture.

Richard from United Kingdom

Very informative

Robert from USA

Very well organized great search criteria. I wish every didge could have a sample sound but you've got so many I know it would be impractical.

Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

Nice clear good pictures and sound files great initiatives!

Rolf Hebenstreit from USA

Great! Is there another didj site?

Rovene Askren from USA

I LOVE it. can't wait to get a didge

Ruben Rigillo from Italy

Very well organized.

Ryan from USA

Your Web site is very clearly the best site that I've seen. I do wish that the prices were already in US$ already though.
[OUR COMMENT: by default all prices are actually given in US$ as well, unless you select another currency]

Sasha from USA

Fantastic! I love the mp3 files


I find your website very informative. I love the fact that you have samples of your didjes meditation advice and the history of true termite hallowing. My boyfriend and I cut a perfect piece of wood for the sole purpose of hallowing it out to make a didj we wanted to do it the most natural way our ways of living hinder us form do so; but with this information we're definitely more aware of what we need to do. Thanks!

Simona from Italy

I've learn lots of things! thanks

Anonymous from Norway

It looks serious!


Very informative.

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